I Made an Energy Cell From F3 and F:NV

I Made an Energy Cell From F3 and F:NVhttps://i.redd.it/8z7lk0fhi4801.jpg    I 3D printed it then painted it.
I Made an Energy Cell From F3 and F:NV

I 3D printed it then painted it.

"If you were looking for an image, it was probably deleted". =/

That’s really cool! I personally don’t like how everything was simplified to Fusion Cells in FO4, so this is really cool to me.

https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/5/5a/Energy_Cell.png/revision/latest?cb=201202... In-game cell

Sorry I can't see it either, says error 404 image was deleted or moved

New gameplay video for Fallout 4: New Vegas mod.

New gameplay video for Fallout 4: New Vegas mod.
New gameplay video for Fallout 4: New Vegas mod.

Can't wait to play this in a million years

Looks like all the systems and shit are in and working. Now it's just the long slow task of making every town, character, quest and dialogue line exist correctly

It will never be finished

Man that looked amazing. Shame it won't be finished for years.

I did not like Fallout: New Vegas

I did not like Fallout: New Vegas


I know the general opinion is that of all the Fallout games, Vew Vegas is the best. I can't say anything about the others, but of the two ive played, which were Fallout 4 and New Vegas, I vastly prefered Fallout 4.

My first Bethesda game was Skyrim, and I loved it. I spent hours exploring the lore, leveling up my characters, and having a blast. I saw Fallout 4 coming out, and I was very excited. I bought it the day it came out.

I loved it almost as much as Skyrim. I thought the gun gameplay was great, the main story was interesting, great factions, ect. My main problems were the repetitive quests, but overall it was a good experience.

After browsing the subreddit, I decided to get New Vegas. I went in with very high expectations, so maybe it would have never reached them.

What I liked: Story was better than Fallout 4, I thought the sidequests were better written, and factions were good.

What I disliked: Graphics were not great. I might be biased since im fairly young and have grown up with modern games, but I didn't like the art style. The lighting was very poor, the world seemed bland. It seemed like I was being funneled with invisible barriers to certain destinations. The gameplay was not good. I found the movements clunky, and the gunplay awkward. The dialogue system was interesting, but it ruined the immersion and I prefered Fallout 4s.

I know most people like New Vegas for the RPG potential and the story, and thats fine. No opinion is better than the others, and I respect whatever you think. I am a young person, so maybe I have a different expectation on what I think makes a good game.

TLDR: I prefered Fallout 4s gameplay, and for me gameplay is the most important. New Vegas's story was good, but I found the gameplay and world uninspiring and bland.

I would love to hear your opinions, and I have a firm belief that all opinions should be respected and understood if we are to have a functioning society. Thanks!

I don't have much to contribute but just wanted to say that was brave of you to openly admit you didn't enjoy F:NV in a community that idolizes it as the best in the series hahah.

Also props to the community for being so friendly about it. I won't point fingers at certain gaming communities, but a lot of 'em get butthurt as soon as you express an unpopular opinion and completely shit on you.

Nice to see Fallout is a friendlier community than that :)

Sounds like you're just young and used to the flashier, more streamlined games, nothing wrong with that.

Hell, I find it hard to revisit older games even if I adored them at the time

Hmm, you're the first person I think I've ever seen that actually preferred Fallout 4's dialogue over New Vegas'. Interesting. Was it the voiced protagonist that swayed the decision?

Other than that simple comment due to my surprise, I don't have much to say. Like you said, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

It seems to me that if a person starts their Fallout experience with 4, they’re going to have a very hard time going back to 3 and NV. My friend described it best: Fallout 4 is a shooter with RPG mechanics, Fallout 3 and New Vegas are RPG’s with shooter mechanics. Try going all the way back to the original Fallout and consider how many bases the franchise has covered! It’s pretty impressive watching the evolution of the games!

I'm Chris Birch from Modiphius, publisher of the new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures Game - AMA

I'm Chris Birch from Modiphius, publisher of the new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures Game - AMA

Hi everyone, the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures game is an officially licensed wargame set in the Fallout universe. We've been working hard through the last year with Bethesda on over a hundred sculpts and a game system that will let you play vs, solo or co-op games which can be either straight combat or follow narrative storylines.

You'll be able to build your own settlement as you follow the story based missions, and it features highly detailed multi-part resin miniatures of all the well known characters, creatures, robots and factions. We're launching with a 2 player starter set which comes with pre-assembled multi-part PVC miniatures and all the rules, dice, cards and counters, but you can also get the starter minis in resin.

