PTR Lúcio can boop sentry mode Bastion

ِAnd somehow my Primal Rage feels like I am giving a massage to the fucking Bastion.

To the Mercy Cosplayer who didn't get into Gamercon Dublin today

To the Mercy Cosplayer who didn't get into Gamercon Dublin today

This is a massive shot in the dark, but given the quality of your costume, I'm assuming you're into overwatch enough that you'd frequent the subreddit.

If you remember, I was the dude outside in the hella long queue that briefly spoke to you as I was being bumped up for having the VIP ticket. I felt pretty bad as that was happening, but figured you'd get in eventually so it'd be okay. Well, as I was in there I spotted you outside and I was thinking "oh, maybe she got in and left or something". Then, afterwards, I heard on the news that the place was super overcrowded and loads of people weren't let in. My friend saw you on the news (he got excited cus there was a mercy cosplayer in the background of an interview) and I immediately knew it was you...

Basically, the point in this post (if you see it, by chance), there is a cosplay competition happening tomorrow in the same place. I genuinely hope you got a 2-day ticket, because if you enter it, I'd say there's a very good chance you'll win at least some category. Your costume was insanely good. It legit brought a level of excitement to myself and my brother (just seeing you in the crowd) that we were inspired to stick through the 2 hours of queuing to get in

To anyone else reading this : Cosplaying is awesome and those of you who dedicate time to it are true artists with huge talent. Massive respect

Edit/Update : Massive thanks to u/TheChrisD for actually finding her and linking me to her. I'm amazed that this actually worked. For anyone curious, here's what she looks like : http://imgur.com/a/KXmv6

Update #2 : She got back to me and it turns out she actually did get in after about 4 hours waiting in line. That would mean she did miss the competition, but at least she wasn't completely turned away.

Also, here's her instagram, for those curious : https://www.instagram.com/alannahashcroft/

Seen this on the news today, absolute joke. I worked in GameStop up until recently when I had a huge difference in opinion with the area manager on how the company treats its customers and staff. We were told to keep selling those tickets no matter what, and that it definitely wouldn't sell out. We ran out of physical tickets so had to start selling digital ones - I have no doubt in my mind Gamestop is behind some of this bullshit that has ruined a lot of peoples day.


Competitive rounds can be pretty quick in PTR

Really hope they change it to the ticks. That doesn't seem fun at all.

DSPStanky on the new Lucio: You heard it here guys, "broken"

DSPStanky on the new Lucio: You heard it here guys, "broken"
DSPStanky on the new Lucio: You heard it here guys, "broken"

Lucio has his survivability increased by 400 % with his broken speed and self-healing increased. Lucio contesting on points and payloads will be the next demon of this game

Excuse me, my Uber's here.

You even killed your original target! (Zen died from traffic)

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