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🔥Catfish feeding frenzy🔥

Am I the only one who thought that thing close to the screen was a fish hiding under the sand? I was waiting for it to attack.

🔥Spider🔥 fixes leaf

🔥Spider🔥 fixes leaf

It looks like the leaf is folded and his web is attached to both ends, not directly covering the hole itself. Hence it looks like a weird angle because it's actually not covering the hole, just gives the impression it is.

Or it's just shopped. I cba to examine in detail.

Cool spider bro 🔥


Orcas in form 🔥 🔥 🔥

When orcas teach their young this technique, they oftentime use the same seal multiple times(they get it back on the ice and repeat). At the end of this lesson, they usually let the seal live as a token of gratitude. If they are just hunting, that seal is fucked though

Cheetah running 🔥🔥🔥

It's interesting how you can kind of see how animals work when they get really specialized.

Like, so much of the cheetah is designed for running, you can see how it works when it does, like it's some kind of abstracted running machine.

🔥 Jerboa Parkour

The gfycat URL is "Caring unsteady hamster"

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