Tracer is in The Ready Player One Film!

Tracer is in The Ready Player One Film!https://i.imgur.com/LFfZRhr.png

The trailer got leaked a few hours ago on the latin american WB youtube page. Tracer is in at 2:08! https://streamable.com/t7ipf

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Tracer is in The Ready Player One Film!

The trailer got leaked a few hours ago on the latin american WB youtube page. Tracer is in at 2:08! https://streamable.com/t7ipf

(Original post in /sub/readyplayerone https://www.reddit.com/sub/readyplayerone/comments/7itn2g/the_new_trailer_was_for_a_short_period_...)

The film is definitely going to make tons with all those characters

She looks so out of place with all the darker colours around her

Then she blinks 3 times and gets sniped by widow

At least they got the hair right. but yeah, she really stands out

If your main account is in GM, stop giving us plat/diamond players a hard time on your alt

If your main account is in GM, stop giving us plat/diamond players a hard time on your alt

I'm so sick of running into these dudes that are straight out of the academy and already playing like a fucking pro at level 30 in plat/diamond matches. At first I think, "Holy hell, this guy is fucking good.", but after watching the kill feed and realizing the guy has a KDR of like 7:1 or so, I begin thinking to myself that he definitely doesn't belong in plat or diamond. Sure enough, after he carries the team (usually with Genji or Tracer), he has the fucking nerve to type "ez" in match chat and brag about how his main is in GM.

Well, good for you, man. I'm so glad you decided to create a fucking alt account and bully those in lower tiers to make yourself feel better. Of course it's fucking "ez", you dumbass. It would be easy for us too if we had a GM carrying our team, but guess what. We don't.

I absolutely hate when players join competitive under false pretenses. When you join a plat/diamond match, you expect everyone there to be a plat/diamond player. Sure, your team may get stomped anyway or you may stomp the other team, regardless of this fact, but it's especially stupid when you have that one player just there to ruin the fun.

Why? What purpose does this even serve for you? I just don't get it. It's like when a new hero is released and everyone is picking them in a match in Quick Play, then there's always that asshole that picks Bastion or Pharah, even though everyone is just wanting to pick Moira and have fun.

Just go play in your own damn games and stop sucking the fun out of ours. Thanks.

Oh don't you worry, all my smurf accounts have strict rules that don't involve playing my main, so they belong where they're placed currently.

Honestly, there's a difference between a second account and a smurf. Smurf is an account that's intentionally in lower ranks just be beat them or do them bronze - GM challenges.

A second account is one where a healer main can play DPS or where they can try out new heroes. I think playing with friends also comes under this category.

Yep, smurfs are currently the biggest issue this game has next to mercy being overpowered.

It was just so disheartening to see this one player take down every last one of us by himself each and every time, then the enemy team just kept talking shit the entire time, even though he was doing all the work. The icing on the cake was him typing "ez" after the match was over since that was more or less pouring salt into the wound.

Everything about the situation was just totally unnecessary and uncalled for.

Mercy, in particular her Ultimate, even in its current form is overpowered

Mercy, in particular her Ultimate, even in its current form is overpowered

Oh yeah and lets remove her from the game

You wanted to go further than removing her from the game. Like, wtf? Do you mean pick one of the massive nerf hammers, or all of them together? Based on your phrasing, you think everything you mentioned should be done whereas just one of those behemoth nerfs would shoot her straight to booty tier.

let's make mercy as good a healer as zenyatta why not

Agree on Valk op but if you really want to contribute to a possible Nerf. Make your post shorter or in a better format. Ppl don't like reading long post if they are not in a good format

Every game I play as support

Every game I play as support

Me: "Hey guys, Sombra behind us, hacking the healers!"

Team: "Yeah Ok then."

healers die

healers respawn

Me: "Hey guys, Genji is behind us, killing the healers!"

Team: "Yeah not a problem."

healers die

healers respawn

Me: "Hey guys, Mei is behind us, freezing the healers!"

Team: "Yeah, got it."

healers die


Team: "You healers suck! Not one bloody heal or resurrection! You should uninstall the game because you suck!"

Me: "We had Sombra/Reaper/Genji/Mei behind us, actively preventing us from doing our jobs!"

Team: "Well why didn't you call them out?! We could have done something about it! Face it, you just suck!"

Me: "..."

I had a game last night where my Tracer told me to stop dying. "Help me then," I replied. "You are constantly out of position" was the excuse. Dude, I know, the tanks were overextended constantly, I was the solo healer and everyone was so spread out that I never could find an escape route. How can I keep good positioning when good positioning means not doing my job?

I frankly hate playing support.

Yeah, it's not made up. This is VERY common if you play healers.

This is made up, obviously. But it plays out almost exactly like this.

Hell, I have even been told to SHUT UP and heal... When I called out something that is PREVENTING me from doing just that.

