Man with severe Parkinson's disease tries marijuana for the first time


Why are we not funding this???

Can I ask what this is specifically?? My dad has a neurological condition very similar to Parkinson's and I've been trying for years to get him to try it to manage his severe symptoms. He's too scared about getting in trouble for it (we live in the U.K.) so I was trying to find an alternative to no avail. His speech is getting a lot worse, and he's struggling walking even with this canes. Thank you!

Actually, this was discovered in the other subreddit this was posted in, but he's actually taking normal treatments for Parkinson's, and he's taking this for the side effects of the treatment. And that is actually a very important distinction to make because they're totally different.

Its possible its cbd oil, which doesnt have the illegal part of weed in it so isnt illegal in the uk. Just google cbd oil.

Just doing their best to fit in!

Just doing their best to fit in!

That is actually so sad. Cute... but sad.

50 years from now, standing on one leg will become a puffin trend and someone's going to make a TIL about its origins

Edit: Its, mister president

Does she know that swans can be gay?

Aw, sweet puffins, you don't have to cave to peer pressure to stand on one leg. Be yourselves (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ:・゚✧:・゚✧

Struggling with a marker

That universal human reaction of "oh god, I'm such a dumbass"

Seriously though, who's ever heard of a retractable marker??

I read someone on Reddit that the entire Korean pop music industry is completely fabricated and artificial, down to small things like these that contribute to their image.

Don't Western cultures also do this? Not necessarily the cute act, but most actors/actresses have some personality that they cultivate. Easy example is the "sexy" actress. It's not a terribly natural thing, but they'll put on that show.


Salad bowl.

This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

He both retrieved the lettuce and shredded it at the same time.

My cabbages!

To shreds !

Lady Gaga being nice to a homeless person

Lady Gaga being nice to a homeless person

Don't really care much for her music but she seems really nice and treats her fans really well.

Stop criticizing her for self promoting (of course she does) and be happy that a bro gets a beer and some food.

From some of the comments it seems like when you're a celebrity, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Gaga is one of the many celebrities who seems to really try and aim for doing the right thing. She's always going to be photographed and under scrutiny. At least she's not being a dickbag.

I agree that the under-served (veterans/the poor/disabled/elderly, etc.) tend to be exploited by the rich, but Gaga is already tremendously famous and well-liked. She doesn't need to do this to garner votes or make people buy her albums. It was just a special moment she gave to a dude who looked like he was going through some shit.

I know someone who's worked for a tour of hers, and she sounds like a genuinely nice woman. She goes to the theater hours before the show, sits in lots of different seats, to make sure everyone can see.

Guy brought his goddaughter to meet the pope

Guy brought his goddaughter to meet the pope

This pope seems like an alright guy.

I'm completely fine with having exorcism in exchange for hating gay people.

edit: turning off notifications for this now

I mean really, any of the recent popes would've reacted the same.

The current one is a good guy but he's also got a bit of an odd-streak for Catholics. He's actually extremely traditional, more so than his PR would let you believe. Dude is bringing exorcisms back in a big way. Like actual, "casting out of demons" exorcisms. That's been sort of fringe even for Catholicism for a while now.

Isn't that Dave's friend?

Pippa's always doing a good job!

Pippa's always doing a good job!

she is a good dog

I have seen this so many times but I get equally happy every time I see it

He/she is a good dog boy


Kinda like the fake victims used to keep search and rescue dogs' morale up after a large enough disaster.

A raccoon apologizes to his kitten friend after accidentally biting it's ear too hard

What is it with trash pandas? "Hahaha, everthings fine, totally fine, haha, no need to involve the police, hahaha..."

It's their tiny sinful hands.

"No! Shh! Don't cry, mom will hear you! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!"

You must have just met the wrong raccoons my friend. Allow me, if you would, to share my benevolent experience.

I live in a townhouse converted to apartments in a city and every so often I would come outside to see all 6 trashcans knocked over and rummaged through, with apparent tear marks on all the trash bags and food and coffee grounds and shit everywhere..not fun to clean up. Only thing I could presume was raccoons from my experience, so the mark was set. I'll be damned if I'm cleaning this up again before or after work you little motherfuckers. We'll be having raccoon stew for hors d'oeuvre next week.

One nice night during the late summer we have the balcony sliding glass doors open and I hear the trashcans being knocked about. My killer instinct kicks in and I run to my balcony to catch these evil raccoon bastards. I look down and much to the dismay of my aforementioned stew, I see a Mama raccoon and 3 of her little babies. My presence spooked them and they bolted and I felt like a dick. I mean, raccoons were probably living on this block before the block was built, nahmean? Now I'm up in here playing Playstation and this lady's just trying to feed her kids by eating my trash. And she's the sinner? Nah son.

So around comes October and we have pumpkins out on my balcony; which is essentially a 3rd floor deck with a set of exterior steps which run along the side of the building to act as a fire escape. And these pumpkins are getting absolutely devoured by hungry squirrels mere hours after they were set outside. I try and protect the pumpkins and scare the squirrels off but they're damn persistent. The next night after we put them out, I notice a pair of glowing eyes outside. Too big to be a squirrel...what the fu..Mama raccoon! My salvation was nigh, I could right my former wrong. I didn't protect any pumpkins. I let that mama tear those bad boys up, encouraged her even. In my enthusiasm and reposturing for a better view I must have spooked her and then take those miniature hands and grab as much as she could and she hurriedly scurried off down the fire escape! I walked out behind her and she was already down three flights, handing food to her babies. And they all bolted! Fat and free.

So we started leaving little bits of food out on the balcony. Remainder of a cereal box, an old apple, etc. And sure enough she started appearing every few nights. Then every couple. And then every night.

So like Amy Adams I attempted to unfurl an alien language and communicate with my new amigos. I slowly gained her trust, and would toss her food from a foot or two away, getting progressively closer. Then I set a Cheez-it for her just inside the threshold of my apartment. She reaches in, feels around a bit, accidentally grabs my surround sound wire, "No, that's not it", gets the cheez-it.

And then, much to the malcontent of my brother's girlfriend who was present, I put a cheez-it in my hand and extend it like an olive branch to my mammalian counterpart who may or may not have diseases.

In reaches this hand-- this magnificent, miniature, absolute human hand in a black leather glove-- This hand that looked exactly like my niece's or nephew's but for the leathery bit-- This hand that was risking it's own life to provide for and feed it's children-- into mine and gracefully takes the cheez-it and for that one moment, man and beast were kin; united by an unspoken and unbreakable bond and together allied by the one absolute universal truth: we're all just trying to survive.

This cat trying to drink water (x post from [r/ThereWasAnAttempt](

Ironically, the title of this post belongs in /sub/therewasanattempt

He's not efficient but he's gettin' it done.


Were they trying to put a hyperlink, in a hyperlink? How did they think that would work?

Just another lazy day

He's the most excited loser of hide and seek ever

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