This subreddit recently.

This subreddit recently.

It's almost like this subreddit talks about recent issues with RL

They’d be shit posts if it wasn’t a near fatal issue. If this game had a half decent competitor, I’d of probably jumped ship a week or two ago. But until there is a fix or a competitor, I’ll keep rage quitting after 3 glitchy games and then jump into PUBG... but maybe I’m just a masochist.



Rocket League crates ruled to be illegal gambling by the Netherlands

Rocket League crates ruled to be illegal gambling by the Netherlands
Rocket League crates ruled to be illegal gambling by the Netherlands

About fucking time. Lootboxes are cancer of gaming and need to end. I hate the fact my fav game has this shit in it. It's the reason i can't recommend it to any young relatives, no gambling for them pls.

I probably wouldn’t have as much of a problem with crates if they didn’t go out of their way to spend time and money creating absolute shit, filler content for them like the decals that take up about half the crate. Even for cars that are behind paywalls that people might not even have. It’s bullshit and just pure greed at this point.

English translation (may contain some mistakes):

FIFA 18, Dota 2, PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds and Rocket League violate the Dutch gambling rules by offering lootboxes whose content can be resold for real money on external marketplaces. This is what the Dutch Gaming Authority reports today.

The organization looked at ten of the most popular games of the moment, and the four above titles did not come out well. With the unspecified remaining six games, it is not possible to resell items, which is why they are not seen as online gambling games.

The Gaming Authority is talking to publishers, who have eight weeks to adjust their policies. The question is whether this will also happen, because one also has to deal with players in other countries. In addition, it generates tens of billions of extra income every year. The watchdog eventually threatens with fines, but on request does not want to anticipate any sale ban. Online gambling is illegal in the Netherlands, but it is not yet certain whether lootboxes actually fall under this.

They compare the opening of lootboxes with a fruit machine, thanks to the visual and sound effects that go with it. You do not know what you will get in advance, but it looks spectacular. That way you keep buying new boxes every time. Especially young people would be susceptible to this.

Furthermore, it has not been proven that gambling addicts are more sensitive to lootboxes than others. Belgium is also investigating a ban on loot boxes , alongside other countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom.

This needs more exposure in the subreddit, also it'd be great if someone were to translate it

RSC Championship Season 2 (PC/PS4 League Open To All Skill Levels)

RSC Championship Season 2 (PC/PS4 League Open To All Skill Levels)

Sign up here! Signups close Friday, April 27th, at 10:00 PM ET.

Join our Discord server! (Required to be in the Discord to participate in the league.)

Hello! My name is cdrch and I am the owner of the Rocket Soccar Confederation. After a successful first season, I am happy to announce the second season of the RSC Championship!  


The RSC Championship is our attempt at providing a competitive 3v3 league for NA players of all skill levels. Every PC/PS4 player that signs up will be drafted by a General Manager. Unfortunately, not everyone who is drafted will end up on a team, but fear not! If you don't make a team, then we have other events that happen, including a Community Night available every week for all server members. We currently host small weekly tournaments, and are looking into increasing their frequency!

Each GM has 4 teams of 4 players. Each team competes in a separate league, each of which targets a different range of skills. Once you are on a team, you play for approximately 2.5 months of regular season matches every Monday and Wednesday at 10 PM ET. At the end of the season, the best teams proceed to compete in the playoffs (separate playoffs for each league), which determine the best team in each league!

Games are played on USE/USW servers. You must be in our Discord server to participate:

If you’re looking for a competitive 3v3 Rocket League experience for all skill levels, then look no further: RSC has you covered!

RSC Championship


The Draft And Contracts

Everyone signs up as a player, potential General Manager, or both. General Managers are selected by the organizers of the league to run a 16-player franchise (also called a dynasty) made up of 4 teams of 4 players each. Depending on signups, we may introduce franchises that only cover some of the tiers, having 2 or 3 teams total.

At the start of the preseason, every player is drafted by a GM. Over the course of the preseason, the GM evaluates the player and will either place them on a team or cut them to free agency.