I had one game for real where Winston and Genji were diving me as Mercy every single push. Now, we had a Reaper so Winston shouldn't have been a problem I'd think. But our Reaper was flanking the enemy team, which whatever, but when I asked him to please help me with Winston, he gets in voice chat and says "Are you really that terrible with Mercy that you can't escape a Winston? You don't belong in diamond you must be boosted." And the worst part is my entire team agreed with him that I was a bad Mercy if I can't escape a Winston and Genji. "Mercy is almost impossible to die as" I was told.

[Spoilers] Overwatch League Preseason Final Standings (Post-Preseason Discussion Thread)

[Spoilers] Overwatch League Preseason Final Standings (Post-Preseason Discussion Thread) Team Match Record Map Record Seoul Dynasty1 3 - 0 9 - 2 Dallas Fuel 2 - 0 6 - 3 Los Angeles Valiant 2 - 0 6 - 3 London Spitfire 1 - 1 6 - 3 New York Excelsior 1 - 1 4 - 4 Boston Uprising 1 - 1 4 - 5 Los Angeles Gladiators 1 - 1 4 - 5 San Francisco Shock1 1 - 2 5 - 8 Houston Outlaws 0 - 2 3 - 5 Florida Mayhem 0 - 2 2 - 6 Shanghai Dragons 0 - 2 2 - 7 Philadelphia Fusion2 0 - 0 0 - 0

1 The Dynasty and Shock played an extra match due to the non-participation of the Fusion.

2 Due to player logistics issues, the Philadelphia Fusion did not participate in any preseason Matches.

Houston outlaws got unlucky with who they had to play.

I am very excited to watch Fuel vs Dynasty during the regular season.

Why are Florida teams bad at everything

For sure, they played very well and as their chemistry continues to develop they should be one of those teams that no one wants to play, so to speak.

I made a deep learning algorithm to Guess Your SR and I need more Data!

I made a deep learning algorithm to Guess Your SR and I need more Data!

EDIT if you want an alert when OASIS comes out add your email to


I promise I'll ONLY email you ONCE when c0derwatch.com is up and running

My Last post( 3 months ago)


Plea for PC/XBOX/PSN usernames:

Let's give console some love.

I made a machine learning algorithm to estimate your SR, and (attempt to) tell you how to improve at Overwatch.

I've called the learning algorithms OASIS (Overwatch AI Skill Improvement Simulator)! Oasis looks at your in-game statistics, such as eliminations, deaths, and damage done, to guess your SR. It also would estimate how good you were at individual heroes, and attempted to supply advice on how to improve based on your statistics.

but it wasn't available for console :(

I'm going to make a new version that's new and improved. But I want more names this time, last time I had 160k PC usernames, 0 Xbox names, and 0 PSN names to learn from!! So more than anything I want Console names.

Due to sort of a "trick" I can apply to deep learning I don't need as many samples for XBOX/PSN, but I need a few thousand at least... That's where you guys come in:

v important link! v

(feel free to add you PC battletag, the more data the better)


^ important link! ^

I really want to support console players this time. So help me out and fill out the form!

How Oasis is going to be updated:

There will be a lot of changes. I got a lot of good criticism.

The text-advice will be totally revamped, and consider the behaviors of people around your rank, for hopefully a much better analysis. It will also consider more than just ONE stat before generating advice, and look at a congregation of stats.

There will be more information(numerical) on how good/bad you are at particular stats/combination of stats based on people around your rank.

There were some complaints of bias in the hero SR estimates, I'm looking into that and have found a method to regularize things so you get a more reasonable estimate (a lot of people were getting high estimates for Doomfist last time). I think the best part of this app according to the commentators was the individual hero SR, I heard some cool success stories so I'm keeping it and improving it.

I'll still have the old numbers/advice if you want to see them for your own interpretation. But it won't be the "main event" on the page.

I'm changing the learning algorithm to be more accurate(duh). It had decent accuracy, but it'll get better. The biggest weakness was guessing people at higher SR, I think I've identified the part of the reason and it'll (hopefully) be fixed.

I also want to give you a projection of how much you have to improve to get to a certain rank/SR. This might be live on the first version, but will likely be the next feature developed.

It's just me myself and I working on this project, so I've been chugging a way to make it happen.

In addition to the website:

I'll also have an in-game app that will get smarter over time by collecting data (if you allow it). It'll do things like allow you to see other player's strengths/weaknesses according to OASIS and recommend which hero you and your teammates should play in the beginning of the game to optimize your chance of winning. I have some other more ambitious features that depend whether or not I can gather enough data when this goes live :) (enemy ult charge estimate, recommendations on who should and when to switch to counter enemy comp, estimated SR gain, live updates to % chance of winning,-- NOTE: none of these features in parenthesis will be on release, but are contingent on demand and amount of user data I get)

Planned release is mid-late January

Thank you!

