My friend got to experience the great twist in a rather unusual way.

My friend got to experience the great twist in a rather unusual way.

A while ago, I learned that a friend of mine had never seen Star Wars. I gave him my DVD of A New Hope and had him watch it, I wanted to know what he thought.

After he finished it, I decided I wanted to watch Empire Strikes Back with him. For one reason, it's easily the best Star Wars film and I'll always watch it given the opportunity, and two, I wanted to see his response to the twist.

We get to the twist and he seems unsurprised. He confesses he's heard the line before but didn't know the context. So while it was a bit of a shock to him, he says he knew it had to be coming at some point.

I'm a bit disappointed, but glad he likes the films. I decided to make him my Machete Order test subject (yes...I know, probably should've given them to him in release order), but in the end it was worth it.

(Side note: I incorporate Episode I into Machete Order, right between V and II.)

So he finishes Phantom Menace, then Attack of the Clones. He watched these on his own, then as he's handing Attack of the Clones back to me, he says: "I would have thought they'd introduced Vader by now."

I almost blew it. But I wisely bit back my initial response and asked him what he meant.

Turns out my friend never put together that Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader. He knew from Empire Strikes Back that Darth Vader is Luke's father, but he had merged this revelation with Obi-Wan's lie in A New Hope.

So I asked him about what he's expecting in Revenge of the Sith. He responded that he's expecting Obi-Wan to get a new apprentice, named Vader. Vader becomes evil, breaks the Jedi Code, seduces Padme (lol), and gets her pregnant with Anakin's illegitimate son, Luke. Vader and Anakin then have a confrontation, in which Vader murders Anakin, only for Obi-Wan to defeat him in combat afterwards.

This idea of what's about to happen fits both Vader's revelation to Luke that he is his father, and fits Obi-Wan's claim that Vader betrayed and murdered Anakin.

So I decide I have to watch Revenge of the Sith with him.

From the beginning, he was completely into the story. After Dooku was killed, he expected Vader, Sidious's new apprentice, to go undercover as a Jedi apprentice to Obi-Wan. But as the film progressed and no entirely new character showed up, he began to get concerned.

By the time Obi-Wan goes to Utapau to fight Grevious, he looked confused. I asked him what was up and he said he didn't understand how the film could fit that much more information into the remaining hour and twenty minutes.

Palpatine reveals himself as Sidious. My friend is actually surprised by this, and by this time he has no idea what to expect.

As Anakin rushes to save Palpatine from Mace Windu, he's incredibly confused. Then, Anakin disarms Mace and pledges himself to Palpatine. And then comes the line... "I name you Darth...Vader."

Holy shit. My friend's jaw literally dropped open, and he just stared at me. I actually had to keep myself from laughing.

The remaining hour of the film was a joyride to watch. Seeing everything line up into place and his reaction was one of the greatest experiences of my life. And then at the end when he finally saw Anakin being placed into Vader's iconic armor, I think it finally hit him what was really going on.

And that is the story of how the I am Your Father Twist was played out in one of the most unique and ridiculous ways I've ever seen.

You should've filmed it with a hidden camera I would've loved to see this.

Yeah, it is always interesting how that reveal plays out. If you had shown RotJ it was have spelt out Anakin was Vader during the Luke/Vader discussion, when Luke turned himself in.

My then 7yo daughter first saw the trailer for TFA and asked if we could go see it. We have talked a bit about the other movies but I never gave anything away. Before we watched TFA I told her we needed to watch the other movies first. I asked her this very important question before I decided which order to show her, "Do you know who Darth Vader is?" She responded, "yeah he's Luke's Father, some dumb kid in school spoiled it for me." Ok easy oder then, 1-6. We get to E3 and at this point she is so vested in Anakin and loves everything about him. The moment he turns evil I could hear my daughters heart breaking... she is crying, yelling at the TV and telling me to turn it off. I pause it and ask her if she really wants this to be the end, or does she want to continue. She said with tears in her eyes, "let's finish" We end up finishing the rest of the movies a few days later and I have to say she's a bonafide Star Wars nerd. I got opening night tickets for TFA and just her and I went. It makes me so happy she loves something I deeply loved at her age and that we can share so much now. A little while after TFA my parents came to visit and I told my Mom about her E3 experience, and she said I did the same thing when I found out about Vader being Luke's father. She said I was upset for weeks. Like father like Daughter :)

I don't understand how his friend discounted the existence of Anakin Skywalker.

Did he think Vader was lying when he claimed to be Luke's father?

Hmmm. Reflect on this, I must.

