Spatula Tongs

DAMNIT! Another stupid easy invention I should have thought of...


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The crazy Russian hacker tested this recently. I wanted one until I saw him use it. Starts about 720


Power broom

That looks like the same Echo series I own (detachable heads). For those of you who fall in love with it (Echo does kick some serious ass), make sure you look at power requirements for various attachments you may want. The basic power unit (the only one Home Depot sells) doesn't cut it for bigger items like this or the dethacher.

Looks like it should tear up your grass, but it isn’t. Maaaagic.

Seems like the kind of thing that requires safety goggles.

Oddly satisfying to watch, lol

The spoon that doesn't spill [x-post r/interestingasfuck]

The spoon that doesn't spill [x-post r/interestingasfuck]

It's a spoon for people with tremors or individuals that don't have the flexibility in their arm/wrist to eat with normal spoon/forks.

I watched that like 3 or 4 times just for that smile! Awesome

Legitimate Question - if the bowl always stays level, how does one SCOOP? Is there perhaps a button to press that locks the flex joint while engaged?

This is the Liftware Level, which compensates for people without proper motor controls. The company makes another product, Liftware Steady, that compensates for tremors.

Both products have swappable heads, so you can have spoon, soup spoon, fork, or spork.

Verily is a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google's parent company.

Disclaimer: I am a Google employee, although I don't work for Verily.

This magnetically levitating solar-powered Mendocino motor

A Mendocino motor works by generating alternating magnetic fields as it spins.

Purchase link:

There is a solar panel all around the cylinder linked to copper coils that convert the generated electricity into a magnetic field. This field moves the rotor relative to the magnets it's levitating above, also moving the solar panel from a position facing up ^ to facing the side >.

Rotating the cylinder turns another solar panel to face up though, which triggers another reaction of generating a magnetic field and spinning the cylinder further.

That happens faster and faster (with very little friction due to the levitation) until the rotor is spinning very quickly. And it will keep spinning forever as long as there is light for the panels to convert into electricity!

Goodyear's had this concept for magnetically levitated spherical wheels for a while, and they wouldn't need to generate the electricity internally.

I've got one of these! Not this exact one, but same principle. It sits by the windowsill and will self-start in the morning if sunlight hits it, then twiddle away all day.

If the sunlight is too strong though it gets up to a crazy speed, mine has this propeller on the end which I think is supposed to provide some resistance and limit the max RPM, but on more than one occasion it's gone flying off the stand as it's not perfectly balanced and certain speeds cause oscillations.

Does it have an practical applications or just look cool?

Presumably to mount in a frame to actually drive something would end up covering over the cells so they can't generate the rotor field

Watch with custom time

Watch with custom time


haha swearing makes it funny lmao

I thought that’s where I was until I saw this comment...

I actually need this so I can feel a sense of urgency when my watch is telling me, “BITCH, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE, ITS 7:30!!!”

This watch tells time with a single hand

This watch tells time with a single hand

It's from an Indiegogo project called the SNGLRTY. Apparently the concept is unique enough they were able to patent it. Here is the link

Rubberband gun ejects clips like the M1 Garand

Rubberband gun ejects clips like the M1 Garand


This was cool while watching. But then they loaded the clip that easily and my mind exploded. I want this!

Someone who actually knows what a clip is. Thank god

First I have to say that everything I know about guns I learned from YouTube, and have no hands on experience, so this might not be the best explanation.

A magazine is the structure to the gun that holds the cartridges in a manner that allows them to feed into the chamber and to be discharged. This can either be an internal component of the gun, or detachable.

A clip is a small piece of metal that holds a group of cartridges so that the are ready to be inserted into the internal magazine of a firearm.

An internal magazine would be found in older guns such as the M1 Garand or Lee Enfield rifle varients.

Detachable magazine are more modern an example would be the AR-15 rifle, SKS rifle variants and just about any auto loading pistol that is loaded through the hand grip.

Cat tunnel and tent to give cats the security of the indoors, but a preview of the outdoors

Cat tunnel and tent to give cats the security of the indoors, but a preview of the outdoors

The shit people do for animals lol. Better than not going outside at all

This is cool but wouldn't the cats claw through the mesh?

I already have a cat, hes 9 years old, lives in an urban area and doing just fine thank you.

That seems crazy and kinda cruel to me. Put a bell on it for birds and the rest is just part and parcel of being an animal.

(our house is home to a large black burmese BTW)

Balloon substitute! Need it right now

You can have the bunny ears while i get the vortex cannon in the back

Omg that is the cutest little girl ever

Dr. Cortex into the Vortex

Where can I purchase this? My cat loves bubbles and would be great if he doesn’t eat it

Whirpool Fountain

this was also very satisfying to watch

While not the one in the video, here is a similar whirlpool fountain $149.



And Is the DIY version with a twist

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