No microtransactions of any kind' in upcoming Obsidian RPG despite Take-Two involvement

No microtransactions of any kind' in upcoming Obsidian RPG despite Take-Two involvement
No microtransactions of any kind' in upcoming Obsidian RPG despite Take-Two involvement

Note that this is not concerning Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, but another, currently unannounced, upcoming Obisdian RPG.

Although I'm pretty sure that Deadfire won't have MTX either.

Isn't PoE 2 published by Paradox Interactive? They dont do microtransactions, they just have a dlc policy that rivals Sims 3 dlc policy.

I'm still not getting my hopes up. Take Two is part of the problem, and I'm not taking anything they do seriously until they actually start proving me wrong.

Proper source ->

This proof of concept for Jet Set Radio: Evolution was pitched to Sega this year

This proof of concept for Jet Set Radio: Evolution was pitched to Sega this year

Dinosaur Games isn't the studio I would entrust Jet Set Radio to, but I have to hand it to them. Visually this concept is stunning and I would love to see a full title like this. Makes me wonder why SEGA turned them down.

Man, I'd kill for a new Jet Set Radio or at least a port for JSRF. I remember in a Japanese SEGA survey last year, Jet Set Radio came in second for a category called "Most Hoped Revival." I suppose I could hope they are making it internally, but who knows?

SEGA is currently trying to revive their major untouched IPs, no?

Maybe they have an in-house team ready to develop an HD remaster of JSRF before they start at all trying to reboot the series.

They keep claiming this but based on their actions I’m pretty sure the only business strategy they’ve had for the past decade is to keep rereleasing genesis games on mobile

What Thursday's FCC Vote Means for Gaming - Super Bunnyhop

What Thursday's FCC Vote Means for Gaming - Super Bunnyhop

Holy shit what is wrong with people. Multiple comments claiming that this video is just "Speculation" or blatantly lying that it's off topic.

Here's a source verifying George's first-hand account of Comcast enforcing arbitrary data caps up until Google Fiber moved in:

Here's the article he references when talking about "gaming packages" and platform deals with ISPs, he links it directly in his video description I encourage everyone to ACTUALLY READ IT:

For anyone claiming that this is somehow offtopic for this subreddit here is my own summary of the video sorted by timestamps that prove this is false:

Totally misinformed users waltz in here and parrot the same talking points that Ted Cruz has been repeatedly been proven false on in several threads that reached the front page of /sub/all.

Edit: the mods have restored the thread.

Edit2: to clarify, the thread had originally been entirely removed. Part of my original diatribe was critical of that. The mods restored the thread and I removed my comments.

His experiences with comcast are definitely true. I've followed him on twitter for years and I can remember him complaining about it. I was super shocked at the time because I'd have no clue how to run a successful youtube channel on a shared internet connection with a data cap as slim as 300gb.

I have only 1 ISP available in my area. They charge out the fucking ass for, essentially, decent (using loosely) internet, at best.

You start throttling speeds, adding monthly data caps, and all this other shit - and I may as well throw gaming right out the window. And imagine having to solely game via wi-fi? Fuck that. I wasn't sure where he was going with that, but just the idea of shoddy wi-fi + data caps + speed throttles + nonsensical packaging via ISPs...fucking nightmare fuel man.

And I work from home. Having my internet decide to fuck off randomly while I'm trying to work sounds amazing. Especially since everything I do is web based. Fuck man.

The war for net neutrality is not over. I predict a 3-2 vote weeks before the voting process. State governments, activists groups such as the EFF and possibly internet companies like google are suing the fcc as we speak. The question is that will the judge, issue an injunction order.

There is now activism targeting congress to repeal the voting, which is an uphill battle.

Which is more important that you participate in midterm elections.

New Bloodborne cut boss discovered (gameplay video)

New Bloodborne cut boss discovered (gameplay video)

Seeing a title start with "New Bloodborne..." after the FromSoft mystery teaser... my heart jumped a little.

Damn you, OP.

If Kalameet and the Watchdog had sex would this be the beast?

Also the design looks really good actually, i wonder why they never added this instead of adding a boar or the Merciless Watchers for the 10th time in the dungeons.

I believe there is a working save editor for Bloodborne, this was probably found screwing around with that.

Kinda crazy that it managed to stay hidden for 2 years when it would have probably been datamined within a week if the game was on PC. Really puts into perspective how locked down the console game data is.

The style and aesthetic and mood give Bloodborne a stronger sense of identity. I can see why people would want more from that world. Just saying "there all the same" seems a bit easy.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Preview 4

Dragon Ball FighterZ Preview 4

That use of the original Dragonball music was god-tier. Also, Hit is everything I could ever want.

I need this game in my bloodstream right now.

This looks so good! I really can’t wait to play it eventhough I suck at fighting games. The artstyle just captures Dragon Ball so well. I hope they’ll consider other franchises with the same engine they have created for Dragon Ball! It has remarkable potential.

I grew up playing Budokai 1,2,3 and to this date no other DBZ has been as enjoyable.

I think Fighterz might finally be the one...

No no no no no, you gotta go: Freeza, Ginyu Force, Nappa.

