I figured out what happened to invasion Cabbage

I figured out what happened to invasion Cabbage

well shit

Take my upvote you genius human.

Damn. This. Is. Clever. Fuck


[GLB] Treasure Map Whitebeard | Boosted Units Visualized

[GLB] Treasure Map Whitebeard | Boosted Units Visualized

based on the original idea and style of /u/antonlabz, must give credit.

*EDIT: units sorted by class here:

Oh you beat me to it; I was going to make one when I got home.

Thanks for giving credit.

Yes, they are technically different units.

Think of it as restricting them based on unit no. instead of by character.

I highly suggest this website created by u/zl1814 it helps so much.

Urgent information from Bandai regarding that TSF quits OPTC

Urgent information from Bandai regarding that TSF quits OPTC

It's ok cause we have one last hope. The amount of money people will spend on a katakuri legend even tho it's still pretty early to release him.

TheShatteredFortress, a massive JP whale

I feel like it's but the beginning of the era of TFS memes.

I thought it's Time Skip Franky lols

It only took 495 days of sailing for me to realize...

It only took 495 days of sailing for me to realize...

That bosses will attack the unit that attacked them last. It was such a small detail that I hadn't really paid attention to it... for well over a year now. I didn't think there was a formula to it, but it was so DAMN SIMPLE!

EDIT: This has been debunked by /u/daouaich. The order IS completely random and my anecdotal evidence was just pure luck it seems. I have since redone the run and it is in fact RANDOM. Sad, given that Bandai usually throws in little details like this in the game, so I was hasty to post my findings. Apologies for the misinformation folks!

1150 days here. Always thought it was random. Living and learning i guess

just tried it out on kinemon... attacked with Neptune... he attacked my Kinemon


This should win the best PSA award if we'll ever get one. I'm beyond astonishment, not even kidding.


[FLUFF] Don’t mind me, just lacing up my shoe.

[FLUFF] Don’t mind me, just lacing up my shoe.

Remember that thread about setences that would trigger the sub? Yeah? Lace

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When you kiss your homie but say "No Homo" afterwards.

When you kiss your homie but say "No Homo" afterwards.

When you kiss your homie

What, too scared to give him a blowjob like a real friend? What are you gay?

Nothing like a brojob to start the day

Does Fullbody have no teeth or is that just a buff-ass top lip

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Interview with the developers of OPTC

Interview with the developers of OPTC

When the third anniversary was over, I was wondering how may players where playing, how much pulls were done etc. And also questions like what are those rates in sugofests were haunting me. So I wanted to know more.

As a game reviewer myself I used my connections at Bandai Namco to reach out to the developers to ask them some questions per email. The fine people of Bandai Namco Europe sent (and translated) the questions to the developers in Japan. And they responded this week, I was a bit surprised myself! You can read the interview below for your reading pleasure. Too bad the important questions are avoided, maybe I'll get a chance to talk to them in person once when I'm in Japan and get more out of them :) .

The answers were given by Ms. Manami Norimine of the development team.

1. When you first started to develop Treasure Cruise, did you expect to support it for so long?

Treasure Cruise was the first smartphone title for the One Piece franchise, which is beloved across the world, so we had always hoped for fans to be able to enjoy the game for as long as possible. Even so, the fan response has exceeded our initial expectations, and as the years pass, we’re delighted that so many users have come to enjoy the game.

2. How many people work on One Piece Treasure Cruise? We can’t reveal the details :)

3. Looking back these three years, what's the most interesting part of Treasure Cruise for you as developer of the game?

There are many examples, but something that made a particular impression was an event in France in autumn the year before last, where I was able to meet up with a lot of players. I was happy to see them having fun playing Treasure Cruise, right there in person. I’d love to have another opportunity to meet up with users like that.

4. If you have to name one mechanic or decision in the game, which are you most proud of? And which could have been done better?

In terms of what was the best, I think the biggest impact was the introduction of Treasure Maps in the Japanese version last October. However, because of the time that goes into development and translation, it’s taken about half a year for Treasure Maps to be released outside of Japan. I wish we could have brought them to global players sooner.

