Someone gets it

Someone gets it

That is worded poorly, like the author wasn't raised rich.

I'll go tell all the parents having to work multiple minimum wage jobs with schedules that shift on a weekly basis how easy it is for them to teach their kid multiple languages by the time they're 2 if they want to.

Clearly they're just choosing not to.

No. I was deriding the pervasive mindset that the success of the 1% is more of a product of hard work than privilege.

Wow, so the rich have massive advantages over the working class? Next you'll tell me water is wet.

Haves, and have nots

Haves, and have nots

It blamed tax evasion, firms' influence on policy, erosion of workers' rights, and cost cutting for the widening gap.

Sounds like proper Late Stage Capitalism to me.

This is completely unsurprising. The report also highlights how women remain at the bottom when it comes to income earning, the continuous exploitation of cheap labor in fashion and tech, and how workers rights are being eroded.

I don’t think that Davos has enough incentive to tackle these issues but good on Oxfam for continuing to highlight growing global inequality.

Here’s the link to the full report

What's infuriating is that from the size of those numbers, the folks at Davos really should have plenty of incentive.

Every year I see Oxfam make this report and think "people won't put up with much more than this." Not only are they putting up with it, in a lot of wealthier countries they keep voting for more of it.

Don’t look at the comments unless you wanna see people excusing this and trying to say that if you live in America you are probably in the 1% like there is no variation in living costs, or that the majority of US citizens are actually not in that 1%

82% of wealth created in 2017 went to 1% of the world

82% of wealth created in 2017 went to 1% of the world
82% of wealth created in 2017 went to 1% of the world

What an absolute surprise - No one.

Ok, ok ... but Bill Gates is still a saint, right?

unlike the most top rich he actually put some creative effort and contributed something.

However, please do not mistake it for bootlicking. I am fully aware that he is grossly overrewarded for his contribution. i only mean that he put some actual labour behind what built his wealth. WHICH IS MORE THAN CAN BE SAID ABOUT THE MOST OF HIS SUPER-RICH PEERS.

18% is more than I expected

Paul Ryan Collected $500,000 In Koch Contributions Days After House Passed Tax Law

Paul Ryan Collected $500,000 In Koch Contributions Days After House Passed Tax Law

Crony capitalism at its finest.

Payment received for services rendered. Not a representative, just an employee.

Not real capitalism, checkmate commulists. /s

Ryan is a straight up unpatriotic piece of shit

A Kentucky deputy police chief was just exposed teaching new recruits to kill black people

A Kentucky deputy police chief was just exposed teaching new recruits to kill black people
A Kentucky deputy police chief was just exposed teaching new recruits to kill black people

“F*ck the right thing. If black, shoot them!” reads a text message from Todd Shaw, a 20 year veteran who resigned from the force last year after being investigated for helping fellow cops cover-up sexual assault against teens."

Holy shit, 20 fucking years on the police force being a racist pig, destroying lives.

This type of shit filters out as well into people who are mentally susceptible to being influenced.

Considering that he's been on the force 20 years shows that no one ever stood up to his shit or called him out and at this point they're too afraid to

Absolutely fucked.

Aided and abetted by his fellow officers for 20 years; ACAB

Shithole country

Saw this on a bus stop today

Saw this on a bus stop today

The problem is that the Amazon workers who are riding the bus are not the problem. The ones who are the problem don't ride busses. Certainly not public ones.

The Amazon workers who ride Metro are the ones you probably want to be educating (or agitating).

Because like it or not, 21st century socialism is going to require a hell of a lot of the technology that makes Amazon Amazon: their technology for coordinating logistics, quantifying demand, and organizing production.

Nationalize Amazon—don't destroy it.

It'd be nice not to alienate people who can actually help build parts of the future we all want to see, especially not anymore than they're already alienated given what they do for a living and how they are treated by capital.

You want FALGSC? Subvert Amazon employees, don't make them feel unwelcome in the city they live in.

Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of entitled, ignorant, and wrong-thinking Amazon folks in this town. But it strikes me as counterproductive and un-socialist to adopt a presumptively prejudiced stance towards the employees of a firm that is destructive.

On a certain level you have to appreciate the cities that really half-assed their RFPs. "Oh, we'll give you like 5 bucks and a t-shirt if you move here."

Meanwhile...Marty Walsh, Boston Mayor over here, cannot roll out the red carpet fast enough for Bezos.

unionizing their warehouses would be a great start. of course you know what would happen - they'd want to keep the same profits, so they'd increase the costs - making many end-consumers angry at having to pay more for the same service - just to provide warehouse workers with a decent standard of living.

nationalizing is really the best course of action...but this government would never even come close to doing that. if they won't nationalize the internet...they will never nationalize amazon. without revolution i expect nothing except more of the same.

