Mazzy Star - Fade into You [Dream pop]

Mazzy Star - Fade into You [Dream pop]

I loved the youtube comment I saw: Brings me nostalgia from memories I don't even have.

This brings me nostalgia because it was on a playlist of 20 songs that my high school -> first year of college girlfriend of a year and a half played on repeat, a time period during which I developed a harrowing addiction to amphetamines.

She broke up with me in my second week of detox, and I had this song playing on repeat for days without sleep, because it was one I most associated with her. This song brings me memories of shaking and hallucinating and crying over the relationship I destroyed with my addiction, and having gotten sober just a little too late. It also brings me memories of before I got to college and developed said addiction, when we would just lie in my room under christmas lights listening to this song and have a blissful time just being with each other.

So it's nostalgic and anxiety producing. I don't know. I'm confused.

Hope Sandoval is my biggest crush of all time

i doubt your sobriety was "too late." in most cases like this the partners end up leaving because they preferred the sick relationship to a healthy one.

Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy [Industrial]

Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy [Industrial]

Classic. Also good viewing/listening is



Thank you. This is 100% not industrial. It's IDM/DnB if anything.

I've been listening to Aphex Twin and AFX everyday for 20 years and I have something to say.

I want everyone to understand this one song of thousands released by Richard D James does not accurately represent Aphex Twins' music.

It's good, scary as fuck but this song is a one off.

Flim or

IZ US are better representations of RDJ's music.

Crying in your face -

Chance The Rapper - NPR TINY DESK [Hip-Hop]

Chance The Rapper - NPR TINY DESK [Hip-Hop]

While I wish the set list for this Tiny Desk had maybe just one more performance of another of his songs, I still really appreciated that he was willing to take the Tiny Desk format and bring a new spin to it. The cover of Stevie Wonder's "They Won't Go When I Go" was incredibly passionate and moving, and damn... that poem was something else.

Also, the intercom interrupting his poem was hilarious

My little brother had a chance to go see this live and he turned it down because he wasn't into Chance.

When I saw him in concert, something went wrong with the audio when he was preforming "Sunday Candy". It wasn't very noticeable from my perspective, but Chance still wanted to start all over because he wanted to make sure he got it right for the audience. It kinda looks like Chance really values giving the best performance possible, which could mean delivering something like a poem uninterrupted

This is the first time I actually ever listened to Chance. I had heard of him, but hadn't gotten around to listening to him. Listening to him sing acoustically, it felt like listening to a jazz singer. I can't quite explain it, but there was something about his voice that was so soothing yet emotive. I'm also a sucker for spoken word poetry, so I liked that as well. I think I need to check out his music!


E.L.O - Mr. Blue Sky [rock]

E.L.O - Mr. Blue Sky [rock]

It was dark and misty for 2 weeks, and I didn't come up with a thing. Suddenly the sun shone and it was, 'Wow, look at those beautiful Alps.' I wrote Mr. Blue Sky and 13 other songs in the next 2 weeks.

-- Lynn

God i love this song

"Hey you with the pretty face, welcome to the human race" is probably my favourite lyric of all time. Always makes me smile.

ELO will always get upvotes from me.

Judas Priest - Breakin' The Law [rock]

Judas Priest - Breakin' The Law [rock]

Judas Priest, one of the founding fathers of metal and you categorize it as "Rock"

Funny how a song and group that seems so PG if not outright innocent now was seen as the height of decadent and rebellious counter-culture at the time of release.

Rock? Are you Brent Hinds?

This song will always be "Washin' the dog! Washin' the dog!" thanks to Beavis and Butthead.

French army - Daft Punk [medley] (2017)

French army - Daft Punk [medley] (2017)

I love the look on Macron's face.

"Hold on... this sounds familiar. Pretty sure it's- yep. Yep. YES. IT IS."

Don't fucking clap if you can't keep the rhythm

Looks like Macron recognised the Daft Punk tunes. He looked genuinely surprised. Very cool. 😎

LPT: If you insist on clapping along to a marching band, use their feet as a guide for the rhythm.

Even better LPT: DON'T CLAP ALONG WITH A MARCHING BAND. It makes things so damn difficult for them when you're off-tempo.

Nine Inch Nails announce new EP titled ADD VIOLENCE due July 21st, releases song and video for single LESS THAN.

Nine Inch Nails announce new EP titled ADD VIOLENCE due July 21st, releases song and video for si...
LESS THAN's video

The video has already been submitted once and was auto-removed due to NIN being in the Hall of Fame, so this will have to do. Here's the link to .

The EP in various formats can be pre-ordered at the NIN store.


Your system of having a "hall of fame" is stupid.

Can't wait for the album to pop up on Spotify. These EPs are great! It is almost like he is testing out sounds for an album. I wouldnt mind more EPs if that means a very diverse album in the end!

Oh, you must be confused. This post is about Nine Inch Nails. The band that appears on Twin Peaks is THE Nine Inch Nails. Easy mistake to make, don't worry about it.

The Zombies - Time Of The Season [1960s Rock]

The Zombies - Time Of The Season [1960s Rock]

In case anybody is wondering, the entire album "Odessey and Oracle" is fantastic from front to back. It's a perfect psychedelic masterpiece.

Edit: spelling

They should make a song called Cranberries

I agree, I stumbled onto it a while back and it became one of my favorite albums. I especially like A Rose for Emily.

Such a great summer tune.

Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time [pop] (1983)

Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time [pop] (1983)

Man I miss MTV especially the 80s. I wish there was a music video station like they had back then where they played music videos most of the time. I would have it on all day. For now Pandora and Spotify will do, but without cool videos.

I've 1000 frickin channels and still no real MTV.

They do, but it's somehow not the same. MTV used to have VJs dropping tidbits between the videos, like interviews with bands, tour dates, updates on band changes, albums they were working on, etc. in addition to producing original content like the Unplugged series. Now it's a bit more sterile just clicking on some random music videos with no context, and you're less likely to be introduced to some band you normally wouldn't have checked out on your own.

So it's good... Time after time?

Note: I am not a dad.

Music videos live on YouTube now.

Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun [Pop]

Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun [Pop]

Fun fact: The reason why this MV was made was to prove to critics that he did not need sexy ladies to produce a success

edit: my top comment is trivia about possibly the greatest song of all time. praise be to the great tunaktun in the sky

I know that this is a huge meme, but I genuinely like the song.

I grew up in a Punjabi household and around the time dvds got big, my parents used to purchase Indian DVD music video compilations. This song was my favorite out of all of them, and I used to watch it all the time when I was young. Fast forward 2010, my boss at the time decides to show me this on YouTube saying it was hilarious. His face was priceless when I started jamming out to it reciting the whole song by heart.

All you need is meme material

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