But but but they had a permit.

But but but they had a permit.

Here's an article on politifact examining the same data, and here's the original report this is based on. In summary, this is actually the breakdown of the number of domestic terror attacks, not murders. 106 people have been killed by far right extremists since 9/11, and 119 by radical Islamic extremists. It is worth noting, however, that 49 of those murders occurred in a single incident, the Orlando night club shooting. Also interestingly, there has not been a successful foreign-based terror attack in the United States since 9/11.

So 98% right wing extremism, just two different flavors

Al-Qaeda and Y'all Qaeda

Thanks for doing the actual research.

I'm surprised more people aren't calling out OP for posting blatantly false and misleading information. I'm all for hating on Trump, but this pie chart is fake news and part of the problem.

Do your homework before posting data. You want to be better than Trump, right? In this case it would've taken maybe a minute to verify the pie chart is wrong.

If you want to be taken seriously, push your agenda with facts.

Heather's mother telling Trump he should think before speaking this morning. Let's make #ThinkBeforeYouSpeak trend on Twitter for DT to see

Heather's mother telling Trump he should think before speaking this morning. Let's make #ThinkBeforeYouSpeak trend on Twitter for DT to see
Heather's mother telling Trump he should think before speaking this morning. Let's make #ThinkBef...

He will do the exact opposite and further enable sociopaths and psychopaths on the far right . The majority of the rightwing will support it . They are becoming truly mortal enemies of any who are not them.7

Sweety, honey, you lost him at think

Meanwhile, Trump's approval numbers are either unchanged or slightly improved since last Friday when this Nazi shitshow started. Fact is -- and this is super difficult to accept -- about 38% of the country is perfectly okay with Trump even when he reveals himself to be a Nazi sympathizer.

They will be easier to find then.

Public Trust

Public Trust

Both make me sick.

but at least one has the potential to be a delicious crunchy dragon roll. I've never come up to a truck stop halfway between Nevada and Idaho and thought to myself, "Man I could go for some Trump right now"

No, but I have stopped and though, "I need to take a massive Trump right now," which is my new word for shit in light of modern day's events.

This is so biased against sushi as the percentage should be so much higher

Trump's D-Day tweet from 1944

Trump's D-Day tweet from 1944

The Nazis were peacefully occupying France. It all turned violent when the SJW allies decided to attack. Isn't this common sense?

Can't wait to see this on Facebook in 36 hours...

Hey, the Allied forces landed on foreign soil, trespassing, and disregarding Germany's sovereignty over the countries they had captured

Have you been under a rock? He used that as an excuse for the Nazis. They had a permit so it was unfair for the counter protesters to be there

It took how long for him to condemn racism?

It took how long for him to condemn racism?

And under an hour ago, he undid it all. He decided to TAKE BACK his condemnation of Nazis and KKK members. I am always surprised by how low of a person he is.

Needs a reference to his retweet of whataboutism from an alt-reich mook that cements Trump as a leader of white supremacists. Otherwise, clever comic!

Update: Trump has since doubled-down on his "both sides" comment that doesn't acknowledge Saturday's Nazi attack. Unfortunately, this emphasizes my initial comment above. There's no doubt in my mind that Trump would call this a terrorist attack if the people were flipped: a "liberal" driver and a white supremacist killed. Trump sees himself as representing white supremacists.

Quick edit: I inappropriately said "antifa" driver above. Saturday's hit-and-run victim was not in antifa (to my knowledge) and the issue isn't about Nazis vs Antifa, but rather Nazis vs Americans. My apologies here.

E: spelling is hard

"What about the 'alt-left' that came charging at, as you say, the 'alt-right,' do they have any semblance of guilt?"

The reason we wanted to hear you condem the Nazis and KKK is they were all wearing your stupid fucking hat Donald.

"I think there is blame on both sides."

"What about the 'alt-left' that came charging at, as you say, the 'alt-right,' do they have any semblance of guilt?"

"You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. nobody wants to say it, but I will say it right now."

"The statement I made on Saturday, the first statement, was a fine statement, but you don't make statements that direct unless you know the fact. [sic] It takes a little while to get the facts. You still don't know the facts and it is a very, very important process to me. It is a very important statement."

When the President Is Un-American: trump is not only a traitor but he lacks American values and believes in everything America stands against

When the President Is Un-American: trump is not only a traitor but he lacks American values and b...

Confederate flags and Nazi flags abound at events supporting him. These are literally the symbols of countries we defeated in wars over human rights. Those people waving them are anti-American and traitors to this country.

That's as simple as it is. Anyone waving a confederate flag is waving a symbol of hate. A historical symbol of hate if they want, but it will always be a symbol of hate.

We can argue all we want about innocent until proven guilty but there is a fucking mountain of evidence around this man and his entire fucking camp and Russia, a literal enemy of this country. He is a traitor and he rode his magic carpet of hate into the oval office.

Everyone is acting like they're surprised he didn't condemn the nazis and white nationalists, how can he? Of course he doesn't want to spit on those people who did the most to put him in office.

