My only question about EA's announcement

My only question about EA's announcement

Go, I will. Good relations with the wookies, I have.

Sorry, you have not yet unlocked the "Wookies" expansion.

God damn, there are like 2000 wookies, so thats 80.000 hours. My pride and accomplishment levels will be sky high.

Edit: Thats over 9 years. See you all in 2026.

Wait a minute, how did this happen? I'm smarter than this!

GeNeRaL kEnObI

GeNeRaL kEnObI

This shit keeps getting danker. I love it.

we become one with the dank and the dank is with us

What happens when we reach the point of dank singularity?

General Reposti! You are an old one.

All these people calling OC when it has the creators name in the bottom left hand corner, smh

Its working!

Its working!

I mean, that's the only real way EA will change. Their stock goes down...

They can withstand a stock slump what they can't stand is to upset Disney.

Disney shuts down EA, Ironic.

They couls save other developers from being shut down. But not themselves

When you see a player using Darth Vader in Battlefront 2

When you see a player using Darth Vader in Battlefront 2

Side note; I've always wanted to see the Jedi in the back in action.

Stop advertising for EA

Not just the microtransactions, but the sense of pride and accomplishment too!

IIRC his name was Master Poof.

Obiwan is no match for EA

Obiwan is no match for EA

Did obiwan stand there for 40 hours or something? No way he could have unlocked vader as fast as this picture shows.

In the extended scenes, you can see Anakin swipe a credit card across the base of his lightsaber.

You had to pay $9.99 or watch the prequels for 40 hours to unlock the extra scenes, though, so it makes sense that not everyone has seen them yet.

You make it sound like not everyone has watched the prequels for 40 hours.

MRW I see EA's reddit karma score

MRW I see EA's reddit karma score

All upvotes count toward Karma total, but not all downvotes count only the first 100 do.

1000 upvotes - 2000 downvotes = +900 Karma banked

They have control of the Senate and the courts. They're too dangerous to be kept alive!

If that's how it works it's stupid, I understand the 100 downvote limit but only the vote difference should count toward karma.

There are reasons why that isn't the case:

Subs prone to controversy (political subs) often have minimum Karma Requirements for posting/commenting to impede bot networks, but if Karma were cumulative like you say I could use a bot/brigade network to downvote an agitant user's history into oblivion effectively banning them from submitting to said subs.

So karma is structured the way it is to prevent both bot astroturfing and partisan brigading, in an attempt to ensure legitimate engagement.

So I hear EA is doing an AMA on Wednesday

So I hear EA is doing an AMA on Wednesday

The intent is to give the redditor a sense of pride and accomplishment for downvoting different comments

I really wonder what will happen... not with the AMA, that's obvious:

EA will attempt some level of damage control

No one will be convinced

Various measures of backlash ranging from admonishment to something about mothers and "last night" will occur

The only question is how long they'll keep it up, what their goal is, and what they'll do once it goes south.

They'll just answer some shill comments and ignore the rest

Each answer is unlockable with 100,000 karma or a one-off payment of $4.99.

EA marketing strategy

EA marketing strategy

The $3.99 "Legal Pack" will make it legal!

Is that legal?

I have failed outspent you, Anakin

Don't buy it!

I️ see through the lies of EA

I️ see through the lies of EA

Don't try it EA, we have the [moral] high ground.

EA: You must contact me (with your credit card information)

The total amount of game time to unlock everything was calculated to be around 1400hours or smt crazy like that. They took out only 75% of the heroes so only a small dent in the original problem. Paid lootcrates can still be used to P2W thought this grind.

Whats more likely is that they will adjust the RNG controlling the lootbox drops to have the exact same total amount of time taken to unlock everything. Essentially holding your time as a hostage and giving you option to "fix" the system they fucked up on purpose to make you want to pay to fix it.

The amount of people completely flipping to loving EA all of sudden is either depressing or theres some serious astroturfing going on atm which wouldn't be surprising coming from EA.

You under estimate my purposely worse system pre launch to create general content at my desired system post launch!

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