Trinity Wallet Update - 19th March

Trinity Wallet Update - 19th March

'Ere me now. Here's the work completed by the Trinity team over the past week.


Add iOS native address generation to snapshot transition function Finish implementation of new seed encryption schema Improve two-factor authentication key encryption Hide send max toggle on 0 balance Update loading animation Increase text input touch radius Add custom toggle component Add checksum to seed reentry page Fix 2FA crash Fix Android icon misrender bug Fix denomination reset on send transfer error Fix transaction message display bug Replace app icon on Android/iOS Update settings UI Update progress bar UI Update manual promotion/rebroadcast UI


Wallet setup UI overhaul Add page transitions Add transaction deep-linking General bug fixes


Fix slow load bug Fix slow transaction history polling bug Fix number/symbol account name bug Add first unused address to store on initial load Add support for Greek Add greater translation coverage Code refactoring Add test coverage Update light and dark themes

Todo (not exhaustive):

Android native address generation Further code refactoring and test coverage Other bug fixes Adjust tryte conversion scope/optimise conversion In-app bug reporting

Thank you for the update and the good work!

this is gonna be a killer wallet

Looking like most of these details are just the final touches to make this wallet the best possible. Thanks for the update!

Looks almost done! Great Job! Looking forward to release

Thank you IOTA team!

Thank you IOTA team!

Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you All for amazing job you are doing and say: good luck on Bosch connected world during upcoming days.

Dom, you are great speaker and it is obvious you quickly gained experience to be top-tier presenter competing with guys like Dr. Rolf Werner (competing in a good way). You'll accomplish groundbreaking things and I feel that this is just the start of something bigger than just "another promising project" Go get 'em tiger, you deserve this ;).

I'm happy to be a witness to something that makes sense after all these years in crypto space (finally) and I hope you will continue your jurney no matter what. You have a chance to change this world in a possitive way and we all know you will, don't ever let envious, greedy dumb fucks cloud your vision.

God damn...right now I'm just little sorry I didn' t choose more tech-savy field so I could contribute something more meaningful than just warm words of thanks :) Once again, good luck team and have a nice day!

Looking forward to 2018


& years to come after 2018, fingers crossed ;)

I am glad that I found Reddit and IOTA! Thank you Redditor for the kind words.

IOTA at Bosch Connect World 2018!

IOTA at Bosch Connect World 2018!

Introducing: The Box!

CfB will pop out in birthday suit and make Q announcement. /s

We will see. I don't expect news from this event. Just bringing IOTA more into the corporate world :)


We need to up our game guys!! Everyone that see this post, do your duty and vote! Takes some seconds. Link in comments. #IOTASTRONG

We need to up our game guys!! Everyone that see this post, do your duty and vote! Takes some seconds. Link in comments. #IOTASTRONG

That's just embarrassing that IOTA is even competing with crap coins like this, IOTA shouldn't even need to be voted in, a superior project scope like this should have exchanges begging IOTA. I've voted but don't worry, IOTA will be one of the first to get adopted, strong we will be.

Vote here:

You need to verify by email.

Come on guys, we are 3500 members online at the moment. If you invest in IOTA, you should vote.

Edit 1: Good job! We are closing in!! 250 votes behind #5! Keep it up!

Edit 2: 200 votes to #5!!

Edit 3: 15 more!!

Edit 4: We er now in #5, 200 more votes to #4!!

Edit 5: 20 more votes for next milestone, #4!!

Edit 6: We are 3rd!! 1000 votes to 2nd!


We fight against windmiles ... smells like manipulation

IOTA Hodler Call To Arms!!! - Vote for IOTA

IOTA Hodler Call To Arms!!! - Vote for IOTA

Don't forget to click the link you will receive in your mail to actually vote!

I just got my sister, my mom and my grandma to vote. You should do your duty also!


Lol we got like one of the biggest cryptosubreddits - should be at #1 with no problems.

made 100 new email accounts to vote

After Taiwan, something big with IOTA is happening in Seoul guys!

After Taiwan, something big with IOTA is happening in Seoul guys!

Someone asked Dom on discord about present involvements with Seoul and he denied it very explicitly ! I'm sure you meant good but rumors based of photo collages like this are actually harmful for the credibility of the project :)

Haha I almost didn't see the copy note at the bottom of your post... Was reading through like "damn, this guy either really likes Per or just actually is Per" xD

Yeah somehow i don't know what to think about him. His tweets were missleading a couple of times. i remember when he posted that he would talk with dom in russia and none from the foundation knew about it and dom or david (i dont know who of them) had to denie it.

Per Lind twitters much during a long day...

IOTA Flash Channels Hackathon Winners Announced!

IOTA Flash Channels Hackathon Winners Announced!

Woah, some really cool projects in here. FogNet decentralized, bluetooth mesh internet. Isn't this like the next big product arc they're doing in the show Silicon Valley?

Nice to see innovation being push forward

This level of innovation amongst a community is a very rare thing, it's the clearest indication that iota's potential use cases are endless and it truly is a key into the future.

These projects are awesome.

I am really interested in the #5. Being able to sell my data is a great idea and it would be so empowering to consumers and to advertisers.

I can honestly see this concept disrupt the advertisement industry.

NELSON 0.4.0 /w GUI 0.2.0 Released!

NELSON 0.4.0 /w GUI 0.2.0 Released!

Thanks Roman. Hope it fixes my issue of Bolero just freezing.

Awesome, great work Roman!

I've been running my Nelson for a while now on Docker but I still can't figure out the docker command line options for launching the GUI. My Nelson is configured based off the Docker launch commands on the Github.... I think the issue is nelson.gui tries to point to localhost and I just need to type in my actual local IP as opposed to localhost, but am too much of a newb to figure out the right launch options

Oyster Pearl Update - 300 New Nelson / PRL Hooknodes!

Oyster Pearl Update - 300 New Nelson / PRL Hooknodes!
Oyster Pearl Update - 300 New Nelson / PRL Hooknodes!

This is great! Tangle is growing.

Awesome, this could be a very powerful alliance! When my iota node can become an Oyster node, I will upgrade for sure, to support Oyster too!

oh node you didn't! (my new catchphrase)

Soon (tm).

No, really, you'll probably be able to so in the coming few weeks :).

Kontrol Energy enters into Agreement to Acquire Strategic Blockchain Software Firm, Enters IOTA Cryptocurrency Sector and announces $10 Million Financing

Kontrol Energy enters into Agreement to Acquire Strategic Blockchain Software Firm, Enters IOTA C...

Peer to Peer marketplace functionality for energy savings, carbon monetization and data analytics

Crypto/token/fiat wallet (allows conversion between currencies)

Those are two amazing excerpts from the article. IOTA is branching into all sectors with real world use cases and backing by large corporations.

That's right...Iota's presence keeps growing and growing with incredible use cases. Someone should write a post highlighting all the countries Iota are working within as well as all of the big corporates who are now connected with Iota. It will be a big post...the Iota team have been busy.

Price per coin is irrelevant. IOTA has a higher market cap. That being said, these markets are irrational and we're paying the price right now with this correction.

This is more great news for Iota. More real world adoption :-)

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