When they say you can't take on 1v6...

Was expecting an awesome Rein POTG killing all 6 enemies.

This was better

Spectacular shatter into the rein shield and zarya bubble, the game winning play!

I wish I could hear what the red team has to say about that loss.

They all hopped off the point. Making it a win for the solo reins team.

F**k you too, Ana.

While watching this: "Is he really gunna use that ult just to survive an...... ahhhh I see now"

The worst part is everyone in that room could have killed you instantly.

Junkrat with a grenade and melee or a melee and mine, Hanzo with a fully charged body shot or a half charged head shot, Ana with a rifle grenade melee combo.

Instead they....?

Sometimes decisions need to be made, and messages sent. I'm certainly a fan of firing up the ol rip tire and hunting down a single annoying enemy just to assert my dominance.


Suddenly, a wild Reinhardt appears.

Reinhardt players are absolutely nuts.

I play Reinheart the best when I am fuming and feeling hellbent.

"Its only Rein. No prob... wtfbbq'

Just asking but did you remember hearing the "CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP" followed by "FAWOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!" from behind?

If so, what was your thought process?


Player refuses to play unless paid 5$, throws game

Player refuses to play unless paid 5$, throws game

Probably put entrepreneur in his instagram bio

Highly intelligent, IQ 150+, entrepreneur.

My hobbies are electronic entertainment connoisseur and social engineering. I also enjoy talking about quantum physics.

You may get offended by the things I say but that's ok as you are just not at my level to understand what I mean. I would try to explain but unless you have at least an IQ of 130 and above you would never see it my way.

(I would continue making up more of this fake profile for this scammer but I'm cringing too hard to continue now after typing that.)

Good God, I'm fucking tilting just by reading this.

Emaias posted on 03/25/2017 10:53 AM:

Edit: Thanks for all the support guys. Maybe just maybe we can get a blue post on this if we keep the upvotes coming

Well, this is a new one and my god if it isn't a new low. Today I had the absolute pleasure of playing with a guy who literally came over Communications and said:

"Hey guys, I only play if people pay me, either send me $5 on paypal before the start of the match or I throw."

Nobody took him seriously, and we went on. We quickly realized this guy was completely serious. He literally would run into the fights, but would just feed the enemy team. What is worse, was he insta-locked Ana as well. Obviously nobody was going to pay this guy, and we ended up getting destroyed.

Now, this was on PS4 and because it has the ability to save up to an hour of pre-recorded footage I saved it. I immediately called Blizzard customer support, but after talking to 3 different people and a supervisor I was told that there is nothing Blizzard can do about console griefers and I had to take it up with Sony.

So I called Sony, and after another 45 mins, I got nothing. Honestly though, why would I? Sony doesn't care what happens in a Blizzard game, they aren't going to ban entire accounts which costs them money. They would only do that if their own services were disrupted.

I called Blizzard again and explained Sony stated it was a Blizzard thing, but was told the same thing as before. Blizzard cannot do anything about it. Even if they could, on PSN you can make infinite amount of accounts using just one PSN+ account.

Guess this is going to be a new trend here shortly. GG Blizzard, if you don't fix this soon I'm sure your already neglected and failed console market will surely plummet.

End Notes: This wasn't QP or some "Low" ranked comp game. This guy was a smurf (level 33) that was in Masters (3800).

Beep boop. Fuck the red team.

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Genji plays it off like nothing happened

Weekend at genjis

"Me? no i'm fine i'm just waiting for a bit of healing"

Poor Genji

You people are so damn clever

Emotes save lives, better luck next time piggy!

Looks like a goofy cartoon where the hero always outsmarts the villain in stupid ways, especially with that title

I never realized that her guns have spoilers on them for those skins

i love how there are 4 dps heroes and one of them randomly decides to emote in front of a hog just like my ranked games

I greatly approve of the various Looney Tunes style clips that have appeared today.

Too edgy to Love the Bomb

The synch is incredible.

And that DVa's like: "Got the Hanzo, close enough"

Mirror's Edgy

It's like looking in an edgy mirror

"Guys I found the teleporter! Oh, nevermind."

Attacking teleporters always feels like a coin flip between "no one will come out of this within the next half hour" and "half their team will come out of this the second I do more then ten damage to it."

I gotta get in the habit of checking the scoreboard for dead enemies before attacking it. I feel like that would help a lot.

That there is a Rein putting all his hope and trust that his Symmetra isn't a trollporter.

Guys, the side. Destroy it from the side or the back

How are you supposed to know which is the side?

"We need a Pharah counter." Rein: "Hold my beer..."

hey can you behead my daughter for me




If you accept the theory that she's Rein's daughter too then...

Edit: everyone see /u/squidbit 's comment with the Devs confirming that Reinhardt is Not Pharah's father, but that there are still clues as to who her father is.

"Justice rains from ab..." "TO SEE JUSTICE DONE IS IT'S OWN REWARD!"

Orisa played with a Rocking Horse & Nerf Gun

This got out of hand like 20 heroes ago

mom walks in mom: what the hell are u doing grown man (son): riding a pony for the reddit karma

edit: grown man

Doomfist played with two random sticks, a lump of molding clay, and a pigeon that's been genetically fused to a chinchilla.

Nah, Doomfist will be a special event. He's gonna put electrodes on Terry Crews and then Terry's gonna play Doomfist by flexing his muscles.

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