Dunder Mifflin Scranton - 9,986,000 Minutes [Pop]

Dunder Mifflin Scranton - 9,986,000 Minutes [Pop]

Fun Fact: The cast and crew kept this song out of the script, and a secret from Steve Carrell while they were shooting the episode. The surprised reaction you see from Steve is him genuinely reacting, and not knowing it was planned.

Can I link the video in the comments in case someone wants to see it with the song?

I'm just gonna do it and hope it's cool.

Well this is going to hurt like a motherfucker...

I just finished re-watching the entire series yesterday... those final 3 episodes (each around 45 minutes) are so darn tear-inducing, even for a grown ass man.

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue [Pop Punk] In honor of them playing their last show ever last night.

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue [Pop Punk] In honor of them playing their last show ever last night.

The lead singer dated Kelly Clarkson.

File that under "Useless 2000's Trivia"

Totally remember watching this video on Fuse, followed by Hoobastank's "the reason" and AFI's "silver and cold"

Take me back to the early 2000s please.

Edit: This song reminds me of being a teenager around this time and of my experiences by the ocean and the beach. I thought I would share a story I've told before on reddit that other redditors have liked since this song was the song of this particular summer for me and my friends.

When I was a kid, my friends and I used to look forward to every summer together in a way that I have never been able to since I have gotten older and have become a guy making his way through his twenties. Looking back on my childhood, it seems like we were always together and were always spending our time at the township pool, playing in our backyards, riding our bikes to get ice cream, playing video games, and finding a way to extend our time together for as long as possible until our moms called us home for dinner or when it started to get dark outside. I never thought that those days would end and I never wanted them to. Even now, I feel like those were the happiest days of my life. Well, we all know that nothing lasts forever and that we all have to grow up sometime. I guess I just wasn't looking forward to it as much as my friends were when we were 14.

Every summer, nearly every person where I live makes their way to the beach for as long as they can for vacation. My friends and I always looked forward to these times because we loved swimming in the ocean and playing whiffle ball on the sand, going down to the arcades and blowing our money on dozens of games, and of course we loved going on as many amusement park rides as possible on the boardwalk while stuffing our faces with cotton candy and ice cream until we practically hurled from it all. It was the summer before high school and by that August when we were all at the beach for a few days, I felt like I was having the best summer of my life. June and July had been so much fun and I made so many lasting and unforgettable memories with my friends by the time that August rolled around and we all headed to the beach with our families for what was usually the "last hurrah" of our summer vacation.

For some reason, my friends told me that they didn't want to play basketball at the park one night like we always used to do and instead they wanted to go up to the boardwalk. I was confused because for years we had always played hoops whenever we could and went to the boardwalk to go on the rides and to play video games. I figured that we would be partaking in the latter activities until my friend Joe said "Oh yeah, wear khaki shorts and a polo." I wasn't sure why I needed to get "dressed up" to play arcade games and go on rides but I said "Alright, whatever" and showed up that night to meet my friends on the boardwalk with the nicest clothes that I could wear that I had bought from PacSun that summer.

I got to the boardwalk and saw my friends standing around, looking like they were all dressed for a date or something. We all then started walking along the boards and I tagged along, unsure of where we were going. We walked for a few minutes until my friends spotted a group of teenage girls and guys our age who were all posted up along the railings and on benches looking out near the ocean. My friends stopped walking and did the same and started sizing up the guys and ogling the girls wearing their flip-flops, shorts, and spaghetti strap tops. I just sat there, not saying a word, while my friends started talking about which girls they wanted to talk to, who they wanted to "get with", and what they were going to say to "get to first base" with the girls. None of them really knew what to do so we ended up sitting on that bench for twenty minutes until we saw that group of guys and girls start to walk away from us down the boards. All of a sudden, two drunk blonde girls with cigarettes and red Solo cups loudly announced their presence to us by stumbling up the boards from behind us and yelling unintelligible things at us. They must have been in high school, probably around 16 or so by the looks of it. My friends didn't miss a beat and raced up to them to start talking to them but the girls weren't interested in talking. They immediately started sloppily making out with all five of my friends while I stood off in the distance and watched it all unfold, unable to move. Their sloppy kissing only lasted about thirty seconds but that was all my buddies needed. By the time the girls stumbled away from them my friends were celebrating like they had just hit the lottery. I didn't feel so lucky or so happy.

