Guy stops thief

Smart people have jobs.

Just put your wallet in your front pocket. It's better for your back anyway.

Why would the thief do this in plain sight? The women in the back noticed hence why they were putting away their belongings, that just seems poorly planned.

Oh, I thought they were putting one of the purses into the bigger purse... would make more sense though because they both have big purses. Derp. Sorry.

Get to save a life and kick a guy in the end. Win/Win.

They stopped them from having a metal spike to the head. Likely saving their life.

I obviously can't see it from the train person's angle but it sort of looked like he just got kicked in the head. I don't know about saving...

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took a steel tipped boot to the head.

6 minute video explaining a 4 second gif?

Ain't no body got time for that.

Whats the short and skinny on the story, slick?

*edit: Ok thanks everyone for the skinny on the story. No more skinny needed. Have a good day!

Canadians wildly celebrating in the street but only while the light is red

I have a funny traffic light story from the last time I visited Canada.

I was attending my sister's graduation and I'd been watching some football in the hotel bar and stepped out onto the sidewalk for a cigarette. As I'm standing there, a big ass truck pulls up to the red lights at an intersection. Driver rolls down his window and looks straight at me.

"How ya doin'?"

I'd been living in London for the past two years, so this kind of interaction in public is usually cause for concern. My immediate thought was to assess whether this person was mentally handicapped or not, but he clearly wasn't. Was he trying to rob me? No that's silly he's in a truck....

"Uh, not too bad. Yourself?"

"Oh can't complain, and even if I did they wouldn't listen!"

I nervously laugh in response. He keeps going.

"Not from around here, are ya?"

"No, in town for graduation at the college."

"Oh who's graduatin'?"

"My sister."

"Well congratulations to the little lady!" The light goes green. "Have a great day!" He gave a little toot on his car horn and then drove off into the Great White North.

God bless Canadians.

Dude. My first experience with Canadians was in 2009. I was 19, had never left the U.S, and my hubby (then boyfriend) and I were on this epic road trip to Alaska. Decided to camp in order to save money, even though it was march and there was still snow on the ground. The next morning, we were awakened to this call "Hey tent people! We got coffee and oatmeal in the camper if you want sooooome!!" So we trudged our asses through the snow and up a hill to have coffee and oatmeal and pleasant conversation with some of the nicest strangers I've ever met. Canadians are the best bros.

I was getting my pitchfork ready, until I realised it's the same user.

Somebody obviously called out "car".

A letter from the city of New Orleans to the people of Texas. Back of the Oct Texas monthly magazine

A letter from the city of New Orleans to the people of Texas. Back of the Oct Texas monthly magazine

Very well written. Reminded me that "I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING"

That's lovely

Yea, it was apparently posted to the Houston chronicle newspaper. It was from the New Orleans tourism marketing Corp.

That warmed my cold dead heart.

Rescuing a cat

I'm glad he did it, but wearing a massive helmet in a water rescue doesn't feel like a great idea.

You never know what a cat is capable of.

These are nice because it's simply two people working together to save a cat.

They didn't have to save it. They didn't have to do it together. These threads make me hope that if I'm ever in a situation like this, I would do the right thing and find a way to help too.

What if the cat took the helmet away from him and rode it downstream?

My barber just charged this guy 5$ (1/2 price) for a haircut, opened the door for him and walked him to his car.

My barber just charged this guy 5$ (1/2 price) for a haircut, opened the door for him and walked him to his car.

This is a prime example of what I consider to be an everyday hero. It's not the traditional vision of a hero - one who risks himself to do a great deed; rather, it is a quieter, more humble version. In ways we don't always imagine, all of us have the capacity to be heroes.

If you happen to be nice to someone on a day when everything is going wrong, you'll be a hero. If you give a hand to someone who's always been too timid to ask for help, you'll be a hero. If you be a friend who sticks around to listen to someone during one of their most vulnerable times, you'll be a hero.

Even if the action is small, sometimes it can be exactly what's needed. Sometimes a word or two can be what saves someone's life.

So recall the times that you've done something for someone in their time of need. You made that impact on their life. You were their hero. Yes, you.

That power is inside all of us. It's a simple power, really. We may never be quite the heroes that we read about in the news or imagine in our wild fantasies, but this power is exactly what we need to be everyday heroes. And frankly, that in itself is a gift of the highest order.

Edit: thank you kindly for doing this, /u/CASTERNPOLLOX! I greatly appreciate it. :)

It was low key, quiet action too. He didn't even mention it to the guy just said "let me get you your change"

Philomath Oregon. And it's a full meal deal, he puts some stuff that smells like a grandpa in your hair and give your scalp a quick rub down. Great guy.

That's awesome!

But, where the hell does a barber charge $10?

Sign in Dallas

Sign in Dallas

Great idea, a simple uncomplicated way to be charitable, I hope this inspires more people to something similar.

Until someone who really needs help take em all and sell it in a thrift store.

But but but no one is cold in Dallas currently.

What's the point of the weird O in "do"?

Shop assistant to the rescue

That look she gives the dad right after. That lady is awesome!

Dad's Reflexes: ★☆☆☆☆

"The fuck is wrong with you?"

"If I could rate this NO STARS, I WOULD!"

Wholesome man keeping wife's legacy alive.

Wholesome man keeping wife's legacy alive.

I love how he says his "birbs" won't bite they just want head scratches and love

I think I love this so much more because he calls them "birbs" the whole time. What a sweet guy.

Warmed my heart and broke it all in one go. What a lovely guy

One could say he's subirb

Edit: thanks guys :3

Carp displaced by hurricane Harvey returned home by a bro

The fish is a Grass Carp, they were introduced in the 1960's to control weeds. 45 States still plant Grass Carp as they are an introduced species not an invasive species. These fish are not as destructive as Asian Carp as many people are claiming in this thread and benefit many lakes from being choked out by weeds.

Yeah I used to live near asian carp. During mating season they would turn our smaller rivers into a god damn Jacuzzi. You'd see more fish than water.

Also that's the calmest fish I've ever seen. Especially since the guy is holding him by the gills and it was bleeding a bit.

I bet all the fish are super confused!

This isn't my beautiful home! This isn't my beautiful wife!

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