Mod abuse is real and there are new victims everyday

"Everyday" means ordinary and run of the mill, whereas "every day" means occurring daily.

I'm ready for the mod abuse this comment will bring.

Are you sure

Aaaaaaaand begin comments about actor's checkered past........ Now.

Did you just forget punctuation

When my kids asked if I've ever played Chutes and Ladders

Love that you are still doing this

I find myself watching Arsenio as much as I was Macho Man in these most recent gifs.


Cream of the crop, always will rise to the top.

Snakes and Ladders?

I hear he's a dick

Man, this sub. When I subscribed I had no idea I'd have to catch up on a lore.

Hike up your pants, this ain't no cake walk



a clue

And here I thought there was absolutely no way this wasn't going to end up a dickbutt

We've been bamboozled my friend.

I have a theory that this is only one of se7en meme related gifs to come out of this guy in the next week.

here is just the "you're welcome" part if anyone ever wants it


Darth Vader disciplines his daughter

That's a lot of tragedy wrapped up in that gif lol

"One of these days, Leia... Pow! Right to the moon!"

"That's no moon..."

Not at that moment. In ROTJ he found out about Luke's 'sister' by reading his feelings or something like that but it seemed like Vader still didn't know who the sister was. At least that's how I took it

So Vader didn't know she was his daughter at this moment, right? Did he ever know?

There's no nobility in low karma. I've been a poor man, and I've been a rich man, and I choose rich every time. [OC]

There's no nobility in low karma. I've been a poor man, and I've been a rich man, and I choose ri...

That was a solid gif, just remember next time to crop off the black bars as they waste space and don't look very good. Also, you don't need to put an [OC] tag in the title. Everything in this sub is OC.

Just wanted to add that I was gifted gold for this. My plan worked

I think the (oc) adds to the gif based on context

When someone tells me I post too many dickbutt gifs

Just some experimentation with rigging and animation in Element 3D, instead of keyframing the deform settings like I've done before.

I decided to turn it in to a shitpost as I thought the was hilariously bad.

inb4 "obviously OP cares because he made a gif of it" bullshit

Dat dick twitch doe.

Well, obviously OP cares because he made a gif of it.

Down-voting for self defence

Bollocks. I just noticed I uploaded the version with the sign a little messed up. Reposters, use instead.

That doesn't mean repost it here, you idiots. I've already removed two posts. If you post here, it needs to be your oc

Is it just me or did he fire a double barreled shotgun 3 times?

In shitpost 6115n2, when Moe shoots a double barrelled shotgun, he shoots the same gun in succession, yet he fires three clearly different shots. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is a magic shotgun, or something? Ha ha, boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

The Matrix: Reposted


I actually made the fight scene, but the downvote arrows are made for imgur and are red.

Your work is understated, well-chosen, delightful, and well-produced.


Team Gif Battles are starting up again and no one want's to be with /u/deadlypinfish

You've captured the very essence of what it is to make gifs, with one of my all time favorite movies

/u/deadlypinfish /u/rooster_86

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