You know this game needs it.

You know this game needs it.

I'd be happy disabling the effects of others, I still want Ben to beat Anet over the head with the idea of at least disabling hit effects on world bosses.

Like 80% of the times I get downed before I even figure out what hit me, it's almost always because the boss's animations are blocked by a clusterfuck of animations. Istan metas are a nightmare and the Archdiviner one-hit downs me in half of my visits to Cliffside fractal

Just because it's difficult doesn't mean that we should stop asking for it. The game looks like garbage anytime more than 5 people are hitting something. As a software developer myself, the answer to a request can never be "oh that's too hard." We are fully aware that the change isn't simple, but this has been a highly requested change for years.

Or you know just skip the middle option and it still will be a lot better than it is now.

Kids these days and their terrible builds

Kids these days and their terrible builds

The amount of people I knew in GW1 who brought preparations with Barrage was too damn high

This is a longbow 4 spamming ranger in their childhood

I still don't understand why they would put the only useful preparation in channeling magic.

S p l i n t e r b o i s

Unpopular opinion about new instabilities for CMs.

Unpopular opinion about new instabilities for CMs.

I love it. Yesterday CMs were the most fun run i've had in a while. Everyone were adjusting their builds to provide condi cleansing and stability to deal with all the poison trail and last laugh explosions. First time having scourge as dps didnt feel like straight downgrade from weaver beacause his utilities really helped with 2nd boss on 100 as well as MAMA on 99. It really changed how the fractals are played and added some variety to them. I wonder if we will see some unused classes return for weaks were instabilities favours them. Anyway i like the changes and i would like to see more instabilities beeing introduced.

I know its ridic that ppl are whining about being challenged in a new way in challenge modes it really shows who got carried all the times before

Well, I can kinda understand you. I mean, it did make it somewhat more interesting, but these instabilities are still the ones I hate the most and to see them in 100CM - my favourite fractal - hurts a bit. :P A dev replied to another Thread that it's going to be nerfed/fixed: small adds won't get the Trail and Last Laugh, as well as the Anomaly, I think. And I guess I can live with that.

Well, next week we are going to have different instabilities anyway:)

I agree, I had a blast too :D

Sylvari in a nutshell

Sylvari in a nutshell

It wwas clearly done growing at that point :p

It has a right to grow, just not here.

The sylvari's interpretation of that line is basically "do not kill those who do not know the difference between right and wrong, and do not kill those one thinks will become evil, for there is a chance they won't."

Basically don't proactively "defend against threats" in a hostile manner. But it's fine to kill existing killers.

Ventari, who made the line, was a full out pacifist though and he refused to fight even to defend his own life.

Well, to be fair, the spider did grow. Ventari's tablet doesn't say for how long should anything grown.

that_shaman on Twitter: "The creepy movement Palawa Joko's painting does at the end of #GW2 S4E2's trailer is barely noticeable. In case you've missed it I've looped it:"

that_shaman on Twitter: "The creepy movement Palawa Joko's painting does at the end of #GW2 S4E2'...

Instead of Rickrolled I got Jokorena'd

It's a little known fact, but King Joko the Inevitable put an end to the scourge of Nightfall when he traveled to the Realm of Torment and defeated Abaddon in a dance-off. Yet another amazing accolade proving he's worthy of praise.

Aaaaaaaaay Jokorena

Actual footage of said event

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Episode 2 A Bug in the System Trailer

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Episode 2 A Bug in the System Trailer

Let's see:

Quality trailer - ✅

Acknowledging Braham's poor attitude - ✅

Rox exists - ✅

Legendary teased explicitly previewed - ✅

Sweet-ass shot of creepy Awakened - ✅

Calling back to Fear Not This Night - ✅

Worth the wait!

Edited to add:

Joko looking directly at us with that little smirk in the last second - ✅

That is so nice to hear. Thank you so much. The Marketing team along with our AMAZING in-house production team who brought this trailer to life really did such a wonderful job and the continued feedback from players helped get us here. :-)

Well done u/AnetHoGM This was such an improvement over past trailers, I can't wait to see what else you've got in store for us.

Quite a change in how the trailer was handled.

The Commander At The Races

The Commander At The Races

came for the "horse" joke; achieved satisfaction. +1 AP

You can now check this and all the other dumb-dumbs in the brand-spanking new blog!

Rytlock bun's just happy to be here.

He pulled an Edison on Taimi. He deserrrrves this humiliation.

Update on Episode 2

Update on Episode 2
Update on Episode 2

I appreciate the update. Get it right first and then release. Optimist - we will still get a patch next week Pessimist - Delayed a week or two.

My F5 can now rest.

[ARENA NET] Mike Zadorojny.7058 posted on 2018-02-20 19:00:21:

Hey everyone!

We are fast approaching the end of our 2-3 month cadence window for Living World Episodes and this morning we were hoping to unveil the Episode 2 Trailer along with the announcement of its release date. However, as we were preparing the episode for launch we discovered issues that we want to take additional time to address, to make sure it lives up to our standards. Once we have nailed down the last few details, started the process for moving the build to Live, and are confident when the episode will launch, we will release the trailer. Thank you for patience and bearing with us as we put the finishing touches on Episode 2. We look forward to playing the next chapter of Living World with all of you once it is released.

Thanks! Mike Zadorojny

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Glad they're taking the time to fix it. Coupled with the usual server issues these new patches bring, any part of the episode that was lacking by their standards would be disappointing for sure.

I can deal with a week or two wait to get a (hopefully) more bug free product.

Finally got my frostfang :D

Finally got my frostfang :D

Man, what are your reshade settings?

Pure Vanilla bro ^

Jack & Jones jacket of Major Insulation

Hey, Im only lvl 26, so for now im stuck on greens :D

The Eye of Janthir sees all, even invisible GMs snooping on raids

The Eye of Janthir sees all, even invisible GMs snooping on raids

This was both weird and funny when it happened. We had to gg as nobody got ported.

I can't really speak for anet specifically here, but other game devs like Blizzard were pretty well known for observing world first kills or when there was some suspicion of cheating. It's possible the guild has a good kill time the week prior and the GM wondered why. Maybe it was a dev that modified the encounter slightly, and wanted to observe how players reacted/dealt with it. User testing is extremely important in software development, and being able to observe people directly and without being seen is an incredible tool.

Tldr: it is almost certainly not nefarious.

Confirmed, all raid bosses are secretly controlled by ANet GMs.

Leeching free kills. Buying is too expensive

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