Death troopers took out Baze and Chirrut, that’s plenty of shit.

Except didnt the death trooper wipe out the rebels before they all got deathstared ?

Got taken out by a blind dude lol

Just wait until they make the bobba fett movie. And the greedo trilogy.

My Star Destroyer design I've been working on to cool off after a stressfull few weeks

My Star Destroyer design I've been working on to cool off after a stressfull few weeks

Looks like a cross between the raider corvette and the eclipse super star destroyers.

Could imagine it as a heavy cruiser/ battlecruiser

You should make a Phillips head next.

I originally imagined it as having thick side armour, but this eventually evolved into Raider-esque TIE solar panels to give the ship a bit of power boost, which is something I imagine the Imperials value more than armour (and the extra power could be used to boost the shields, giving the same effect). The front thing is just because I wanted to do something different, it doesn't serve any purpose.

It's meant to be a super poweful ship-to-ship combat cruiser that would be very heavily armed without getting into the absurdity I see a lot of fan made designs reaching (guns and hangars over every square centimeter). The size would be around 5 or so Star Destroyer lengths- so big, but nowhere near Executor or Eclipse big.

I love the ornamental design on the nose. A very dangerous Admiral runs that ship.

Quick thought on ROTJ

Quick thought on ROTJ

So I'm watching ROTJ and it's the scene where the Emperor is taunting Luke... strike me down and your journey toward the dark side will be complete and then Luke gets his light saber and tries to.. actually strike him down. Here's my thought... does Vader stop him from striking down the Emperor to actually stop him from killing him or to stop his turn to the dark side??

I am going to say that given how long it took Vader to save his son from being fried by Palps that the scene you are talking about here is Vader saving Palpatine.

Palpatine wanted to ignite conflict between Vader and Luke thinking that one would kill the other and that either way he would benefit.

I think when Vader stopped Luke from killing the emperor it was just an instant reaction from a loyal watchdog. As for Luke I think he didn't consider killing the emperor a dark move. His way of thinking was always different from the orthodox Sith/Jedi. He did what thought was right, he wasn't gonna kill Vader, he was gonna kill Palpatine

I would 100% agree except for the end of the scene where Luke turns himself over to Vader and Vader seems to already have that internal conflict going on.

Vader’s decision making in this scene never made sense to me.

We know that until then, Vader’s goal was to turn Luke to the dark side to rule the galaxy together as father and son. Palpatine says that if Luke strikes him down, his path to the dark side will be complete.

If Vader were to sit there and let Palpatine gat killed, his son will have succumbed to the dark side, and he would then be the new top Sith. Then he would be in a position to get exactly what he always wanted.

Edit: every hecking time. No, phone, I did not means to type Palestine. Please just leave the Senate alone.

Kylo and Maul’s starships

Kylo and Maul’s starships

Vader’s Tie looked similar too. Must be an apprentice thing.

Except for Dooku. His was like a classy old man ship with the sail and all.

But Dookus ship was a gift from the genosans. (I spelled genosans wrong didn't I?)

I feel like the similarities are something for the audience to grasp and acknowledge rather than it having some lore esque reason

But can you say it it in Geonociannese?

Click click clack click

Hindsight is always 20/20.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

It was more metaphorical. Obi-Wan has the moral high ground, and Anakin was definitely overcome with emotion while obi wan was collected. And it was kind of a final plea to Anakin to stop

People complain about Mannakin and Jar Jar for their dislike of the prequels, but it's that scene that bugged me.

"I have the ground!..... of about Six inches!!!"

"Didn't Darth Maul have actual high ground over you when you were dangling in the pit? And didn't you try the very thing I am about to attempt, by jumping over top of him?"

"Shut up!"

"And I seem to recall Maul being 20 feet above you and Qui-Gon on some narrow walkways, and yet you still both decided to jump up after him."

"I said SHUT UP!"

IMO that scene did a great job of showing Anakin's blindful arrogance and Obi Wan's perseverance. It was Anakin's fight to lose and dominated most of it until he was blinded by his own power.

I hope this was the intent but I'm not so sure.

My little brother didn't know what to be for Halloween, so I suggested Kylo's lightsaber...

My little brother didn't know what to be for Halloween, so I suggested Kylo's lightsaber...

Its just a flesh wound.

What a cute Lord Buckethead!

Note: The shirt is normally tucked in and we also have red shoes.

You should make him hold Kylo Ren as his “LightSaber”.

Harry Potter as Boba Fett, Hmm...

Harry Potter as Boba Fett, Hmm...

Yer a bounty hunter, Harry.

I don't think I've ever seen excited and confused in the same facial expression before.

Girl is confused: "Aren't you a wizard, Harry?"

Boba Potter and the Prisoner of Carbonite by J.K. Lucas

Han Solo Movie Title Officially Announced as “Solo”

Han Solo Movie Title Officially Announced as “Solo”

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” to be clear.

INB4 it ends on Mos Eisley where he meet Luke and Ben and Ben is played by Ewan Mcgregor and they announce Ben: A Star Wars Story

I simply cannot wait for Kenobi then

more prequels = more prequel memes

Boba Fett vs Jango Fett

Boba Fett vs Jango Fett

I almost got carried away with these trailers.

But that's K-2SO in the second pic.

This is kind of amazing really.

Somehow, the resemblance is unmissable, innit?

Leia Organa - From the Princess to the General

Leia Organa - From the Princess to the General

I melt for ESB Leia, those middle two pics.

Seeing it next to a real photo of Leia makes the Rogue One CGI one look extra creepy.

Such a bad ass. Growing up I had so few cool female role models. But holy hell she was one. I grew up in a neighborhood with mostly boys around my age, and being the only girl I was always relegated to the shitty roles when we played pretend. BUT NOT WHEN WE PLAYED STAR WARS!

Leia smiling

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