I did a little pixel animation of Obi Wan's transformation into Ben Kenobi

I did a little pixel animation of Obi Wan's transformation into Ben Kenobi

The light saber shutting off like a power switch was emotional

Perhaps some Force Ghost Kenobi?

oh man that's a great idea, I think I was too quick to want to make a bittersweet ending

Obi-Wan Kenobi? I wonder if he means old Ben Kenobi.

Thought this may be appreciated here. Took me hours.

Thought this may be appreciated here. Took me hours.

Pain in the butt I have the same one.

I have literally seven of these and none of them look as well made as yours does

I have the new Episode VII X-Wing, the Episode VII Tie Fighter, and the Millennium Falcon.

They are a pain in the ass but so worth it. I love these models.

i have the VII tie fighter. in the original packaging. in my desk drawer collecting dust. because every time i pick it up, i'm intimidated as hell and i just put it back and close the drawer.

Showed my girlfriend Episode 7, she now loves Star Wars. She's clearly better at drawing than me, too.

Showed my girlfriend Episode 7, she now loves Star Wars. She's clearly better at drawing than me, too.

yeah but yours is pretty awesome. unique.

Isn't unique used as one of those passive aggressive insults? Lol

Both are awesome, but let's talk about the 28 open tabs on your girlfriend's phone.

"Well, well, well. How the turntables have..." -Michael Scott

You're both dope, kudos.

My mom is crazy talented

My mom is crazy talented

Please tell me she named it "Rug One"

A nice celebration of the original trilogy...whoa, wait, how did Padme sneak in there? And a First Order trooper!

Haha she didn't name it but that is a great name!

Admiral Afghan

Comparison Between TFA Concept Art and the Film

Comparison Between TFA Concept Art and the Film
I still miss the Swampworld Jakku with Junk-Walkers

I still miss the

They could have made Jakku really stand out with that and instead we just got Tattooine 2.0.

Look at Rogue One, Jedha could have been exactly the same but there were some nice landmarks and designs which made it stand out as its own location. Jakku really needed something like that because Niima Outpost just didn't cut it.

I get that Jakku is meant to be this wasteland but even some visually imagery to show that would be nice, like the concept art. We had a brilliant DP involved and Star Wars has some great worlds created in all the films except The Force Awakens. All the prequel planets looked great and offered something fresh and I was hoping for the same with The Force Awakens. Rogue One as a spin off managed to give us Scarif as a visually interesting new location so the main franchise should be able to.

With Rian Johnson directing The Last Jedi i'm a lot more optimistic for fresh designs. He is very creative and his films are beautiful, i'm sure we'll get some great locations. Even what they're doing with Luke's island looks pretty great.

They really know how to pick their battles

It's a shame they didn't fill the inside of the Super Star Destroyer with more junk and old ships like in the concept art.

John Boyega confirms Prince William, Harry and Tom Hardy cameos in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

John Boyega confirms Prince William, Harry and Tom Hardy cameos in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
John Boyega confirms Prince William, Harry and Tom Hardy cameos in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

Seriously. He did a cameo as a player in Draft Day a few years back and I still have trouble believing it was really him.

Edit: Found a pic

I would imagine that they are nearly unrecognizable. Daniel Craig has a cameo as a stormtrooper, surely these cameos will not be glaring and obvious.

"Congratulations, you got yourself caught. What's the next part of your plan?" "Crashing this plane Star Destroyer."

Tom Hardy could play a human and we may not recognize him. Dude is a chameleon.

Obi-Wan Kenobi 'Star Wars' Film Planned, Director in Talks (Exclusive)

Obi-Wan Kenobi 'Star Wars' Film Planned, Director in Talks (Exclusive)

If they can't get McGregor to sign on, then they should probably scrap the idea.

Disney: Bring me Ewan, and I will bring you $15.

It's not known at this stage if Ewan McGregor will reprise his role.

There's almost no way this movie goes forward without Ewan. Making an Obi-Wan film anytime in the next few years without Ewan would be a huge mistake.

He's been vocal about wanting to do an Obi-Wan movie in the past.

Made a sand castle today, accidentally made Jedda

Made a sand castle today, accidentally made Jedda

"That won't be necessary. We need a statement, not a manifesto.", said Grandpa as he stamped out the sandcastle Jimmy made.

Anyone else imagining tarkin on a beach holiday



But I thought Jedha was destroyed in a mining desaster?

I painted something for you meat bags

I painted something for you meat bags

Commentary: This is great! Nice work.

Statement: I am a simple redditor, Master. I see HK-47, I upvote.

You left off the tri-light scope.

Influence Lost: HK-47

Ah, that is regrettable.

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