Capitalism Scam Alert

Capitalism Scam Alert

ok I'll say it

this reads very /sub/forwardsfromgrandma and is what LSC is often criticized for, and isn't really enjoyable content. Nothing against you OP but I want us to come out the other side with something zestier

I didn't fall for it, I'm forced to otherwise I die lmao

lol i would love it if i only had to work for 40 years. i've been working since i was 15 and it'll be a miracle if i can retire at 65.

i've been working since i was 15 and it'll be a miracle if i can retire at 65.




I mentioned this not long ago in another sub:

One of the "thought experiments" (as much as I sometimes am dismissive of the notion) that really got to one of my friends:

Imagine a world where, if you had enough money, you could get a treatment that would stop you from aging and live forever (assuming you dont get hit by a bus or shot or whatever). But now imagine that the treatment is obscenely expensive, and only the richest among us can afford it. Now, the rich can live forever. They can keep their huge stockpiles of money in stocks and bonds and various other financial accounts to maintain a high and healthy interest rate. They can get richer and richer indefinitely under capitalism, without so much as lifting a finger. It would be a permanent dynasty, forever entrenched and forever ruling over countless numbers of our institutions. Just take a minute to imagine the world like that.

Now get rid of the part about old rich people living forever, and replace it with their asshole kids taking over. And that's the world we live in.

Don't corporations live forever?

It's kinda like a wealthy person (in that it owns stuff) except it's a profit-seeking robot.

Ya, profit-seeking robots live forever.

Fun fact: the word "meritocracy" was invented in 1958 by English writer Michael Young for satirical purposes.

It's hilarious when liberals essentially describe their ideal society as technocratic meritocracy but if you suggest that you would need to abolish inheritance to achieve that, you can literally watch their fucking brain fall straight out of their asshole as they babble through an incoherent solution to reconcile this with their half-baked ideology.

To me this just translates to "I think upper middle class le STEM students should be in charge, like me!"

It's just veiled narcissism when people suggest meritocracy as a solution.

GOPdnd explains trickle down perfectly

GOPdnd explains trickle down perfectly

Ah, but see, the job creator is a timid creature. You have to be cautious not to scare them away. You should lure them in by removing all that could scare them away like taxes and regulations and labor laws. Finicky little creature.

We need a healthy mix of dragons eating peasants and not dragons eating peasants.

Always be sure to cast a tax credit spell if you want them to provide humans with basic rights like healthcare.

Can't the adventurers see that when they fight the dragons, it makes them as bad as dragons?!


What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I love Existential Comics. This one has always been a favorite.

When I was small, I wanted to be a dragon. Then, I decided I wanted to be a fireman, when I was told that dragons did not exist.

Then I wanted to be a spy, but I learned I couldn't bring myself to do what that meant. So I settled on warehouse worker/landscaper/dishwasher.

Now, as I approach 30, I have once again decided to become a dragon.

Ayn Rand is representing in the capitalist business owner. She developed a highly nuanced philosophy based on the fact that society is divided up into two categories: "producers" and "moochers". "Producers", despite what you might think, aren't the people who physically produce things, but actually the people who hire people to physically produce things. Moochers are, well...people who are lazy? People who get government subsidies? Something like that. There was the one guy in Atlas Shrugged who wasn't as sexy as Hank Rearden, but I don't remember much more than that.

Finally, a good explanation of Ayn Rand!

Karl Marx was a nineteenth century philosopher best known for being right about literally everything. That's right, even the labor theory of value!

You fucking know it. finger guns

Man idk why people are interpreting this as "under communism you won't have to work". That's not the point lol. The point is that the current system doesn't care about you as a person, it only cares about how much money and produce you create. I'm not even a commie and I get it.

More reason to hate Demoncrats. Took an image of a protester holding a Socialist newspaper. And they blurred up "Capitalism is the disease"

More reason to hate Demoncrats. Took an image of a protester holding a Socialist newspaper. And they blurred up "Capitalism is the disease"

Well I can sort of understand why the democrats don't want to advertise this, I mean since when have the democrats wanted to place the country under socialism?

according to the republican rhetoric and base they are hard core communists.

