Jeremy Kyle is awesome. From what all I've seen, he tells shit like it is, no matter the gender.

They laugh at his horrible situation and then they are called out on it and the whole audience claps. Like what the fuck?

People are sheep. Including us. It was a reaction, as soon as they thought about it they reassessed.

Here's the source.

Just a little reminder of what r/relationships thinks of men and (step)fathers.

Just a little reminder of what r/relationships thinks of men and (step)fathers.

Before you read the thread I’m about to link, I want you to imagine that a man comes home and finds his 18-year-old son being arrested for repeatedly punching his 40-year-old stepmother.

I want you imagine how you think the women and white knights of our beloved relationships subreddit would react to that situation.

Then read this:

If you are a man, much less an eeeeeeeevil stepfather, you are just a ticking time bomb to this people. Your words can justify violence towards you and nobody will give you the slightest benefit of the doubt.

/sub/relationships is a shithole full of man-hating women.

And men. There are plenty of man hating men there.

That sub might as well be called /sub/doublestandards.

Basically these people have no idea why this altercation happened but they've already made up their minds. Nice.

UK Rugby players found Not Guilty of Rape, except in the Feminist Court of Public Opinion

UK Rugby players found Not Guilty of Rape, except in the Feminist Court of Public Opinion

Time and again we see these false rape cases from feminist "activists" (ie emotionally unbalanced attention seekers). The fake Duke Lacrosse rape case, Rolling Stone's fake fraternity gang rape story, this fake UK Rugby rape case ... all of these incidents hurt the lives of good men with false charges made simply for attention. In all these egregious cases, the woman is never held to account for making false claims.

I, for one, demand equal treatment of the sexes. If an adult fabricates provably false allegations against an innocent person, they should be sent to prison.

Sometimes it is for attention, like the Columbia mattress girl. And in those cases civil suits of defamation are justified. I would support misuse of government services (whatever the legal jargon equivalent may be) as criminal charges. There are likely others that apply. But there would have to be a high burden of proof, because I do think it's important actual rape victims can come forward.

On the other hand, I don't think this is one of those instances. From the research I gathered, it seems this girl didn't have malicious intent. I think she got in over her head. I think she believed she was living out a fantasy, and then after performing the act, she felt immediate regret and remorse. I think she was more complacent in the act, than actively involved. She wasn't emotionally or mentally prepared for that level of promiscuity. Still, she consented to the act by engaging in it. Her feelings afterward led her to believe it was wrong, and she post-interpreted the act as rape by applying her mental state during/after the act as representative of her actions, rather than holding herself accountable for her actual actions. I think that is also the result of the pervasiveness of feminist ideology and society, that teaches women they have no agency. It's evident in the way she recounts the event in messages, like how "next thing [she] was bent over the bed." She doesn't explain how that happened, that she tried to stop it or any action on her part, and most glaringly, how she managed to perform oral sex on a second man at the same time. She says she rejects a third guy from joining, which is when, I think, she put into perspective what she was doing, and felt slutty/ashamed/used. Because she regretted it, and feminism has taught her she has no ability to act, that she doesn't engage in sex, but sex happens to her, passively (hence the idea of progressive consent), she truly believed she was raped.

She just doesn't understand that that isn't what rape is. I empathize with her. She engaged in a sex act she wasn't mentally prepared for. She was taken advantage of by men who should know better. They didn't commit an illegal act. But they certainly didn't treat her with care or kindness. They just didn't realize that she wasn't the promiscuous sex crazed girl they thought she was and that she agreed to play, rather than the inexperienced 19 year old girl who was in over her head without realizing it.

I empathize with both parties here. I can see how being young and with famous athletes would lead you to make sexual decisions that would ultimately be emotionally and mentally harmful. And i can also see how famous athletes would just think they were having a lighthearted good time that was harmless.

Ultimately, regardless of the ethics involved, there was no rape committed. In a way, they're both victims of feminism. I wouldn't recommend jail for her because she didn't have malicious intent. She thought she was wronged in a criminal manner. She was taught the law should protect her emotions. She thought the law protected her from her own personal responsibly. These men, on the other hand, are now perpetual victims of feminists, who will hold them accountable for a crime they didn't commit, likely ruining their careers and public image. All in the name of cementing rape culture and patriarchy as pervasive enemies, to justify feminists existence and continuous victimhood in their bid for more power.

A brutal rape trial in Ireland highlights the power athletes still wield in 'he said, she said' cases

How is it that any 'he said, she said' case ends up in court, ever?

And how is it that, if it's s brutal rape, all the prosecution has is 'he said, she said'?

This is why it was so important that the feminist activist in charge of the prosecution service was removed. We need to keep this up with other areas as well, target the prosecutors, target politicians, hell if there's a feminist sitting on a committee somewhere I want to see them exposed for the liars and fanatics they are.

Once that happens, I think the police especially will no longer be as scared fo them and will be more willing to protect people falsely accused and investigate fairly.

19 Year girl who made up false rape claims has charges raised to felony. Now faces up to 32 years compared to the original 6 months.