All players are placed under a contract on joining that lasts for two seasons or until they are cut from their team. Contracts have an associated contract MMR value (created based on research by the league organizers), which is used to balance teams. Players and their GMs can renew contracts (updating the MMR and increasing the length to two seasons total) after any season, and free agents, once in the league, can be picked up by a team and placed under contract during the course of the season. If you end a contract without renewing, you become a free agent, able to join any team who is willing to take you.  

The Matches

Games are Standard (3v3) Rocket League, with no mutators, using only arenas allowed in competitive playlists.

Matches are a series of 4 games (not best of anything, just 4 games). Every game counts for your team’s record. Each team may select USE or USW for two of the games.

Matches are played every Monday and Wednesday at 10 PM ET. If the two teams in a match wish to play a game sooner, they can always reschedule. However, this is optional and requires the consent of both teams; don’t assume you can regularly play matches on a different day. Any games that a team does not show up for will be forfeited.

The only exception is if a natural disaster or other major event occurs that leaves much of the league unable to play. In this case, the league would call for a reschedule and teams would need to find a non-regular time to make-up the missed match by a deadline near the end of the season.  

The Schedule

Signups are already open! They will run until Friday, April 27th, at 10:00 PM ET.

The General Managers of RSC will be running combines to allow players to show off every Monday and Wednesday, starting next week and running until draft day. These are optional events, but are the best way to get noticed before the draft!

The preseason lasts for two weeks, from draft day until two Sundays later. During this time, three exhibition match days are planned to allow the GMs to try out their teams.

The regular season will last between 9 and 11 weeks, including taking several holidays off. Each league has their regular season last approximately half a week longer than the league below. An All-Star Day is planned for the middle of the season. The postseason will last 1 week additional for each league, and include playoffs for all leagues.

Due to the amount of teams and leagues being dependant on the number of players who sign up, the exact format of the playoffs cannot be determined prior to the conclusion of the signup period. It will be determined and announced to all players before the regular season begins. This also means that we cannot give you a specific answer as to which leagues you qualify for until after signups close.  

Season 2 Important Dates

End of Signups - April 27th

Draft - May 14th

Preseason Matches - May 16th, 21st, and 23rd

Last Day of Preseason - May 27th

Days Off - May 28th (Memorial Day), July 2nd (Monday following Canada Day and pre-Independence Day weekend), July 4th (Independence Day)

First Match Day - May 30th

All-Star Day - June 27th

Start of Playoffs - July 25th (shortest league)

End of Regular Season - August 6th (longest league)

End of Playoffs - August 13th


Website And Rules

Our website is found at and is the place to find the rules for the current season. An updated rulebook for season two will be revealed in the upcoming weeks - the biggest change to expect is much easier to digest rules document.

Entry Fee

Zero! There is no entry fee. The RSC Championship is free to participate in. There are no prize pools for the winners of the league currently. If you are interested in financially supporting RSC to allow us to pay our costs and perhaps eventually provide tournament or league prize pools, please contact me (cdrch) in our Discord.


You must be a member of the RSC Discord server throughout the season to be in the league. A link can be found in this post and in the signup form.

The signup form must have all required fields filled out. Players must disclose all of their accounts in the signup form, whether they are regularly used or not, regardless of platform. Failure to do so may result in the removal of the player from the league for a period of time.

Changes And Expansion

RSC is always trying to improve! Announcements of changes to the rules will be made in the Discord server once they are passed. We always try to make sure opinions from the community are taken into account - we talk about nearly every change before it is made, and feel free to make suggestions in the appropriate channels in our Discord.

We would love to see the Championship grow! We currently have 4 leagues and 16 franchises, for a total of 64 teams. There is a chance that we’ll expand vertically to 5 leagues, meaning that every league will have a narrower range of skill, increasing the overall competitiveness. It is also possible for us to expand horizontally by adding additional GMs and franchises. This depends on how many people signup. We reached over 250 players this season! Please keep those numbers growing!

I want to help!

RSC is looking for people interested in being league organizers or moderators! If you have an interest in helping to run the league, whether or not you also have interest in being a player, please contact me (cdrch) in our Discord server.

But what about Xbox/Switch/EU/OCE/other regions?

