[image]that's motivation enough

[image]that's motivation enough

I think this is a great sentiment because it would, in practice, break cycles of abuse and neglect.

Even better than "Be the person your dog thinks you are."

This is basically what happened with my mom. She was abused as a kid and never really had a safe home or felt loved by her parents. And while that abuse caused her a lot of issues down the line as an adult, one good thing that did come out of it was she knew exactly what she didn't get as a child, and worked extra hard to provide that for me.

She was an awesome parent (both my parents were) and I'm forever grateful to her for that.

However, it doesn't always work out quite that well. Her siblings, who were subject to the same abuse, did not both turn out the same way. Her brother did, and is a fantastic father to his two kids, but her sister fell back into the exact same patterns of abuse with her own daughters that she experienced as an adult.

It's very easy, I think, for me as a kid who had a very normal childhood to look at this quote and be like, "Yeah! Why doesn't everyone do this!", but it's hard in practice when you're an actual victim of abuse to remove yourself far enough from your experiences and consider how you can grow from it and improve on your parents' model when you raise your own kids.

Many people fall into the trap of just emulating their parents, which is great for people who had great parents (I know I will be attempting to emulate my parents in many respects when I have kids), but for people who were victims of abuse, it just perpetuates the cycle.

This is really making me think about what I would have needed when I was younger. I needed something, that's for sure, but I don't think I would have listened anyway.

[Image] Live your life..

[Image] Live your life..

Totally needed to see this today - asking for a raise!

Im a student who works 8 to 5 and goes to university from 6 to 11.. Spend exactly every dollar I earn on my 7 members family and when I take my gf to eat pizza they act like hey WE HAVEN'T EATEN PIZZA FOR YEARS and you are taking HER ??? Cant u see our situation? Im sick of this and your image made me kinda feel better thanks..

Really needed to see this today. I'm leaving a family I nanny for with 3 kids that are spoiled rotten. I'm nothing but nice to them and do sooo much for the parents and the kids. Today when I asked their 7 year old son if he was excited about his last day of school this week he said, "I'm especially excited for Friday because you won't be here". I was feeling pretty bad until I saw this.

I've had to figure this out the last couple of years. As I grew up, i learned to just do what my (religious, strict) parents told me because it was easier than trying to argue. But then I went to college and graduated and got a job and they were still trying to get me to be what they wanted. It's been a hard transition getting out of that. I wish I had learned it sooner.

[Story] Free yourself from the social media

[Story] Free yourself from the social media

A month ago I relinquished all forms of social media (except Reddit). I grew weary of seeing the same videos, photos, and statuses of people I didn't know nor care for. After some time I realized all these different "social" platforms were negatively taking a toll on my mental health. It became less about staying in contact with friends and more about a pissing match. Display your best and hide your worst. It felt disingenuous and insincere. I also felt as though I wasn't living in the present anymore. Watching a concert I was attending through my phone to capture a video I'd never see again. It was consuming a colossal amount of time and pulling me from reality. Incessantly opening applications just to close them a few moments later. It was bizarre and reminiscent of a drug addiction. It needed to cease. I must say I feel wonderful now. It was like a weight was removed from my chest. I've noticed I now have a tremendous amount of free time. I've begun to rekindle lost hobbies and seem to have improved mental health. I know this may seem a bit silly to write about but I think it needs to be said. Hopefully this will inspire a few to try the same.

I only do reddit and feel the same as you prior to dropping all your social media ("except Reddit"), like it's an addiction and I'm wasting so much time. It's all relative my friend.

Recently deleted facebook from my phone. While not a major step, it certainly feels like one because I now rarely check on my desktop or tablet.

If any of you are thinking of cutting it out slowly, I suggest giving this one a try.

I've been up for an hour but haven't got out of bed because I'm here. I love Saturdays.

I did exactly the same about 6/7 months ago. The big thing for me was that I noticed it made me hate myself and if things weren't perfect, as I belived other peoples lives were, it left me feeling incredibly anxious. I used to look in the mirror and berate myself for every possible negative thing I could find because I didn't look like the girls on instagram. In retrospect, I realise most pictures are airbrushed/altered.

