The irony

The irony

Ah, a riff on the old "immigrants are simultaneously taking our jobs while being lazy subsidy sucking leeches." a classic.

Hat needs more MAGA.

They are taking our jobs by day and being lazy by night.

Using them as a scapegoat/warrant for his anti-immigrant policies.

r/The_Donald recently...

r/The_Donald recently...
r/The_Donald recently...

I like how Trump blamed Democrats for his healthcare bill failing.

They call liberals and moderates "cucks" because they're supposedly weak and submissive

Yet have no problem calling Trump "daddy" and God-emperor".

Honestly, this kind of biased bullshit isn't helpful.

Kim Jong Un had pretty extensive experience in government before taking office, has been effectively increasing North Korea's strategic stance in the region without obvious costs of political capital, and will likely remain in power for the foreseeable future. Trump on the other hand...

What a leader!

here we see Betsy DeVos holding up her qualifications

here we see Betsy DeVos holding up her qualifications

Devos believes in an invisible god, why not also invisible qualifications?

Too bad invisible checks can not be cashed. To get a cabinet position under Donnie, you have to bribe (I mean make a legal compaign contribution to) him with a million dollars

Good lord, that woman's smiling face is ingrained into my memory.

You know, the smile face she had during the hearings.

The "why are you asking me these questions, this is already bought and paid for" face.

Now that's edgy


How a bill works.

How a bill works.

too real

Meanwhile, the media covers such important topics as the threat of trans people using the wrong restrooms, but when it comes to online privacy and net neutrality, topics that actually concern the rights of the people, it maintains complete media silence because reasons. Celebrate corporate ownership of 95 percent of the media by 6 corporations.

Right? Its funny because it hurts

This is only true because we, the egotistical uneducated voters, keep voting the same assholes into office. All the other guys are the problem, not my guy. I'm entirely befuddled how any working class person can vote for these republican mother humpers in when it's a 1000% not in their very own best interest ? I'm also amazed by Democrats voting in the same assholes who don't seem to care about them either. The entire system is rigged against the working class and yet we keep on letting it happen.

Handbag Designer

Handbag Designer

I thought she was in a branding arrangement with a clothing import company...Calling Ivanka a bag designer is like calling DJT an architect of hotels.

They are contemporaries. See them being alive at the same time?

Why are they even in the same room together?

Did the American people elect her to some position that involves international relations?

And companies are dropping her brand because it isn't selling. Everything related to Trump is going to represent failure and losing.

Lost the election by 3 million votes

Lost the approval polls

Lost on his Muslims ban

Lost the 2nd time on the Muslim ban

Lost on repealing Obamacare

Lost on the racist Mexico wall

Lost on inauguration, feminist protests were bigger than his support crowd

Lost the culture war, everyone hates the alt-right/his supporters, social justice is seeing huge upswing in support

Lost all respect by the international community, all of Europe laughs at him

Lost on Reddit, front page is dominated by us and the_donald has been destroyed of all visibility let alone respectability.

Lost on all media, every newspaper and network is against him all day. Even Hollywood celebrities openly call his supporters Nazis and proclaim to the whole world watching that they should be punched.

Complete and total losers, him and his racist redneck supporters. They're so fucking triggered that they're losing too, you can see it on the_donald. Such precious snowflakes, they know Trump is going to push people to the progressive left hard for the next election.

We will win a landslide in 2018 and then elect a progressive Democrat in 2020 with another landslide. All of us liberal city folks will continue using our superior intellectual capabilities to build robots and put Trump supporters out of jobs and watch as their racist white communities die out from no jobs. All of their kids will have to come to the cities and be exposed to diversity and tolerance and see how much better it is that hate and bigotry that Trump represents. We will also grant citizenship to the tens of millions of undocumented immigrants, and allow more non-white people to come in, further solidifying a progressive diverse America that votes in universal healthcare, socialism and social justice policies that help everyone and dismantle white power structures that Trumpets want to preserve.

They know they are losing. And they see we are winning.

Things have been heating up in the GOP lately...

Things have been heating up in the GOP lately...

OMG!! Why would Trump Spray tan his butt?!?!

It all amounts to the same thing when dealing with total dick who's also a huge asshole.

Blowjob, kiss, or sucking ass?

Because he's a child, you can't trust them to do anything logically

Senator Bob Menendez tweets: "Hey Republicans, don't worry, that burn is covered under the Affordable Care Act"

Senator Bob Menendez tweets: "Hey Republicans, don't worry, that burn is covered under the Affordable Care Act"

I'll ask you this... Is there a better meme? No.


Woo hoo, 24 million people get to keep their health insurance.

aww shit


But seriously, is there anything more stupid than a Trump supporter?

Ha Ha!

Ha Ha!

I don't know whether to feel happy or depressed over this.

Whenever I see a Trump support get deported or their healthcare threaten to get cut, I get happy inside tbh.

My father in law admitted that under the new healthcare plan, his premiums would rise. I told him that hey plan to gut Medicare too and he acknowledged that it would probably happen.

He's still steadfast that Hillary would've been worse.

I can't even......

they thought he was gonna target minorities but its actually just poor people. oops!

His eyes are screaming

His eyes are screaming

Just get a small loan of a million dollars from your dad. How hard is this people?

Had this same kind of argument with my brother in law the other day. He said because of the American dream and college nobody has an excuse to be poor. I then brought up how he's on food stamps and constantly borrows money from my sisters parents.

Edit: sorry about my weird wording, i typed this through one blood shot eye in bed this morning.

If you're sick, just stop being sick. If you need a doctor, just stop needing a doctor. If you vote Democratic, just stop voting and die.

It was $14 million, in 1975, which is about $64 million today. Practically pocket change if you think about it.

Tea Party Got Trumped!

Tea Party Got Trumped!

meanwhile at t_d

wtf I like bailouts now?

They know it's the toughest conference in college football

I don't think they even know what the SEC is.

wtf i like goldman sachs now?

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