Grandpa's laptop. Captcha level 9000.

Grandpa's laptop. Captcha level 9000.

乐逗边蛀, sorry.

You and your grandfather are both having trouble? Hang on while I

report a covert robot grouping to the authorities

Isn't that one of these nasty adware programs that silently get included in those installers?

i think /sub/softwaregore might like this better

Dammit Adobe

Dammit Adobe

For gods sake, why did they do that and how bad is the damage?

Let's just have at least a two week long break where no major company majorly fucks up. Deal?

There are many people trying to make PGP communications better, but the fundamental architecture of PGP is such a pain to use that when Ars' Lee Hutchinson e-mailed PGP creator Phillip Zimmermann in PGP format, Zimmermann refused to read the message that way—because his PGP key was not on his phone:

Kinda looks like a fool

Spotted in my office

Spotted in my office

Spotted the project manager.

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No bugs? Impressive.

They're tunneling within the root directory and are well hidden

I wood agree with you.

Programming Levels

Programming Levels

ITT: programmers who are upset about the location of their favorite languages on a meme.

Assembly below brainfuck, really?

"HTML" in programming.

Also all the functional languages below C and assembly? I get that you need to be some kind of mathematical sorcerer to use them properly but they are definitely high-level languages, and very powerful in the right hands.

"I don't understand x" doesn't mean x is low-level.

Call your friends

Call your friends


Must be some good friends if you don't have arguments.

But that's myFriends(), not yourFriends().


Cant SQL right now because Revolution

Cant SQL right now because Revolution

SQLater dude..


SET gov = "ukr_gov_new"

WHERE gov = "ukr_gov_old";

Bad naming scheme. If there's another revolution, you'll have to set it to "ukr_gov_newer".

Relevant xkcd

If your software is going to #succ, this is the level of #succ you should aspire to

If your software is going to #succ, this is the level of #succ you should aspire to

That's a pretty sophisticated installer if it can even defrag itself.

Is it downloading a torrent?

I was thinking something similar - installing several components simultaneously. I think a progress bar like that would be really cool to watch.


Oh my! A Bug!

Oh my! A Bug!

if this isn't the most relatable thing I've ever seen

Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it.

- Brian Kernighan, of K&R fame.

I feel like debugging is a fair metric for how well structured and written your code is

What is that "well structured" thing you're talking about



The whole internet? Wow, that's some serious talent

If all you need is a brochure of a website, a brochure builder isn't a bad thing to start with. Two orders of magnitude cheaper than whatever other solution you are thinking of.

And you actually get a site that doesn't make your customers want to gouge their eyes out, unlike the teach-yourself-HTML route.

that's pretty impressive for a pizza.

"I swear it was working at some point" (x-post from /sub/justgamedevthings)

This is a gif of a tweet of a gif (that was probably a video at some point).

In fact, it seems like most of what OP posts on /sub/justgamedevthings (a subreddit she owns) appear to be screenshots or gifs of tweets.

Why not just link them directly?

OP, If you're going to promote your own subreddit, which is fine by itself, at least try to do so by posting the most direct source instead of copies of copies of copies.

Yes, this is a screencap of a video. The reason why I do it like this is because a) a gfycat or imgur link is the easiest to view for everyone with imagus / hoverzoom / RES / mobile. Much more so than a twitter link, which people hardly click b) the original source (i.e. the twitter handle that posted it) is directly included in the gif, which means that anyone can give that person a follow.

And yes, I apply the same to all of the content on /sub/justgamedevthings, because I think it's what makes the most sense for how people view content on Reddit.

It's no secret that images and gifs get viewed by many many more people on reddit than videos and external links.

That is true, I won't deny that. I'm personally alright with videos being turned into gifs as long as the video is properly credited.

The points you make do make sense though. I apologize if I came across a bit too harshly!

Anyhow, here are the original sources:


OP's gif version:

The headbang at the end made my day.

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