Got to love the religious right!

Got to love the religious right!

Unfortunately the religious are misled by the political right into believing the GOP stands for their values. The GOP really just uses a Christian facade to draw them in and deceive them. The GOP are no more Christian than Donald Trump is Christian. Linus stands for the true Christian values, but the religious right is too far gone to notice

If only they paid as much attention in church as they do to Fox News.

I'm really not trying to be cynical - I truly think this is a social problem.

Edit: deleted words

"It's my religious freedom to step on your freedom to choose who to marry!"

Many of the evangelical churches teach the Gospel of Prosperity. So much of what they state is in line with what is taught at church. Sadly they are paying attention to a theology that promotes the minister and can bring in big bucks from their congregations.



That's not fair, Republicans totally care about children... until they're born. After that, they need to get jobs.

Damn child labor laws, ruining this country!

Because a tweet from Paul Ryan is really going to make a big difference for the victims' families.

Okay that's just wrong. He's saying something productive about a horrible tragedy and you are just being a shallow human by overlooking it and taking another chance to flame him for being of another political party. Like seriously? Can you just let the victims get a little unbiased respect? Edit: spelling

"It's not like there's some eternal digital record of what I said during the campaign, right?"

"It's not like there's some eternal digital record of what I said during the campaign, right?"

I'm upvoting but there's nothing funny about this.

I wonder who his base is going to blame when they're starving and can't afford any sort of medical treatment.

( ) The Deep State

( ) Hillary

( ) Obama

( x ) Immigrants

That's my guess but choose your own!

https://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2017-05-22/trump-to-propose-deep-cuts-to-anti-poverty... $274 billion cut to anti poverty programs, including food stamps, $800 billion cut to medicaid while dropping the top individual tax rate. I wonder who his base is going to blame when they're starving and can't afford any sort of medical treatment.

( ) themselves

( x ) others




ITT: Ultra butthurt Trump supporters.

Lol, Trump keeps saying "The Dems lost, they need to get over it."

The president now, what a chump. He'll never get over himself, will he?


Clay Bennett courtesy of the Times Free Press.

Trump receives some very bad news about his presidency

This is excellent.

and this cute little guy is "grab 'em by the pussy."

Damn this is well done

Now I'm imagining Trump sitting in the oval office, while reading his new executive order, saying excellent.

The_Donald exodus in a nutshell

The_Donald exodus in a nutshell

/sub/the_donald kept breaking site rules - encouraging harassment & doxxing, brigading, and just being insufferable.

They got warned by the admins several times - for example, they were told not to link to /sub/politics because of how much they were brigading it (the admins can see this, obviously).

They ignored the warnings and kept doing exactly what they were warned for, in a show of noble defiance which impressed everyone.

In a shocking turn of events which nobody could possibly have predicted some T_D mods who were at the centre of all this got banned.

T_D throws a tantrum, getting very upset and, I'm sure, posting lots of comments in all-caps.

They make the sub private, as some sort of... revenge? Statement? I don't really know what they were trying to achieve here, but for some reason the phrase "impotent screeching rage" springs to mind.

They all flock to Voat, where they quickly realise 1) a website filled with neo-nazis rapidly degenerates into the square root of fucking worthless, and 2) the real nazis don't respect them, and are unimpressed with their policy of banning everyone who is capable of complex thought.

They come back, declaring victory.

/sub/the_dennis is my new favorite sub, they are getting a lot of mileage out of this.

It was hilarious watching them fumble, without their mods telling them what to do they're hopelessly lost.

The best part was watching them run to Voat and Voat telling them to GTFO!

Last night was glorious, their fragile egos were crushed when reddit didnt even blink when they made their big "power" play.

Republican Patriots.

Republican Patriots.

Did someone overturn a truck of trumpies on a highway?

T_D did. They're in full meltdown.

This is classic party over country

Your analogy doesn't make any sense. If your toilet is constantly overflowing, of course you blame the toilet. If I have to clean shit off the ground multiple times I'm getting a new fucking toilet.

Trump supporters

Trump supporters

And yet Trump is the one who bragged about watching Miss Teen USA contestants changing.

And you know what? They believed it without any of the evidence that they high-handedly demand to see when they DON'T want to believe something.

"Hillary did something bad."

"Lock her up!"

Trump did something bad and we have numerous witnesses and he's on videotape doing it."

"Fake news!" #mentalHealthisArealIssue

Hahahah T_D is so fuckin triggered omg

He also bragged about going to parties thrown by his friend who would have "very young girls" there. I forget his name but his friend turned out to be a huge pedophile.

The Message

The Message

The more similar Trumps face is to Nixon's the more I enjoy the comic :P :)

If Futurama went back on the air, I'm almost convinced that Nixon's Head would have to lose re-election to Trump's Head.

We should weight Trump against a duck to make sure.

At the barber shop, yesterday, I was in my chair bullshittin' with my barber. Some dude comes in as we're watching Trump on TV. I remark, "Man this week has been crazy with this stuff." My barber laughs and the guy sitting down goes "Oh, really what happened?"

I said, "Oh, all the Comey/Trump/Flynn stuff. It's insane how it's all falling apart."

New guy scoffs, "I feel bad for Trump. He's not getting a fair shake."

My barber and I look at each other in disbelief and he goes "Yea, he's president but it's looking like he's going to go down as one of the most corrupt."

New dude responds, "Nobody has ever been treated as unfairly as he has."

I couldn't believe I saw a TD member in the wild.

Every Day The Same

Every Day The Same

WaPo: The president shat himself.

FOX News: 'Story about the WaPo reporter once shitting in Iran.'

Kellyanne Conway: The president doesn't shit, at all, ever.


trump: It was Yuge! The biggest shit you ever saw.

trump supporters: Hillary shat first!

John McCain: I'm appalled and we should really look into this.

Paul Ryan: Look, it's not a big deal that he shat himself, everybody shits. I support my president 100% and I even helped him clean up.

Putin: cackles in Russian


Forgot the part about Trump supporters citing White House to "prove" the MSM is fake news - and TD deleting and banning anyone who points out that Trump himself admitted it.

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