🔥 Turtle defending itself from a tiger shark attack by hitting it shell-first 🔥

🔥 Turtle defending itself from a tiger shark attack by hitting it shell-first 🔥


Don't worry, the turtle got away in the end!

Nah, the shark spotted the turtle almost falling over to his back and simply turned him around. Sea life is so adorable <3

Yeah but the shark was shell shocked.

Honestly that shark is a lazy piece of shit

🔥 The largest moth in North America, the Cecropia moth 🔥

Fun fact: this moth (now in it's final adult stage) will only live about a week. It has no digestive tract or functional mouth parts and only relies on stored fat aquired from it's larval (caterpillar) stage. They basically fly around looking for fuck while starving to death. Lil cutie

There's my daily dose of morbid reality.

Nah dude, that's a Pokemon.

It looked like it wanted to fight when it got closer to the camera haha

Escorted by 🔥 Dolphins on SUP.

Looks like she's preparing to harpoon the dolphin...

The way that dolphin was swimming on its side looking up at her... Curious, intelligent motherfuckers they are.

I feel like not enough people have commented about dolphins being rapey. I think we need 10, maybe 15 more comments to get the point across.



Chameleon Mummified Alive by the Tropical Sun🔥

Chameleon Mummified Alive by the Tropical Sun🔥

Put water on him and watch as he magically comes back to life.

I guess Rango didn't get the water turned back on after all

Or enlarges and stretches out into a bigger chameleon

Mummified dead more likely. Hard to be alive when all the water in your body leaves.

🔥Overgrown apartment/shopping complex in Sydney🔥

🔥Overgrown apartment/shopping complex in Sydney🔥

Hell yes! Was literally inside it yesterday!

Nah it's actually a shopping mall for the bottom couple of levels! I think the upper levels are residential but not too sure

Wow I'm actually in it right now having a kebab! I've done research on it as I'm doing my masters in Arch at UTS just across the street. Yes it's intentional amd requires an incredible amount of water (most of which is recycled water) for the plants to not dry out during summer.

That's cool! What was it like? Was it filled with insects and stuff?

This inn went out of business but nobody told the plants 🔥

This inn went out of business but nobody told the plants 🔥


here I am trying to take care of plants in my house and I'm slowly killing them one by one

Where fuck are they getting water? Creating their own weather? Not sure I buy it.

If only Robin Williams would return out of it :(

🔥 Manatees under Transparent Canoe 🔥

Manatees are super social and they love people.

Snitches get run over by boat propellers.

Too social for their own good.

Them water bois thicc

Someone should post this in /sub/ineeeedit too, I'm itching to buy a glass canoe now!

Self-Sustaining Ecosystem: 🔥 > Algae > Shrimp > Bacteria > Algae > Shrimp

This video lied to you. The Close up of the shrimp shows an wildtype Neocaridina davidi while the shrimp in the spheres are Halocaridina rubra aka Opae Ula. Further, notice how the background of the N. davidi shows plants while the spheres contain none.

If you want to keep into shrimpkeeping, Neocaridina davidi variants such as the Red Cherry Shrimp make excellent beginner shrimp, the brackish Halocaridina rubra not that much. Head over to /sub/shrimptank , /sub/aquariums or /sub/plantedtank if you need help or want to learn more.

This would be one kickass centerpiece on a coffee table.

"Hey check out this miniature world I have in this sphere. I'm like, their God. And I don't do shit, kind of like our god!"

Provided one of my nephews doesn't mistake it for a snowglobe.

This is incredible. They're totally independent? /sub/ineeeedit!

Is this for sale or were these an art piece / how can I make one if not? Just shrimp in a bowl?

edit: Just ordered two, one for me one for a friend's birthday! Living art is my favorite kind of art, I'm psyched!

Upvote for shrimpkeeping

Wild 🔥 turtle rides ancient dinosaur 🔥🔥🔥.

Pretty sure that's in the bronx zoo. That particular turtle is kind of a dick and everytime I've gone it's harassing the other animals in the tank.

That sounds like someone from the Bronx

"Wtf is this log doing?"

When Wildturtle picks Renekton.

🔥Goliath Tarantula🔥


-'hey, that is kinda neat though'...

continues screaming

RIP Aragog

Video source

Goliath Tarantula that died recently

Was not expecting that. Wow. I wouldn't mind it if I knew I was coming across it, but I wouldn't want to be surprised by it!

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