We are Wolfire Games, creators of Overgrowth, Receiver, Lugaru, and Humble Bundle. Ask us anything!

We are Wolfire Games, creators of Overgrowth, Receiver, Lugaru, and Humble Bundle. Ask us anything!
We are Wolfire Games, creators of Overgrowth, Receiver, Lugaru, and Humble Bundle. Ask us anything!

After nine years of development, we have finally released Overgrowth 1.0! We're going to keep working on it post-launch, while also experimenting with ideas about what to do next. Here is our .

I initially created Wolfire Games in 2003 as a website to keep track of all my freeware projects (like Black Shades and Lightning's Shadow), and officially incorporated it as a company in 2008 with four partners to create Overgrowth.

They eventually split off to do their own things. Phillip went back to academia after a year, and is currently working at OpenAI before he starts work in a few months as a professor at MIT -- you might know his computer vision work from the Reddit "colorize bot", and the algorithm that created cat pictures based on outlines.

Jeff and John left the year after that to turn our successful Humble Indie Bundle experiment into its own business, Humble Bundle Inc., which has since raised over $106M for charity! Aubrey eventually left to work on his own games -- he recently released his first solo project: Trackless.

Progress slowed down when I was by myself, so eventually I decided to double down, and invested everything I had into building a new team to get Overgrowth done at a quality that I could be proud of.

Here are some current and former team members who will be available to answer questions today:

David Rosen - wolfiredavid - programming, animation, design Merlyn Morgan-Graham - kavika13 - project management, community relations Max Danielsson - autious - programming Lukas Orsvarn - wolfirelukas - videos, levels, generalist Aubrey Serr - wolfireaubrey - @aubreyserr 2D and 3D art Jeff Rosen - parsap - originally web/marketing, now CEO of Humble Bundle John Graham - spacemarine1 - originally PR/Bizdev, now COO of Humble Bundle Anton Riehl - antonriehl - @antonriehl musician

Please ask whatever questions you like!

Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue released for PC

Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue released for PC
Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue released for PC

SMT:SP is the Side-Scroller Metroidvania game that used in a trailer last week to promote the Strange Journey Redux

Wow, that's actually a pretty incredible promotion material. The game itself, even if its made just for Deep Strange Journey promo, is actually very fun... The title says its a prologue, but i really hope it'll become its own thing eventually! I encourage everyone to try it out, its free after all. Maybe it'll make them notice that people want Jack Bros 2 new SMT game in a different genre?

Direct Download Link

Defeated the boss of the first area and moved to the second one. OH BOY! The gimmick in the second area is great!

So this was made by Krobon, who made the really good metroidvania Pharaoh Rebirth+. These games wear their Castlevania influence on their sleeve. From level layout and design, to enemies, to music.

This free game is a really good metroidvania to sink a few hours into. Unfortunately, it's Japanese only right now (There is some cool SMT story stuff going on that I can't understand)

The first time Atlus touches PC without a hot poker of disdain and it's a joke game? I'LL TAKE IT O_O

Seriously (I will), I do wish they put it on Steam though than only a direct download. They'd get much more feedback and statistics from that I imagine.

Street Fighter V: Zeku Reveal Trailer

Street Fighter V: Zeku Reveal Trailer

Well remember that Strider is just a title. Zeku is probably a Strider but he's not Hiryu

So Zeku is Strider huh? That’s...pretty damn awesome, actually. Can’t wait to get my hands on him. Is there a release date for him?

I'd suggest waiting for the Arcade edition, it comes included with all of the current characters and they're updating the game with a bunch of features.

That being said the update will be free for everyone if you want to jump in now but you'll have to buy or earn the DLC characters separately.

Wow, Robertson wasn't kidding when he said Marvel Infinite had the budget of three DLC characters. I can see more love and money put into this guy than even the Monster Hunter.

Skyrim Together Gameplay

Skyrim Together Gameplay

Awesome to see this coming together.

I can't believe 6 years later in still playing Skyrim every now and then. This co op mod will breath even more life into this game.

Can't wait.

Found a thread with more information on the mod progress here:

I can't wait for this to be released I never liked ESO and all I wanted was to play skyrim with a friend. Glad that may soon be a reality

all I wanted was to play skyrim with a friend

That was pretty much everyone's reaction to ESO.

I'm playing the multiplayer mod for Morrowind right now with a friend and it really is a completely new experience. Together we are finding stuff we've never encountered before.

With about 1000 hours in the game I have always struggled to find motivation to do another playthrough but this literally feels like it did the first time I played it.

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