Shut up, Kylie Jenner

Shut up, Kylie Jenner

It is, the company fabricated the Kylie tweet for publicity...

"We are here to help people!", more like we are here to make shit up and advance our brand

Please tell me this is fake

I’m no fan of the Kardashians, but making up tweets for publicity—especially at the expense of somebody else—is a pretty low blow.

Edit: Kylie’s response for those interested in keeping up. Apparently the company said the tweets were fan-made. Just my opinion, but I find it hard to believe that a job-searching app has such dedicated fans

To be fair, the company doing that is a pretty good example of the kind of bullshit we like to point out here.

Apple Successfully Avoids $50 Billion in American Taxes

Apple Successfully Avoids $50 Billion in American Taxes

Can someone remind me why I pay taxes please?


Get back to work so you can keep shopping.

For anybody who didn't click though and read the article: this is what the GOP tax plan enacted several weeks ago did. It gave a massive tax cut to companies who stash their money overseas, including Apple.

At the cost of raising your own taxes and likely cutting Medicare to pay for it.

Privatize the profits, nationalize the losses. -Patriotic Corporation X

Hospital staff dumps a half naked, shoeless, mentally ill woman out in freezing weather. The disturbing video goes viral on Facebook with 3.5 million views.

Hospital staff dumps a half naked, shoeless, mentally ill woman out in freezing weather. The disturbing video goes viral on Facebook with 3.5 million views.
Hospital staff dumps a half naked, shoeless, mentally ill woman out in freezing weather. The dist...

I saw a different article accounting this incident posted in a couple of places, but with few upvotes. When something like this goes viral on Facebook or Twitter, but gets ignored on Reddit, we have a problem.

Here’s a link to the Facebook video. Warning, it is disturbing, but I’d recommend watching it.

Los Angeles Times: What is patient dumping? Incident with woman at Baltimore hospital is hardly new.

Washington Post: The hospital has paid more than $27 million in malpractice or wrongful-death settlements since 2007, among them an undisclosed amount given to the family of a woman who was discharged while still ailing, unable to walk unassisted and wearing only a hospital gown. Hospital staff called a taxi instead of a medical van to take the woman home. When she arrived, she collapsed in the lobby and died the next day.

That American healthcare at work. She clearly needs help, yet Uncle Sam doesn’t really care for those who don’t pay.

This is fucking appalling

To be fair, I worked in an ER and homeless people were very difficult to deal with.

The first time I encountered one, I was devastated to find out that the ER was kicking out an old woman in the middle of December at like 2 in the morning. I told them to stop, I quickly ran to the fridge, grabbed my lunch, heated it and gave it to her.

Then I saw her the next day. And the next day.. and the next. She showed up at least 4 times a week for the 11 months I worked there.

We're all pretty aware of what they are doing. We know they're just trying to find a warm bed to stay in and are hoping for some food. For the most part, we'd just let them hang out in a room until we didn't have any rooms left and a doctor does a quick check up, tells them there is nothing wrong with the homeless person then they're free to go. We actually didn't even bother them when it was slow and let them stay for days.

Mind you, we are doing our best to save people that may actually be dying. Sometimes we had to make tough decisions. Do we clear up a room for the kid who drowned or do we let a homeless person hang around the ER during the cold? It wasn't exactly easy..

On top of that, most homeless people around the area understood the healthcare industry impressively well.

For example, one Friday night a homeless guy came in and said he was sick. He stayed for a few hours, got a sandwich and then got checked out. Dr. said he was fine of course so we discharged him. He didn't want to leave. So he walked back in. Said he was having a mental breakdown and he was going to kill himself. He started throwing glass bottles at me to prove his point. So then we had him go to a special room where we had to wait for a psychologist to give him a mental evaluation before he can leave. He knew that it would be days until a psychologist would come (in small hospitals they only work M-F and he came in on a Friday night) so he got to chill in a warm room for 2 days and have free breakfast lunch and dinner.

They put it right on the W-2...

They put it right on the W-2...

That doesn't really make it much better

I'd bet that's the point. The person that took the picture works at walmart. And walmart and their in-store tax friends, H&R block, are shamelessly trying to take advantage of their employees by offering them fast, quick, easy, free money with *100%-cherries-on-top-honest-no-strings-this-time. *dozens hundreds of strings actually apply.

Your employer did that. I've never seen a W2 with anything like that. Just fyi, its not a standard thing.

H&r block also offers an incentive for choosing to receive your refund on an Amazon gift card

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