I feel so understood

I feel so understood

I had a group of high school seniors in my engineering Design class working to redesign the Pringles can. They came up with some interesting ideas. Turns out lots of people have offered suggestions.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Pringles... probably.

They should make them like Oreos, with the peel back top. So I can pretend like I'm not going to eat the entire package.

I think they should use springs like those snakes in a can.

That way, when you open the pringles can, all your pringles shoot out and you have an excuse to eat them all.

Bo knows

A skateboard proposal

That's an adorable and genuinely happy response to a proposal. The fact that she got down on her knees with him was just sweet.

Yeah she looks super rad... I'm going to be alone forever.

That was a smooth slide

Normally I hate these gimmicky super-public-display proposal videos, but I can't summon the smallest bit of snark for this one. Look at how happy she is! Look at his little nervous smile beforehand! This is adorable, and I hope their lives are as happy as they were in that moment. Pure joy and love.

Words to live by

Words to live by

It would be so awesome to be as content as Bob Ross always seemed.

The original, "ain't nobody got that time for dat!" -Bob Ross™

Good god it's hard to hate the guy

bob ross actually did his show for free and used the money for donations and charity


*Clean* *Clean* *Hug*

*Clean* *Clean* *Hug*

That's actually a dominance move by the cat. He's probably biting the dog's ear but we can't see it.

I'm an expert on cats, and that was not a hug. That's the cat showing the dog who is the boss.


"You are several times bigger than me and could probably knock me over if you breathed on me too hard. However, I am the boss."

Otter playing with educational toy

This thing is smarter than my son was with the same toy. He never figured it out. Lost interest.

Either that or your son is so smart that he sees the meaninglessness and pointlessness of the ball going down the slide and as such decided it was pointless to put the ball in the top again.

He's gonna be smart. He's already smart, he doesn't even talk and he does chores. He fills the dog's food bowl. Reliably even. He just preferred throwing the balls. Anything ball shaped, he throws. He doesn't do slots with them.

Those little shape-slot deals though? He loves em. No exaggeration, you can say "get the trapezoid" and he'll grab that shape, then stick it in the right slot. "Star", "plus", "square", "oval", etc. He recognized those at 16 months, he's bored with them now. He can't say the words, but he's got it down. We're working on the ABCs now, so it's the song you sing during diaper changes. Keeps him calm and he's started to sort of sing along. He knows the song. But these days (He's recently turned 2) he only plays with books, or chalk, or water. Completely lost interest in toys.

But I'm just a proud father ranting.

And he's only 15 now.

Big sister is there for him

I would cry if I had that haircut too

Well that was just cute as hell!

Thanks for posting.

I don't understand how she has the best hair I've seen on a four year old and he looks like he's working on his "moe from the three stooges cosplay".

I guess we know who the favorite is.

Awe that made me so happy. I hope my kids are like that for each other one day.

Muddy baby fox before and after being cleaned up

Muddy baby fox before and after being cleaned up

Well Jesus, I'd say he fell in the mud.

WTF happened to him in the first pic? Jesus

Before picture looks like a Killer Instinct character.

Nah it's definitely mud. Here's the article about this little guy.

So happy with his toy

So happy with his toy

Everyone should have a best friend

You aren't supposed to put Leopard Geckos in sand. They can ingest it when eating and it can impact their intestines.

P.S. I know this is gallowboob so it isn't likely his gecko, but it's general advice for anyone who has or is considering getting a Leopard Gecko.

Who do you think is taking the picture?


It's best if the best friend is real though.

Spooked Out

We laugh, but if the King of the Jungle is afraid of bubbles, maybe we should be too

That lion:

Hey, Ken.

Remember that cucumber craze where people were scaring their cats with them? Wonder if anyone tried that with a lion and like a GIANT cucumber...?

"Mom, I can walk by myself"

Do you think it was just because they were crossing the road? Because if so, that's smart as hell.

Shelter staff here. Cats are very smart animals. If she's a stray, she most likely knows that cars are dangerous (because they're big, noisy and smell). It's completely possible that mom knows to protect the kitten when close to the road because she spends a large amount of her time near vehicles.

My former alleykitten looks both ways before crossing the street and will knock on the door (bat at the glass with her hind paw) to let us know she wants in. Both her and the dog will on occasion step on the remote to turn the TV on and lay down to watch. :)

How do we know for sure it's the mom? Maybe this is a kittenapping caught on camera!

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