"I'm sure sexual assault would stop completely in the entire world if we all just killed ourselves tomorrow"

fucking owned you with my logic


For the dumb, this was satire

I witnessed a murder in the new incels subreddit

I witnessed a murder in the new incels subreddit

The sub /sub/incels got banned a while ago. It was a sub for people that are "involuntarily celibate." Meaning they can't get laid. It was a very sexist place.

The guy saying "We're fucking human beings" is likely an incel and is trying to say "we're people too."

It's funny because the reply was as if he said "We're fucking having sex with human beings." And obviously he's not having sex if he's an incel.

Step 1.) Stop talking to psycho rapists

There is no step 2.

Enjoy your new life.

goddammit now i get it. if he had said "aren't" instead of "don't", i wouldn't have needed this explanation.

Incels are involuntary celebate. Instead of doing something about that they gather on forums and bitch about everybody who is not them. It is generally acceptable to put them down because they regard women as inferior human beings who should be subservient etc., real Nazi stuff only with gender. And they hate guys who do get laid, regarding all non-virgins as douchebag dude bros.

Chicken Soup For The Soul Assassin.

Chicken Soup For The Soul Assassin.

I didn't know chicken noodle soup could burn so badly.

Does it count if it's a fake account?

Studies have started to suggest it is beneficial. It probably has more to do with the fact that the soup is fairly easy on the stomach and full of proteins to help the body heal.

Nice. Thanks for the reply.

This one hurt

This one hurt

If you’re an artist could you draw out this conversation? Not as a request just to prove you’re a real artist and this conversation happened.

..but neither of you have any money

But they could be a strawman for all we know. We have no evidence of the other person existing nor this conversation actually happening. And it's not even a murdering, more of a mild dig.

They probably got some cash if they're too busy doing paid commissions to take unpaid work.

Ron Swanson to Ajit Pai

Ron Swanson to Ajit Pai

Ron Swanson would have been all for government getting rid of any regulation. Nick Offerman is a real person. Ron Swanson is a character. A character with extreme hatred for government regulations. Even helpful ones. That was the whole conflict with Leslie.

I've seen a lot of posts take shots at Ajit Pai's name, skin, race, and heritage.

Here's the thing about racism - it's EASY. Anybody can shout a racist slur, children frequently do it - and fellow racists will automatically love it and upvote it.

Finding a way to express your disdain for someone succinctly without bringing up any of that stuff at all is the real win here.

The guy's a piece of shit because of what he's done not who he is.

Ron Swanson would have been all for government getting rid of any regulation.

The problem is that his reasons for being anti-government would not apply here. Considering that it is in place because of all of the OTHER regulation that prevents ISP from having real competitors (the actual reason capitalism and the free market can't alone fix the net neutrality problem), I don't think he would have been happy with a half-measure. He would have been able to recognize the need in this instance in order to cover for past mistakes so that dishonorable asshats don't prey on the public.

In Swanson's perfect world, there would be real competition from ISPs and the free market would actually work. But that isn't the world we live in. ISPs have an oligopoly on the market and the only way around that now is with regulation that was already in place prior to yesterday.

I've seen it several times, all the way through. I elaborated on my post, but in a nutshell, Ron is known for not ALWAYS being a diehard libertarian and in later seasons he begins to admit that sometimes the government can be a force for good.

“Let go by firing”

“Let go by firing”

Mental health professionals suggest that the term “died by suicide” is the most appropriate term to use. “Committed suicide” implies that they have done something criminal and is not recommended.

You seem pretty triggered right now

This sub is dying by suicide

Why would they care? They died by suicide.

Get it together, Chris.

Get it together, Chris.

Just feels fake

"This is your sister Jackie"

OP you should actually just go ahead and delete this, it's weak.

That was an awful comeback.

Go sit in the corner.

Why boys cheat

Why boys cheat

Yeah let’s compare finding money to cheating, totally reasonable.

HA!! As if I've ever had $100..

God people are stupid

I wouldn’t call that a murder. It’s more a drive-by with a souped up nerf gun.

"I don't know if you knew that. You can swear on a Jewish Bible. The law is not that you have to swear on a Christian Bible. That is not the law. Did you know that?"

"I don't know if you knew that. You can swear on a Jewish Bible. The law is not that you have to ...

I've always thought it would be more appropriate to swear them in on a copy of the constitution.

I'd like to hear a rational argument against that, because I doubt one exists.

only to play devil's advocate: it might contribute/reinforce the deification/infallible nature of how some people view the Constitution. It was meant to be a living document (evidenced by inclusion of ammendability), not viewed as a holy/infallible and inflexible text.

I think it's better to swear on the constitution ala John Quincy Adams than to swear on the bible, but I think swearing on any text to be somewhat pointless and of late is just pandering/political optics.

lol, his face.




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