ANYONE who supports this man is and his buffoonery is a traitor to their country. I don't like making absolutist statements like that, but this shit is going on way too long. We've seen way too many signs. He's embarrassed this country too many times. He has insulted our decade old allies too many times. I didn't fucking sign the dotted line to fight for my country and protect it from ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC to take the excuse of ignorance any more.

The image of this country has been soiled like no other time by any single man. He and his all white/all money agenda has enacted their successful plan to destroy any progress we have made in race relations in this country.

I wasn't a fan of the last president either, but him being in the oval office did a lot for unifying this nation whether anyone likes it or not it is simply the truth. But all these people that have been boiling in their confederate flag undies for the last eight years because a completely qualified man who happened to have melanin in his flesh was too much for them. He could have been the greatest president this nation could have ever seen. He could have cured cancer, eradicate unemployment, feed every single person in the country and they would have still hated him because he looks different. It's 20-fucking-17 and this is the state of the United States of America.

If that does not make you uncomfortable or angry you are fucking wrong.

If the mere idea that your president colluded with fucking Russia doesn't disgust you, then you are wrong!

If hate riots against anyone non-white does not disgust you then you are fucking wrong.

Take your "european" heritage that you are so fucking afraid of losing (even though no one is forcing anything upon you and your race) go pool your welfare checks, go buy an island and call it whatever the fuck you want, do what you want, but do it by yourselves. I guarantee you no one will come disturb you and your all white utopia.

Time for hate is over. We are all human beings. We bleed the same, we breathe the same air, we belong to the same fucking place. Whether it's America or Earth. We all need to help each other get by because that's how it's always been done.

These nazi cunts fancy themselves "true patriots" and they are "saving" America yet they are proudly indulging in everything that goes against what this country fucking stands for. A confederate flag is no different from a nazi flag but don't worry about that because they fly both. America destroyed the nazi regime and will continue to do so, but we fucked up not eradicating all these idiotic statues of these confederate cowards that were angry because they were told they could no longer own another human being.

We went out and destroyed it overseas while breeding it here ourselves on our own soil under the guise of "Freedom of speech". Time for this shit to be over. I'm not looking for a future where everyone is brown and individualism vanishes, but guess what, it's coming, and buying tiki torches and stomping around isn't going to stop it from happening either. There will never be another Hitler, no matter how much they hope. They are scrambling to fight a losing battle. Put your stupid fucking torches down, open your mind, read a book and learn history and how to not repeat the same idiotic mistakes and contribute to society and make the world a better place instead of generating hate in your echo chambers.

Time for hate to end is now. Period.

TL;DR: Real Americans understand that values are more important than the soil we stand on. Real Americans face criticism head on and destroy it rather than create it. The President is Un-American.

Saying people are "un-American" is usually a sign that some facts got bent along with feelings, but Krugman makes a solid case, imo.

Her name was HEATHER HEYER

Her name was HEATHER HEYER

Rest In Peace Heather. I'm still lost for words, so I'll let her last Facebook post (according to a news report I just saw) speak for itself: "If you're not outraged you're not paying attention".

Reposted with a fixed title. Her name was Heather Heyer and she died protesting extremist terrorists who have repeatedly been seen brandishing swasticka tattoos, assault rifles, and combat armor. She died an American hero, standing up for the very values and principles which this country was founded on. Freedom of speech, equality, and freedom of peaceable assembly.

It truly is a sad time when a human life is lost and people are trying to justify it. Even more so when that justification comes from pure hatred.

It's 2017 and this beautiful girl was killed in the USA by a fucking Nazi. How is this possible ? I weep for all of mankind.

They are dressing like their leader.

They are dressing like their leader.

Gotta love the tiki torches. Very intimidating.

Tiki torches are Polynesian but they're chanting white pride. Plus it just looks like they all came from a backyard barbeque

They're just torches. The fact that they're tiki torches is a hilarious clue to how white and out of touch these people are and the people carrying them can't see the irony.

who would imagine the new SS uniform is a baseball cap and some crappy pants. But the colors are very similar.

Night of The Deplorables

Night of The Deplorables

I am not sure those tiki torches are putting off the vibe these guys intended.

It shouldn't be sugarcoated, those are Nazis.

The guy with the mustache looks like he just came to meet men.

And homegrown terrorists at that.

FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort's home

FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort's home

Is nuclear war with North Korea enough to stall this investigation? I hope to never find out.

but is this recent threat actually real and not blown out of proportion to try and distract people from the Russia investigation?

The most recent threat is nothing new.

NK doesn't want a war. China and Russia don't want a war. The US doesn't want a war (except for Trump).

But NK leadership has to look strong to their base, so they grandstand (Trump).

It's not really a threat even just logistics-wise. Their missiles can barely touch the US, and would be easily defeated by multiple layers of countermeasures that have been put up during the last 60 years of their grandstanding.

So is this Mueller starting to tighten the screws, or a separate action by the FBI? It seems they're getting closer Donnie, and now it's just a case of who squeals first....

I know North Korea has always sorta threatened the US with missile strikes but is this recent threat actually real and not blown out of proportion to try and distract people from the Russia investigation?

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