[Crushes]I Mean, if Everyone's Posting 🤷‍♂️

[Crushes]I Mean, if Everyone's Posting 🤷‍♂️

He's Jason kelce, center for the eagles And I wanna touch a LOT more then his beard

I agree.

Bears are fucking awesome.

Also I have no clue who the guy is, but goddamn is he cute as hell.


Me and you both.

Guess that makes three of us.

[Crushes] what next?

[Crushes] what next?

So Saturday, me and some friends, including a guy I kinda like were playing truth or dare. The guy gets dared to kiss three people of his choosing in three different ways (a peck, a 1 sec kiss, and a 5sec kiss)

So, he's kissing all guys (which is more comedic bc i was the only gay guy in the group and the straight ones were like über het) He chooses our friend scott for the peck, then this guy, Josh (who has a gf) bows out of the dare completely, and then he comes over to me and does the five second kiss with me. (it was my first kiss, it was kinda like an extended peck but i liked it, it was nice)

Then, the game drags on a bit more and me and him and our friend sophie leave the group and go walk around and talk for a bit, and he starts talking ab the girl he likes. I'm like /oof/ internally, but it's cool. we hang out and then sophie has to leave, and we hang out for a little bit more with his roommate until they go to bed.

after i left, i texted him: "so uhhh i think you're cute and funny and all around really cool, i liked kissing you & i like your touchiness but i know you're straight"

and he replies: "i think you're sweet and i wish the kiss was better but ey"

me: "if you want a redo i'm down"

him: "we'll see"

all of this to say: what next?

it's the end of the year, with finals week, and i somehow start this /now/. i don't know how to suggest we talk without seeming weird, but i'm kinda into him and it's a lot. a big issue is that i'm at a boarding school, meaning that we couldn't hang out over the summer. thank you for your advice in advance 💛🌻🐝☄

If you have free time before you go back home, spend some time with him. Figure out what the fuck this text means. Honestly, it wouldn't seem weird considering what he just messaged you to be like 'what do you mean"

[Picture] Interesting, accidental homophobia. could of used a better metaphor

[Picture] Interesting, accidental homophobia. could of used a better metaphor

Don't mean to be rude. But that doesn't look like an accident. Unless of course it is me hanging out with myself.

Welp. Hugs, and hope you actually learn something.

The boys are Unlike to each other as are the Girls (in terms of illustration). Homophobia or not that's just a bad physics metaphor.

'With magnets positives and negatives attract and same charges repel therefore homosexuality is wrong!'

I've always found this argument so weird. Do they know electromagnetism is one of four fundamental forces? In the gravitational force, everyone is attracted to each other... your point is?

maybe it’s just because since boys are similar (same gender), they repel each other, and vice versa.

anyways it is a pretty bad metaphor, could always just use actual magnets lol.

[Picture] Nice

[Picture] Nice

That's why you don't see alot of /sub/dankmemes mods

now this is how to protest

Hey, darth_senate69, just a quick heads-up: alot is actually spelled a lot. You can remember it by it is one lot, 'a lot'. Have a nice day!

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In America masturbation was listed as a mental illness until after 1960. Homosexuality was listed for a bit longer.

We had a terrible understanding of mental illness.

[picture] yes

[picture] yes

being gay =/= you don't have to use condoms

also trans gay people exist

Wow really who would of ever know thank you so much for enlightening me

Yeah but aids tho

I thought you fucking said band aids like it’s a substitute for condoms

[Picture] Sorry Ladies and Gents, I’m taken.

[Picture] Sorry Ladies and Gents, I’m taken.

1) Is ur username a SOPHIE reference bc I love if it is 2) ur life partner is super adorable

Aww no it’s not. I ride horses and I’m a trans guy.

Thank you! He’s the first cat I’ve ever had and my favorite pet.

Stay gold pony boi

You are valid and loved <3

Im pretty sure that having a crush on Tom Holland is gay culture lol [Picture]

Im pretty sure that having a crush on Tom Holland is gay culture lol [Picture]

Also,two things about this: he is bootylicous and second, I'm pretty that he's wearing a thong lmao.

I can see the thing now, whoa.

Hang on, need a napkin to wipe away this drool 🤤

Tom Holland is my husbando

[Picture] Accurate summary of r/LGBTeens

[Picture] Accurate summary of r/LGBTeens

I’m being b u l l i e f shshsh


I mean, we could have just made a bunch of Simpsons jokes bout you including

Hur Dur Lisa Simpson




[Non-LGBT] AganistGayMarriage is pure comedy GOLD !

[Non-LGBT] AganistGayMarriage is pure comedy GOLD !

feeling a little dizzy from the genocide of brain cells caused by reading that cancer. yeezus

1) lol

2) toxoplasma gondii does alter behaviour, but in rats, not humans. Since a significant portion of humans are infected (30-50%) we'd be seeing way more gay people if the parasite was the cause of homosexuality.

3) That poor dog will eventually get in a situation where it has to be put down, due to this idiot.

I should go on there and tell them all I’m cyber-spreading the BIG BI.

Edit: Okay done

Edit 2: I’ve angered it

Edit 3: This is hilarious.

Edit 4: I think I broke him 😂

i know this isnt /sub/biology but it is possible toxoplasma causes behavioural changes in humans. obviously not in the way the idiot in the post thinks it can but there have been some correlations between reckless behaviour (eg .in populations with high incidence of infection there is a corresponding increase in traffic accidents) aswell as some neurological problems, and infection with toxoplasma.

it also has been shown that toxoplasma affects the behaviour of chimpanzees so its not so unbelievable that it may also affect humans. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i fixed it leave me alone bot :^)

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