I unknowingly made cover early on that would help me win the game!

I unknowingly made cover early on that would help me win the game!

Green blood?! You alien lookin ass

Heh, sweet! Would've been cool if there was a small timelapse in between the two shots. Since I don't know how much time has passed in between. Could have been 1 minute or 24 minutes.

it was 5-10 minutes

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Very true.

Very true.

There's one particular little bush that is IDENTICAL to a crouching player

That's why miramar is a goddamn cursed map.

As well as bushimus bikeimus. The one you run all the way down a motorway for to find out it’s a shrubbery not an automobile

I mean mirages are known to happen in the deserts.

The cheater's way to get to an airdrop first.

The cheater's way to get to an airdrop first.

Crate > downed friend. Classic braindead hacker

Isn't this the flying car from the Harry Potter movie??

What a scum

and right into our hearts!

There is an on going online tournament in the Philippines and the winner will be sponsored by bluehole and will represent the Philippines for the up coming International tournaments. But one Squad is getting help from the inside.

There is an on going online tournament in the Philippines and the winner will be sponsored by bluehole and will represent the Philippines for the up coming International tournaments. But one Squad is getting help from the inside.

As you guys know and as I said in the title there is an online tournament right now in the Philippines. The winner of this tournament will be sponsored by bluehole to compete internationally and represent the Philippines.

But there is a problem and I don't know if bluehole is aware of this.

ArkAngel is a Esports Sponsored professional team; and their roster is brand new.

There main star and known player in ArkAngel is named Aidren, he won one of the biggest Csgo Lan tournament in the Philippines, and the other players are experienced and good players as well. But despite their goodness there are some things that I would like to share to bluehole before they will sponsor this team.

Aidrens girlfriend is one of the organizers/Admin of this tournament, a lot of people are thinking that they might get help from the inside, why and how ? I will explain it right now.

ArkAngels and my squad appears to be in the same bracket. In the qualifying they finished first and in the Semi finals too with points really ahead from the second placed squad.

It was BO3 game they finished first or second most of the times.

Their strategy was to split loot near Gatka compounds and then regroup and go to the center of the circle and occupy a compound. That's a very good strategy and safe because you have good cover.

But the problem is they are always in the dead center and every-time they get in a compound they never encounter a squad. The compounds they get in are always always clear and safe to go. How is that possible ? Will Aidren and her girlfriend Mika might be in the same room, because she can see the game live and know where are the players. As I said she is one of the organizers of this tournament so of course she wants her boyfriend to win.

Here are some screen shots of the games 6 in total 3 qualifying and 3 semi finals. The finals will be on tonight at 8Pm Filipino time.

As you can see in the screenshots they are always in the dead center and always perfectly safe always no squads or peoples in the compounds they go.

They finished 6th in the second game of qualifying because they almost had no cover and because there was always a squad inside the compound that had the best cover.

They finished 9th too in game 1 of semi finals because they tried to push a compound that had the best cover but lost the fight, there was was no better option for them at that time.

Here are some screenshots of Aidren and her girlfriend to prove you its true.

They said lineups are locked but why ArkAngels where allowed to change their roster in the semi finals they swapped Gryzzom to Cons. There where squads in qualifying playing with 3 players only because their teammate had problems, and they didn't allow them to fill it. But suddenly rules has changed...

I will give you the links of the VODS but you don't want to see it because its obviously so bias 70% of the time the game is focused on ArkAngels.

Qualifying game BO3

Semi finals game BO3

I'm posting this because I just don't want a team to win and be sponsored by Bluehole because they got help from the inside. There are lots of other squads that deserves to win this tournament without cheating or getting help. Anyways i'll be watching the game later my squad and I already lost in qualifying.

GoodLuck have fun to everyone Cheers

And please upvote this for visibility Bluehole needs to know this

I play in this tournament. And also in the final 20 today but doubt theyre getting help from the inside. If you watch the vods. They always have a point man to check if their desired center spot is occupied or free. To say that they never encounter squads is very different from the killcounts they gain during the mid game.. they are better and have a better strategy. I doubt it has anything to do with what your claims are.

There is a big difference when it comes to strategy wise and positioning in NA and PH. I saw ArkAngel playing in NA Pro Scrims, Pubg Online and even in Auzom they're currently in 4th in NA open series link ( Its really obvious that they are more experienced in competitive matches than your team.