All in on the freezer train

My Hero Academia One's Justice (PS4/Switch) - First Trailer and Gameplay Footage

My Hero Academia One's Justice (PS4/Switch) - First Trailer and Gameplay Footage

That's partially because Deku bases his movement patterns off of Bakugo's movement. I'll reserve judgement until we see Todoroki and Stain's playstyle as they are significantly different from the other two

Looks like we'll get something along the lines of the Ninja Storm games, which were always good casual fun for me and my friends. The running (not the sprinting) looks a little slow to me but I'm sure it could change between now and release.

Hopeful that is has a good roster and not just the most popular ones, I'd love to play as Jiro/Earphone Jack if they can build her a moveset.

This game will live or die on the character design. Bakugo and Deku looked like they played way too similarly, and homogenous character design would just ruin it.

I get that the Facepalm guy is like the biggest villain in anime at the moment, but holy shit, they couldn't have come up with a more boring antagonist for a fighting game. He has the most boring powers out of the entire cast. What's he gonna do?! Slowly approach and touch his opponents!

Does it bother anyone else that PUBG is an unfinished game, yet still winning GOTY awards and getting physical releases?

Does it bother anyone else that PUBG is an unfinished game, yet still winning GOTY awards and getting physical releases?

If you look at entirely what is available to play to the public and nothing else I think it is fine. If you base your award on future promises then it's not good

I think we need to start making a distinction between early access (incomplete game that you acknowledge the beta / alpha nature of) and "continuous development" - relatively complete experiences that get more and more content, like Warframe.

Feels a bit weird, but plenty of games have gone into full release in a much worse state than PUBG - so isn't early access kinda a self-defined label now? Like they could have released this year and said "This is what it comes with, but we'll be working on more content / DLC / patches / whatever." Would that feel better? But it'd be the same game.... so that's what I remind myself of.

It's clearly labeled what it is, and people are choosing to buy into it and reviewing it very well based on what's available now, which is what makes it acceptable to me, even if it feels weird.

Nah. If people like the game as it is right now, that's their preference. I don't even play the game myself and it doesn't bother me that people really like it.

Divinity: Original Sin II - 2017 Game Discussions

Divinity: Original Sin II - 2017 Game Discussions
Divinity: Original Sin II - 2017 Game Discussions

Name: Divinity: Original Sin II

Platform(s): PC

Genre: Role-Playing

Release date: September 14, 2017

Developer: Larian Studios

Publisher: Larian Studios

Trailer/Review Scores/Discussion

Divinity: Original Sin II is a role-playing video game developed and published by Larian Studios for Microsoft Windows. The sequel to 2014's Divinity: Original Sin, it was released worldwide on September 14, 2017. The game received universal acclaim, with many critics praising its complexity and interactivity, considering it to be one of the best role-playing games of all time. It was also a commercial success, selling over a million copies in two months.

Metascore: 93 / User Score: 8.4

Divinity Original Sin II hits 1 millions [sic] units in sales - /u/mjairam

Did you play Divinity: Original Sin II? Did you like it? Why or why not?

How does it compare to other games from 2017?

View all 2017 game discussions

The one thing I hate is that only the first character initiating the conversation makes the choices.

My friend never has any input on the things since hes running around slower and has mages, while Im running around with frontliners. And my friend has all the skills for talk-checks...

D:OS1 did that one a lot better.

I’m going to argue that you look closer into getting this game if you meet any of these criteria:

You play and enjoy tabletop games

You enjoyed any CRPG in the past

The idea of being able to roleplay with lots of choices excites you.

You have a coop group looking for a new game (seriously, most fun our 4 person coop team has ever had, but to clarify also works singleplayer very well)

You don’t mind a slower pace, reading lots of dialogue and thinking about decisions, and turn based slower combat doesn’t always make you bored. I’ve had a single combat encounter take 50 minutes.

I really just do not enjoy the split armor system, it discourages party variety and while yes of course you can do it there isnt much point between building a mixed party of mages and fighters and just using all physical or all magical damage to fight 2 Health Bars instead of all 3. The inflated defense numbers on higher levels makae this especially apparent.

Plus I liked how AP worked in the first more but really that isnt so bad.

Still seems great but having literally just put 60+ hours into the first and then trying to dive into the second I just cant and will have to go back at some point.

There really should be a symbol over NPCs who have special interactions with specific characters (outside of the main quest because in those cases the character will just take over the dialouge). A simple grayed out ! symbol that turns yellow when the right character is being controlled would be cool. I get that it's supposed to be an 'ah-ha!' type momment but more often than not I just miss out on content.

I could not possibly disagree with you more on this. The right player character to talk to a character is the one you choose. There is no right one, there are options. The idea of such a symbol is basically the antithesis of roleplaying and immersive storytelling. This desire of yours seems to spawn from min-maxing habits.

PUBG will now be bundled for free with Xbox One X

PUBG will now be bundled for free with Xbox One X

Why? Isn't that game like the worst possible choice for the demonstrative game of a console?

Because there is so much hype behind PUBG. It'll sell systems to people on the fence about picking it up.

If there was one game to show off the xbox one x technology, PUBG on xbox is seriously the last game i would pick.

Who will see it run then return their xbox for being defective, lmao.

I'm saying this as a big pubg supporter. Is this how desperate microsoft is for an exclusive? They'll take a game that barely even works?

Try one of these subthreads