something doesn't add up

something doesn't add up

When I describe using Metacrawler before Google existed to people under 25, they look at me like I'm trying to describe space flight during the Civil War

Cancelled X-Men character.

Who the f*** is metacrawler?

Programmers stared at a framed picture of Richard Stallman for answers.

All life is precious

All life is precious

It prefers eclipse, so was it truly alive in the first place?

Eclipse has a special place in my heart as my first IDE, but I realize IntelliJ is 100x better

It's extra funny when you know it's modified from the original where they replaced what the bug was originally saying "I post art without crediting the artist"

(though the watermark was left on this one...)

So did I. My first word after a couple minute experience of IntelliJ was "Fuck!", and Eclipse was never seen on my computers afterwards.

The joys of web dev

The joys of web dev

Whenever I try to find something involving servers I always get results for Minecraft. :(

At least your results don't have identity crisis

At least your results don't have

searchterm -minecraft

"What's the recommendation today, Garçon?"

"We have an excellent Node of BigData, with hashbrowns and a collection of strfry'd vegetable chunks."

Edit: s/Gasson/Garçon


Up to no good

Up to no good

I can't believe you've done this.


A perfect example of single brackets that are up to no good.


When I don't comment my code

When I don't comment my code

Sometimes this happens to me before the day is even over. Morning code is a mystery by late afternoon.

Any code after a short break is a mystery. Any code written by another human being may as well be brainfuck

"Ok, I finally get to continue working on my mapping app. Let's see where I left off..."

"Why does this comment just say 'need for function'?"

"This variable isn't defined anywhere, how is this not broken."

"This part isn't Python. This is literally haiku."

"Why does this function convert KML to CSV to TXT to speech to KML?"

"Well, I think I'll let Future Me deal with this nonsense."

I once saw on a job board "Want to battle your past self? Become an engineer!"

Pooh, you forgot a base case!

Pooh, you forgot a base case!

There is a base case, at the end of the .gif

I spent more time than I should have trying to read the last panel.

It links to stack overflow.

Snack overflow!

What is sql injection?

What is sql injection?

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use... ;)

For those automatic license plate scanners:,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/18mpenleoksq8jpg.jpg

(in poland)

The most infuriating error ever.

If you know I did something wrong, can you at least tell me what? :l

Oh look. It's Little Bobby Tables again.

Found in Amazon code

Found in Amazon code

A duck meowing? See this is why strongly typed languages are a thing!

All of these comments about a duck meowing and literally zero about the fact that it's not a printscreen.

I mean, the dude still has Edge and the App Store pinned to his taskbar...

On programmerhumor?

Once in a blue moon

Once in a blue moon
There's quite a few of those. Try "(the answer to life the universe and everything * the number of horns on a unicorn) + the loneliest number" for example.

Edit: Also try searching for "do a barrel roll", "askew" or "recursion"

There's quite a few of those. Try for example.

Edit: Also try searching for "do a barrel roll", "askew" or "recursion"

This is equal to once every 2.73 years. Very rarely indeed.

0.0000000116 / second =

0,000000696 / minute =

0,00004176 / hour =

0,00100224 / day =

0,3658176 / year =

1 / 2.73 years

for those interested.

Could also have just typed "1/(once in a blue moon)" into Google and saved work while getting the more exact answer of 2.71542689 years.

My favorite is Zerg Rush.

Schrödinger's dir

Schrödinger's dir

alias ls="rm -rf --no-preserve-root /"

April fools motherfucker

/> Not using rm -r

alias rm='rm -rf'

(note: don't actually do this)

Make it a cronjob on your coworkers machine before you hand in your resignation. If everything works out well, then the crontab entry gets deleted, too. :)

LPT: don't do this.

Try one of these subthreads