What's the word I'm looking for again? Oh, Hypocrites.

What's the word I'm looking for again? Oh, Hypocrites.

When I called my representative (Steve Womack) before the House voted, I asked what was his view on the House bill. The person I spoke with said that Womack was waiting for a CBO score. Several hours later, he voted for it. No CBO score.

I used to be a Republican, but they have distanced themselves more and more from me. Further, I'm a Christian and I don't know how any person who truly studies the words of Christ can support the principles of the Republicans that are elected.

Hmm… looks like another average day within the Trump presidency…

I have read the bible, 3 times, cover to cover, in three different versions. There is nothing very little in the New Testament that is conservatism. You're religion has been high jacked.

"But both parties are the same!"

Tape Released of Trump Saying He Spies on Naked Girls Back Stage, “Because I'€™m The Owner of The Pageant”

Tape Released of Trump Saying He Spies on Naked Girls Back Stage, “Because I'€™m The Owner of The Pageant”
Tape Released of Trump Saying He Spies on Naked Girls Back Stage, “Because I'€™m The Owner of The...

Absolutely disgusting

Politfact reported on this in October.

Four women who competed in the 1997 Miss Teen USA beauty pageant said Donald Trump walked into the dressing room while contestants — some as young as 15 — were changing.

And here we have, in all it's glory, THE choice for American "Evangelicals".

Too disgusting for words. Literal human excrement. Yet they will somehow, defend even this. I have to go take a shower.

We cannot allow transgender rights, because men will just use it to walk into women's changing rooms.


Let's elect a guy who just walks into women's changing rooms.

-Also conservatives.



This is only correct because he probably isn't a legit billionaire anyway.

He has gone golfing 25 times thus far this year.

I work a job in marketing. I have taken fewer than 25 days off this year.

Therefore, my job requires more work than the presidency.

Yea, i heard that. Plus he has gone bankrupted quite a few times, and he didn't -make- so much of the money he has. His daddy gave him all of that shit.

It matches the rest of him. Hideous


Breakdown of all Trump lies.

Breakdown of all Trump lies.

I don't have that much time.

Tl;dr - Just print any truths.

Most dishonest, most criminal President in history.

Fastest President to hit the lowest approval ratings ever.

Will criticize Obama/Hillary and everyone else, but never say a bad thing about Putin. Fellator of dictators, traitor of America.

Haven't met a single Trumpette able to defend all the lies and brazen moves they would never allow any other President to do (such as stupid Ivanka/Jared/Linda McMahon/wedding planner/NFL owners getting hired for the cabinet), so they deflect, which is a sign of weakness and a lost argument.

No, it's the mods being assholes. Entirely faked.

We've all lost with this idiot in charge

<--------Number of people that love watching The_Pedes mad they can't comment on a picture of President Obama.

<--------Number of people that love watching The_Pedes mad they can't comment on a picture of President Obama.
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Mango Mussolini Voters

Mango Mussolini Voters

Trump Supporters: "also fuck birth control".

Who needs birth control when you got the sweet smell of burning coal pushing up that infant mortality rate?

Making generalized statements about a group allows others to dehumanize these people. I'm about as liberal As they come. My only two conservative views are guns and Capital punishment. Everyone is different.

I have sex outside of marriage, but I've never had premarital sex. As long as you never get married it's never premarital.

Trumpcare right now.

Trumpcare right now.

🎤 I'm an executive order and I pretty much just happen...

I thought everyone agreed we should call it Republicare so they can't use Trump as a scapegoat. Did anything change?

"The American People haven't seen it though?"

"This is how it works Timmy. Just take the money. They will see it when they visit the doctor."

Unless you're like Trump and can't go 5 minutes without using the word "ban".



I check his Twitter because when I am having a bad day I can see someone who is a billionaire and also POTUS but still the most insecure person on the face of the earth.

Is anyone going to point out that he doesn't have "over 100 million" followers, but rather 32 million, of which ~12m are bots?.

edit: Yes, he doesn't specifically say Twitter followers. Technically, he just says "100 million people" without even specifying how those 100 million relate to the rest of his statement. All you salty snowflakes* don't have to keep commenting.

My point still stands: there's likely a pretty large overlap in followers across his social media accounts.

*to nip the replies I know are coming in the bud: I am very aware that salt would melt snowflakes.

Doesn't matter he doesn't understand real numbers.

I can see someone who is a billionaire


Campaign promises vs. Reality

Campaign promises vs. Reality

"Stop attacking the president! He's YOUR president"

"Why should I stop?"

"Because it's not fair, he's incompetent!"

I remember back in 2000-2008 people thought we couldn't ever possibly have a dumber President.

USA: "Hold my beer"

Stop attacking the president! He's YOUR president

You see and hear this quite a bit. I overheard a kid (probably late HS-early college) arguing with his parents about how Trump is being treated unfairly. And that because he is new we should cut him some slack. Fuck no. FUCK NO. That's not how that works. This isn't some entry level position, this is the fucking presidency. You don't get slack. You are stepping into the highest position in the country.

He's my president? Sure as fuck he is which is why I am extra critical of him. I was critical of Obama, and Bush, and not so much Clinton because I was a kid. The fact that he is our president means he should be under extra scrutiny. And not the "he saluted a marine while holding a cup of coffee, literally wants to murder the armed forces" type of critical. Not the nudge Melania gave Trump to put his hand over his heart critical, that was funny and kind of endearing. Not the covfefe critical but his constant lying and hypocrisy critical. His constant attacks on the environment, education, and anyone that isn't rich critical.

I can be critical of the president of Mongolia if I want, but it doesn't serve any purpose. He/she isn't my president. Trump is and his actions affect me. His incompetence affects me.

Imagine if they said this at a Congressional hearing to defend the President on how dumb he is.

Oh wait they did...

Don't blame Donald Trump. He did everything one man could do to not be elected.

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