Terrorist attack? Lets advertise our juice drink!

Terrorist attack? Lets advertise our juice drink!

The brand name only makes it worse.

Seriously, this has to be fake. I CANNOT believe this.

Came here to say this. What about the background with a red splash? Holy shit.

I think I'm going to be sick

Spicy meme of production. Warning, has some liberal seasoning, but still yummy.

Spicy meme of production. Warning, has some liberal seasoning, but still yummy.

That's what I don't get about the entirety of the conservative or libertarian, bootstrap, free market ideology. I completely disagree with them, but at least "adults should only get what they work for" is an ideology. What about children though? What can a child born into poverty possibly do, about anything?

A lot of these people are the sort who believe we inherited sins from the first man and woman. They also believe in the prosperity gospel.

I don't think it's a stretch to say that many of these people think (but would never say) that the children of poor people deserve the state they're in because they were born to poor, sinful parents.

He only cares about unborn children. Once they are born, fuck em.

The prosperity gospel is literally antithetical to everything that Jesus, their so called homeboy ever preached. It just goes to prove that a lot of "Christians" will believe anything their preacher says instead of cracking open the book themselves.

One profit motive to rule them all

One profit motive to rule them all

I didn't even notice until I read the caption. I thought the orb was the photoshop part.

My friend showed me this, i looked at the photo, and didn't even notice Saruman because he just seemed to go so well with the photo. It was slightly embarrassing once he pointed it out.

Also, I find it funny how Saruman isn't the worst person in that picture.

Also, I find it funny how Saruman isn't the worst person in that picture.

Right, at least he's dead and fictional. The others are actively engaged in genocide at this very moment. But it's too inconvenient a story to really report.

My favorite edit so far


If you're unemployed, it is not because there isn't any work

If you're unemployed, it is not because there isn't any work

Expected this to be some Capitalist bootstrap bullshit but got bamboozled! This is great OP!! Post this anywhere you can, because if I got tricked into thinking this was Capitalist, capitalists won't get scared off by a socialist tone.

Never thought about it like that before. I mean it's understood that if work exists, it's fundamentally because we have some problem.

But it never occurred to me that we aren't supplying the jobs necessary to address those problems.

Shit ... just trying to restore the natural world back to a sustainable condition could by itself employ many thousands of people I'm sure.

All the millions of elderly and disabled people in the world who are neglected because these medical services are not adequately funded.

I work at an autoshop so I have to mention this: The millions of vehicles on our roads which are in a absolutely horrendous condition but aren't being repaired because people either have no money or don't know what they're doing. You want a sustainable economy? Fix shit, don't replace it.

Obviously our infrastructure which is falling apart.

Our educational system, including libraries, museums, the arts.

Our parks, recreational facilities, wildlife preserves.

The many laboratories, researchers, and pioneering scientists who complain, incessantly, about funding shortages.

There are, truly, by no stretch of the imagination, millions of potential jobs out there which do not exist because this economy does not care enough to direct funds into those fields.

We are just waiting for the (invisible hand of free markets) to make those jobs.

Any day now

Had me scoffing then feeling extra bamboozled but warm.

Bootstraps, vital organs, it's all the same!

Bootstraps, vital organs, it's all the same!

You can't afford homes because you're buying in the first world. What's wrong with a Laotian hut???

I took a college course in Macroeconomics this semester. I should have known better; it was not a learning experience, just capitalist propaganda. The textbook didn't even try to be subtle about it. From the first pages of the book, the overt message was that the unfettered free market WOULD BE the solution to all of mankind's problems, but that pesky government keeps getting in the way with its silly regulations that exist for no reason.

Anyway, somewhere in the first 20 pages of the book was an example about black-market organ sales, where the overt message was that regulations against selling organs for profit are a bad thing. Also, why a minimum wage is a bad thing, and why regulations on the sales of medical devices are bad.

I am kicking myself for not taking pics of that shit, it was appalling.

Hombre, i would move to Laos in a second if I could work there. The guest houses in Luang Prabang are nice as hell, since the hardwood in Laos is of really high quality. Vientiane is also the quietest capital city Ive ever been in. We stayed ina brand new pretty nice hotel there, they only required a $10 cash depisit, too.

There are pros and cons to living in countries like Laos, Argentina, Thailand, etc., hard to assess if the pros outweigh the cons.

A lot of the expat community (not all, I don't want to paint with a broad brush) are techbros who are sick of "making 6 figures" while still renting/barely keeping up with all their payments in Silicon Valley so they decided to export their Western/consumerist culture elsewhere.

Imagine if America was a dictatorship

Imagine if America was a dictatorship

This is probably my favorite movie of his. Had me laughing at so many parts.

The Dictator

Haha yeah okay buddy! how can you complain about the system when you own an iphone????? Hahaha checkmate you communist bastard!!! Hahaha MAGA!

It's a pretty Aladeen flick.

This Made in the USA T-shirt is Made in Honduras

This Made in the USA T-shirt is Made in Honduras
This Made in the USA T-shirt is Made in Honduras

Maybe the shirt is declaring that the human wearing it is made in the USA? We don't make much here anymore, but we still have a thriving business making new consumers for the world's products.

The tags were printed in Honduras, silly. /s

IIRC our output is mostly made up of food, software, and high quality machines like advanced weapons and medical hardware. If you look at it in dollar amounts, our productivity is extremely high. If you look at it in terms of number of physical items sold, our output is very low.

So what you're saying is, the conditions are ripe for the workers to seize the means of production then?