I remember waking up one morning and seeing I had lost 5 followers on instagram and felt sick to the pit of my stomach, I then took charge of myself and thought about what really mattered in life. It was kind of like an internal conversation saying "hang on, you're lying here next to the love of your life and you care more about 5 people you've probably never met?" Right there and then I deleted all social media, there was none of this "I'm leaving social media" attention seeking post, I just got rid. I've not missed it at all, not even once!


[Image] For all those just starting out...

[Image] For all those just starting out...

This is the album art for Flute by New World Sound

Musician here with lots of friends making it in various industries. The absolute best way to promote your product is to engage your audience. If you're a musician, talk to your fans after shows: they will remember and they will tell their friends. If you're a new restaurant and things are slow, bring out a bottle of wine for your patrons or have them sample another menu item on the house.

This goes for writers, actors, comedians, artists, streamers, everything.

Mask off, fuck it mask off

I needed to hear this. Started a YouTube channel and the audience is super small now, but I actually think I'm hitting content other people aren't. Only way to go is forward.

EDIT: Channel link - And a video I just did that I'm probably most happy with -

Thanks for the interest everyone! I made this comment not thinking much about it, went to grab breakfast, and then -bamf- a bit of interest. I'm open to all feedback on how to improve. Hope you like it.

[image]You need motivation only till a habit is formed. After that, routine will take care of itself.

[image]You need motivation only till a habit is formed. After that, routine will take care of itself.

I think that a lot of people have the wrong idea on how to form habits.

You can go to bed one night and say "I fucking hate, hate, hate the gym, but I'm going to go every single day starting tomorrow." And the next day you can go, and the next too. Maybe you'll stick with it for months, but you won't truly last because you started the wrong habit.

The trick is finding the habits that match who you are. You want to get fit? Maybe you're not a gym girl or guy. Maybe you're a tennis player. Or a rock climber. Or a walk-to-work person. Point being that if there isn't at least some affinity for what you're trying to accomplish, you're never going to truly be motivated.

This is true also for careers. Work in a field for fifteen years and not near the top yet? Before you blame your ability, blame your choice. The people at the top of the career ladder in your field, just like the people lifting massive weights at the gym, are there because they're fucking wired for it. They chose right. They're motivated without applying motivation as if it's an outside force.

So choose carefully. Motivation doesn't need to be a daily sledgehammer. In fact, if you do it right, it can be an absolute joy.

Yes but it's forming the habit that's the hard part 😅

Really not true. I've been going to the gym for years. Getting up and going does come more naturally, but its still preferred to stay home and lay around lol

6 pack abs here i come! [munching on wings] right after this last wing!

[image] I can't hear you

[image] I can't hear you

You can't take the Michael Scott out of this guy.

"Some people say I'm a dreamer but I'm not"-John Lennon

In his time Vincent Van Gough was not a successful artist. He only ever sold one painting in his lifetime, to a friend for about US$1000

Cause Michael Scott is one of the most hilarious characters of all time. Only Steve Carell could pull it off.

[image] Saw this not too long ago and it really spoke to me

[image] Saw this not too long ago and it really spoke to me

"I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them."

Andy Bernard

I'm glad I know I'm in those times.

Wonderful. But do yourself a favour; don't focus too hard on clinging to them. Let them live and breathe and accept that they may die.

"Get busy living, or get busy dying." - Andy Dufresne

[Image] do something differently

[Image] do something differently

Like buy it.

Or steal it

Or just do the same thing over and over until you have the money for thing you want. I think that's how jobs do.

Fuck it!

[Image] Everybody Can

[Image] Everybody Can

"in the race of life we will not all be given the same starting blocks, but we will all still have the same finish line." - my grandfather


people are disadvantaged because of economic standing, community and connections, more often than because of race. Blaming every problem on race is just as racist as discriminating on others.

Survivorship bias at its finest.

[Image] The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

[Image] The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

No wonder funerals are so expensive.

Opportunity Cost.

Are you suggesting that it wasn't gilded?

And completely determined by how much you're paid at your job...

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