Updated Visual Community Center By Season~

Updated Visual Community Center By Season~

So, some people weren't happy I didn't show multi-season things like Truffle, Corn, and the Fish in multiple seasons.

So I redid it with a Venn Diagram to show what can be obtained in what seasons. If Spring/Summer Overlap - that's when they can be obtained.

The only issue was fish available in multiple seasons as that included Winter - They're listed in the small circle to the right, which states those fish are also available in Winter.

I fixed the Parsnips Typo as well as a mistake I made (I had Carp listed as Spring instead of Any Season)

Thanks for this OP. People forget how time consuming it is to make this kind of thing and then when you put it online, you just get beef because there's one mistake etc.

Well done for creating it and sharing!!

I'm not entirely sure it solves your winter problem but with Venn diagrams you can get an extra dimension of intersections by switching from circle to rectangles.

Damn, keep it up! These get better and better! Thanks a ton. I used this today and now I only need to wait until Fall for the Walleye!

My attempt at recreating some of the Stardew Valley characters in the Sims

My attempt at recreating some of the Stardew Valley characters in the Sims

These are all really spot on. I'm glad you gave Maru the beautiful hair she deserves :)

Holy snap! These are amazing!! It looks like you had a lot of fun with this.

Harvey's mustache though...hahah

Dang, Elliott is hot

I know, I don't have a lot of wrinkle cc. It's either full-on wrinkles like George and Evelyn, or baby-faced.

Help pls, I got this new fishing lure and it's not working at all

Help pls, I got this new fishing lure and it's not working at all

Love your character! It reminds me of Undyne from Undertale!

Only catches flying fish ;)

Do I really look that gull-ible?

Yep, that's farmer Undyne :)

She has 0 farming skill because she doesn't have time for that nerdy crap, she's too busy DISHING OUT JUSTICE to the horrors in the mines and catching every fish in record time.

Anyone else wish there was a way to get the marriage candidates to 10 hearts without starting a weird polygamy cult?

Anyone else wish there was a way to get the marriage candidates to 10 hearts without starting a weird polygamy cult?

I don't feel comfortable with having 12 partners at a time, even if it doesn't affect gameplay

Yeah, like a friendship bracelet or something, lol.

Yes, I wish that after getting married to one of the singles, all the others lost their romance flag, and their heart bars automatically opened up to 10 friendship hearts. It really bothers me that to max affinity with everyone you have to be a ho and keep a bunch of boyfriends/girlfriends on the side of your spouse, instead of just... being able to be normal friends with them.

That's actually be perfect as an item

Or maybe when they confess to you, you can give them something similar to the bouquet. But instead, it would let them know you're not interested and open the last hearts platonically. That way, people could still have weird polygamy cults if they wanted, but other players would have the option to remain faithful

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Wow, that's a cute setup C: (And your farmer's design is adorable!) I wish you could invite the NPCs over for Christmas dinner :D...

Merry Christmas!

It's the galaxy sword.

Goddammit now I gotta go home and play stardew valley. Design is adorable thougjh

Stardew Valley Fancomic

Stardew Valley Fancomic

I dug up some cookies in the trash and then realized it was Vin's birthday.

On an unrelated note, Vin got cookies for his birthday.

There was a post about one player who hated Haley so much he intentionally married Alex, and gave Haley soggy newspaper for her birthdays.

I might be alone in that I hated Haley more after her heart events.

2 hearts: just clean your home you spoiled brat

4 hearts: yes let's reinforce the girls are weak and helpless stereotype. Especially since she was able to get a tool soon after.

6 hearts: oh goody a gopher quest and she's standing there looking helpless and demand help from others.

8 hearts: oh she's doing something poorly again. At least she has fun. Up until this point I only ever see her being distressed or pissed or being helpless so this one is okay.

10 hearts. Oh she actually does something. Huh. Too little too late. She probably is inept at those too.

Basically, I'm a girl. I hate girls like Haley in real life because they represent the worst of us. She, like Shane, only stopped being an asshole to strangers because they fell in love. This isn't healthy human behaviour. At least Shane is ill and is shown trying to get better. The player has no idea if Haley will continue to be a bitch to new visitors to town.

Leah: Here I have a present for you. I grew that with great care and attention. Enjoy!

hands over Daffodil

Presses A

Leah: Oh thank you! This is exactly what I wanted!

My wife is easy to keep happy :)

I'm finally free! For now at least.

I'm finally free! For now at least.

"a 242 day old son and a 175 day old daughter"

when you ask new parents how old their baby is

You glossed over those names

Son named One, daughter named Two

A bit fitting for how calculated this setup is.

Wow! I'm 60 hours in and still no where close! You hauled ass, dude!

Also, I love the naming convention!

Everyone's farm is worth showing. We should all be proud of our farms ❤

Can we talk about so-called "Mayor Lewis" for a second?

Can we talk about so-called "Mayor Lewis" for a second?

It's been 10 goddamn years since I moved in to Pelican Town and not once have elections been held. The town loves me, my farm provides the food for the entire town. I alone am responsible for the repair of the community center, and yet this clown proclaims himself to be the mayor. The town was a dump before I moved in and if it weren't for me, local businesses would be ruined. Thanks to me, I saved the convenience store. I got the bus back up and running. I saved this town from Joja.

And through it all Lewis skates by and holds the same events year after year (rigging the easter egg hunt against me, by the way). You know what? I think I can run this town better than Mayor Lewis. I turned an overgrown patch of land into a well oiled machine with incredible efficiency. I'm rich because I give the people what they want and the love me for it.

Skeletons in closet: 0

Ice fishing champion: 8 times

Best farm in the state: check

Young. Driven. Loves his wife and kids. Loves Pelican town.

Now let's overthrow this old sack of shit!

About time someone said it. Miserable old git, what does he even do?

I hear he spends all his time messing around with Marnie from the feed store, and I have the shorts to prove it!

if u can't win the egg hunt u can't be mayor


New Content coming for multiplayer AND single player!

New Content coming for multiplayer AND single player!

Kinda just want to go to bed and wake up when it's here. All this hype is hurting my soul.

The picture has a boat, so a whole new little island?!

I REALLY doubt that.

Yea, I highly doubt a class system is being implemented. The game has combat but it isn't the biggest part of the game by a mile.

CA working on new SDV content (including singleplayer) to be released with multiplayer update

CA working on new SDV content (including singleplayer) to be released with multiplayer update

I was excited about just some new sprites from his last tweet... but THIS. Now this is proper cause to get super excited. I don't care how big or how small it is - I'm just super happy he's still working on brand new content and seems to love doing it. We love you Ape!

Man it's crazy to compare CA giving us free content updates for a cheap game to EA's money grubbing microtransactions on Battlefront II

You've no idea, I thought that Stardew was going to take a backseat while CA works out his plans for his next game and other things, but this is a great surprise. I've wanted more singleplayer stuff for a while since I've done 2 farms and everything's more or less played out. Give me anything at this point and I'll eat it up haha.

I hope we can grow a variety of tea leaves and make tea out of those and flowers as well as make perfumes.

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