I never get tired of this

Poor guy left after that monstrous flick

The Mognus flick :OOO

Dont let them dribble(challenge really early). Or trust ur reaction time in net.

I am way too turned on after that.

I'm starting to get really good at this dribbling business.

was hoping for a demo at the end to really seal the deal

Me too! :( This is kind of equivalent to making a sick dribble past their whole team and then hitting the goalpost.

This makes me laugh like an idiot

The victim's POV, in case anybody wanted to see it:

This felt disgusting.

You punked him so hard his grandchildren will come out blushing.

this was clearly staged, his teammate didn't try to knock the ball in sending it in a weird direction negating this awesome goal..

"I mean, it's a nice clear and landing, but I wouldn't say it's - oh. Wow."

"Your family have any weird traditions?"

"Not really? Oh, well, every April 27th we visit our Pepere to remember what he's been through for us. Its usually hard for the whole family, Memere holds his hand."

"Wow. Was your Pepere a war veteran of Syria?"

"No, I'm not really sure what happened, to be honest. When he talks about it he just says he was so close. He really thought he could stop it. And then something happened and it was over. He's kind of messed up over it, it's not really coherent."

"Huh. Was he a doctor? Or maybe a close friend had an accident?"

"Yea, I dunno. Once when I was younger I heard my dad telling my mom that he thinks the whole thing is retarded. Something about an oldschool computer video game and how Pepere just got juked by an 11yo. He said that kind of thing used to happen every day, but my mom just got mad and said he doesn't understand. It wasn't like that, it was different. We're not really supposed to talk about it."

"Damn. That must have been one dank, disgusting play."


I was just trying to get back to defense


I was going to say I've done that too, but then I realised you actually scored in the correct goal...


Well I had no intent to score, but it felt good after watching the replay that the ball would have hit the post otherwise.

I almost did something..

You did do something, you just got blocked. Great air!

By my good friend on same team!

Ah, I too almost did a thing, when...

Sooo close

Special tactics

How long have you practiced this one and can we get a tutorial?


Approximately 0 seconds. And is my tutorial. Hope it helps ;)

White-Ra, is that you?

This is TI-89 level play.

First time posting here, hope you enjoy this clip from last night

Very smooth, very impressed with the clean moves, incredible!

Thank you! I'm very pleased with how it turned out

Very high quality gif too. Just overall what a first impression!

You did a good job making that car sexy

Just a regular day in the life of a Goalkeeper

Goalie is a thankless position. Good thing OP isn't salty about it though.

What I dislike is that you can get a shot on goal for a shot that hits the post or crossbar; but "saving" such a shot awards no save points.

The game can obviously tell the difference, which makes me wonder if this was a conscious design decision or just an oversight.

The absolute worst, and I'll admit that this tilts me to the point of turning the game off at times, is when you are playing standard with a toxic teammate who is constantly ball chasing, so you naturally take a more defensive role. It puts you on an island as a goalie, forcing you to make very difficult/impossible save attempts when your team over commits and misses. It also takes away any opportunity for you to score because coming out of position with teammates who don't rotate is very risky, and odds are, they are already boosting towards the ball.

Then the game ends. A 6-1 loss, obviously, and toxic ball chaser, with 1 goal, 0 assists, 0 saves, 0 shots, and 190 points trash talks the terrible player on the bottom with 80 points.

That's the scenario that typically causes the most frustration for me. No matter what you say, you will never convince toxic ball chaser that they are the worst player on the team, and the reason for the loss, because "Look at the points! I scored the only goal!"

I naturally love playing goalie but I feel less useful in that position when the team curses me for playing defensive. It happens rarely but I really think one person in a three man team must play near goal because it's tactical. That way if there's ball chasing that's one less person causing havoc.

Public 3V3 Glitch. Mayhem Ensued. Anyone encountered this?

Public 3V3 Glitch. Mayhem Ensued. Anyone encountered this?

Love that blue still has a bot, not enough players I guess.

I'm willing to bet that somehow the bot is the catalyst for the exploit. Maybe the game found players to replace it with, but kept sending them to the wrong team resulting in the overflow of players?

Seen like 4 screenshots of it today, and every single one had Fenton in the group

Started out as any normal 3V3, one guy left. Two joined in his place. Spud. We scored a goal. One of blue team then became orange. Blue team then received a new team mate. Spud multiplied into 3x Spud on the next goal. We then received 3 more teammates join with 2 minutes left. We then spent the next 2 minutes not being able to score because there were so many people. Ended the match with 12 people on one server. Was madness.

Made some rocket league things on my work do you guys like it?

Made some rocket league things on my work do you guys like it?

No one wants to be bronze anyway

They're beautiful. Can you do the Rocket League logo next?

Those are the ranks of legend that supposedly come after bronze. Personally, I don't believe they exist.

Where's bronze?

Try one of these subthreads