As we walked back to our beach houses, hooting and hollering about making out with those girls, my friend Bobby noticed that I was lagging behind the rest of the group and wasn't saying anything. He dropped back from the other guys and said to me "It's alright man, you'll get some next time" and then returned to my group of friends ahead of me. Bobby thought that I was upset and quiet because I didn't get to hook up with those drunk girls or with those other girls that we ogled for about twenty minutes on the boards that night. I wasn't upset about not hooking up. I was upset because in that moment, on that night, I realized that the part of my childhood that made me so happy and that meant more than anything to me was gone. Where my friends were now thinking about girls and were going through the teenage experience of thinking about them sexually and romantically nearly 24/7, I was still thinking and dreaming about days at the pool, riding bikes around town, playing whiffle ball in our backyards, and of days that resembled more of the life lived in The Sandlot before Squints put the moves on a certain Wendy Peffercorn. While I was stuck thinking about all of that, my friends had grown up right before my eyes and had left behind that part of our friendship and were longingly and excitingly eyeing up the next phase of our lives as teenagers leaving behind "kid stuff" and heading to high school.

Looking back on it now, I guess I just wasn't ready for things to be over so fast. Time flies when you're having fun and boy did it fly for me in those days and years that I spent with my friends as a kid. As it flew by, I guess I missed the part where we all grew up that little bit more. That walk back from the boardwalk that night is one I'll never forget. It's rare that you can remember and locate a place and time in your life where everything seemed to change in the blink of an eye. I still miss the times we had together as middle school boys. I'll never forget them. I'll never forget the night I lost my childhood innocence with my best friends.

"I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 14. Jesus, does anyone?"

This song is very sentimental to me. It was my very first ringtone, back in the day when I had a giant Nokia phone and ringtones weren't the song itself but tones that mimicked the songs. Ah man, I love this band.

Rise Against - Savior [punk]

Rise Against - Savior [punk]

I love this band so much.

I highly recommend that you get to check out their live show if you have the chance.

They're touring with Deftones and Thrice this summer and I'm so sad I don't have the cash to make it happen. I saw them in the summer of 2015 and I was having a really really rough year. That night was one of the brightest moments from that shitshow of a year. I've always enjoyed Rise Against but they've never really been a favorite but something drew to me that show. I bought tickets the day of and got there super early. 2 people back from the barrier and it just blew everything away. Nothing mattered for the entire duration of the show except the show.

This band is still fucking amazing. They're working on a new album and the anticipation is killing me.

I wouldn't say this is punk.. and I listen to them


11-year-old kid lives dream, plays guitar with Green Day on stage and gets to keep guitar afterwards

11-year-old kid lives dream, plays guitar with Green Day on stage and gets to keep guitar afterwards

They've done something similar every time I've seen them since the late 90s. They seem to really, really love their fans.

I saw them on Monday night and they did this, gave the guitar to a girl named Sophie who killed it on stage.

I can attest Green Day has been doing this for years. My buddy in High School got to get up on stage with them and jam in Berkeley, Ca - Billie Joe Armstrong actually lives in the Oakland Hills not far from Berkeley so he would occasionally show up on campus for a meet and greet with the music students. He would spend time joking with the kids, taking pictures, and sometimes he would play a song or two. This was back in nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hell in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

They did this same thing for three people when I saw them a few years back. They "made a band" from people in the crowd and taught them an easy song that they all jammed to. All three got to keep the instruments (or drum sticks)

Kurt Cobain singing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with the vocals isolated just rips into your guts like a dull chainsaw.

Kurt Cobain singing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with the vocals isolated just rips into your guts like a dull chainsaw.

Kurt Cobain wasn't a bad singer at all. In fact, he had a pretty good range, and could hold a tune. He was above average. Where his main strength lies is how well it fit the music he made. You pretty much can't cover a Nirvana song without sounding like an idiot, because Kurt's voice complimented the rest of the music perfectly. I don't know if there's ever been a voice that fit the music as well as Kurt and Nirvana.

Edit: Lol I get it people, there are some good overs of Nirvana songs, I didn't say all were bad, I just said that they are very hard to do well.

