Take a seat, Kelly. You’re done.

Take a seat, Kelly. You’re done.

Evidence suggests he doesn’t pay at all if he can get away with it.

Yeah I was indifferent and even a little sympthetic to Kelly before this week but now it is clear the man has zero scruples. Trump sure does know how to surround himself with the most pathetic sychophants, guess he pays well.

Here's the article about how women used to be sacred. It's worth noting that he is harkening back to the 50's when when a woman's place was in the kitchen.

The Ick Factor, again, off the charts.

From all of Britain, don't drag us into this, we've got enough lying politicians of our own!

From all of Britain, don't drag us into this, we've got enough lying politicians of our own!

On the other hand everything he says is a lie, which means he just protected Britain from the possibility of a crime spike due to Islamic immigrants.

97% of Britain dwellers disagree and want him to make up more stuff about you guys.

Probably got them from his dear pal Theresa.

I like this theory. I hope he says our Prime Minister will definitely keep her job too.

Fox News - Not Racist but...

Fox News - Not Racist but...

When the business-suited, evil executive passenger steps off of the helicopter, it wobbles and begins to crash. The pilot says "It's imbalanced! Not fair!"

Simpsons did it!


I used this quote just the other day! Here's the corresponding link dump.

Donald Trump may not be racist, but he is #1 with racists:

Poll: Two-Thirds of Trump Backers Think Obama Is Muslim

Two-thirds of voters with a favorable opinion of Donald Trump believe President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and a quarter of them believe that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered, a poll released Tuesday shows.

The Public Policy Polling survey showed 59 percent of those who said they viewed the presumptive Republican presidential nominee favorably think Obama was not born in the United States and only 13 percent believe he’s a Christian.

Trump is the first modern Republican to win the nomination based on racial prejudice

In the first graph, I draw on data from the 2008 Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project (CCAP) and the 2012 CCAP, along with two combined YouGov surveys that were conducted in January and June 2016. The chart compares the relationship between racial resentment and support for the eventual Republican nominee among Republicans (including independent-leaning Republicans). Racial resentment measures beliefs that race-based inequality is due to cultural deficiencies in African American communities with statements like: “Blacks could be just as well off as whites if they only tried harder.”

Consistent with a number of other studies, the chart shows a strong relationship between anti-black attitudes and support for Trump. Republicans who scored highest on racial resentment were about 30 percentage points more likely to support Trump than their more moderate counterparts in the bottom quartile of the party in racial conservatism.

Exclusive: Trump supporters more likely to view blacks negatively - Reuters/Ipsos poll

Nearly half of Trump's supporters described African Americans as more "violent" than whites. The same proportion described African Americans as more "criminal" than whites, while 40 percent described them as more "lazy" than whites.

Trump's supporters were more likely to be critical of affirmative action policies that favor minorities in school admissions or in hiring.

Some 31 percent of Trump supporters said they "strongly agree" that "social policies, such as affirmative action, discriminate unfairly against white people," compared with 21 percent of Cruz supporters, 17 percent of Kasich supporters and 16 percent of Clinton supporters.

Yet when their answers to the poll questions were compared with responses from supporters of other candidates, Trump supporters were always more critical of blacks on personality traits, analysis of the results showed.

How Do Trump Supporters See Black People? “Less evolved,” our survey shows.

That said, there is one group of whites that stands out in the degree to which it holds dehumanizing views of black people: Trump supporters. To measure evaluations of Trump, we asked our subjects to describe how warm they feel toward Trump on a 0-100 scale. Here we compare Trump’s strongest opponents (defined here as those who rate Trump at a 25 or below) to Trump’s strongest supporters (those who rate Trump higher than 75). Twenty-eight percent of white Trump opponents rate blacks as less evolved than they rate whites. In contrast, a majority of Trump supporters—52 percent—rate blacks as less evolved than whites.

We detected substantial levels of dehumanization among Trump supporters through additional survey questions as well. For example, 27 percent of Trump supporters said the phrase “lacking self-restraint, like animals” describes black people well, compared with 8 percent of Trump opponents. Trump supporters were also substantially more likely than Trump opponents to say that the terms “savage” and “barbaric” describe black people well.

Why the white working class votes against itself

Democrats, they note, pushed for expansion of health-insurance subsidies for low- and middle-income Americans; investments in education and retraining; middle-class tax cuts; and a higher minimum wage. These are core, standard-of-living improving policies. They would do far more to help the economically precarious — including and especially white working-class voters — than Donald Trump’s top-heavy tax cuts and trade wars ever could.

Here’s the problem. These Democratic policies probably would help the white working class. But the white working class doesn’t seem to buy that they’re the ones who’d really benefit.

Across rural America, the Rust Belt, Coal Country and other hotbeds of Trumpism, voters have repeatedly expressed frustration that the lazy and less deserving are getting a bigger chunk of government cheese.

Trump Voters Think African Americans Are Much Less Deserving Than ‘Average Americans’

Many have argued that Donald Trump won the presidency because the political establishment ignored the plight of white working class Americans. Everyone from the far right to far left, including Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden has suggested that the Clinton campaign didn’t pay enough attention to this group’s legitimate economic grievances.

A few astute analysts, however, have noted that the sympathetic focus on white America’s problems stands in stark contrast with conservatives’ lack of empathy for communities of color. Indeed, when African Americans protest against profound racial inequality—unequal conditions that are directly traceable to discriminatory governmental policies—they are often condemned by the right as “whiners“ who should simply try harder to remedy their own situations.

