The 'right to profit' overrides the right to access to drinkable water.

The 'right to profit' overrides the right to access to drinkable water.

Yeah, who cares?

The... thirsty people who had their private wells drained? I thought these people lost their shit over private property being interfered with.

That whole thread (top of /sub/news) is full of this sort of nonsense. I can't tell if it's shills or just people for whom being fucked by capitalism is entirely normalised, to the point that they will support MNC's and the 'right to profit' over the well-being of people.

In a "perfect" version of this kind of free market world the government provides utilities and private companies operates on top of that foundation. I have a hard time seeing private companies staying out of the policy making though, which is where things break apart in my opinion.

Private prisons? Yeah they will surely work for lowering imprisonment rates.

Private ISP:s? I have no doubt they will stay out of policy making like net neutrality, copyright laws etc.

Here we have private companies that want none of the responsibilities of a utility provider but still wants to be a part of the government policy making.

"I got my organs harvested, but there was profit made so it's alright that my body is slowly shutting down."

'Murica, fu*k yeah!

'Murica, fu*k yeah!

Based on a quick googling (please correct my errors, comrades!) it looks like $30 billion per year is the estimate the UN gives, but that that's just the cost for the food and doesn't take the fact that most of the places without food also lack the infrastructure to distribute it and the leadership to be sure it's actually distributed instead of just fed to the jackboot brigade to keep oppressing the already starving people. When you factor in infrastructure, it gets closer to $300 billion. When you factor in trying to get past fascists and dictators, the number becomes meaningless.

EDIT: My point, if it's not clear enough, is that this isn't a problem that can be solved just by throwing money at it. I'm not defending the people with the money themselves, I'm attacking the uselessness of talking about pieces of paper when people are being starved by their leaders.

Can I get the source for the 30 billion? Never thought it was this low.

I also googled and found about 795 million people are starving. They need a minimum of 1000 calories per day. 795 billion calories per day. A ton of rice is about 1.2 million calories so we would need 662,500 tons of rice per day. At $245/ton we are looking at $162,312,500/day or $59,122,328,125/year. Rice is one of the cheapest calorie foods and is not enough to have a healthy balanced diet, but roughly $60 billion in minimum food cost per year would work to get those people out of "starvation mode". I agree cost to deliver and pay dictators makes it all meaningless. If only there were a way that we could use a well armed force to protect the food going to the people...

How does ending world hunger secure oil interests?

"BREAKING: Senate overwhelmingly backs sweeping policy bill to pump $700 billion into the military." But we can't afford universal healthcare!

"BREAKING: Senate overwhelmingly backs sweeping policy bill to pump $700 billion into the militar...

After bailing out Wall Street in 2008, especially, I'm not interested in conversations about what we can or cannot afford. We can afford anything. The only thing separating us from something more or better is the immense pressure that has to be applied to people in power for them to get on board with what the workers want or need.

I'm not trying to minimize that when I say "only thing". I mean there is 1 thing that requires a lot of work.

Come on, comrade. The only thing separating us from something better is eating the rich.

We are caged. Outside is all the riches imaginable. We must break our chains and kill our jailors.

As a person whose grandparents are from today's North Korea before the Korean War, I can't really believe this as Trump's America is literally following North Korea's Songun (military first) policy.

america can end poverty over night.

Eugene Debs everybody.

Eugene Debs everybody.

Well here is a good place to start.

Spoiler one of the narrators has become famous lately.

Soul is just referring to an individual in prison. While there is a single person in prison, or a soul, he is not free from his ethical obligations.

For anyone, like myself, that want some information to read about this man.

"while there is a soul in prison, I am not free." Does anyone know the meaning behind this part???

Straight forward enough

Straight forward enough

I love this cartoon. Gets to the heart of how the "elite" have no moral authority demanding rent from us.

Possibly not. My landlord would definitely be considered a useless parasite, though.

This but unironically

He's a debt collector for the elite.