The initial project had a lot of success and allowed me to get even more PC data.

With that success also came a LOT of criticism so thank you to everybody who gave detailed criticism right off the bat or after I asked. You enabled me to come up with (hopefully) some pretty cool ideas. (YO that widowmaker I played with that mentioned you and kephri had similar advice, thanks for helping me come up with one of those ideas above if you remember which one :) )

And last but not least thank you to my Patreon supporters who came to my aid 3 months after I developed the project and took down the website. It really means a lot to me. You guys give me hope this project will live on and improve.

important link again, in case you missed it in the wall of text https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HRAuFDzvlaKPvRghOqZOyOm1YHzijcuDMjhpCHV4og4/

edit since a couple people PM'd me about it, here's my patreon page:


I will have updates at patreon and in the associated discord channel!

DISCORD HERE: https://discord.gg/caZzkge

3 months ago I was in bronze and it said I belong in plat. Guess where I am now?

Was impressed as hell by your first try 3 months ago ! Very useful app, I hope the community will help you :)

What is it?!

i hope it's plat i hope it's plat i hope it's plat

It is plat!

Moira | Scrooge (Fan-Skin)

Moira | Scrooge (Fan-Skin)

Just a simple skin swap.

Post this again but change the name of the skin to "Babadook" instead of "Scrooge"


Tonight, Gehrman Moira joins the hunt.

Babadook Moira would be cool.

Upcoming Competitive Play Changes for Season 8

Upcoming Competitive Play Changes for Season 8

Removing Personal Performance Skill Rating Adjustments for Diamond tier players and above

Well there's something I'm never going to have to worry about!

Ffs. Every single time one of these official Blizzard posts comes up, I click the link, read the whole thing there, come back, and notice this nicely formatted comment just below.

Removing Personal Performance Skill Rating Adjustments for Diamond tier players and above

Alright boys so what do we complain about next

This is still FANTASTIC NEWS. This is huge for anyone in the upper tiers of the game. Removing performance based SR will do a lot against one-tricking. It used to favor one-tricks who would have higher stats than average, but not anymore. Now as mentioned in the post players should be focused more on JUST TRYING TO WIN. And it will punish players that dont adapt. Instead of just having high stats and gaming the system, which has been a large problem

Game-breaking bug on Hanamura.

Game-breaking bug on Hanamura.

Maybe after 4 seaosn of wintrading they might get banned

This is the kind of scum that Blizzard needs to ban permanently without hesitation.

Yeah maybe if Blizzard is feeling harsh they will chat ban them for 24 hours /s

I know this isn’t a fix but if you see them doing this the best thing you can do is kill them with hanzo’s ult.

Overwatch League: OWL Preseason Day 2 Survival Guide

Overwatch League: OWL Preseason Day 2 Survival GuideInformation

Streams: overwatchleague.com | MLG.tv

Brackets: Official | Liquipedia | Over.gg | GosuGamers


Group Play matches will be 4 Game Sets. The map order is as follows:

1st map: Escort

2nd map: Assault

3rd map: Control

4th map: Hybrid

Tiebreaker: Control


Overwatch League: OWL Preseason Day 2 will begin December 7th 2 PM PDT.

Broadcast Talent

Host: Chris Puckett

Analysts: Soe, Hex


English Chinese MonteCristo Chixiaotu DoA Muzi Uber Roy Mr. X Danny - Lilgho Overwatch League Teams Atlantic Division Pacific Division Boston Uprising Dallas Fuel Florida Mayhem Los Angeles Gladiators Houston Outlaws Los Angeles Valiant London Spitfire San Francisco Shock New York Excelsior Seoul Dynasty Philadelphia Fusion1 Shanghai Dragons

1 Due to player logistics issues, the Philadelphia Fusion will be replaced by the San Francisco Shock.

Matches & Results

DISCLAIMER: Times are approximate and are subject to change and/or delay.

Matchup Start Time Result Gladiators vs Spitfire 2 PM PDT 3 - 2 Fuel vs Outlaws 4 PM PDT 3 - 2 Excelsior vs Uprising 6 PM PDT 3 - 1

Whoever is in charge of the background screen (announcing who wins etc.) is really fucking up

Roses are red violets are blue, if LAG wins, will Jack buy them too?

/u/SpriteGuy_000 I think you should either title these as game threads, make a separate game thread, or prominently link to the one in /sub/competitiveoverwatch. Preferably the last option. Yesterday's thread here had like 200 comments, and CompOW's had 5000, despite a massive subscriber difference. The stratification of the reddit Overwatch community is bad for OWL imo.

Why on Earth are Blizzard refusing to stream this on Twitch? It's like they don't want people to watch. The MLG player just straight up will not load for me on any browser. Hell I didn't even know MLG still existed.

Edit: It finally loaded, just took a half hour.

Try one of these subthreads