But then why doesn't the second amendment give me the right to carry grenades?

But then why doesn't the second amendment give me the right to carry grenades?

Actually, in my state, you could buy dynamite with just your driver's license until fairly recently.

That's kind of hilarious in a "How on earth was that legal?" sort of way.

I assume it was originally because mining is huge for us, and they just didn't decide you should regulate dynamite until like 10 years ago.

The second amendment DOES give you the right to keep and bear "arms" this includes grenades, and tanks for that matter and all sorts of other arms. Not just firearms. See the "most armed man in America" documentary. He owns a bunch of grenades and bombs and at least one tank... it's all about having the permits. Just like have the permits for other things like full auto weapons.

And specifically speaking about the number of murders the Austin shit bag committed, we should be thankful that he was an unimaginative fuck. Explosives of that quality could have been put to MUCH deadlier use, something a kin to the OKC bombing (which most of America has seem to forgotten).

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Product Question: Definitively Answered

Product Question: Definitively Answered

It's a pretty legit question imho. When I moved into my student digs years ago I happily took the smallest room since I was the only person without a partner.

Fast forward six months, I ended up with a girlfriend and man I was having the squeakiest sex of all time. Everybody in the house knew when we were doing it.

Gotta watch them bed frames.

Same here. I bought a second-hand frame when I went to grad school, and at first it didn't bother me that the wheels didn't quite lock in place.

Fast forward to the first time I had a girl over, and we almost ended up in the hallway



Kids can have an opinion, and the merits of which are debatable, just like the opinions of certain adults.

There are adults who say video games, rap music, and violent movies are the cause of school shootings. My opinion is those people are simpletons, politically biased and/or bought by the NRA.

It's just sad that kids can see thru that thin veneer of an argument and are calling out their bullshit.

You also don't need to be a certain age to have an opinion, or see that change is needed.

...if you don't mind me asking, how exactly is Trevor's argument "terrible"? With the prevalence of school shootings in America today, you don't think this current generation of kids should have their voices heard about a matter that directly affects them? Or did you take what he said literally, as in a 3 year old getting shot is gonna have a genuine political opinion about guns (which obviously isn't possible)?

Tucker Carlson's a dirtbag and Trevor Noah is the least funny person to be born in the last 100,000 years.

You mean, like these kids?

Musk strikes back!

Musk strikes back!

The secret to being hyper-rich is to found the next big monopoly. The CEO of the company that colonizes Mars has a decent shot at becoming the king of an entire planet.

I'm sure you're already aware, but in the Wernher Von Braun book about the future colonization of Mars (The Mars Project), he came up with a fictional government that was headed up by a person called an "Elon". Spooo00000oooooky.

Regardless, rockets are cool and I have no issue with a billionaire spending their fortune on creating things.

I wish to god I had an iota of that mans drive.

This is weird because this morning I was just looking at Musk's tweets and thought why doesn't he just make a social media company for himself, it would be cool.. Then I thought that maybe, just maybe, Tesla is one and every car is an account.. and then I thought what if his goal would be to get his car to everyone on earth and then he would know our exact position all the time and just when I leave for the holidays he would go to my home and steal my xbox...

You might be a bit TOO woke, my dude..

Important people.

Important people.

This isn’t even a burn, let alone a murder

The second guy trying so hard to do perfect grammer so he cant be called out

Probably a better murder than the one above!

No, he's just missing a comma.

What's that , you need some ice?

What's that , you need some ice?

This, for starters, is a burn but it is also just sad. This is not good.

She acts like she cant just pick up the phone and call him.


Meh, just a burn

By the way…

By the way…
By the way…

Ok? That's not funny, not a murder, not a burn. Just bottom of the barrel tumblr. I might have bought it as funny if it didn't say fake.

Not really /sub/quityourbullshit either, since it's just an accusation, no actual proof

It's more /sub/quityourbullshit really

Good Enough For Our Nations Heroes, Good Enough For Welfare Recipients!

Good Enough For Our Nations Heroes, Good Enough For Welfare Recipients!

Yeah. Delivering food increases the logistical cost vs digitally filling a food-stamp debit card too.

Then we have all the administrative costs making sure everyone deserves food stamps, etc.

Drug testing sounds good until you realize it costs tax payers a hell of a lot more to test people regularly than to just give them aid and risk them being 'undeserving.'

I believe I read once that you really look at administrative costs you find the cheapest solution is to just give food stamps to anyone who asks with little review. Obviously that theoretical idea makes some assumptions but it's funny to think about. People who want to cut these problems try to get people all riled up about those 'abusing the system' but even if there are abusers they don't cost as much as those civil servants that have to make sure our tax dollars are well used. Meanwhile we've got billionaires building stadiums on the tax payer's dime and states selling our roads and prisons to people who care more about gaming the system than protecting our society and infrastructure.

Steal a little, you're a villain. Steal a lot, you're an innovator.

Unless your very active and drink a fuck ton of water I don't suggest eating MRE's. They will stop you up.

I love how he included his sources

If you're in a position to be eating MREs everyday, you're gonna pick up smoking pretty soon anyway and that's great for busting open the pipes.

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