[Image] Gym for first time in 10 years today, this helped

[Image] Gym for first time in 10 years today, this helped

Nike should be proud of this ad. Monetary benefits aside, think of the positive impact this could have had on so many people.

Here is the full ad


Never feel ashamed to be in the gym. It is there for you, not the people doubting you. It's tough, it dares you to get back in but never let it scare you.

Nice to see that they're realising that there's a whole other market segment instead of just doing this type of ad for women and calling it a day.

Whole new untapped markets, Cyril! Whole new revenue streams!

[Image] Start all over again.

[Image] Start all over again.

There is no time limit

Well there kinda is. Usually about 80 years or so.

What if I have no idea what I want to be.

No one says you have to be anything.

"What if I have no idea what I want to be? No one says you have to be anything."

This is the true LPT right here.

[image] brave the world

We used to live in a small town where everyone used to say hello to each other. My kids grew up saying "hello" and waving to all our neighbours and strangers we'd encounter on our walks. Every single person replied or waved back.

We moved to a busy city almost a year ago and people don't really talk to each other. My then 4 year old son asked me why people weren't willing to wave since it makes him feel warm inside when people tell him hello. I told him that they were just not used to it, and to keep going. Well a year later, in our neighbourhood people say hello to my kids, to me AND to others.

It's friendly, it's nice and it's motivating to interact with people around you.

From the husband's point of view, his wife went from choosing a ham slice to a long embrace with an unknown child in the time it takes him to turn to the trolley and back. He tries to reconcile for a moment but then just nopes out of there

My daughter is 3 and she hasn't stopped acting this same way. She waves to everyone and says hi. And if its kids, she literally believes they're all just meant to be her friends.

We had her at Ikea recently to pick out a big girl bed, and when we got inside there were some girls, probably 7 or 8 years old sitting on a bench playing with a fidget spinner. She asked me if she could go sit with them and I said "Well you'll have to ask them".

She went up to them and said "Can I sit with you and be friends?" and they immediately were like "Sure!" and they ran and grabbed her one of those Ikea papers and a small pencil. The 3 of them sat and drew and scribbled together for about 5 or 10 minutes and it was so sweet.

Its a shame that kind of mentality doesn't stick with most people into their later years.

I feel like that lady needed that hug more than the child did


[Image] Fake it till you make it!

[Image] Fake it till you make it!

"Can you create a pivot table for me?"

"You bet!!"

Googles how to make a pivot table

Don't apply this methodology at military recruitment tents, pyramid scheme demonstrations, time-share seminars, or strip-mall credit card kiosks.

this has the potential to be really shitty advice.

"Do you think you can analyze the data on this study so we don't have to pay a statistician?" "Fuck yeah!" frantically searching for my stats notes

[Image] This could be you. Never let a "disability" or anyone else hold you back. Achieve. [x post from r/BlackPeopleTwitter]

[Image] This could be you. Never let a "disability" or anyone else hold you back. Achieve. [x post from r/BlackPeopleTwitter]

Right on man. I was in special ed for 9 years and in high school my special ed teacher told me I was gonna work the line building Cars so don't take college prep. I'm now a graduate 2 times over from college, had a gap of 3.53 when I graduated with my IT security degree. I do IT now for a University. Never stop working hard even when someone says you're not good enough.

Congrats, dude!

Because I'm a girl they told me that I was never going to be good at math. I'm doing a double degree in pure math and computer science now with a GPA of 17/20.

The reverse - where Mensa-talented students who graduate with 4.0 and 5.0s end up doing nothing with their lives - also happens frequently. Just goes to show that people should shut up and get on board with the supporting.

[Image] Even super heroes started somewhere

[Image] Even super heroes started somewhere

Usually with losing one or both parents

Superman started on Krypton...

He still started as an alien with superpowers m8...

Terrifyingly easy to achieve.

[Image] The Deadly donkey

[Image] The Deadly donkey

I choose to move away from under the donkey.

Doesn't matter, decoy donkey.

You can definitely choose the way to die...

This guy knows how to play worms

[IMAGE] This mentor \o/

Amazing! I love when teachers show true passion for the actual advancement of others.

If this dude isn't a father he's bound to be an amazing one... Nothing infuriates me more than people screaming at crying kids... They are teachable moments not punishable ones

The video is worth the watch

agreed. My favorite line from the famous Mr. Rogers senate hearing video, is when he says if we "can only make it clear that feelings are mentionable and manageable, we will have done a great service for mental health."

This guy does a good job of recognizing a teachable moment, and making it count

[Image] Nick Offerman Life Advice

[Image] Nick Offerman Life Advice

How long has he been doing this? How powerful is he?!?

47 years, no one knows his limits.

Man I need to put this on a wall. I freak out about everything.

Serenity now. Insanity later.

[Video] 91 Year Old Gymnast's Routine

What the fuck grandma. If this isn't motivating, I don't know what is

So 30 grams = 1 gramgram

Drill sergeant's grandmother confirmed.

' My grandmother can do better than you recruits! '

91? Jesus! And when she holds herself parallel to the bars with only her arms, wtf! I can't do that now and I'm 21. Most 90 year olds would be lucky to be walking unassisted. Truly impressive.

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