The build being used in PTR is called " Doomfist / Summer Games" according to crash logs

The build being used in PTR is called " Doomfist / Summer Games" according to crash logs

Jeff Kaplan: "Some bugs are making it through the PTR. Do we have any better way of making sure users test the stability of the build?"

Developer A: "We could give everyone lootboxes for time played on the PTR."

Developer B: "Maybe let them play competitive and carry their wins over?"

Developer C: "How about mentioning doomfist in the crash logs?"

Everyone: "..."

Doomfist is already in the game. You just have to Surf outside the SS Anne and use Strength to push the truck!

They played us like a damn fiddle!

I can see it already

developer busy on computer at HQ

Jeff kicks in door

"Hey, it's Jeff from the Overwatch team"

takes off shirt

"Prepare for death"

lunges at developer

Ana... No, Nano, FINE! (McCree 6 Man)

"Nano me."



"You're trash."


This actually happened

Electric cowboy

Not even a little hesitation. She had that response loaded before the question was even asked.

That was a mistake

When your name becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

Player name checks out

By the holy light! Justice demands retribution! That was a mistake.

How embarrassing!


Lesson 101: Do not spook a wild pharah who clearly hasn't learnt the new map yet.

How are there top 500 players in this match and you're diamond?

Because i was 3450 and my friends were high masters, so our average was quite high, but no i wasnt happy about the matchmaking lol.

My favorite thing about this is how Pharah's ult animation looks like she's flaring or displaying or something, like a wild animal who is feeling threatened and turning to aggression.

Or, y'know, a pokemon doing a special move.

"Pharah, use ROCKET BARRAGE!"

ugh what do i do what do i do

fuck it

pressing q intensifies

I drew Seagull's true form

I drew Seagull's true formFinally got a graphics tablet, had this idea for a while


Edit: This is crazy, thank you everyone. I never expected Seagull to see it, never mind a Blizzard employee to comment!
I drew Seagull's true form

Finally got a graphics tablet, had this idea for a while

Edit: This is crazy, thank you everyone. I never expected Seagull to see it, never mind a Blizzard employee to comment!

This has some serious potential to be integrated into his streams

This is amazing !

Thanks! I sent a link via donation but I doubt he ever saw it

The internet works in magical ways I'm sure he'll see it eventually.

You no longer are removed for inactivity in the training grounds!

You no longer are removed for inactivity in the training grounds!

Was just playing around with the crosshair settings in training on the PTR, and I didn't get removed for inactivity! Rejoice!


Whenever anyone here is sitting around thinking "Man, Blizzard never updates this game" remember things like this.

This is updating the game and it might've been a lot harder to fix than you can imagine.

This patch is like the we listen to Reddit update.

Jesus this was a big complaint of mine. I'm glad they finally noticed that it was a problem.

Developer Update | Highlights Update | Overwatch

Developer Update | Highlights Update | Overwatch

You can have a potato PC and tell the game to output the highlight into a 4K 60fps video file... HOLY SHIT

EDIT: I've tested it. You can choose the highlight's quality regardless of the settings you played in. Example; I can play on low settings with 30fps and 720p. I can still output the highlight as if I played it on Ultra settings with 60fps and 4K. Amazing job, Blizzard!


Highlights will now be kept for 24 hours, even if you close the client/turn off your machine You can download highlights, in many different resolutions and settings (if on PC). Consoles can still download footage, but less customization. A shortcut will "bookmark" moments in the game to generate the highlight after the match. Lootbox duplicate rate will be greatly cut back on. To compensate, credits earned from lootboxes will be increase.

From what I understand, it doesn't seem like you will be able to save entire games. So a full replay feature is still a bit away.

I have to play on low graphics for best performance, so no more sharing potg's where everyone looks like a runescape character FINALLY

They are drastically reducing the amount of Duplicates in lootboxes. So much so that there is gonna be an immediate, notable impact.

They are also increasing the amount of credits you get from lootboxes.

Changes are in the PTR.

edit: Can't wait to try this out when there are events going on. I wonder how the "Less Duplicates" formula will work for events. Does this mean we could potentially get everything in an event?

edit2:Jeff mentioned that there are a finite number of in-game items so you could, in theory, earn everything there is to earn in game. That is until they introduce new permanent items. (Like Reapers Shrug and Police D.Va/Oni Genji)

edit3: Highlight changes are in the PTR as well. So are the much awaited cross-hair customization options! (Check /u/helloiamjake comment for further info)

edit4: according to /u/rasui36, Blizz gives you 5 free lootboxes in the PTR ONLY to test out their less duplicates formula!

edit5:Highlight system allows folks with low-graphic setting PC's to create content in the highest setting possible. (4k 60FPS) Check /u/xCojey for more info.

Everytime you hit lvl 100 you should get a gold loot box

Everytime you hit lvl 100 you should get a gold loot box

About 130 90ish hrs of gameplay, dedication and commitment is needed for each 100 lvls. It'd be cool of Blizzard did this. :)

Actually not a bad idea. More loot is fine by me

EDIT: I wrote this before the update video, love the changes to both boxes and highlights!

Oh man you know what's an even better idea? 100 loot boxes instead of 5! Wow Blizzard hire us!

This sub is the pinnacle of "if you give a mouse a cookie"

You know what's an even better idea? FREE LOOT BOXES FOR ALL!

