MRW I made round 2 of the gif tournament, but remember the theme is 90's boy bands.

Son. Of. A. Bitch.

HOW could I have not seen this coming.. the shirts are all SPOTLESS!

It loops perfectly with Craig Robinson's "what?"

Can't believe he's done this.

r/all's response following yesterdays antics.

Yesterday's antics?

Somehow it is both poorly done and well done.

MRW I don't understand the new subreddit theme, but am fully on board

As a lurker, I've just learned to float wherever this sub takes me.

I'm starting to think the "this is a tide ad" is becoming the new "rick roll".

Edit:a word.

For anyone interested - Here is the source of the gif.


Just start calling all your friends Pinko as a term of endearment. Problem solved.

Do you have a version without pinko? This would be a great gif to use on my friends.

yes it's called GifTournament9

What is this from? All I can see is the campaign manager in Parks and Rec.

MRW I see a minute long gif


'When I see a shorter version of a reddit post'... "This is not 9gag!"

(... I can't make gifs)

MRW I see a 240x120 four frame gif on the front page

This is great, but I wish you would’ve put a downvote in Stewie’s hand when he slapped OP

best i can do, boss

How did Stewie end up with shoes if he didn’t pick them up after the security check?

I appreciated the edits to name locations. Especially the Front Page one.

I give what I can, and that’s an upvote for you.

Try one of these subthreads