Sometimes I don't even know why I try.

Sometimes I don't even know why I try.

I’ll save you. Don’t try to code, paste them from stack overflow.

Too real

How to solve programming issues:

Step 1: Type your issue in google, no matter how obscure. Don't be hesitant, it's going to be ok

Step 2: The first link will be a stack overflow link. Click that link... You now have the solution to your problem

Reminds me of a ProZD dub

The first page of the Arrays chapter in my textbook

The first page of the Arrays chapter in my textbook

Let's be rational here

Arrays should start at Math.sqrt(2)

No need to go so complex, just start them at i

Arrays start at 6....of course!

Are we still doing Hawaii stuff?

Are we still doing Hawaii stuff?

-10pts for the mixed brace placement, +5 for abusing JavaScript’s assignment in an If condition!

Such things can usually be blamed on JS, but this time it's not specific. You only have to change the variable definition for this to be valid C/C++.

They may warn. It's valid code though, so it must compile/run.

Seeing sendRealAlert() instead of sendMissileAlert() bothers me.

Python list length

Python list length

english length list python


Obviously to get funny results.

Why would you use Bing in the first place?



Except us Linux users, we must constantly recommend Linux to other people.

Did I tell you I use arch?

Linux users are the vegans of the OS world.

Clearly they only eat apples.

I think the thinking is

"Hey, I'm building a computer. What OS should I put on it?"

How it ACTUALLY happened


Now look closely at the address bar...

Based on the number of *'s, the password is hunter2.

ℹ️ Not secure |

The URL bar is a nice touch.

oh god, my sides...

Another Hawaii Warning System

Was already amused with the UI. Then windows update. This is perfect.

I especially liked this one!


fuck windows updates

How many times did you have to recompile your network drivers while you were typing that?/s

They have outdone you all

They have outdone you all

The fact that all the drill and the proper ones aren’t completely separated is beyond tilting.

Is that even a menu? It looks like the links page of a website from 1994.

So many questions:

Why are the drill/test ones all randomly titled?

Why are "incoming missile to whole state" in the same hierarchy as "local road is closed"?

Why is a single county amber alert listed on the same level as the state, and not at all close to the test amber alert?

Do they have individual links for amber alerts of all counties or they only have the capability of sending alert to Kauai county?

Why aren't the lists ordered in any way?

Why is TEST message the only one numbered? And what does it test??

Are there second confirmation screens?

Who the fuck puts these in a single drop down menu? What the hell

Totally real and effective Hawaii missile warning system

Is this gonna be the new volume slider?

Fuck, I hope so.


Furry porn is the universal language.

REAL Screenshot from Hawaii Warning System (ACTUAL!)

Too realistic!

If I had a dollar for everytime this happened, I wouldn't have that much money but its still pretty annoying.

Man I am getting excited. The last time we had such /sub/programmerhumor "better UI example" posts it was an absolute blast!

That lil mouse shake , “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck”

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