If Overwatch had realistic abilities and consequences

If Overwatch had realistic abilities and consequences

Ana Biotic rifle now heals enemies for 75 health when shot. Also added a "Broken hip" effect when falling from medium distances, resulting in 50 damage, heavily reduced mobility, and screaming.

Bastion Bastion no longer can keep track what team he is on due to his PTSD. He is now randomly able to shoot teammates and can see random enemies as teammates. Get help.

D. Va Upon detonating her ult, D. Va destroys a majority of the map and is immediately banned from the game for using a weapon of mass destruction. She is also fined $8 billion by the South Korean MEKA unit for detonating military equipment.

Genji When hacked by a Sombra, Genji immediately dies as his life support fails. Genji is also no longer able to double jump since we're not on Titan.

Hanzo Hanzo's ultimate brings a "public shame" debuff to him for believing dragons are real. If he ults again with the debuff active, stacking the effect, he immediately dies as this world is too cruel and the constant harassment has taken a major toll on his mental health, driving him to suicide. Rest in peace.

Junkrat Junkrat is no longer able to stand on his concussion mine to be launched. He is immediately killed as a result of shrapnel damage if he detonates the mine under him. His trap is also not able to grab floating/jumping targets since it's a bear trap and not a sophisticated piece of military equipment with proximity sensors.

Lucio Lucio's Sonic Amplifier and entire right arm shatter at the extreme force of using Soundwave. This results in a bleedout effect doing 20 damage per second as well as constant screaming. That's what you get for playing with sound.

McCree McCree is no longer immune to his own flashbang, causing temporary blindness as well as a short 0.5 second stun. That's not how flashbangs work, cowboy.

Mei Upon freezing a target using her Endothermic Blaster or Blizzard ability, the target immediately goes into severe shock, freezing to death within 3 seconds. On "hot" climate maps, however, Mei can take "Heatstroke" damage if any of her default, rare, or epic skins are equipped.

Mercy Mercy's ultimate results in absolutely nothing happening as bringing back the dead is impossible. For a licensed medical professional, she really should know this by now.

Orisa Orisa's "Halt!" results in the death of any player, teammate or otherwise, within a 20 meter radius from the sheer force of the gravitational pull. She can also damage buildings being fined in in-game currency for the damage.

Pharah Pharah takes 50 burn damage per second when using her ultimate as that many rockets going off inside of her suit causes severe 3rd degree burns, melting through any protective layer she may have.

Reaper When using Wraith Form, Reaper has a high chance of vaporizing, immediately dying when the ability ends. Also, he is now required to reload his shotguns as an infinite source of shotguns has yet to be found.

Reinhardt Reinhardt receives heavy damage for charging into anything as well as a small stun. A cancel has been added to Reinhardt's charge by pressing the key again. Keep in mind, this will result in 3 seconds of disorientation as the g-force of stopping a rocket booster that quickly is quite high.

Roadhog Roadhog's hook no longer pulls targets directly to him, instead pulling them half a meter. Even though he's the size of a car, it doesn't mean he can drag multi-ton traffic robots 15 meters with a single hand.

Soldier: 76 Added a "Broken hip" effect when falling from medium distances. Along with the 50 damage, reduced mobility, and screaming, Soldier also gets a "not what I used to be" stat for the rest of the game, resulting in majorly reduced mobility and speed, as well as a slight inaccuracy while not in-ult.

Sombra To hack an enemy or a healthpack, the player is presented with a textbox, requiring the player to code an exploit in Lua to disable abilities, make healthpacks reset quicker, and now make healthpacks respawn instantly. Failed attempts to exploit a healthpack or enemy result in an FBI raid on maps based inside of the United States, resulting in Sombra becoming a banned pick as she is considered "detained."

Symmetra Symmetra is removed from the game as light can not be made into a solid object. That's not how physics works.

Torbjorn Molten core now does nothing but give Torbjorn burn damage. Just because you get mad doesn't mean your turret automatically gets better.

Tracer Tracer is forced to repeat the exact same actions when using her recall ability or risk collapsing the match into a massive void in the space-time continuum. Slight deviation results in an immediate loss.

Widowmaker Widowmaker dies shortly after being picked due to a lack of oxygen to the brain. With her heartrate vastly decreased and her skin blue, her brain just wasn't functioning anymore. Sad, sad story.

Winston Winston isn't in the game anymore. He's a talking gorilla that can build rockets and a time-travel device that's also considered a war hero. No.

Zarya Graviton Surge is disabled due to forming an event horizon immediately after firing. We're working on a fix but we can't figure out a way to do it without passing the Schwarzschild radius.

Zenyatta Upon ulting, Zenyatta leaves the match, being elevated into a higher state of being. Your competitive tier is immediately increased by one.

EDIT: To the two three people who guilded a shitpost: you are my heroes.

Zenyatta Upon ulting, Zenyatta leaves the match, being elevated into a higher state of being. Your competitive tier is immediately increased by one.

Finally I can be free of this bronze hell.

EDIT: I'm actually silver-tier! I've bamboozled you all!

Lucio slowly develops tinnitus over the course of the match, resulting in delayed Crossfades and lowered ult callout volume as the battle wears on

Reaper - drops his arms to his sides periodically as they get fatigued from holding his shotguns straight out.

High effort shitpost. Upvoted.

10/10 IGN "Best play EU"

It's like a horror movie, cuts out just when the jump-scare happens.

Once you saw only five kills pop up, you knew what was gonna happen


I felt

not only that, the idiot did not even go for the teleporter.

good lord.

edit it was a shield genny, apparently i am an idiot as well.

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