The RSC Championship is unfortunately a PC/PS4-only league due to cross-platform limitations. Likewise, due to ping limits, we are focused on USE/USW servers. If you cannot comfortably play on both, this league may not be for you.

However, if there is sufficient interest, then we may be able to start opportunities for other leagues and tournaments! Please join our Discord and express interest there and in the comments below. There has been some past interest in an EU league, but we need EU staff in order to run it; DM me (cdrch) in our Discord server if you are interested.

I just want to hang out…

Even if you aren’t in the league, you are welcome to join our Discord! We have Community Nights every Thursday, where we encourage as many people as possible to play together. There is likely someone wanting to play every night of the week. (Not even just Rocket League!) We currently run 2v2 tournaments every Sunday afternoon, and are looking to bring in more casual, short-form events to our league.


Ask below, or come to the Discord and ask! We have a helpful community who would love to help you get involved.

For those interested in joining our community, let me be the first to say: welcome to RSC!

Upvote. Great league and community.

Extremely well organized and run. Their stat tracking is top notch. Open to all skill levels (and all commitment levels so dont let a limited schedule keep you from signing up) and the franchise format gives you a close-knit community in addition to league overall. If you're on the fence I recommend just jumping in and giving it a shot.

I've been a part of this league since it was run by ORSA, started as a player and have moved to being a GM, it's a ton of fun and has a great community, I'd love to see more of you guys there!

I was picked up as a last second free agent before rosters locked in this season and have had a great time in my short tenure. My teammates are always incredibly supportive and striving to help each person improve. I can feel a definite improvement in my overall play thanks to my time playing here because of it as well. I highly recommend anyone even remotely interested sign up!

Upvote. Been in this league for 2 seasons now. Became a GM this season while still being a player. Amazing community and great learning experience for players of all skill levels. Brings an outlet of competition to a community that typically has tournaments made for pros. Huge upvote.



First rule of the Dominus - fake everything

The new meaning to getting carried.

Actually I'm amazed by sequence at the beginning of the video, when you drift backflip, and hit the ball. Would you mind explaining what's happening here. Why is it more efficient to do this in this situation ? I4ve watched a couple of hours of video, and it's the first time I've noticed this technique. Is it something widely used, ot a speciality of yours ?

Really it was one of those moments where you go "screw it, lets do it". And yeah it worked out great thankfully.

Yo fam your uber driver is here

I can’t answer for OP but I want to say that drifting to a backwards half flip put him in good position on the wall, if he were to front flip, or roll, he wouldn’t be in the best of positions to follow up on that. I guess it worked

This game now

This game now

We're gonna meme Psyonix into getting all new servers.

Clearly you have started stealing my packets, because I keep losing mine now

It's been better for me after the hotfix. At least I'm not getting fucking Packet Loss flashing every game!

Inb4 we all have to log into the game through cPanel

This game now

This game now

Tfw Psyonix added the various network notifcations to shift the blame onto players due to constant complaints about their servers. Turns out it was always their servers.

Next crate will have PAINTED packet loss #stoked

Rocket Lag

Anyone getting the glitch after a ranked game it still says your unranked?

Clutch 0-second goal! *INSANE* *NOT CLICKBAIT*

You could have just dribbled it in to goal, but no you had to show off

but where's the fun in that? :P

The fun in that is winning

Although you’re a giant asshat for fucking up that wonderful opportunity, I respect the fact that you tried to make it flashy.

servers down?

servers down?

disconnected 3 games in a row.. anyone else?

Yea I'm getting into ranked matches and then the whole servers lags out halfway through, I'm in ps4

doesnt find servers for me

It’s telling me that I’m not logged into rocket league servers whenever I try to do anything, yet it’ll let me on the game so I’m assuming so :/

I can't even login on PC.

What's the point of playing if everyone's a crate farmer?

What's the point of playing if everyone's a crate farmer?

If you're trying to learn the game, don't play 4v4. It's nothing like the rest of the game.

dont play 4s

4 saves, nice. Looks like you let a few through though

It's because he plays 4v4, this mode is basically home for crate farmers.

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