Girl From Latvia Has Rescued 350 Homeless Cats in the Last 2 years

Girl From Latvia Has Rescued 350 Homeless Cats in the Last 2 years
Girl From Latvia Has Rescued 350 Homeless Cats in the Last 2 years

Gallowboob + hot chick + 350 cats = straight to the top. You've found the formulas my friend.

Edit: My most upvoted comment on any of my Reddit accounts ever is about gallowboob. 😁😕😔

The girl's story is worth spreading. If it was a weak attempt at being bro I doubt her physical appearance would help her cause.

Working student Zanda Indriksone started helping homeless and abandoned cats about two years ago. Although not in high school or university she did not study about animals in depth, she got knowledge about cats, their nature and health from her own experience. During all this time she helped more than 350 cats.

"For example , I am going down the street - when I see a cat, I just can not pass away," says Zanda, and it could happen any day. "The first thing I do is take the cat to the vet so the vet could check cat's health and determine cats age," explains Zanda the first steps after she finds small animals. Thankfully she is not alone in this process, because volunteers also started to help and provide temporary homes for cats.

How long a cat stays in temporary home depends on each cat's condition. "If cats condition is good and the cat is healthy, there can be a chance to find a home within half an hour. This mainly happens in the summer. Longest time cat spent in temporary home was about a month, but this when cat required special treatment." comments Zanda.

Currently Zanda also became a member of the non-profit cat protection organization - Cat Care Community who are building wooden houses for homeless cats in Riga and other Latvian cities.

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Holy shit, you're not a bot!

Don't fall for it. Is politoburo trying trick you into come to Latvia. Then steal potato

[GIF] Volunteers save dog trapped in a tank. (via /sub/IndiaNonPolitical)

I know I can't expect every dog ever to be okay, but it still makes me so goddamn happy watching these videos where they are rescued!

It’s depressing thinking that thing was just sitting there. Literally nothing it could do but sit there. Thank god for these people

Probably barking pitifully once every 30 seconds.

Heartless humans caught trying to drown dog

Unconscious Doggo revived by the Good Guys.

That is an oxygen mask especially made for animals, by the way. Glad to see their FD is prepared to save animals from smoke inhalation.

damn, thought about this being my puppy and teared up. good stuff.

I had to talk to my boss this morning about taking my dog to the vet to have some cancerous tumors removed. Which he agreed to.

He just called me about 20 minutes ago bitching that I wasn't at work and asked, "who did you talk to about this??"

Gotta be fucking kidding me...

Edit: they were mast cell tumors. The vet thinks she'll make a full recovery. Doggo is doing good atm.

Yep, definitely noticed the mask. Well prepared.


Antelope rescued from a barbed wire fence

No thank you? That antelope needs to learn from the octopus.

I love the storm going on in the back. Makes it feel like a rush against time. Like an action movie or some shit.

Maybe some, but certainly not this one. Better to be safe than sorry anyway when your existence is just escaping a large variety of predators over and over again.

Ikr? Our octupus friend said ty, the least the antelope could've done is turn around and with it's hoof, blown a ty kiss back. I'm disappointed in the antelope, and my admiration for Oliver the Octupus has risen.

Street dogs and people wait together for the storm to pass during heavy rain and floods in Istanbul today

Street dogs and people wait together for the storm to pass during heavy rain and floods in Istanbul today

wow. these are some really well behaved street dogs compared to the ones in india which will eat everything... even you.

Yeah the municipality vets collect, tag, vaccinate, castrate them and then they take them back. Then the whole neighborhood overfeeds for their whole life.

The street dogs are so chill. If I'm not mistaken, most (if not all) are tagged and have their shots. When my friend and I went we befriended quite a few. Also none that I saw looked malnourished

I've been to Istanbul and met some of these guys! (Not these exact ones, but other street dogs.)

From what I've seen, they're super chill and people take care of them. I was staying at a university for most of my time there, and there was one dog who would hang around outside the dorm, just napping in the sun and letting people pet him.

There were also a bunch of stray cats, some of whom would try to sneak into the cafeterias and try to charm you out of your food. But mostly they just napped around campus and occasionally demanded pets and food.

Mostly, there was kinda a mutual casual disregard between students and animals. Like roommates that aren't particularly chatty, they just carried on their lives, sharing space. Not in an uncomfortable or cruel way (the dogs and cats were definitely well fed), but in a quiet acceptance sort of way.

