When Sanji realizes that Luffy was sent on a female only island during 3D2Y

When Sanji realizes that Luffy was sent on a female only island during 3D2Y

Everything Sanji has right now are.... HELL MEMORIES. poor boi:(

And they even toyed with his willy, lul'd

"It's like a mushroom!"

Of all people

It was Luffy that had to do it to em.

Morgan Freeman voice "And on that day, poor Sanji knew... everything is a trap."

If only if i had her.... :'-(

If only if i had her.... :'-(

Ur getting a lot of hammock books because u dont have her.

That‘s exactly why you won‘t pull her

Well you can save them, and maybe one day pull her

I've done the fn 40 times double Stam these few days and I got 2 in total only 1 more skill up tho

Tfw when anni is the planni but there's a half-way sugo

Tfw when anni is the planni but there's a half-way sugo

What's sad is that this game makes me dislike characters that aren't even bad like Genzo, Kaya, Iceberg, etc.

Except Hotori and Kotori. Fuck those guys.

I used to love sengoku until treasure cruise happened

Yeah but the opposite is true too. I did not really like Hody. But Hody on this game is a monster and now I appreciate his character a lot more

That's true. I still don't think Hody is a very good villain, but I don't have the same dislike for him like I did before.

A list of characters you CAN'T use with Legend Franky

A list of characters you CAN'T use with Legend Franky

I was bored so I decided to do this. I will count here only the fully evolved units and will exclude fodder units. I also excluded the other Frankys, because duh. Without further ado, here goes :


Conis, Skypiea Girl (Ganfall FN)

Wanze, Cipher Pol No. 7 (FN Wanze)

Horo Horo Ghost (Moria Mansion Story)


Vinsmoke Sanji, Germa's Resurrection Plan, The Failure (Kid Sanji + Reiju FN)






Monet, Donquixote Pirates (RR Monet)

Sugar, Donquixote Pirates (V1 RR Sugar)

Donquixote Rosinante (Legend Corazon)

Monet Coldest Season Cherry Blossoms (Spring Monet)

Royal Vampire Corazon, Halloween Night - Masquerade (Halloween Corazon)

"Red Hair" Shanks, Captain of the Red Hair Pirates (Ambush Shanks)

Tony Tony Chopper, Spring Scenery on the Winter Island (I have no clue who that is)

Monet, Snow-Snow Fruit Snow Woman (Law FN)

Corazon, Silencing the Rain (Rayleigh Shop Corazon)

Emporio Ivankov, Hell's Revolutionary Army Officer (V2 RR Ivankov)

Monet, Incarnation of Ice and Snow (story Monet)

Dark King Rayleigh, An Old Soldier Watching Over an Era (V2 Legend Rayleigh)

Nefertari Vivi, An Elegant Appearance (Kimono Vivi)


Jabra, CP9's Strongest (RR Jabra)

Blueno, CP9's Strongest (RR Blueno)

Machvise, Donquixote Pirates (RR Machvise)

Jaguar D. Saul, Navy HQ Vice Admiral (Olvia FN)

Commander Scarlet, Golden Lion Pirates (Golden Lion Pirates FN)

Jabra, Secret Intelligence Agency CP9 (FN Jabra)

Dice, Gran Tesoro Dealer (Gran Tesoro FN)

"Garp the Fist", Navy HQ Vice Admiral (RR Garp)

Neptune, Ryugu Kingdom King (RR Neptune) But he is actually Striker so obviously you can use him.

Monkey D. Luffy: Gear 4, The Natural Enemy of God (TM Luffy)


Gecko Moria, Thriller Bark Ruler (V1 Story Moria)

Giolla, Donquixote Pirates (RR Giolla)

Buggy, Cheerfully Crazy (Riverside Banquet FN)

"Sky Boss" Gedatsu, Skypean Priest (colo Gedatsu)

Buffalo, Donquixote Pirates' Combatant (colo Buffalo)


Breed, Pet-Pet Fruit User (FN Breed)

Taralan (Moria Mansion Story)

Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma, Government Human Weapon (Raid Kuma)

Tony Tony Chopper Heavy Gong: The Storm (Lightning Speed SH visit FN)

"Red Flag" X Drake, Captain of the Drake Pirates (colo X-Drake). Note : you CAN use his unevolved version.

Ohm, Sky Breeder (colo Ohm)

Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma [Neo], Government Human Weapon (Neo-Raid Kuma)

Vinsmoke Reiju, Germa 66 Science Combat Force (RR Bae)

"Red Flag" X Drake, Supernova (Apoo & Drake FN)


Master Caesar (RR Caesar)

Heavenly Yaksha Donquixote Doflamingo (V1 Legend Doflamingo)

Trebol, Donquixote Pirates (V1 RR Trebol)

Sir Crocodile, Sand General (Mountaintop Banquet FN)

Gild. Tesoro, Gold Ship Casino King (Raid Tesoro)

Donquixote Doflamingo, Darkness of the "North Blue" (Seasonal RR Young Doflamingo)

Tactician Dagama, Prodence Kingdom (Elizabello II FN)

Trebol, Donquiote Family Elite Executive (Sugar & Trebol FN)

Master Caesar, Ruler of the Atmosphere (Raid Caesar)

Sugar, Donquixote Family, The Most Important Person (V2 RR Sugar)

"Heavenly Demon" Doflamingo, Ruler of the Bird Cage (V2 Legend Doflamingo)


Gecko Moria, Shadows' Asgard (V2 Story Moria)

Pica, Donquixote Pirates (Raid Pica)