In Bloom

vocals only is the reason I know he's saying "knows not" instead of "don't know".

given all the autotune and over-producing that goes into most records

ah, /sub/music

Layne and Jerry in Alice in Chains feels that way to me.

[Request] I plan on listening to a new album every day until 24/6/2017. Give me any album.

[Request] I plan on listening to a new album every day until 24/6/2017. Give me any album.

Any artist, any genre, any year.

Only one album per comment please.

EDIT: Well holy shit I didn't expect this to get that many comments! I'll try to listen to as much as I can, thanks for your suggestions.

Madvillain - Madvillainy

kind of blue- Miles Davis

The Strokes - Is This It

Tool - Lateralus

New Gorillaz Album "Humanz" will be released April 28th

New Gorillaz Album "Humanz" will be released April 28th
New Gorillaz Album "Humanz" will be released April 28th

Just confirmed on Instagram

Edit: Here are the four new tracks released today


Saturnz Barz

We've Got the Power

I'm so excited. Demon Days was a huge part of my development as a teenager, and although Plastic Beach wasn't as immediately impactful, over time I'd definitely say it's grown into my favorite of theirs. The Fall was meh by Albarn standards, but that's to be expected. I'm just super stoked to see where the music goes to next.

New single tonight as well as info on a secret show on the website at 730pm GMT.

The fall was an artistic experiment showing that with technology music is accessible to all. As now with a free app you can make an album!

Wasn't great but was showing a new era.

This makes me... Feel good. No one? Okay.

Veruca Salt - Seether [Alternative Rock/Grunge]

Veruca Salt - Seether [Alternative Rock/Grunge]

I want Seether to write a song called Veruca Salt so that it confuses people when talking about either of them

As someone unfamiliar with Veruca Salt, that's exactly what I assumed this was at first.

Seether finally covered "Seether" 3 years ago.

As someone unfamiliar with Seether, I'm tickled by all this.

Country/Folk singer songwriter Woody Guthrie once wrote a song about his contempt for his landlord, Fred Trump, father of President Donald Trump. In his song, Guthrie accuses Fred Trump of intentionally stirring up racial tension for his own profit.

Country/Folk singer songwriter Woody Guthrie once wrote a song about his contempt for his landlor...
Your Daddy Was a Rich Man, Your Daddy's Fuckin' Dead

Anti-Flag also wrote a (NSFW) song about Trump's father, back in 1996:

It's not necessarily obvious, but Justin Sane (frontman) says they got the inspiration from a magazine article where Donald was pictured & talked about his father. An excerpt from one of their live shows:

Justin: "Furthermore, this -- this young man (if you could call him that), he received what he called, in his own words, 'a very small amount of money,' only a few million dollars from his father to start his business."

Chris #2: "That's not a lot of money, people..."

Justin: "Right away, we were struck by that. We were struck by the fact that he belittled women in the article; we were struck by the fact that he talked about ripping people off in his business practices. He also bragged about his father, the man who gave him the loan that started it all. So we decided to look a little deeper into his father; we looked a little deeper into him, and the conclusion that we came that he is a piece of SHIT! And his daddy was a piece of shit too! So now it all comes full-circle when we wrote this little ditty..."

And the song is?

I Ain't Got No Home/Old Man Trump by the Missin' Cousins

I believe it's called blockbusting, and it was very common in the immediate aftermath of WW2.

basically real estate agents working for big property developers would circulate fliers saying black people (or Jewish in some cases) were moving to the neighborhood. This would cause families to panic sell for way less than their house is worth. The real estate company then buys it at that lower price, and sells it to another white family for a much greater price, turning a major profit.

this didn't become illegal until relatively recently in the US and Canada. I think some states still allow it, regardless if its racially driven or not.

Dio - Holy Diver [Rock]

Dio - Holy Diver [Rock]

This song really affected THE WORLD´╗┐

You thought this was a music video but it was me, Dio!

It's sad that it's only after he's gone that I realize RJD had maybe the greatest voice in heavy metal. It was just a perfect instrument. And Dio-era Rainbow I would put up to any hard rock band of the 70's. They were just amazing.

Dio is like the soundtrack to a Dungeons and Dragons campaign

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