And I think this picture captures it well. In America, those dogs would probably be getting a lot of attention or the dogs would look uncomfortable either about the storm or the people. Or someone would be making a fuss about them being there. But instead they're just there, sharing space, sharing in safety and warmth and a quiet companionship.

Beached octopus thanks rescuer

That man has been marked and won't get devoured by the kraken when the end of days comes around

It looks like you're interested in everybody's favourite cephalopod. Did you know that octopuses have individual behaviours that are distinct and complex enough that researchers consid...

This bot was created to share the remarkable complexity of the cognitive lives of octopuses. If you have any comments or suggestions, please reply to this comment

"You may be deformed, with your paltry four appendages, but you are now an honorary Octopus."

“But now, increasingly, researchers who study octopuses are convinced that these boneless, alien ...

Just a guy giving a homeless guy some food.

Just a guy giving a homeless guy some food.

Varys ain't doing so well.

is this Birmingham?

This is 100% New Street.

Having seen so many "professional" beggars / scammers turned me way too cynic to give anything. Pretty sad.

Alert bus driver, Duane Butler, helps a lost boy be reunited with his family

Father of 3 children here, all of whom learned to break out from their cribs almost as soon as they could walk. This man is a great human.

On a handful of occasions I've either woken up just in time to keep my escaped toddler from falling down some stairs, or come home to find my kid standing in the street after putting their caretaker to sleep during an attempted nap.

I'm a good parent, so is my wife, and so are my parents and in-laws. But you can't do it all, and it takes very little for a kid to get themselves into some serious trouble at this age.

The other day, I walking into Kmart and noticed a little boy about this age walking in the opposite direction, alone. Parents recognize the danger in lots of places it's not needed, like a parent just letting their kid walk ahead of them a bit. So I stopped and waited, and sure enough, the kid was alone and starting to cry, by walking directly for the parking lot.

I'm a brown guy, and I'm cautious of picking up strangers kids so as not to alarm anyone, but I knew it would only take a moment for the parent to figure it out. Sure enough, only took about 90 seconds for the worried parent to come trotting around the corner. Fortunately, because I'm a parent and have had it happen to me, I was not judging the guy, smiled and told him I remember those years...

But it only takes a few moments out of your day, and could mean a child doesn't have a terrible accident. It's worth the risk of getting a dirty look from a judgey parent to double-check a kid is safe.

Edit: Thanks for the gold!

It's worth noting that the kid climbed out of his house, all by himself, on Independence Day.

You're a good person and parent!


Sharing is caring

What no comment about the dangers of sharing bacteria from a medical student? No comment about giving animals fattening food is abuse? Come on Reddit, this isn't like you!


Medical student here. Having a pet from a young age actually helps build immunity and can protect against developing allergies and hypersensitive conditions like asthma (granted, if you already have asthma then a pet won't help at all).

Edit: did not expect so many people to comment about Toxoplasmosis. Glad we've done parasitology already 😅. Yes, cats are potential carriers of T. gondii, but so are humans and other animals. Outside cats are definitely at a greater risk of being infected with T. gondii, but house cats that aren't fed raw meat and don't hunt can't easily be infected with and transmit the parasite. Cats don't carry the parasite in their fur, and their saliva isn't usually infectious. If you were to handle the faeces of an infected cat then you would be at risk of infection.

Good hygiene practice, such as washing your hands (or in this case face) after contact with a cat is highly effective prevention. It's also advised to wash fruit and veg, avoid consuming raw/undercooked meat and wash your hands after working with soil (activities such as gardening). In the USA, people are far more likely to be infected by eating raw meat or unwashed produce than handling a cat.

In developed countries such as the USA prevalence has greatly decreased, although developing countries with limited access to clean water are at higher risk of active infection.

Disclaimer: Still a student, so anything I've missed or left out I'll happily be corrected on. I'm not from the USA, just mentioned the US as it's the readily available example.

The cat is also being a bro by not just taking the entire thing.

Family helps a beached dolphin get back to the water

Was it just me or did it seem like it took them a really long time to let go of the dolphin?

Kind of looks like it just turned right back towards the beach at the end.

That dolphin could probably hold the camera more steady than this person.

I think he was trying to get deeper into the water. It must've been a little difficult without having his hands available to move through water that's pushing against him.

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