5. How did the third anniversary go according to you? Could you give us some numbers? How many (multi)pulls were done in this amazing sugofest for six days, I really like to know! Do you also kept track of multipulls per day?

We can’t reveal the details :)

6. Can you give us some more general numbers: how many players are playing the global version? How many reside in USA and how many in Europe? How many play the Japanese version?

Sorry again, we can’t reveal numbers.

7. Players are really passionate about the game, and come up with all kind of ideas. Do you read reactions of the community, like on Reddit and implement some of those ideas? If so, could you give an example?

Although we can’t read every single response, we do try to keep tabs on what the fans are saying on sites like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. We’ve even implemented a few ideas that fans brought up there. We are not able to give specific examples.

8. You constantly come up with new mechanics, how do you test those mechanics to keep the game balanced?

After we’ve thoroughly played it through in the Japanese version, we look at whether anything needs to be done to get the balance right for global. The devs in charge of balance will check that together with the rest of the team, and then conduct multiple playtests before the release.

9. What are your plans for people that aren't that lucky in sugofests with upcoming content? For instance, I have no character with barrier remover and I'm afraid I'll be facing some tough times ahead when there is no Legend Blackbeard or Law v2 6+ as Helper Captain. Will we see more rare fortnight or colosseum characters with an utility to remove barrier turns or characters that have specials that (partly) ignore barriers?

Sorry we can’t reveal our plans yet

10. Limit Break just arrived on global, how fast will you introduce new units for us to limit break in regards to how fast it went for the Japanese version?

The characters in the Japan and Global versions aren’t always released in the same order, so we plan to add them at an appropriate timing with respect to other events and new characters.

11. Treasure Maps are around the corner for global. Did you learn anything from the Japanese version and changed that for the global version? For instance, in the teaser video we see nine days as time period. That would be longer than in the Japanese version.

The promo video mentions nine days, but the project is still in development, so that could change in the final release. That said, we are adjusting stuff like rewards and availability periods to best suit global players.

12. As a player myself, I really would love to have a better way of selecting an helper captain. Are there plans to change the way it's working now? I would like to filter a captain helper for instance, instead re-selecting a mission over and over again until I have the helper captain I want.

Sorry we can’t reveal our plans yet

13. I also wonder if the Power Sockets will be changed. It now feels unfair. Of course, there is always the chance factor, but now it feels like being punished for farming that much.

Sorry we can’t reveal our plans yet

14. Will we see invasions more? I ask this because if you can't do the Kyros or Don Chinjao Colosseum now while they are guaranteed for this anniversary, you can't get them anymore.

Sorry we can’t reveal our plans yet

15. There are a lot of questions about the ratings at sugofests on global in comparison to the Japanese version. The Japanese version would have better chances. What is your opinion on that?

I’m afraid we can’t comment

16. People would like to know what the chances are to pull that Legend Lucy for example. Apple even demands that ingame ratings should be revealed. When and how are you going to do this? Will we see chances per legend and Rare Recruit also?

Sorry we can’t reveal our plans yet

17. Could you please remove the v1 strawhats from the sugopool on global? Or value them also at 5000 RayLeigh Shop Points ;)

Sorry we can’t reveal our plans yet

18. Why are the prices for gems in Europe higher in comparison to the USA?

I’m afraid we can’t comment

19. When there is an event like a Blitz Battle, there are times you get half stamina. We in Europe get the idea we have the less appealing times, because it's in the middle of the night, or during the week when people have to go to work. Can't you plan it different so we in Europe can get some sleep or decent times to play?

We’re so sorry that’s been a problem. We’ll think about what we can do to make things as fair as possible. The global version is played across many countries, so time zones can be a tough issue to address.

20. Japan just got Dual Units (Tashigi/Smoker, Luffy/Ace). When will we see those on global?

We plan to add them at an appropriate timing. They’re in the works as we speak, so please look forward to them!

21. What's in store for this year in Treasure Cruise, after the introduction of the Dual Units?

We look forward to bringing more of each character’s individual charms and skills to life for you to control with Captain Actions. I think that and Treasure Maps will give players a whole new way to enjoy the characters in Treasure Cruise.

22. I assume you play it yourself also, what's your favorite team?

My favorite One Piece character is Nico Robin, so she’s the Captain of a lot of my teams. I hope everyone enjoys having their favorite characters on their teams, too.

