SoCIOpaTh INflIcTs FaTAl HeAd WoUNd

that guy in the hat had to be in on it. He looks right at the ball as it's coming down on his face!

i couldn't really make out what happened.

is there a way to slow this gif down?

That ball doesn't knock anyone down

There's no way that could have knocked him down like he did. Funny yes, staged yes

DoGGoS EngAGe iN BRuTaL ComBAT, nO SUrVivOrS

DoGGoS EngAGe iN BRuTaL ComBAT, nO SUrVivOrS

CheMiCAL waRfARE EXPerIMEnts oN pOoR DoGGOs!!

That face at the end fucking kills me

"wait why are you faceing your butt to me, were in the middle of a fight" ...brain processing "oh god my nose"

He got farted on

RutHlEsS OwNEr RiPS TOngUe FrOM PoOR caT!!!!

That is one sleeping cat

That's some next level bravery right there. I'm surprised the owner still had all of their fingers at the end of the gif.

??? Every cat I have ever played with doesnt do anything when you put your finger in their mouth. They might move their head at the most but they usually just open their mouth for you and not give a shit. I doubt a tongue is much different.

Do you play with feral cats or something?

when i do it, mine just looks at me with an utter look of betrayal


CaT GetS SuCKed InTO VoId ForEVER!1!!


Slip a second cat in there with a string tied around it. Those two will become codependent, then you can rip the second cat out and the first one hopefully, hopefully will follow.

I love how cats can, in a casual way, decide something like their back legs are super useless in a situation, so they'll just drag them through until they're useful again.

Cat in the wall eh? Now you're talking my language!

PoWeR CoMpaNY EmPloYeE bReAkS HiS FuCkInG NeCK

Does mike even have a neck

He's not moving....

Yep, he ded, RIP.

This is PFD, I'm surprised they didn't title it "ALieN fAlls tO EarTH aNd SplATTerS aLL oVEr EveRYtHinG"

The guy nonchalantly walking up to from the left. metro accent "Oh Dear, Greg tipped over again, excuse us gentlemen!"

tINy kiTTeN TRAPPED fOREvErrrR in CRuel PrISon!!1!

KiTteN iS COnDeMnEd FOr CrIMe hE dIDn'T Do, ANd FoRCeD tO SuFfEr CrUEl anD UnuSUaL PuNiSHmEnT.

Khajiit stole nothing, Khajiit is innocent of this crime.

WaS hOLdinG MOon SuGaR 4 A FrIEnD. NoT FoR TrADiNG.



hE ATe thEiR fUcKING fACeS

aNd, LiKE soMe DeMEnted oRoBoRUs, tHe yOunG oNe bEGins tO cOnSuME tHeIR AtTaCKer bY thE EnD!

Some of the frames in this GIF are a bit terrifying.

Some of the frames in this GIF are .

o no

gIANT kiLLEr WorM eAts INnocEnt cReaTUREs aLiVE!!

WorM'S traNsPaReNT SkiN aLLoWs fOR ObSeRVatIOn oF gRueSOmE DIgEstIOn

That looks like it would be incredibly fun for them

I miss my ferrets so much.

Maybe, they are furry nope ropes?

I have one of these for my ferrets.. they can turn around inside the tube.. physics be damned.

MaSsiVe LiOn ViSciouSLy dCapiTaTes baBy GiRaffE

MaSsiVe LiOn ViSciouSLy dCapiTaTes baBy GiRaffE

baBy eLEpHAnT sTaNds bY aS iTs fRiEnd gEts dEvoURed

oH nO tHe mOnsTroSitY

jEsuS ChRIST hOw hoRRIfyInG

Maybe NSFW next time? My boss just caught me watching this, and now I have to talk to HR.



The tail action at the beginning had me thinking it was a cat.





it's a shiba, so you're kinda correct

Many stab, much hurt

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