You're just salty you cant outplay them.

Stop witchhunting... there is no evidence here of anything.

this right here

PC players, despite its effectiveness in blocking cheats, we have decided to roll back our latest live server update. We will continue to resolve some compatibility issues caused by it. There will be a small patch to download. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PC players, despite its effectiveness in blocking cheats, we have decided to roll back our latest...

Thanks. Use the test server next time.

lmao this is so passive aggressive

Omg, I feel bad for everyone complaining in this thread. Everyone was bitching all day for them to roll the patch back, and when they finally do, people are bitching about how they do it. For the love of god stop being so negative all the time. You even hate when you get your way.

Yesterday a dev here claimed that they will not be rolling back the update. Good to know they listen.

Andy insane trickshot

Andy insane trickshot

He called 360 no scope while he was running up the hill to get in position. Still laughing my ass off.

16 kill chicken dinner too

Now this was fucking insane.

so if he didn't kill that guy, would he die from falling? That height boy...

It was even a 720 no scope!



Forsen and Team Speshimen! V1 VON ZULUL!

edit: Forsens tweet to winning it

absolutely ridiculous how shroud's team won 3/5 games while forsen's didn't win a single one and shroud's team got 2nd lmao

That's what you get for giving 16 pts to the 1st, 15 to the 2nd, 14 to the 3rd, etc.

The winner should have bonus point for winning. Bad scoring system.

They got money per game tho, so no big deal.



NOT the team that won 3/5 games lmao

The most honorable chicken dinner I've ever gotten.

The most honorable chicken dinner I've ever gotten.

Kudos for both of you. If it was me, I would probably just shoot you. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You dropped this \

To prevent any more lost limbs throughout Reddit, correctly escape the arms and shoulders by typing the shrug as ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯

People like these makes game communities great again

I deserve far worse

Bluehole; please remove clothing spawns.

Bluehole; please remove clothing spawns.

In a game where the amount of time it takes for you to get a gun and attack your opponent is vital, why do clothing spawns have to be there to worsen this? Here are 3 things that clothing spawns do, which is why they need to be removed:

1) Hide loot: For players that don't use the inventory to pick things up, or even for players that walk into a room, see a piece of clothing and don't bother to press TAB, clothing spawns can prevent you from seeing attachments or ammo. Several times I have gone into a room, seen a shirt on the ground, left the room and then my friend goes in and say "how could you missed an AR suppressor?!".

2) Server and client stability: When jumping out of the plane very quickly and landing, the first thing you will want is some form if weapon. Sometimes these weapons take a while to spawn in, and this could be due to the clothing assets having to be loaded as well. Removing clothing will improve server and client performance, maybe only a little bit but anything is a benefit. I understand that Brendan Greene (PU) said in the h3 podcast that they may add camouflage clothing that spawns in the world in the future, but at least remove the clothing now and implement a proper way for it to spawn when camouflage clothing is added.

3) Ease of looting: As stated in the introduction of this post, the time it takes for the players to land, find a gun and attack their opponent is vital in PUBG. However the clothing spawns can completely change that - in early game where you are trying to find a gun, you may try to pick it up, but no, instead you pick a shirt or some pants. I know there's a meme about putting on a new shirt while your opponent gets a gun, but it seriously can alter gameplay and decide whether you lose that game, or maybe get a chicken dinner.

Sorry for the essay, I just want Bluehole to remove clothing spawns for good, or until they implement a proper looting system (e.g. customizable keys to pick up different things). Please leave your thoughts on my 3 points.

EDIT: Formatted to easily read different points. 

Credit: /u/Shitty_Watercolour

Credit: /u/Shitty_Watercolour

Can I make this post next week?

Simplest solution is to take clothing off the fucking ground and put it in closets. You see a closet, or wardrobe, or cabinet, open it up and outfits will be inside.

I'd like to see full clothing outfits too.

Like Janitor. Hazmat suit. Referee. Fireman.

Stuff like that.

Is this from shitty watercolour?

The face reminds me of his pictures

This hole hates disco pants

This hole hates disco pants

The title gave it away but I wouldn't believe it until the very end ...

The bugs in this game are interesting to say the least

does he hate them or.. does he really love them and want them for his own? :thinking:

I swear i died in the same hole with the baggy pants on. Next time i‘ll get naked.

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