Glorious leap 🔥

I love the way his flippers curl out at the ends like he's a little ballerina.

Or are ballerinas actually little whales?? 🤔

I've heard that it could be for fun, they might be trying to clean the gunk off their bodies, or a bunch of reasons that we don't know.

Why exactly do whales do this is it just for fun? Are they showing off when they know people are watching?

🔥Skeleton flowers turn clear when it rains. Lit AF🔥

🔥Skeleton flowers turn clear when it rains. Lit AF🔥

Gonna say, 'Those aren't rare!'

Live in Appalachia.

I need to take a break from this sub. It's too much astonishment for one person to take. Okay, just a few more...

Yeah I was gonna say "pretty sure those are invasive where I live"

Maybe you need to go to /sub/natureismildlylit

The bird with majestic hair style🔥🔥

The bird with majestic hair style🔥🔥

Green Turaco for the curious

That's a Grass/Flying if I've ever seen one.


That's a pokemon.

Looks like he's about to go steal Christmas


Looks like he's about to go steal Christmas



🔥Where's my floss?🔥

You can tell it's a crocodile, because of the tooth that shows when the mouth shuts. And also cause he'll see you after a while. Not later

that crab explosion was very satisfying to watch

That's $25 in one bite

Until you see that the crab is still moving afterwards....

🔥 Dolphins hunting on LAND

This is how they come back. Someday we'll have mammals that went to the water, became fish-like and then came back.

They also make to catch fish.

This super interesting beaching behavior is observed only in specific tribes of dolphins and whales, even within the same species. It is part of their tribal culture and there is evidence they teach each other how to hunt this way. Tribes that haven't been taught how to do it, don't show this behavior.

Crow engineers a fight between a flock of vultures, steals from their carcass 🔥🔥🔥

Crows are awesome. I want a crow friend like Uncle Billy in It's a Wonderful Life.

Sledding down a roof on a piece of plastic

Ecologist flying in. I love the reference!

Crows are highly intelligent birds and with that intelligence comes a need for stimulation. So aside from stealing food, they sometimes exhibit behaviors like this for amusement. They get bored, just like we get bored or any other animal with free time not devoted to foraging, mating or sleeping.

Crows are frequently seen doing silly things to keep themselves amused. For instance:

Rolling down a snowy car's windshield

Annoying a dog

Playing ball with a dog

There have been a few books written about crow behavior, one I highly recommend being Gifts of the Crow: How Perception, Emotion, and Thought Allow Smart Birds to Behave Like Humans by Dr. John Marzluff

Crows are to fucking smart for their own good

Holy shit this is amazing

🔥🔥Iguana invades tennis court at Miami Open🔥🔥

Somebody attempted stopping the iguana by rolling a tennis ball in front of it haha

Fetch, boy!

Damnit! It's not a dog.

Who has some string or a laser pointer?

I lived in Miami for 5 years and have been rushed by iguanas a number of times. Iguanas don't give a fuck.

Why does the iguana have salad fingers?

🔥 Bioluminescent Bay

I used to work on a large sailing vessel, at night, sometimes dolphins played around the bow of the boat. When we passed through a belt of these dinoflagellates the dolphins stirred up at tail of blue light as they swam through the water. And since we were so far away from any light pollution it was absolutely pitch black, apart from this fantastic light show. Man I miss it...

A while ago there was a gif posted that shows exactly what you're talking about! I'll try to find it


Absolutely. They're called dinoflagellates and there are 18 kinds that bioluminesce.

They glow when agitated!

edit: The imgur description links to a kickstarter product called DinoPet on Amazon that lets you essentially grow your own in a glass dinosaur that you shake to make them glow. You feed them so they have the energy to produce light.

Think sea monkeys but for rich kids.

So you have to hurt the algae in order for it to glow?

"Glow for me you filthy Algae!" Punches water

🔥Crab carrying a Sea Urchin with some Cardinal Fish🔥

Your Uber has arrived.

Look at me! I'm Doctor Zoidberg, homeowner!

Wow! Talk about a mutually beneficial relationship!

It's like Howl's moving castle

🔥 Chinese water deer have fangs instead of antlers 🔥

🔥 Chinese water deer have fangs instead of antlers 🔥

Bambi 2 "The Reckoning"

Probably named it the Chinese Water Deer to clarify that it doesn't drink blood.

B̞͔͈̞̹̹̅̒̆ͩ̇̌ͧͫL͇̣͍̮͉̱̗ͤͨ͆͆̌͆ͅO̱ͭ̎̓́͛ͭO̺͙͍̪̗̽ͬ͋̎͒D̮͙̠̘̬͆̅͋̌̈̈ͥ͆ ̞͔̲̖̱̺͐͑̆̅̋̃ͤ͒ͪD̠̮͙͉̲̤̝̽ͤ̀Ȅ̘̹̩̬̠̻̤̭̀ͯ̐Ĕ̬̯̳̦̺̱͆̀̌̑̉ͬ̄R̜̜̩̯̮͍̔̃̓͊

This just in: these mofos can apparently retract these fangs like a viper does. How horrifying

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