Yooka Laylee. The Switch version is really good!

Yooka Laylee. The Switch version is really good!

I caved in and bought the Switch version of Yooka Laylee, despite saying I was going to wait until it went on sale. And I am really glad I did. Its a much better version of the game than the ps4 port which I have played a fair bit of before. It seems that the wait plus having Playtonic themselves do the port has payed off. Its more stable than the post patch Ps4 version and plays great. I still think it's unfair that it costs extra on Switch, but if you are on the fence about the game and don't mind paying a bit of Nintendo tax, the Switch version is the best console version from what I can tell. Haven't got a clue what its like on PC, and have only played it briefly on Xbone and the Xbone version was less stable than the PS4 version.

One thing I'm not crazy about is the camera, even when I switch it to manual. It seems to shake whenever I double jump, and it has a few other quirks that hopefully gets fixed soon.

Oh don't get me wrong, I am not saying its anywhere near as good as SMO, or even Banjo Kazooie. But its a well executed 3d platformer in its own right. Its better than average and I don't find (most of) the worlds bland tbh, but its a personal taste thing I guess. The controls are not imprecise either.

Theres no switch tax, it costs the same on all platforms. It's currently got a sale price on psn, and physical copies are cheaper cos retailers want to get rid of them, but it costs the same as steam, xbox and ps4 if a sale isnt on. Switch tax would it be costing more than $40

OP isn’t praising the gameplay, just the quality of the port.

Got the GripCase Accessory, would highly recommend it

Got the GripCase Accessory, would highly recommend it

I helped fund a crowd funding campaign for the GripCase. (I'd link to it, but it appears this subreddit will not allow for links to Kickstarter products to actually appear, because I tried posting this earlier and was never viewable to the public, just search the name GripCase Switch and you'll find it). And I received my product yesterday. It took about 2 months longer than they planned to arrive, but at the end of the day, not really a big deal. Because frankly I can't recommend this product enough, it was worth the wait. I don't know about you, but when I play my Switch normally in handheld mode, my hands tend to get cramped or tired after some time. But with this thing, its really comfortable to hold your Switch, and my hands simply don't get that cramped or tired feeling, and I've been playing a lot in handheld mode since I received this yesterday. Also the case it comes with is amazing, it truly holds everything I need when I travel with my switch. Check out my album where I give some more information and show off what my Switch is like now:

I really want this! Might wait a little longer for them to smooth out their operation (dont want any shipping headaches or delays etc.) but ill be sure to keep an eye on it, cheers op!

Great review, thanks man!

No prob, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. What I didn't mention in the post or the gallery is that the L/R and LZ/RZ triggers built into the case are surprsingly nice. I would have thought that they'd be a bit spongy making it hard to hit the actual triggers or cause a small delay, but that really doesn't seem to be the case. I will say that the L and R triggers on the case did need to be worked in, but after pushing them multiple times they now work like a charm, while the LZ and RZ triggers worked brilliantly from the start.

L and R are at first less clicky. But once you've worn them in (doesn't take long), they're pretty much just as clicky, but maybe a little quieter. LZ and RZ are clicky from the get-go, but again, because of the case holding it all in, seems to make it a little quieter than if you were just playing the system naked.

Splatoon 2 Splatfest has begun!!!

Splatoon 2 Splatfest has begun!!!

Go Team Socks!!!:P

Despite all the bullshit that gets through this sub I legitimately appreciate these Splatoon 2 updates because I don't have time to scroll different subs. Thanks OP and mods for bit ripping this away.

The team colors are even a minty Christmas-y green and a bright bold red. Makes the map look very festive.

We are gonna sock it to them!

Did an Ice Blue Joy-Con Case Swap and I Love it!

Did an Ice Blue Joy-Con Case Swap and I Love it!

Looks good! Reminds me of the gameboy advance, except its not purple :D

They actually sell these in almost all of the Funtastic colors Nintendo used. Including the Atomic purple :)

How difficult was it to install?

Hah thats hilarious. I literally posted the same thing but with a D-pad and atomic purple and it got removed.

This is just cash money to me.

I tried to read that book in Gerudo town that's "too high up." I guess the devs didn't have this solution in mind.

I tried to read that book in Gerudo town that's "too high up." I guess the devs didn't have this ...

What if the text in the book actually says "its too high up to read..."

Plot twist: you are too high up to read it now.


This seems like the sort of thing a Zelda game should reward you for doing.

Christmas Giveaway!

Christmas Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I’m doing another giveaway here, this time a big one! Why, you might ask? Well I suppose you could say I was inspired by a certain Twitch streamer I used to watch a few years back. A very friendly person that would do all sorts of kind things. Someone that everyone should aspire to be like. So there I was, wanting to do nice things too. Financially though, I wasn’t able to much. A few small donations to said streamer was all I could afford, which were given as thanks for being such a nice person.

Then just earlier this month a user here had a giveaway and it got me thinking.. I’ve got a bit of money I could spare, so why not do a giveaway myself? And so here we are! I hope you guys enjoy it!

THE PRIZES: Note, these cards are *only redeemable with a US Nintendo account!** Not in the US? No problem! Just change your current account’s region (if available) or make a new account and set the region to US.*

• One winner- $60 USD eShop card.