19 Year girl who made up false rape claims has charges raised to felony. Now faces up to 32 years compared to the original 6 months.
19 Year girl who made up false rape claims has charges raised to felony. Now faces up to 32 years...
19 Year girl who made up false rape claims has charges raised to felony. Now faces up to 32 years compared to the original 6 months.
19 Year girl who made up false rape claims has charges raised to felony. Now faces up to 32 years...
Don't follow this link, it's a spam site and may harm your computer

OP (u/BrilliantAudience) stole this 2017 article:

OP is an account operated by the spammer. is a new domain with no history. It's part of the "Bloomsmag" spam ring.

Ironically, because she didn't commit the (IMO) much more serious offense of naming a specific man, ruining his reputation, losing him his job and family, causing him to do jail time, etc., she's not shielded from public scrutiny.

Are you sure about that? Because I am 88.69422% sure that skeeto is not a bot.

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Feeling like an endangered species.

Feeling like an endangered species.

His right arm is significantly buffer than his left. ;)


his mouth is the amazon logo

Are you seriously body shaming him right now?

Women Aren’t Always Sentenced By The Book. Maybe Men Shouldn’t Be, Either.

Women Aren’t Always Sentenced By The Book. Maybe Men Shouldn’t Be, Either.

It is bullshit that your significant other can break into your house and deface or steal your shit but because you are going through a divorce.... Even though the judge said that everything needs to stay put during the proceedings, they rarely suffer any consciences. Friend of mine actually started wearing a police cam because his wife was calling the police saying he attacked her. He produced the footage of his day and nothing happened to her for filing a false report. She then had her lawyer file to get half of his parents estate when they died. They are both healthy and alive.... Sorry.. Just angry...

*Everyone should be

Yup, If you think the book should not be followed then the book should be rewritten, not ignored. Ignoring it only invite corruption.

The fourth amendment doesn't protect you from being surveilled by a citizen, especially if you are in a public place, or in an area considered to be their property. The Bill of Rights is about what the government can do, not what other citizens can do. Individuals recording is state by state.

Found a meme I think you guys would like

Found a meme I think you guys would like

Topless in public.

good point.


Not true. Men have the "right" to be circumcised, if they're under 18.

We have the "right" to sign up for the draft.

Double Standards

Double Standards

I'm a dad who got sole custody of my daughter, while active duty with a deployment coming up, in the Baptist Bible Belt and with a female judge. I'm a fucking unicorn.

Government housing for those who can't afford their kids:

Women - Government Housing (and other welfare benefits)

Men - Prison

I had to pay child support for the first 12 years of my son’s life. Same thing where I tried to just run down and pay at the office. I was treated like I was trying to rob the place. Every time I was in there I was treated like a criminal. I’m august I was given nearly 80% placement and child support was to be switched and I was to receive. The courts messed up the paperwork and because nothing was filed correctly, I had to go in recently to answer why I haven’t been paying. When I explained the issue, to the judge that gave the order, I was told that none of it mattered and that it was my job to make sure all paperwork was done correctly and that I was responsible for paying support until a new order was in place. They found me in contempt, but put a stay on my jail time until I can appear again with my lawyer. They said if the paperwork is filed and/or I pay what is remaining they’ll cancel my contempt. So she should have been paying me support since September 1st. Instead she won’t have to start paying me until our court hearing, which I was told will be more than likely 6 months out from now and I may have to pay her for that time or face going to jail. Either way I’m now forced to pay a lawyer to defend me against a contempt charge because of the courts screw up, while not receiving the few grand she should be paying me. The system is so biased against men it’s not even funny.

Man have i got stories!

I paid my child support on time all the time!

One day while visiting my child on the other side of the country, I decided to pay my child support at the office.

I walk in and tell the lady I want to make a payment.

She says rudely “we don’t accept payment here”

Wow, okay so what do you do at the child support office?

They avoided the question and ran me in circles.

Before I left I asked what would happen if I missed a payment since they don’t accept them.

I was told if i missed 3 they’ll put me in jail!

Male feminists get the taste of their own medicine

Male feminists get the taste of their own medicine

Julian Assange retweeted this screenshot a few days ago, it went viral and now Dan Arel has deleted all his social media accounts.

That's what I call a happy ending to the story!

While I don't feel sorry for this guy, I do wish people would stop giving men shit for having small dicks. Sometimes I read through the posts on /sub/smalldickproblems, and I feel so bad for those who have small dicks and have their lives in a pretty bad shape because they're held back by everything that it entails, or because people decided to make things shitty for them by telling everyone and the like. I also have a massive amount of admiration for people who on there who do well despite something holding them back. I'm not held back but I have way too many problems with people and myself lul.

Normally I don't bring this up, but since we're on /sub/mensrights I thought I should. Personally the main thing I try to do is avoid making jokes of that kind as much as I used to, and try not to judge people based on it.

Doesn't even try to fight off the tiny penis claim.

I like to think his brain actually exploded at finally understanding the flaw in his logic.

Men helping men

Men helping men

"American Foundation for Suicide" :|

Wouldn’t the foundation for suicide be... the concrete below?

Might be a good idea to post this over at /sub/suicide.

His feet in the first picture gives me the creeps. Looks like he could slip any second.

Try one of these subthreads