Robber gets robbed

So fake.

Yeah this is very fake. From the multiple random angles of people filming that exact same moment for no apparent reason, to the inserting recording artifacts to make it seem as if it was being recorded on tape instead of digital. I'm also pretty sure they are recording from just a single location which seems to be standing on the bed of a truck but change scenes by stopping recording and turning the camera to make it seem as if they are using different cameras. The bikes lights are also a big give away since the lights never go out in the video but as you can see they turn around to go the other way which would make the light scan from right to left from the bikes point of view. It doesn't do that in the next scene but instead there is a brief light flicker on the back of the trick and panning to the left as if the bike's lights was just turned on and leveled out which most likely means it was just started. You can also tell that the date/time stamp is added over top of the video and not actually on the video which is why there is some significant artifacts surrounding it.

I've never seen a CCTV that shakes.


The newborn baby of the Hungarian Anti-Vaccine Organisation's leader has died and he is now facing prison time

The newborn baby of the Hungarian Anti-Vaccine Organisation's leader has died and he is now facin...

Hey everyone, I'm hungarian, so I'm going to try to translate the article roughly.

So the father of the kid is a firm anti-vaccine advocate, flat earther, chemtrail-conspiracist (not joking, this was literally in the atricle). And the kid, after being born, didn't receive any of the vitamins and other stuff after being born, namely vitamin K, which probably caused his/her (?) death.

The kid apparently projectile vomited three times, and the mother only called the father to ask what to do with the kid, not any doctor or ambulance (by the way, the father arrived 2,5 hours after the call). At the third time the kid vomited, the mother decided to call an ambulance, but she still fought with the paramedics, apparently wanting to take the kid to the hospital herself. The kid later died a week later in the hospital, because of cerebral haemorrhage caused by vitamin K deficiency.

The father firmly believes that the hospital killed the kid brutally, and sold his organs to connected organ trafficking organizations.

EDIT: a letter

"Anti-vaxxers are a control group to prove vaccines work."

Sad that his kid had to pay for their parent's stupidity, but in the end, this is how the human species grows stronger, by preventing the ignorant to spread their seed.

The father is fucking nuts. How stupid do you have to be to prioritize your beliefs over your child's health.

Edit: One thing that pisses me off about these people is the fact that they think the doctors are out to hurt them. They took an oath to never knowingly harm a patient and do everything in their power to help the patient get better. It's mad annoying when my father has to deal with an antivaxxer and the kid ends up dying from a completely preventable disease, that then gets blamed on him. Rant over.

Arrest made after Pittsburgh woman is brutally assaulted by pizzeria employee

Arrest made after Pittsburgh woman is brutally assaulted by pizzeria employee

Excessive yes, shame the store didn't just call the police and have that woman removed instead of it escalating. I don't feel bad for her though, when told you need to leave, you need to leave.

Always call the cops. You don't get to assault someone. Although I'm having trouble racking up too much sympathy for her

"NEVER AGAIN will I come to your racist establishment where you think assaulting a black woman is okay. I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars with you. Never another penny."

Hah, why does it have to be about race like that.

Another comment stated she wanted to use the toilet but it was for paying customers only, she then bought a drink and was still refused toilet and a refund. So she was understandably pissed if that's true...

Edit: Full quote from twitter added.

Came here just to point out that stupid lady making it a race thing. Someone needs to tell her that not every event revolves around her being black. Smh

youtube cuts ties with logan paul over suicide video

youtube cuts ties with logan paul over suicide video
youtube cuts ties with logan paul over suicide video

So it took a full ten days for YouTube to take his channels out of Google Preferred videos and put him and his YouTube Red series “on hold” for the time being?

I mean, something was done (which is nice?) but obviously he brings in too many viewers to YouTube to shut him down completely.

His page has not been suspended or deleted yet.

Justice not served yet. Slap on the wrist.

That's precisely it: this wasn't a moral or ethical decision, it was an economic one. They wanted to see if they could keep their revenue stream from his channel going unmolested, so they gave it time to die down. When it wasn't looking like it would, they cut ties. It's that simple.

Lying headline is lying. Youtube did not "cut ties" with this choad.

"we will not feature Logan in Season 4 of ‘Foursome’ and his new originals are on hold.”

What they did was reduce their current level of promotion of his adolescent antics, temporarily. His upcoming idiocracy segments are "on hold." They will wait a few weeks, and then renew the exploitation of this genre of juvenile pablum to be lapped up by the drooling toothless masses once again, for the cheap lulz and easy bucks.

Parking in a handicap spot without a tag

This is definitely staged.

I love how the cop is just standing there like, "yup, those are sticky notes alright"

I really wanted to see him drive off

Edit: Ok people I saw

It is. Its from a Brazilian comedy channel

Waiting for someone? Wait outside!

That is some sweet justice. You don't hold up any emergency service vehicles or public transport, especially not a train, which will most likely cause more than that one train to be delayed.

In fact, you don't hold anyone up if it is for purely selfish reasons.

She was standing there long enough that someone whipped out a phone and started recording. What's in her head, that she thinks she has a right to delay an entire train system?

I'm waiting on my asshole friend, so let's delay the employees, the people on the train, and all the people who are going to get on it the whole rest of the day. Some people are either oblivious or assholes...or so oblivious they become assholes.

This is how I feel about drivers who plug up lanes to make illegal turns. Just go around the block...you don't get to hold up 40 people because you need to turn.

Terrorist gets shot in the leg after shooting at a church in Egypt, a 52 year old veteran runs up to him and grabs his assault rifle seconds before other civilians jump in.

Terrorist gets shot in the leg after shooting at a church in Egypt, a 52 year old veteran runs up...

Good for them, that first guy running out had balls.

Worst video taker ever though, even without the vertical video.

Tip: if you're videoing something on a high zoom try and touch a part of the phone to something solid, as long as there is one reference point, just a corner or half way along an edge, it will MASSIVELY help to keep the image stable.

Tip 2: try and keep the thing you're filming in the frame.

I have stabilized the video for you: https://streamable.com/rd2lm

It took 205 seconds to process and 4 seconds to upload.

 how to use | programmer | source code | /sub/imagestabilization | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

Yeah that was the first thought during the Terror attack. Video quality.

I will be sure to remember your video-taking tips when there is a terrorist attack happening just thirty feet in front of me. Thanks.

Why isn't this cop in the NFL

Why isn't this cop in the NFL
this guy.

From the post title, I totally thought it was going to be

This guy was not pedalling in any kind of urgency. Worst thief ever.

If I remember correctly the dude stole the bike. And I think he was known by the local cops, had warrants.

does anyone know what the backstory is? As fun as tackling people riding bikes is, generally a reason is necessary.

Trying to kick a dog.

Damn those dogs ride or die together, I like how the smallest one lead the charge lol.

When I was in Puerto Rico there were a lot of wild dogs wandering around like this. My boyfriend said it was because there's nowhere for the dogs to disperse like on the mainland, so when people dump strays they form into packs and just hang out all day.

What kind of fucking asshole tries to kick a dog?

Got a new dog recently. She weighs eleven pounds. She seems to feel it's her duty to protect my forty pound dog from other dogs.

Okay! I'm a Bitch!

Okay! I'm a Bitch!

Sir, you forgot your hat. And your dignity.

Lmfao this was fucking hilarious. He wasn't even trying to fight he just got fed up with the drunk retard screaming you're a bitch in his face.

He missed the golden opportunity of saying "who's the bitch now". Man, I haven't felt so satisfied with one of these videos in a while.

Sir Bitch, you forgot your hat. And your dignity.

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