Literally a test post, please ignore.

Not falling for it. I'll find what secrets you've hidden here.

This is reverse psychology. I'll see you on the front page.

MRW she tells me she likes it when guys shave

But why post it?

Don't know why my dreams keep dying...

Snail down man. Snail down.


The Eric Andre show, he just does random/stupid/hilarious stuff. It’s on hulu

Bird up!

When I've given a trolling user a second, third and fourth chance and they troll again.

That's a ban batton. An expandable batton to be precise.

We need more elementary gifs in the world

The departure.

It'll strike 8 any second now ... any second

If a low quality seinfeld gif with black bars can get to the top of this sub I don't know how such a brilliant piece of art like this can't either. You two have made a brilliant gif. Best I've seen here in a long time.

This reminds me of my initial reason of subscribing HQG, to see gorgeous gifs like this to neutralize my mood

Wow. I love this, all I've seen from recent tops from this sub is like 4 guys (or 1 playing 4) meta commenting.

I subbed for stuff like this.

Cant blame them, its the audience that supports the formula.

When the mods are asleep and HQG needs protecting.

I like the fine details on the backwards 'DIE' from their point of view.

This is too accurate!


Day two of my attempt to go a week without alcohol.

I can hear this gif

Nope. I’m at the pub now.

I tried.

Is sobriety even legal over there?

Hands up who likes me?

This whole "get a job" thing had been harder than I thought. Do Mods pay well?

you're a national treasure, /u/deadlypinfish. I love all of the awesome gifs you come up with.

Can you tell my dad?

Hellooooo miss lady

This guy ain't our dad

Mod Applicants

u/deadlypinfish u/tonybaby

These fucking Tide ads are everywhere man.

Whenever I see a user watermarking their shitpost.

Lord of the Rings eh?


I'm honoured!

edit: waaait...

MRW you think I'm all out of new surprises

What really sucked was when it was summer and mom made kool aid and you're all "oh yeah" but then you saw the discarded wylers packet in the trash and you knew it was all one big lie. This is that experience in gif form.

I see what you did there.

I was waiting entirely too long for the thumbnail to show up in the gif.

Got me!

I had to google that, and now I will apologize. I'm sorry.

Try one of these subthreads