Reddit Snoo InkBox Semi-Permanent Tattoo that develops over 12 hours and lasts 2 weeks

So girls know to stay away from you.

Why would I ever want a reddit tattoo?

The value in a tattoo like this is that you can try out tattoos before they're permanently embedded in your skin.

It lasts for "8-18 days" according to their site, and takes 12 hours to fully develop on the skin, since it's "acting with organic compounds to change your skin's colour dark blue/black," not just leaving a printed layer on top like normal temp tattoos.

A traditional tattoo leaves ink in the dermis layer of skin, this formula just changes the color of the epidermis, so it'll fade over the course of a few weeks.

Name: "InkBox Semi-Permanent Tattoo"

$15-$26 depending on design (custom designs go from $23 to $33)

Company Site:

Custom Designs:

A guy from InkBox was commenting on the Temp Tattoo Printer post I made 3 weeks ago, and since I've been following their company since it was on Kickstarter I asked if he'd be okay with me making a post about it. I said if they did the Reddit Snoo as an example that'd be pretty cool.

I forget his username, but he'll pop in the thread at some point I think.

Hey, thanks for the post! I reached out to H720 and he recommended we do The Snoo (it was captured over the course of two weeks and made using our custom tattoo maker -

We made a special coupon code for /sub/ineeeedit , just use REDDIT20 on and you'll get 20% off your order!"

Flashlight with adjustable intensity

Flashlight with adjustable intensity

What changes in that gif is not the intensity.

Its the angle.

Unless that's a copy cat product that would definitely be a Luxor 2 flashlight. It actually has a lot more functions than that but the self-adjusting light is definitely my favorite one.

This is the Luxor flashlight from Kickstarter. It uses multiple LEDs, each with fixed focus to simulate adjustable focus with no moving parts. Several other flashlights combine multiple emitters to offer flood and throw options, but usually not with controls that try to simulate a zoom function.

My choice for something like this would probably be the Eagletac PX30LC2-DR, which is considerably more pocketable, uses a standard 18650-size Li-ion battery instead of a proprietary pouch cell and offers the option of a color-accurate Nichia 219C LED. Color accuracy does more for your ability to see clearly than a few more lumens.

But for the most part, a simple, single-emitter, fixed-focus flashlight is fine; if you really want the option, get one with more throw and add a diffuser if you want a lot of flood.

Satisfying Exfoliant Foot Peel

It's a great product! A helpful hint I learned: be sure to keep moisturizing your feet in between peels since your new skin is ultra sensitive.

Does this hurt, though?

Because it did hurt to watch.

But maybe I'm just sensitive.

Oh no

Dermatologist told my wife not to use it too often. It's gererally acid. Once a year is OK, once a month is not.

Parchment Paper Toaster Bags for making melts and paninis in the toaster

Name: "Toaster Bags"

Purchase Link:

They're a pretty simple invention, bags made out of parchment paper. Parchment paper won't burn in the oven or toaster, for those who don't know.

You can basically use these bags to heat up anything, not just sandwiches. Fries, leftover pizza, cookies; foods that would normally mess up your toaster these bags handle well.

Please do not try to toast soup.

Source Video:

That seems like an unnecessary amount of cheese.

It's the perfect amount if you're making a 4-Cheese Grilled Cheese.

Perhaps a 1-Cheese Grilled Cheese is best for you.

Mechanical Exoskeleton Suit

Oh, I'm sure it alters your strength. I'm pretty sure you would effectively be weaker and slower with this thing.

One step closer to Gundam's. I love it!

Isn't it just a puppet if it doesn't alter your strength in some way?

Pacific Rim here we come.

Motorized Rideable Luggage (that is also TSA compliant)

I can't imagine how little space this would have or its weight.

If you go read the comments in the campaign, TSA is not allowing these through security. Compliant does not equal approved.

Yea when TSA inevitably says that's not going on the plane, you have 3 options.

Trash your $1300 bag

Miss your flight

Argue with TSA, get arrested, trash your $1300 bag, and miss your flight

20lbs is not great for a normal suitcase. That is ridiculously heavy for an empty bag. $1300 is also ridiculously expensive for 1 piece of carry-on luggage. And for what benefit? To save you the effort of walking for 10-15 minutes tops half of which will be augmented by moving walkways anyway.

This thing is a novelty that will only be purchased by people who don’t travel regularly and have more money than sense.

Infinity cave portal

I need a build guide

I like that they turned it so we could see that it wasn't really an infinitely long tunnel.

Available on Think geek for $24.99, 'Infinite Dungeon Corridor'.

For the truly efficient: A spinning finger that swipes right on 6,000 Tinder matches per hour

Name: "Tinda Finger"


Kickstarter (Fully Funded):


I could see it being a fun gag gift, but the whole promotional video sold it like this was some profound invention and it was hilarious to me.

A lot of users are saying it could really mess up your charging port from all the shaking, and one said it did break his, so keep that in mind.

Also keep in mind this is just some Kickstarter, and it doesn't look like these guys are too serious about the project. Delivery dates may vary considerably, so don't bank on this as a gag Christmas gift. They don't list any delivery date.

Now we wait for Tinder to automatically shadow ban users who do this. Or maybe they already do.

Your chances of getting laid go up a whole percentage point!

*Getting matched.

Telling anyone you own this will decrease any chances of sex for sure.

Bioluminescent Phytoplankton Aquarium

Name: "BioPop Dino Sphere"


Purchase Link:

This is a glass sphere filled with dinoflagellates. They are phytoplankton (single-celled plants) that glow when shaken.

The energy they need comes from sunlight and a food mixture that you give them. As long as you don't expose them to harsh cold or heat, and keep feeding them, the colony should last forever.

It makes a really great gift to teach kids about caring for a pet and spark a love of science and nature in them.

I swam in a bioluminescent bay once. You could see the glow of all the ocean creatures swimming around you. Scary as shit.

But plants do not produce nitrogen, they consume it.

With the proper care dinoflagellates have the potential to live indefinitely.

Dinos require:

Moderate lighting 8-14 hours a day Moderate temperature, ideal 69° F (range 63° F – 77° F) or 20° C (range 17° C to 25° C) Small, regular feedings (beneficial for optimal health)

With small feedings of Dino Nutrients (for the Dino Sphere) every 7-10 days, your dinos can potentially reproduce indefinitely.

From their site

App that allows you to listen to your tv wirelessly

It's actually more than just an app. It uses a small box to feed the audio signal to the app. It's called CloviFi

Some Roku models do this; there's a headphone jack in the Roku remote and anything played on the Roku (Netflix, Plex, whatever) will send its audio over to your headset. (I say 'some' models because I know mine has this but I don't know that every model does).


if you use the Roku app you can do this with any model.

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