A quick sketch of Bunny Catria!

A quick sketch of Bunny Catria!

Ah, yes, beautiful.

In true /sub/catriasarmpit fashion.

Reinhardt is the only blue tome horse I've pulled so I'd really like to pull a Catria. She's my favorite whitewing and I kinda like how annoyed she's getting by participating in the festival.

thanks! i was thinking of that in mind drawing this

EDIT: Posted there as well cos WHY NOT

I only have two 5 star blue horses

The obvious ones...


And everybody’s overused horse blue unit....

Spring Xander.

Spring Soren in celebration of the new Spring Banner

Spring Soren in celebration of the new Spring Banner

Soren, always lost in your eggs.


I would say cute, but Soren would probably bash my head in with that egg.

We could have had this instead of Catria or Kagero so the banner was even but no. IS always favors waifus.

Alfonse’s bulge got nothing on this

Young Surtr and Laegjarn

Young Surtr and Laegjarn

I don't know if you can add text directly with images gahshhs I'm such a mess when it comes to Reddit.

Normally I don't post art but I just really like the way this one came out. I headcanon that Surtr was an amazing father and righteous ruler before something prompted him to activate his inner flame, thus turning him into what we see today. Featuring smol princess Laegjarn and sexy ponytail Surtr.

Edit: Just realized I put this under the wrong flair RIP

It's heavily implied that Surtr sold his soul by "setting himself aflame".

The Surtr we have now is just plain evil, no mater what he used to be like.

Oh god... don’t humanise Surtr.... if he has a tragic backstory I’m gonna sympathise and feel bad. I want at least one plain EVIL antagonist. Considering we have Veronica and Bruno with a sad story already.

King Garon Flashbacks

great art would like the story to delve a bit deeper into muspell as well :)

I drew my Tempest Trial team

I drew my Tempest Trial team

I just like my new team so much because it is no longer just Lyn, Reinhardt, a dancer and a bonus unit. So I drew them and wanted to share.

Things I appreciate about this piece:

Alm's floofy hair

Cherche's gorgeous, dark lips

Azura ready to dish out a paddling

Composition looks like an art nouveau kung fu movie poster

Pretty lines look like shiny gel pen

Protec Alm while he crushing these Bastards

It looks like a 70's or early 80's fantasy movie poster and that is awesome. Alm looks straight out of Eternia.

Titania finally has her proper weapon!

Titania finally has her proper weapon!

That is some pretty uncanny resemblance. Considering how long it took for us to get the poleaxe, do you think she was supposed to have it but they held it back for whatever reason?

Im sad because camilla's proper weapon (silver axe) kinda sucks

Here it is for those who haven't seen it, skip to 1:12

Titania wields the Poleax in the opening video of PoR, it's almost a crime that she didn't come with it in the first place.


You got a pretty good build, but ain't better a Spd refined Poleaxe? Titania can also use horse buffs so she doesn't have to be scared of buffed Reinhardt nor B!Lyn

[Sketch] Man on a horse

[Sketch] Man on a horse

Tell him to eat shit Johnny.


Tell him yourself.

I now understand the love of Fae

The Everyday Life of Heroes - FEH Manga - Ch. 18 - Not What I Had in Mind

The Everyday Life of Heroes - FEH Manga - Ch. 18 - Not What I Had in Mind

idk why Xander thought Laslow would be the ladies man

Pretty sure Laslow can't pull to save his life

yeah but laslow tries, and that’s what counts for the harassment complaints.

I expected the twist to be that it was Soleil, I was kinda pleased with the swerve.

Laslow: “ were saying?”

Xander: “My apolog-“

Laslow: “Bunny Boy.”

Xander: ಠ_ಠ

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