AnCieNT GrEeK mOnSTer OtHRus RiSes FrOm TaRTarUs tO kiLL AlL!

AnCieNT GrEeK mOnSTer OtHRus RiSes FrOm TaRTarUs tO kiLL AlL!

Hey my name is 1% sure and I'm just here to remind you Cerberus had 3 heads. Orthrus had 2 heads.

Cerberus has 3 heads, Othrus has 2

I’m 99% sure it was Cerberus

mAn HaNgInG oN bY a ThReAd GeTs CrUsHeD bY mAcHiNe

mAn HaNgInG oN bY a ThReAd GeTs CrUsHeD bY mAcHiNe

Hhmm isnt she going a bit too fast? Its supposed to start with “first I was afraid... I was petrified”

An automatic CPR machine? Actually seems like a useful invention, but I wonder if they took into account that it could easily break someones ribs? Or that it actually appears to be slower than traditional chest compression's.

Normal cpr can break someones ribs even if done properly, but yeah, sizing could be wrong for certain people.

I think it's fair to say they took that into account:

The AutoPulse measures chest size and resistance before it delivers the unique combination of thoracic and cardiac chest compressions. The compression depth and force varies per patient. The chest displacement equals a 20% reduction in the anterior-posterior chest depth. The physiological duty cycle is 50%, and it runs in a 30:2, 15:2 or continuous compression mode, which is user-selectable, at a rate of 80 compressions-per-minute.

HOrRiFicAlLy InJUReD DoG tuRnED intO cyBork

HOrRiFicAlLy InJUReD DoG tuRnED intO cyBork

hE CAn ONly SpEAK BOrkNarY DUe tO HIs LAcK oF a THroAt

GhOSt iN tHE DogGO



moMmY RABBIT TRIes to Teach BABY RabbIt tO EaT bUt it rEfUSES AND fuCKiNg dies

So I'm sitting here like an idiot wondering, "What the f**k is wrong with that baby rabbit?"

For the longest time I thought the little rabbit was real, I hate you OP

He was already stuffed

I was confuse

MiChaeL jaCkSon baCk frOM deAd. caUght reD hanDed. zEro fuCks giVen.

Tabby are you ok? Are you ok, Tabby?

It took my longer than it should have to notice the leash. I was thinking maybe a strong wind was holding the kitty in place?

IRL Glitch

kitty is buffering


Just, FACE, all the way down the slide.

And that... was how Harvey 'Two-Face' Dent was created

MoNkEY DissOLvED In acID

MoNkEY DissOLvED In acID

He is high af

Well, he is in acid

That is the most horrifying picture of a Japanese macaque in a hot spring that I've ever seen.

When u nut n she keep succ

GuY mUrDeRs WoMaN fOr MoNeY

GuY mUrDeRs WoMaN fOr MoNeY

Man the original post wasn't even worth the 40k up votes it got.

New anti-gravity ice cream

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