Count Butler, King's Power (Count Butler FN)

Issho (Legend Fujitora)

Blackbeard, Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates (Legend Blackbeard)

Sakazuki (Legend Akainu)

Pica [Neo], Donquixote Pirates (Neo-Raid Pica)

Akainu, Summit War Hellfire (Limited RR Akainu)

Vinsmoke Judge, Germa 66 Science Combat Force (Legend Judge)

Sakazuki, Trembling Calamity (TM-boosted RR Akainu)

Pica, Donquixote Family Elite Executive (RR Pica)

so there you have it, there are actually a few legends that can't be used (both Doffys, BB, Akainu, Judge, V2 Ray, V1 Fuji) and some orb boosters are also excluded (Jabra, Kuma...), you'll notice that a lot of units are from the Donquixote family for some reason, but overall it's pretty safe to say that none of these units are mandatory for Franky I guess.

Nooooooo! I can't use Conis?!?!?!?!

But RR Neptune is STRIKER!!1!!1!! /s

litteraly unplayable. Bandai pls refund.

Exactly! Does Robin have nipple lights? I don't think so!

Exactly! Does Robin have I don't think so!

[JPN] Teach and Thatch RR Treasure Map

[JPN] Teach and Thatch RR Treasure Map

Because he stroke thatch🐸

Thatch Dex Slasher| Cerebral

Captain ability: 1.75x ATK and 1.5x HP to DEX.

Special ability: 13x of their ATK in DEX damage to a single enemy and makes the adjacent orb matching. If at the activation of the special there are 4 or more enemies on the stage, it boosts the orb considerably (1.75x?)

He punched a hole in him🐸

Wait what? Stabbed? He used his fist not a sword

[JPN] Franky legend

[JPN] Franky legend

Legend Franky Captain: If there are 6 players in the team with a primary class (Striker Shooter, Slasher and Fighter), 3x ATK and 1.3x HP at all.

** With Capitain Action Active: for 1 turn, 4x ATK boost and 1.3x HP, with 38% damage reduction. Resists the repel of the characters (eg Vs Fuji and Kuma raid).

Special: Cut by 10% of all enemies' HPs, refres all non-matching orbs including BLOCKs. 2x ATK Boost to Striker Shooter, Slasher and Fighter for one turn.

Note : The team can be a mix of classes and doesn't have to contain all types like BB ( koalasan)

Credit by WG OPTC News



5* art > 6* art

[JPN] Ace Treasure Map

[JPN] Ace Treasure Map

Akainu: "At last, Whitebeard and his pirate scum of the seas shall be wiped out! Ace, my son, give me my orbs and ATK boost."

Ace: "B-but Whitebeard is my only father..."

Akainu: Raises fist threateningly

Ace: "...For absolute justice!"

Refresha all orbs, including BL blocks in STR, boosts STR QCK and PSY attack of 1.75x for 1 turn. If the captain is Free Spirit STR QCK or PSY, consider the STR matching orb for a turn.

Looks like he will be Akainu's bitch.

Ace TM

Captain ability without LB: If there are 1 STR, 1 QCK, 1 PSY, 2x ATK, and 1.1x HP in the team, STR QCK and PSY

Captain ability with Limit Break: Boosts Atk of Str, Qck, and Psy by 2.75x and their HP & RCV by 1.2x if you have a Str, Qck, and Psy character in your crew. If a character has a STR orb, boost ATK by 3.44x.

~Special ability(max 11 turns): Changes all orbs, including blocks orbs to STR, Boosts STR QCK and PSY attack of 1.75x for 1 turn. If the captain is Free Spirit, counts STR matching orb for a turn.


full STR Orb Manipulator,1,75x ATK boost for STR we only need a 6+ Akainu with an artwork where he hugs ace :P



From my limited Japanese and what I can see, it reads:

"A new awesome character in Sugofest!!"

"Giant Robot makes its appearance with new Captain Action!!!!!"

Pretty sure that means Legend Franky

(Franky’s part also says something about a January SugoFest, so he might be released this month. Not too sure on this part because parts of the paragraph are cut off)

"Super Evolve Crocodile!"

On the glared out picture of Crocodile. Means that next 6+ is Crocodile.

On the left of Ace:

"Collect Limit Break items, and unleash his ability"

Can't read the text on the right of Ace, but everything points to Treasure Map Ace.

EDIT: Better translation

I’d rather get the flat boost. I hate having to play with low hp

Wow next 6+ is Croc, so they don't actually follow the color when releasing 6+, unless they'll change 6+ Croc to something else.

Still hope that they will just increase the multiplier or add something new in CA rather than a flat boost and getting rid of the restriction like 6+ Zoro.

Is that croc 6*+?

Nico Robin next Legend confirmed!

Nico Robin next Legend confirmed!

Robin ( probably Legend)





The Waifu Batch has arrived people!

My Koala chan :3

Couldnt be a special RR batch instead of a legend one? Odd since we just got franky teased

Robin's probably separate for wanting nothing to do with Franky's antics


[JPN] Pedro bomberman colosseum

[JPN] Pedro bomberman colosseum

Too soon


No Bomb orbs as matching? Im disappointed.

Pedro colosseum PSY Cerebral/Shooter Captain: 2,5 Atk for Cerebral characters. Treats PSY and INT orbs as matching for Cerebral characters Special: Reduces crew's Hp by 95%. Deals 50x character's ATK in typeless damage to all enemies that will ignore damage negating abilities and barriers. Boosts the Color Affinity of Cerebral characters by 1,75x for 2 turns

(Max stats)

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