23. Is there anything else you want to tell or mention to us?

Thank you for loving Treasure Cruise!! We’ve been working hard since day one of development to make our players happy, and there’s lots more in store, so we hope you’ll keep sailing with us!

As unsurprised as I am about all of the "Sorry we can’t reveal our plans yet" responses, it's still really cool that they responded and answered what they could. Thanks for doing this!

Sorry he can't reveal his plans yet

Sorry we can’t reveal our plans yet

Edit: "We look forward to bringing more of each character’s individual charms and skills to life for you to control with Captain Actions. I think that and Treasure Maps will give players a whole new way to enjoy the characters in Treasure Cruise." NOW THIS PART GOT ME EXCITED

Jp testserver confirmed?

New day crash?

New day crash?

The game crash again? Can't connect after it shows up with 'new day' and still can't connect.

EDIT: Seems like this is a crash again and not connection's fault. GDI, this happens yesterday too, is it the high volume of player or are their server down or something...

EDIT 2: Just got into the game, but once i go to a stage (Diamante's) it's lagging and ended up telling me can't connect

EDIT 3: It's back! Good luck on the blitz guys haha.

Lol, let's hope that this won't happen again tomorrow since the blitz will end by then

Same +50 free gems plx

Getting this error as well

I have error 502

Edit: working again

Same here

Lucy is confirmed to have Low-Rate by Support

Lucy is confirmed to have Low-Rate by Support

Hello there,

I wrote to a support because of our data analysis and said, that he is not "Rate-Boosted" as far as our analysis goes. The support confirmed that he is indeed "Low-Rate"! I did not speak about the guaranteed legend of the 2nd multi at all in my mail, so this is adressing the whole Sugo!

(Trust me, I wrote with them a couple of times and when they adress multis, they write multis and when it's only about rare recruit, they specifically say "Rare Recruit", as they did here.)

Here is his complete answer:


Thank you for playing ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise.

Our sincere apologies for not being able to meet your expectations; however, please be informed that characters which you can get on "Rare Recruit" are released based on a certain probability.

Please note that it is stated in the in-game notice that the rate for [Lucy - Star of Corrida Coliseum (STR)] is "low rate". Thus, please know that it is possible not to acquire the said character since the matter is still based on probability.

Kindly note that the probability is fixed to be equal for all players.

Thank you very much, and we kindly ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

We ask for your continuous support.

This is... unacceptable. I wrote them back, to inform players about the case and cited the ingame notice in which it states, that he should be "Rate-Boosted". Eventually this will lead to refunds, as it did on the JPN version just the other sugo.

Casually notice, that we also got confirmed, that every account has the same chances of recruiting a character!

I will keep you up-to-date in this thread!

Thanks for reading.

Let your voice be heard!

Here are the links to message Bandai yourself (Thanks to /u/thefishdude):

For iOS:

For Android:

Every message helps us to raise awareness.



"Lucy - Star of Corrida Coliseum" is a top-class character as a captain! Recruit him to help your crew take on Coliseums and Blitz Battles!

I'm sure people have different opinions here, but for me this further strengthens the belief, that there is actually a decent chance to get Lucy (which is not the case, really).

I've contacted Apple about the issue as well, i'm actually going to be on a call with their security team on Sunday evening. If anyone wants to PM me any information they have gotten from Bandai, I can hopefully get apple to get something done...

Thanks for being our hero ✊🏽

This message goes to everyone: This takes more than 1 email to get them to do something. Just take 3 minutes to send a message here, and you could see a refund for hundreds of gems to your account. Or don't, but you'll have no right to expect anything in return

For iOS:

For Android:

I think more people should contact support and raise complaints.

Optc GBL crash

Optc GBL crash

After the new day screen,i and many of my friends have got an error 502(0), probably servers are crashed, but we don't really know

EDIT: I got in

I love how the first thing we all do is come to Reddit and see if someone else is experiencing it as well LUL

yeah here too

I guess we are all in the same boat, FREE GEMS AND ENLARGE SUGO AND BLITZZZZZZ

My thought exactly!

Try one of these subthreads