[OC] Package delivery

[OC] Package delivery

Wow! A live video feed at the shipping facility!

I've done work for a major carrier here in the UK and have to say parcels are treated much worse than this. Think kicked out of the back of a van onto a conveyor and then kicked back in to the next van.

Can we remove this? Simulations only

source video (with sound) :

Full of hot air

Thanks I hate it

MRW my dick touches the inside of the toilet bowl.

I can't stop laughing at your comment omg

Thanks i have a new fear Upvoted


I love that you provided some air holes for the virtual critter

politics = bad

air holes for critter = good detailing

i dont know about you, but the only reason i dont kill my pets is so i dont trigger the feminazis!!!!!


I watched this for nearly a whole minute before I realised how long this gif was

Is this how you apply a carpet? (unfinished [OC])

Is this how you apply a carpet? (unfinished [OC])

I had this footage I've made in my university library on my phone and I decided to try some motion-tracked composite for a fun weekend project. I also wanted to try some funny way I could UV map and texture a fluid mesh, which is obviously not trivial.

Turned out that the home time I had this weekend was very limited (sunny outside; friends want to have BBQs all the time). Also, I found out that, if you want to do motion tracking:

you must be willing to recreate lots of the real-world geometry or at least to keyframe very detailed 2D masks

knowing well your camera specs is useful, because it's hard to guess the exact focal length and sensor size when your phone manufacturer only says "very-wide angle"

do you really want to use highly distorted very-wide angle lenses!?

lay and measure some real tracking marks! don't rely on the wooden floor imperfections or the edges of glossy surfaces

So, well, this is what I've got after effectively half day of work. Nothing is complete and I haven't even tried to make some interesting texturing. I won't finish this project, but I thought it was nice enough to share.

Another angle (only 3D geometry):

(Fabric texture by /sub/cc0textures)

Holy shit this is good! Well done OP

I thought it's AR app

I am terrified by the idea of a carpeted desk

Upvoting is life

Any thoughts for improvements would be greatly appreciated!

Here's compilation of my voxel clips which I've made recently. Hope you enjoy! :)

Here's compilation of my voxel clips which I've made recently. Hope you enjoy! :)

Ah yes, the banana man of the sub. That’s how I remember you.


If anyone is interested - models are made in MagicaVoxel. All other stuff is made in 3dsmax (physics, animation, lightning, rendering), but we're working on a game based on this concepts!

Full version:

More stuff:

Music: Joakim Karud - Dreams Cheers! :)

Hehehe, I laughed irl :D

That's so cool, I would love to play a game with that graphics style

Looping countdown

Looping countdown

A bit glitchy towards the end but I haven't had time to fix (rendered overnight before taking a flight!)

I love it! Thought it was intentional

Pretty cool, good work on having it not collapse everywhere

Just like in public speaking, doing a show, or anything in front of people: never point out you made a mistake, most people won't notice or think it's intentional

I'm with you though i think it looks awesome with the glitch effect

Strawberry Chocolate Pour

Strawberry Chocolate Pour

This looks photorealistic, great job, one of the best simulations I’ve seen in a while

I actually thought these were real until I seen it was posted on simulated

Fantastic work, looks super realistic.

But - /sub/gifsthatendtoosoon

Absolutely. Although I wouldnt have chosen the most prominent strawberry to be facing 'backwards' like that, as the white part was the one part that seemed too perfect and unconvincing.

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