Remember guys, according to Pelosi: "We(the democrats) are capitalists, and that's just the way it is." Of course they were gonna censor this, it goes completely against corporatist, democratic establishment principles.

That's not a blur, that's content aware fill.

Ways to ask for money

Ways to ask for money

Remember: Always give people in need some money if you can afford to do that, or aid them in some other way. You don't have to give away all you own, but a couple of bucks can feed somebody for a day or afford them clothing. You won't miss it as much as them unless you're in a similar situation. Solidarity is imperative, especially towards those off worse than ourselves.

Edit: wording

Nonsense. They will squalor it on booze and drugs. That's why I set up my charity foundation where I funnel my money to help the poor.

But I was gonna spend it on booze and drugs too.

Banks are always happy to lend you money if you can prove you don't need it.

@Noahpinion: I swear to God, the sight of people with deadly diseases crowdfunding their health care is the most dystopian thing about America right now.

@Noahpinion: I swear to God, the sight of people with deadly diseases crowdfunding their health c...

Radio Host Mark Levin yesterday: he wants a complete repeal of Obamacare so "market capitalism" can take it's place. He also said that people on their parents insurance until 26 have no personal responsibility.

It's la-la​ land out there

I can't understand how people can defend this. But then again, Manufacturing Consent is still on my to-read-pile.

It is just sick to me that healthcare is universal in so many countries except the US. So many people are okay with it and still claim the US is the "greatest" country and those that don't have healthcare and are forced to suffer are just "lazy."

I know people who use the argument that Universal Health care is equivalent to enslaving doctors, because in order to give rights to someone, you have to take the rights away from another.

After I said, 'you have a right to a fair trial, are judges slaves?' I never heard back. I don't think I changed his mind, just shut down the conversation.

Top post on The Adolf

Top post on The Adolf

Internet posters gravitate towards fascism because it's the easiest, most pandering ideology for average white people who've been raised on fantasies of violence and social Darwinism. Remember 24? Remember 24 depicting torture and it being so effective that it changed an entire generation of West Point students, as well as a Supreme Court justice? Modern fascism builds itself on the model of the "good man" who is willing to torture and dehumanize in order to get the job done, which is why it lionizes figures like Jack Bauer or, more recently, Chris Kyle.

For all the talk of it being a lazy childish ideology, leftism requires a nonstop commitment to empathy and equal rights, as well as a dismantling of ideas that people have been bombarded with since birth. Fascism, on the other hand, is about being enveloped by comforting lies.

So, places where you can act like an loud asshole with no consequences are festering hives where bullshit thrives?




Isn't it amazing how right wing echo chambers tend to lean right wing? Take that, shills.

Sounds like we need to dismantle capitalism then

When the bosses say there's no money for raises, what they mean is they took it all

When the bosses say there's no money for raises, what they mean is they took it all

If you adjust for inflation then $21,000 in 1980 is the equivalent of ~$60,000 in 2014, and $344,000 is equivalent to ~$988,000 in 2014.

IE. The top 1% today have the same purchasing power that they did in 1980 while the bottom 50% have roughly half the purchasing power they did a generation ago.

Guise it's ok ittl trickle down and foster innovative inventions just give it another 30 years.

Wife and I were just talking about this with a friend. They both work for Western Alliance Bank. Friend got her annual review. Several years of excellent work and they told her she was getting a 3% raise because there was no money. Then the following week they told them they were consolidating the department and they would all get to interview for their jobs. So we decided to look up WAL on Yahoo finance and were blown away. You can look up board members, etc and their stock dealings.....several board members are cashing in millions of dollars of stock a year, some almost monthly. While the big bonuses maybe stopped, these scumbags found a way around it to pay themselves off while screwing their employees....and believe me, this bank treats their employees like complete shit.

But muh bootstraps and hardwork and definitely not gigantic tax breaks

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