• Four winners- $20 USD eShop card.

There will be a total of five winners, chosen at random!


It’s pretty simple! All you have to do is submit a comment with your favorite song, TV show, movie, game, or book (include a link if possible so I can check it out!) and write a brief explanation about what makes it your favorite!

• The giveaway will end on Dec. 20th at 8PM CST • Limit one entry per person. • Reddit account must have been created before Dec. 15th 2017.

Good luck to you all!

Favourite book: the Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Here is the link. I've been reading a ton since I could read (parents taught me before I went to school). This is simply the most amazing world and the best main character I have ever come across. No one writes like Patrick Rothfuss.

edit: Thanks for the chance ;)

Kendrick Lamar- Sing about me

Told from 3 different’s just really emotional and just a well crafted song that deals with death and the fear of being forgotten.

Brandon Sanderson: The Way of Kings. This is book 1 of a series set to take in a 7 part book(3rd book came out in November) that is part of a larger scaled universe of his that combines his other books into what he calls his cosmere. The story telling is massive and combines elements to all of his books. I have not seen anything done on this scale before. Hope someone who may not have heard of his books before gives him a try. You will not be disappointed. It’s a fantasy novel that have each their own type of magical ways on how they can do things.

Thanks for doing this!

My favorite book series right now is the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. The world building and mystery is these stories are so captivating.

Good luck all!

"Not a lot I can share re: the Bandai Namco press event, but I can say there’s no Dark Souls Switch or Xenosaga HD there." - Liam Robertson

"Not a lot I can share re: the Bandai Namco press event, but I can say there’s no Dark Souls Swit...

So again, guys, stop believing so strongly in rumors. Rumors are fun to discuss but some people went way too long on the rumor lane with the Dark Souls.

This is also the guy who said Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart Deluxe weren’t coming out for the Switch. Don’t take any stock in what he says.

Where... Did this rumor even come from? What has Brian Sellars got right in the past? He still thinks Metroid Prime 4 is being developed by Bandai Namco even though that's demonstrably untrue.

Where... Did this rumor even come from? What has Brian Sellars got right in the past? He still thinks Metroid Prime 4 is being developed by Bandai Namco

melts into puddle of disappointment

The Nintendo Switch: 700 Confirmed Games and Counting

The Nintendo Switch: 700 Confirmed Games and Counting

How much of that is shovelware?

Bless you for compiling such a cohesive list, the only request would be to add metascores to released games

Far too many?

Very lacking in quality. Little to no effort put in to make a good game.

[Botw] It was 3 am.....super tired and I just wanted to get the puzzle solved.

[Botw] It was 3 am.....super tired and I just wanted to get the puzzle solved.

The DLC shrines are all fucking fantastic.

I really hope Nintendo makes a Zelda Shrine Maker game. Cause I could play Fan made shrines forever.

Unlike nearly every Zelda game mechanic ever, I think shrines would work really well for this.

It's literally how they seem to be designed anyway.

So I'm someone who normally doesn't think these kind of suggestions would work, because you really need emergent properties derived from how gameplay elements are combined rather than just set pieces that can be interacted with in one way. Most Zelda games give you one way to interact with things, which is fine because if they want more interactions, they create more pieces, but this method doesn't work for level editor type things.

All that being said, I think BotW puzzles absolutely allow for level editor style things because the physics engine allows for you to create unique challenges even with similar set pieces. I would love to see this type of thing arrested be to BotW, I don't think it will, but I'd love if it did!

Just finished this one. Would've never taken that route.

Complete List Of US eShop Games On Sale Week Of 12/14

Complete List Of US eShop Games On Sale Week Of 12/14

Sale runs until 12/28 so theres a chance for a second week of holiday sales next week. Fingers crossed.

Heres the list as of 12:30 pm eastern. hopefully a few more trickle in. Enjoy.

Letter Quest 33% off 10.04

Tallowmere 10% off 6.29

Farming Simulator 25% off 37.49

Time Recoil 25% off 10.49

Mummy Demastered 30% off 13.99

Super Ping Pong Trick Shot 40% off 2.99

Party Golf 33% off 9.99

Count Lucanor 33% off 9.99

Yono 16% off 12.49

Unbox Newbies adventure 50% off 14.99

88 Heroes 33% off 19.95

Tumblestone 40% off 8.99

Volgarr The Viking 50% off 4.99

Ninja shodown 26% off 10.95

Pankupu 16% off 9.99

Conga Master 30% off 6.95

Rocket Fist 20% off 7.99

Slime San 15% off 10.19

Overcooked 20% off 15.99

Oceanhorn 33% off 9.99

Shante Half Genie Hero 33% off 13.39

NEW Shante Pirate queens Quest DLC 40% off 5.99

Astro Duel Deluxe 50% off 7.49

NEW Steam world Dig 2 25% off 14.99

Jackbox 3 25% off 18.74

Dissapointing, the EU store sale is so much better.

Lame compared to the EU sale

Steamworld Dig 2 has been added to the sale at 25% off 14.99

Yes, just change the region on your nintendo account, buy on their eshop and then change it back. (sudafrica is cheaper)

Try one of these subthreads