[games] I felt like this belonged here

[games] I felt like this belonged here

I know the rainbow six siege one is focusing on the bullet spawning from the sight. However, I can imagine the game would have bullet drop if it wasn't played in such close quarters.

The pubg one literally makes no sense

Plus csgo doesn't even come from the barrel or the sight, it comes from the eyes anyway! Games that are faster would suck if they came from the gun barrel I'd guess!

I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye.

[Just Cause 3] Launched a Jeep

[Just Cause 3] Launched a Jeep

Team rocket blasting off again

open world survival type game

If you mean that the world is trying to survive you then yes.


(starts YouTube channel named JustCauseLaunches) "What's up people, today we'll be launching ______!"

[GTA 5] Tank Physics

[GTA 5] Tank Physics

That looks like a Bollywood sceene. Cool man

Very Thundergun!

A team theme kicks in!

People think you're making just a joke.

This shit happens.

[NBA2k] Heard you were talkin' shit



teleports in front of you

blocks your shot

Love how he sucks in his gut at the end.

"nothin personnel kid"

[Mafia 3] Suspicious things going on in the back

[Mafia 3] Suspicious things going on in the back

If this van is a rockin', don't come a knockin

I enjoyed mafia 3, but whenever I played... I would get people telling me I’m an idiot for playing... what’s with all the mafia 3 on reddit today?

It's in the April humble monthly for 12 bucks.

I giggled!

[PUBG] Didn't realize they added a submarine

Getting into clipping/spazzing out vehicles is always a gamble.

Subnautica Royale

“E-sports ready”

[DOOM] Thoroughly unexpected...

Doomslayer is so badass, enemies will sometimes commit suicide just taking a glance at him.

I mean shit, if the options were gauss cannon blast vs cartwheeling off a cliff, I know which I'd prefer.

Probably have a better chance of survival jumping off the cliff, too.

Man, I forgot how badass this game was

[GAME] Like it or not this is what real fighting looks like

[GAME] Like it or not this is what real fighting looks like

I am glad this is tagged as a game. I would have freaked out if the ref. did not stop this in real life.

When you accidentally interdimensionally phase shift during a fight

He should be disqualified, but of course the ref isn't paying attention. This sport is rigged!


[skyrim] hunting deer…

[skyrim] hunting deer…

Right in the shitbox

Can somebody loop this in reverse so It's the most fucked up game of catch ever?

be veerrryyyyy careful what you wish for. That could really backfire (no pun intended)

Someone make /sub/shitboxporn a thing right now

Try one of these subthreads