Press F to pay respects

Press F to pay respects

It's 50 years from now. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, as without men, there is no way to procreate. Society has quickly began to collapse in on itself. You lie in bed, alone, your wife passed several years earlier. You smile, knowing you will soon experience the sweet release of death. You are at peace.

Lol these men-haters need to get a grip. Feminism isn’t about being better than men or hating men. 🙄 we don’t have to drag them down to lift ourselves up. Men are our greatest allies in our fight for equality.

hahaha, I just realized I nearly wrote a very similar comment. I deleted it and just quote it here, you were faster than me:

It's 2073, our race is dying out fast. Turns out men were an important part of reproduction. There is no more retirement, but forced labor. The youngest of us are 50. Why was I assigned to waste management? I'm already 65, I want to be put down like my cats were when food ran out.

The comment at the top is stupid and pointlessly misandrist.

That said, the one at the bottom is not really a good reply; feminism is not "abolishing housewifery"; it's about giving women a choice to be something other than a housewife. A woman freely choosing to dedicate herself to domestic life is not against the tenets of feminism.

A perfect metaphor.

A perfect metaphor.

If she was a straight, white, conservative man it would definitely be accurate though, right? RIGHT??

Katie’s just setting herself up at this point

Katie’s just setting herself up at this point

But you dont know how HARD it is to be told youre wrong by people! True oppression

When did Katie Hopkins start looking like a fifty year old Ed Sheeran?

Can we ban this image from being posted anymore? It's like twice a day now.

Edit: this photo posted 3 months ago is the 4th highest upvoted post in this subreddits history.

And I bet she unironically says that millennials can't handle anything outside of their safe spaces

T_D dont understand taxes

T_D dont understand taxes

Sixteenth Amendment too: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

The argument should be about whether taxes are a good idea and, if so, what structure is appropriate, not about whether it’s allowed.

Let me guess, the comment poster was banned from the_Donald after because they don't like discussions or facts?

wish hmm i wonder...

actually, i've been banned for both /sub/republican and /sub/conservative for ridiculous reasons

"general welfare"

Youtuber Edition

Youtuber Edition


Me me big sad

This was posted like 3 hours ago. Are you a bot?

Just got posted on this sub,

Alexander MurderedByWords

Go back to thy queen.

Go back to thy queen.

The woman's name?

Altsobart Einstein


I speak mexican too.

I also am fluent in Canadian.

And in Brazilian.

America has no national language.

"But no you are right dude. The internet was totally cool before net neutrality"

"But no you are right dude. The internet was totally cool before net neutrality"

Being dicks because, why not? There's no competition and no laws against them. net neutrality ftw!

Okay, I agree that net neutrality is very important, but that just sounds like Comcast being dicks rather than going against net neutrality.

In the 3rd world place i'm at, none of this shit is even imaginable. And you people invented the internet. Wth is going on over there?

You're right. Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user.

Comcast seems to treat all their customers like shit, so it's more about antitrust laws (Comcast have a monopoly in some areas).

It's a cool tactic to argue a completely different point though. I like it.

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