To quantify this double standard in deservingness we embedded an experiment in a new HuffPost/YouGov survey. We asked half of our respondents if they agreed or disagreed with the following statement: “Over the past few years, blacks have gotten less than they deserve.” The other half of the sample was provided with the exact same statement, except we changed “blacks” to “average Americans”—a group that psychology research shows is implicitly synonymous with being white.

The biggest double standard in deservingness, though, occurred for Trump voters. Almost two-thirds of Trump voters said that average Americans aren’t getting as much as they deserve; only 12 percent of Trump supporters said blacks have gotten less than they deserve.

We showed Trump voters photos of black and white Americans. Here’s how it affected their views.

In a new experiment, however, we provide some causal evidence. We show that white Trump supporters were more opposed to a mortgage assistance policy when they were experimentally induced to think of black rather than white Americans. Combined with the existing observational findings, this is strong evidence that racial animosity is indeed a key factor motivating Trump voters.

Respondents were randomly assigned to see an image of either a black or a white man standing next to a foreclosure sign on the screen while they gave their opinions about a mortgage relief program. The picture was identical except for the race of the person in the photo.

On the left side, among respondents who said they did not support Trump and were assigned to white cue condition, 28 percent opposed the program. By contrast, 22 percent opposed it in the black cue condition.

But among Trump supporters, the relationship was reversed. Fifty-nine percent of respondents who saw the picture of the black man said they opposed the program, compared with just 51 percent among people assigned to the white condition. In other words, respondents were more hostile toward the program when they had seen the photo of a black man.

Also Donald Trump is a racist.

anyone who says The Simpsons isn't funny past the first 10 isn't a real fan IMO and I've been technically watchin' since I was born.

Military-Hypocritical Complex

Military-Hypocritical Complex

Deafening silence from my old military buddies. Every few minutes one of them would post about the NFL, but none of those same ones posted about his disrespect to Retreat or fallen soldiers.

That's because everyone who is upset about players kneeling is really fucking stupid- far too stupid to see the hypocrisy or the insanity of this administration.

I stand by that statement, 100%.

Not all of us. Trump is a disgrace to the country and to the military. I for one wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire (he would probably like it too much too).

Just like conservatives are so quick to find a reason not to hate a white terrorist, they're just as quick to pardon one of their own when he does some unconscionable shit. Nothing surprising coming from the right.

Can you spot the difference?

Can you spot the difference?

To be fair, the second guy is a person who annoys trump.

Oh oh I know! The berets are different! That has to be it.

+1 for South Park reference

John Oliver: 'It's one of the President's simplest jobs to consul military families and I don't think he can even do that'

Coward In Chief

Coward In Chief

Hi. I’m a veteran.

I don’t love him.

I still can't believe his base never cared that he said John McCain isn't a hero because he was captured. Anyone who can read McCain's history and think he's anything but a hero is a blind freakin idiot, and this is coming from a liberal. Even though his dad was super important and arranged to have him freed by the North Vietnamese, the dude refused to be freed without his comrades coming with him, so he spent like 5 more years held captive and being tortured. And the only reason he was captured was because he flew a mission into incredibly dangerous territory knowing there was a high risk of being shot down. When has Donald Trump ever sacrificed anything for anyone not named Trump? What has he ever risked besides other people's money? If he was captured and his daddy offered to get him out he'd have left before they finished telling him.

VC: so your dad has arranged…

T: sweet, smell ya later bitches!

His base cannot deny the hypocrisy of claiming to love the troops, taking offense to the NFL protests, and then laughing when Trump insults our nation's heroes and their families. That's the most frustrating part. I expect it from him, but it's the people who support him and don't condemn this bs that enable it.

Veteran checking in. He doesn't have my support. I'm honestly glad I got out when I did because he's amping up global tensions.

Active duty here...currently pooping my pants over global tensions. Not a fan of Trump

Left vs Right

Left vs Right

Trump has visited the golf course at least 5 times in the last 11 days but says he doesn't have time to call the families of soldiers killed in action, or address some of the worst wildfires in the history of our largest (most populous, most economically productive, biggest producer of agriculture) state.

Oh and American citizens in Puerto Rico are still drinking from toxic waste sites because Trump is making every effort possible to deny them aid.

He looks like the old Biff from Back to the future part 2

Name checks out

At this point W still has way more blood on his hands. But something tells me we just need to be patient with Trump and he'll get there in due time.

First they came for....

First they came for....

Those that are anti-science are promoting the equivalent of modern day witchhunting.

It's too bad that one can only be ignorant if they are unaware that they are ignorant.

And on top of that, they have a positive feedback loop from right wing media that prides itself on scaring them the rest of the time.

They're feeding you lies! Buy our patented male vitality serums to stay one step above the liberal fluoride conspiracy!

And then global warming ravaged the world because those of us who are smart enough to believe in science are the only thing keeping this planet and humanity alive.

Legendary burn

Legendary burn


Glad to hear our president is still developing his understanding of the issues.




Yep, Newt deleted the tweet shortly after though

edit: source

I stand for the National Anthem

I stand for the National Anthem

Hypocrisy at its best😂

Seriously, WTF? I can't believe this guy is drinking beer from a straw

I don't think that's even a flag blanket; that's just an actual flag.

Yeah, he's literally drinking beer out of a plastic cup, with a straw, both capital offenses, and farting on the Stars and Stripes.

This is what White Privilege looks like. He should be pushed into a volcano, but instead, he's allowed to sit there, sipping beer through a straw like a goddamn redneck bourgeois with no responsibility and no respect.

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