What it looks like when a rattlesnake bites an uninsured American

What it looks like when a rattlesnake bites an uninsured American

This is what bankruptcy looks like

That is legitimately mad. Even if you put aside the "healthcare should be free for everyone" argument for a moment. If a country believes it citizens should pay for their healthcare then it should at least be for a cost that's based in reality. What benefit is there in bankrupting citizens over something like this a capitalist economy? That's it then, one incident and this citizen is out of the game. Done and dusted.

They should have just sent a bill that said, "Game over. You lose. Bankruptcy? Y/N?"

Bankruptcy: a vital component of the American healthcare system

I love it when hospitals get to profit off of my injuries and medical treatments!

Surprisingly woke comment found in r/pics

Surprisingly woke comment found in r/pics

Hey, I'm like 2 comments bellow this pointing out that only the affluent urban centers looked like that and everything else was a forgotten shit hole because only the wealthy elite were accounted for in these secular corporate friendly societies that he US tried to foster in the Middle East. That entire post ended up being full of gems.

Meanwhile the Pahlavi regime was perpetrating atrocious human rights violations. But hey at least some bougie urban Iranians got to dress up like bougie Europeans on some street somewhere.

Well, the comment was woke. The picture is just an assortment of Iranian bourgeoisie. Lots of them had cushy lives after the revolution too, mind you. They nationalized a lot but these people still managed to cling to some privilege.

Is it just me, or is there an " x Muslim country before it became more Muslim " post on /sub/pics every few fucking hours ?

Public libraries are communist bookstores

Public libraries are communist bookstores

What if we just rebrand communism as the library economy?

Education hampers sales.

"Communism: It's like libraries, but for everything else too."

...Unless you're the Scholastic Book Fair. Then you can veil the fact that your exploiting children for profit by saying your bringing them education, and everyone snaps right back in line!

Late stage capitalist wants you to know that $15/hour is an outrageous wage

Late stage capitalist wants you to know that $15/hour is an outrageous wage

Let's say he made a reasonable $300 an hour. That's $12,000 a week and ≈$576,000 a year. Anyone could have a very nice life on that.

That would leave $4,589 per hour left, $15 an hour for 305 employees.

There are 7,677 DDs in the U.S., and of course those 305 employees are a small percentage.

But imagine thinking that what you do is genuinely worth what 300+ people do.

EDIT: Yes, if we're talking about just giving people a raise, not hiring hypothetical new people, then a bunch of people going from $7.50 an hour up to $15 would mean we're talking more about 600-ish people. Still a small amount assuming a DD employs 5-10 people at each retail location, meaning there's 50-110k retail employees.

But the overarching point: do we want a society where someone could live on just half a million per year, still living quite lavishly, and allowing 600 or so more people to live fairly comfortably? Or do we want to just continue throwing up our hands and saying it's impossible because bringing $15 an hour to all 110k retail employees maybe sounds too hard on the bottom line? The scale of these companies makes the question seem implausible, and there needs to be small steps taken, because they're counting on most people saying, "well, that's just unfeasible at scale."

but but but but but if you want to attract the best talent you have to pay the most money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nevermind that most companies are pretty well self-managing and the feudal lord at the top does almost nothing that isn't basically already decided by fleets of advisors and numbernauts

companies can swap CEOs like baseball teams swap players with no appreciable blip in function because their main reason for existence is to shake hands and absorb blame

Well actually, you only have to pay money to attract talent when it comes to CEOS.

Remember, when it comes to TEACHERS who talk about wanting to earn more money, these douchebags can't come off it fast enough to tell us all about how money actually invites corruption, how there's ZERO correlation between talent and what you're paid, and how you have to pay teachers LESS, see, because then only the very absolute best and most flawlessly driven will seek the profession and they'll be the best and most talented teachers.

If you got rid of all of the staff that actually run the store, there would be no Dunkin Donuts. If you got rid of the CEO, the stores would still be able to function with just the staff.

Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11

Thatcher then went on to thank Pinochet for bringing "democracy to Chile".

The goal of the coup was to advance capitalism.

And surpress socialism

Maybe we should also recognize the atrocities the US has committed that caused 9/11. And the acknowledge the atrocities we committed in the name of those that died in 9/11.

Wouldn't be equally disrespectful to them too too overlook their suffering caused by the US?

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