Overwatch Animated Short | "Rise and Shine" (AU)

Overwatch Animated Short | "Rise and Shine" (AU)

Good morning!

All your friends are dead.

Oh, and you're a criminal now.

It's a bit weird that the Endothermic Blaster that caused us so much misery and pain was built IN A CAVE! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!

Glad to know I'm not the only one who died on the Antartica map

when mei wakes up, she says "how is it this cold?" in mandarin ahahaha you were just cryogenically frozen

I Wanted to See if You Could Spray on the Lucioball, and This Happened

You had the perfect spray for it too

Now that was great.

From the Halloween event

Well I guess I'm spraying Punch Kid on the ball every game now

Mercy Changes Confirmed!

Mercy Changes Confirmed!

Maybe they'll half the amount she heals but give her missiles?

She'll be able to heal herself (while moving!) with her E, her Shift will no longer allow her to fly but slightly increase her running speed instead. She'll also get an assault rifle, and rockets.

Removed Mercy

Added RoboMercy

Developers Comments: We would often see players dying and not contributing much to the team when they play Mercy, so we removed her and transformed her into a robot, who can enter Configuration: Turret to gain 500% damage reduction and still be able to heal.

Roadhog 60% Damage Reduction

Don't be silly she will get 50% Ironclad whilst self healing

"Take-out" sign on Junkertown uses what is generally an American term rather than "take-away"

"Take-out" sign on Junkertown uses what is generally an American term rather than "take-away"

This is pretty big nit-picking but oh well.

On the new map, Junkertown, after the first checkpoint there is a sign on the street corner which advertises "take-out", a term which I guess is more commonly used in America. In Australia, we actually call it "take-away" rather than the other.

This is obviously no big deal but it's gonna piss off some of us Aussies. I'm not too sure if I'm the only one that has noticed this so far. Maybe in post-apocalyptic Australia we have resorted to American terms.

EDIT: I'm being told to tell this to the blizzard forums but I've never posted on there before and don't know how things work. If somebody would like to do it for us or even start a petition that would be great as this is a disastrous and game breaking error which is honestly making me lose my interest of playing the game. Hopefully the overwatch YouTubers get behind this problem. I also request a direct apology from Jeff Kaplan to the players. Literally unplayable.

EDIT 2: I thought competitive was toxic. Let me restate that this is nit-picking. I don't think this is a big problem. This is just a tiny thing I noticed, which I didn't think would get this much attention. Also, yes I'm going to make a forum post because I being attacked for not knowing how to do that.

EDIT 3: Don't wanna do the stereotypical "wow, this blew up thing" but...

FINAL EDIT: Thankyou anonymous forum user, TheLegend27, for posting it for me seeing as my account didn't let me. I wish daddy Kaplan upon you.

I'd like to offer a direct apology to the entire country of Australia. Please forgive our cultural insensitivity. We will fix this in an upcoming patch (the sign travesty will most likely go live for some period before being fixed).

I've also been told by Muselk that our coffees are too large as well. We're learning... trying, over here...

Next Patch: Australia removed from game

Yep, they need to take away take out

Next Patch: Due to a small cosmetic sign that uses the American phrase "take-out", we have completely rewritten Junkrat's lore. He is now from Iowa.

Internal D.Va Changes

Internal D.Va Changes

"We have decided to remove Tanks from the game"

Problem is that DM is the only thing that makes D.Va actually a tank. Now she'll be able to shield something for two seconds max, while still having a ten second full-recovery time. So now she can only act like a tank less than 20% of the time? If this happens they should probably look at increasing her recovery rate, or increase the force of her boop so she can better use displacement as tanking.

I'm really confused in what direction they want to go with D.Va. First she was a brawler/harasser, then they reduced her dps and survivability to make her more of a protector and now they are turning her back into a dps again? I'm confused.

We'll have to wait and see how she plays on PTR, but it sounds like she'll be a glass cannon now. With her colossal hitbox and critbox, reduced armor from the previous nerf and reduced matrix uptime she'll go down super fast to focus fire. Also, if the enemy has dps ults, you'll pretty much need to save your matrix for that, so D.Va won't be able to protect her team at all. If they wanted to reduce matrix's effectiveness, I'd much rather have them increase the charge time instead.

"In our next update we're replacing Reinhardt's shield with a sniper rifle"

[COMING SOON] Junkertown | New Escort Map | Overwatch

[COMING SOON] Junkertown | New Escort Map | Overwatch

As someone who enjoys gritty apocalyptic wastelands, I'm extremely erect.

"Select your hero, because I think you'll be really excited about that"

So the attackers are delivering an actual explosive bomb?

Well then I hope when the payload is delivered it kills any or all players on the last point like tf2

Would be kinda cool if the "Now entering: Junkertown" was voiced by the Queen instead of the Athena one we got from the leaks.

"Junkertown: The Plan" | Overwatch

"Junkertown: The Plan" | Overwatch

This is NOT the cinematic, thats happening on Wednesday.

I really wanted Roadhog to do his goofy thumbs up when he finally approved of the plan.

This short/map trailer really reminds me of Timon and Pumba

I got a Shaun of the Dead vibe when Junkrat was describing the plan


The Lucio voice actor Johnny Cruz receives a Dva body pillow from a fan.

"Oh, oh, oh, time to accelerate..."

How can you not love Johnny Cruz

"I can do this all day"

"Would you please autograph my D.Va pillow sir?"

"No problem, I think my PenIs under the table."

Sick 10-0 placement matches! (100% legit)

Sick 10-0 placement matches! (100% legit)

MS-Paint. Hacking Blizzard servers since 1996.

EDIT: Holy crap the up votes...

Be thorough, this person hacks the blizzard servers and user accounts

whoosh, you're in diamond now

don't ban me please

Overwatch for Africans

Overwatch for Africans

Hi all,

I am from Mauritius. I love playing Overwatch. Unfortunately I can't play because there are no African servers. I have no other choice than to connect to Europe and get a ping of 300+.

EA just released a South African server for Battlefield 1 and I get a decent ping of 40 when connected to them. However, Overwatch is so so good to play. It would be great if Blizzard opens a South African server so that all Africans get to play Overwatch too.

Please don't ignore us.

EDIT: Guys.. I have followed your advice and have created a topic on Overwatch Forum. Grateful if you could give us a hand in lifting it up. (I don't know if the forum works same as reddit in terms of voting etc)




African characters but no African servers? lol Sounds inclusive

Why is the EU ping so bad? I play on EU from South Africa and get 180

"Forced" to play the best character in the game! Hah!

but seriously I feel for you :(

I think it's because we have more nodes to connect through than you. But the difference is just insane mate. Sometimes if I'm lucky I get 250 ping. But never less than that. Forced to play Rein or Winston only :(

Try one of these subthreads