Doggos best stay doggos

Doggos best stay doggos

This made me a lot sadder than it should have

I just got a new kitten. All I can do is think about how she'll be cooped up in a house, unable to fulfill her essence that preceded her existence while slowly getting fat and sleeping all day...


I think I am my kitten.

This happens to all of us, except we stop being cute at some point.

Your kitten has caretakers that love her though!



Worth the read

Worth the read

This almost happened to me once too, called a suicide hotline, talked for 15 mins, they gave me some referrals for help, then minutes after I hangup I had police and ems at my door, they forced me to go to a hospital because they could smell alcohol, I was 28 and in my own home, not bothering anyone else.

They tried over the course of 4 to 5 hours to get me commited but thankfully my mom knee a state psychologist who came and evaluated me and asked for my release, I saw later on that it wasn't about helping me, it was about money only, I later got invoices from the city for 3000 dollars for the ambulance ride and police showing up, I didn't ask for any of it, I would never call that place again, next time I'll just end it

wow stories like yours really make people think twice before calling suicide helplines, despite all their advertising to call no matter what

Story time. (Edit: So many amazing people have responded and reached out... It's honestly weird to feel happy right now but I have been given such wonderful advice and perspective, and I'm looking forward to facing these problems head-on. So speechless I'm rambling. You all are amazing. Do I want to kill myself? Nope - making pasta and playing with my birdies, another blessing I'm lucky to have: Thank you all again!!!).

Went to the ER last night. For suicidal thoughts. I have Medicaid, but have not selected a Maryland provider.

In the psych ward after triage, my SSN didn't pull up an active Medicaid provider. I explained that I applied for Medicaid on the Maryland exchange, and was approved for Medicaid, but did not arrange a Maryland provider, as the exchange website seemed to indicate that this was an extra, above the top option.

After a ~3 hour night of blood drawing and an awfully frank conversation with two new psychiatrists, they recommended that I immediately stop taking Zoloft and adderall, discard my remaining pills, and start Remeral(sp). That's fucking dangerous, immediately quitting Zoloft or Adderall much less both.

Plus, I, being on Medicaid, don't have the money to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of pills that I bought with my student loan money.

So now I wait. I didn't throw out my pills. I'm sure a 1k+ bill is now en route to my address even though the whole reason I agreed to visit the Em room was that I was told Medicaid would cover it.

I'm in the exact same spot I already was, am still in the negative in both bank accounts, and am applying for restaurant jobs tonight and this weekend.

I'm not sure what to do. But, the spectre of Medicaid insurance encouraged these docs to decide what was best. They scheduled an appointment to visit their in-house Brookings Institute (or something) and I'm sure just scheduling that appointment will money.

Thing is, I straight up told the doctors that I have no fucking money and that if Medicaid doesn't cover this I will be homeless.

"We understand, and we don't want that to happen, we just want you to get help - you're crying and telling us you haven't eaten or slept in weeks spare the basic amount you need to stay alive."

I'm not sure these guys were cynically trying to get money from me, considering I have none. But I'm fully expecting 1-3 bills to come in the mail at some point informing me that 1k+ in medical bills await me.

Graduating from law school (only 3 credits needed still) is probably now not possible, because I went to see psychiatric help, which comes free with my tuition, and that help then took me to the emergency room which I was informed would be covered by my insurance, which apparently I don't have. Fuck. Did I want to kill myself before? Fuck yes. Do I now? Fuck yes. Thanks healthcare system, for helping me fuck my self worse.

Edit: Thanks to everyone for kind words. I should say that the situation I'm in personally is not nearly as bad as probably any other suicidal person. My depression comes from guilt for not being responsible, but mostly from anger at God and sadness for others who have it worse than I do.

Wanting to kill myself is different from planning it as well - I don't mean to offend by suggesting that I would take my life over something like money problems or grad school when I'm lucky to be here in the first place.

I truly wish rationalizing and accepting that my life is good would give me an appetite or make me want to sleep/wake up. It's so much more about God and what he does to others than my own generally embarrassing life.

Also - could the person whose comment got deleted PM me if you see this? It's selfish but it may help for me to hear someone call me out for being selfish here. It was explained to me that this is physiological depression, so I just want to hear what that person had to say.

And I really dont want to discourage people from getting help, but I know a girl that has been admitted like 5 or 6 times by her parents, they are rich and just pay for it, I dont think they see that they are just being used and pressured that she "needs help from us" so they just keep bouncing her in and out, its fucking pointless, she does need help, but not like that, she is just being used as pawn, so was I.

She told me for those 5 or 6 visits, some of them a few weeks at a time, has cost her parents nearly 100K

Ive heard stories from others that called the hotline too, that the people either didnt give a fuck, or a wrecking ball came through their life after, and not in a good way.

I thought y'all would like this

I thought y'all would like this


TL;DR Real estate "tycoon" Tim Gurner says young millennials can't afford homes because they're lazy and spend a lot of money on coffee, vacation, and avocado on toast. They need to work hard like Gurner, and make money by jacking up prices of homes.

Oh, there's this too:

Mr Gurner began his career as a property investor after purchasing a gym in Melbourne’s south in 2001 with the help of $34,000 borrowed from his grandfather.

Coffee drinkers eh?

I don't think anyone in my family has ever had 34k to just give away.

There was an Australian news article saying something boiling down to "If Millennials would just stop buying brunch [specifically smashed avo on toast] they'd be able to afford a home!".

It's been endlessly mem'd since in /sub/australia

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