Couldn't have said it better myself.

Couldn't have said it better myself.


he's transcended the fourth wall

No kidding. I love Zenyatta. I couldnt stop laughing how beautiful this was.

A warrior's greatest weapon... is patience.

Overwatch Anniversary event going live on website

Overwatch Anniversary event going live on website

Lucio's skin has new songs!

Lucio Jazz skin

The MADMEN did it. Awesome.

Oh good, I was worried we wouldn't get a Tracer legendary.


Son of a bitch.

ALWAYS drop a trap before attempting this

Nothing terrifies more than a Junkrat player who can utilize maximum mobility with those damn mines.

Except for maybe a skilled Widowmaker.

RIP, can't get tired of watching this

Flanking jumpzoners

they both have the same purpose in a way. Zoning you off, creating space for their team



There's no such thing as a perfect emo--

Dang, now I'm wishing I had bought the Origins version, that shiteating grin is what really sells this.

reaper is the perfect emo

best emote to use after you get a team kill with your ult

Make dance emotes permanent.

Make dance emotes permanent.

Please blizzard! Make dance parties be a thing! I want all but I want the skins and lootboxs dont give me shit. Blizzard please. The emotes just the emotes bliz

Edit- Surprised I got so much likes and comments!!! Let's keep going!

It honestly surprised me that they are event exclusive; I expected them to be regular legendary emotes instead. Having them to be time limited is a massive bummer for players who'll be buying Overwatch after the event. Dance emotes are super popular in every game they are present in, after all, and - unlike most of the event stuff we've had so far - they don't have a seasonal vibe about them. It makes sense for Santa Torb to be available at Xmas or Junkenstein at Halloween. Dances, not so much.

Like sit and laugh emotes, if all heroes are getting them...just add them to the base game.

Based on previous events, most players will be lucky to get a handful of dance emotes.

I'm willing to bet that they already knew people were going to be angry about this and that some people will spend more than they were planning because of it. Then a few months or so down the line when people (mostly) stop complaining they "listen to us" and then we praise Jeff as god.

I wouldn't bet too much on it but I would bet on it.

Agreed. I'm finding all of the other complaints for this event ("Money grab!" "Only Legendaries!?" "3,000 coins!?") to be rather silly, but I think this is a legitimate criticism. I understand why they keep certain items held for specific events to make them rare and appealing, but a dance emote is pretty standard in games that include emotes. And they have one for every single hero in this instance. As such, putting them in the standard lootbox makes a lot of sense to me.

But like with the other complaints I'm seeing, it's not a huge deal, but I do find this to at least be a reasonable question to ask.

As for the money grab complaint, I just don't get it. We're dealing with purely cosmetics here. I just don't buy the lootboxes. It's pretty simple. Maybe I'm just lucky or just play more than most, but I tend to have at least 3,000 coins for each event, so I'll be able to get one of the Legendaries I want if they don't drop. I actually have 9,000 coins for this one since I didn't spend any in the last event, so I'm all set.

Idea: Leave the new homescreen forever and make it show all equipped skins

Idea: Leave the new homescreen forever and make it show all equipped skins

I love the new homescreen and I bet a lot of people love it too. Seeing the whole lineup on the pure-white background is simply awesome.

IMO Blizzard should leave this homescreen forever (or at least give us an option to choose a homescreen) and make it so it shows all the currently equipped skins. This change would make skins for characters that we don't play actually matter. And it would make for one badass looking homescreen. :)

What do you think?

The white background makes it hell to navigate the menus

If the Anniversary homescreen had something better than a white background, I'll be sold.

The white background looks so clean though.

Edit: I get it, it's bright, i like it and would keep it default all year long.

If the character models weren't so low poly-count and the background didn't hurt my eyes, sure, maybe. Otherwise? No, god no, please.

10/10 best event

10/10 best event

The lead-up was very worth it.

holy shit that sync

Hmmm.... This game has a green screen.

Give me a day.

Edit: More like a day and a half.

Can't tell if that was sarcasm, but it's actually not edited.

Tracer has more Legendary Skins than Non-legendary skins now

Tracer has more Legendary Skins than Non-legendary skins now

This already was the case before the event, but this is getting ridiculous.

Edit: I am not really complaining about her getting skins, free content is free content. But a bit more love for characters that only got 1 legendary so far would be appreciated :)

I've gotten every Tracer legendary since launch and I have like 15 minutes of gametime on her.

reaper shrug

She's Overwatch's mascot, she's the cover of the whole game.

Expect it to stay that way.

Because Hanzo and Zarya are only just getting new Legendaries the overall skin distribution is really wonky.

Tracer is just an easy target.

Yeah I dont get why people complain about her having a lot of skins.

Sombra Can Finally Sit and Surf the Web...

Looks almost like when I sit at my computer and end up just browsing Reddit on my phone.

Semi-unrelated sidenote: Anyone else notice that she's still uploading to lumerico on one of her monitors?

Sombra ARG is eternal. It will truly never end.

I really wish they implemented something where you could use Sombra's hack ability on the computer and a little easter egg animation appeared that had to do with lore or something. Would have been a nice touch.

Mei's new Dance emote is the dance to Hare Hare Yukai from famous Japanese anime "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"!


Posted this also in another thread. But here is my theory:

Mei dances the hare hare yukai dance Yuki Nagato also does this dance in the original Yuki wore Glasses Mei wears Glasses Yuki is Japanese for snow Mei is made of snow

Conclusion: Mei == Yuki

pat pat pat I'm putting a endless time loop on this one

Here's the song and dance on Youtube!

The part Mei does is the very beginning of the dance

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