You can see lots more about the game here: https://www.modiphius.com/fallout.html

And a development blog here: https://www.modiphius.com/development-blog.html

Here's my Twitter proof link https://twitter.com/Modiphius/status/935804455345426432

You can pre-order here and get a bonus Nuka Cola girl before launch https://www.modiphius.net/collections/fallout-wasteland-warfare

Your local gaming stores will be starting pre-orders in the next coupe of weeks.

There's no rush to ask questions I'll be online through today and keeping an eye on the thread to respond anytime after that so ask away

Are there plans to bring out ghoul settlers/survivors as opposed to just humans.

Will we see lesser groups, like the family from fallout 3 or the atom cats from fallout 4

will we see Fallout 4 dlc based groups, such as the Nuka world gangs or the rust devils?

Now that is a rare opinion indeed!

We're considering ghoul settlers for wave 2 as we grow the survivor faction options.

We are now working on groups from Fallout 3 such Reilly's Rangers and Atom Cats will be on the list. The idea is to let players use the smaller groups to flesh out their factions and add variety.

Yes Nuka Cola World is coming as a big expansion for the Raiders

Actually I loved the PS2 Brotherhood of Steel game - right time right place, right people :-)

That would explain whys it's a shotgun

That would explain whys it's a shotgun

Smoothbore shotguns really are terrible rifles.

I'm still using that shotgun in my current playthrough. It comes pretty handy against Assaultron Dominator since it can easily crippled their legs thanks to its bonus damage against limbs.

Edit: Clarification*

I think rifle in French is technically "carabine." Like carbine. Fusil could be another word for it but a fusil might be a specific type of rifle, like a shotgun.

Well it’s also a direct reference to Fallout 3’s Terrible Shotgun

Dumb as hell but damnit I'm proud of it

Dumb as hell but damnit I'm proud of it


That's exactly what a synth would say.

So how do you uhh..close it from the inside?

What kind of maniac uses PURPLE as their HUD color!

Lets kill him and see if he has a synth component on him.

What it feels like to have multiple power armor sets

What it feels like to have multiple power armor sets


I clear a building at Sanctuary and place all the suits there in rows. They look like the Terracotta Warriors.

I made a four story concrete building where the first story is a common area for the settlement, the second story is unique outfits and armors with either the matching weapon or one that fits the theme. The third floor is really just a walk way all the way around with about thirty suits of power armor, looking down on the Player like ancient sentinels watching over him. It's pretty cool with the power armor stands that light it from the bottom and the back, give it a real dramatic feel.

Feels good, man.

My bedroom.

Do not go to sanctuary right after leaving Vault 111

Do not go to sanctuary right after leaving Vault 111

I'm on a new survival run, level 27 and i have not found Sanctuary Hills yet. I was able to get dogmeat in Diamond city from nick valentine, mind you, he had his own unique dialog explaining to me who dogmeat was and how he encountered him.

I talked to the vault tech guy who "Wasn't on the list" and he told me after the bombs fell, he went back to sanctuary and spent a couple years talking to Codsworth, and the sole survivor responds with "Codsworth... You saw him!?"

Now I want to beat the game and see Shaun. So when I go back to Codsworth and he asked me "How's the misses and young Shaun" I hope the Lone Wanderer says something unique and fitting to the events he's experienced. If there's YouTube videos showing this, please no spoilers guys. I want to see it for myself!

I'm ok with that

That's pretty cool. I like the little details like that, especially with the Vault Tec guy. I'm gonna have to skip Sanctuary myself and see how this all runs now

It changes the narrative pretty significantly. One of the big things it does is that if you never go to Sanctuary, Codsworth never tells you to look for people in Concord, so you never meet Preston and the Minutemen are never rebuilt.

I talked to the vault tech guy who "Wasn't on the list" and he told me after the bombs fell, he went back to sanctuary and spent a couple years talking to Codsworth, and the sole survivor responds with "Codsworth... You saw him!?"

After reading this, I'm surprised and always wonder whether Codsworth and Vault-Tec representative are pals.

Codsworth spent so many, many years figuring out how to polish rust and waiting worriedly for his owner to return.

Vault-Tec rep, on the otherhand, spent years living inside a hotel at Goodneighbor and is no longer the same person as he is over 200 years ago.

Learning this for the first time makes me think that these two have found solace with each other and it warms my heart.

The Atom Cats should have been another way to gain upgrades for power armour if you didn't join. The Brotherhood of Steel

The Atom Cats should have been another way to gain upgrades for power armour if you didn't join. The Brotherhood of Steel

The Atom Cats are fairly unique, but completely unused in the game. They add virtually nothing except for looking cool. However, I think that originally the Atom Cats were a way of the player of upgrading there power armour skills. Perhaps the player, like in previous games, had to learn how to use power armour, and instead of forcing them to join the brotherhood, the Atom Cats were an alternative route. Completing quests for them would let them teach you how to use Power Armour and access cool upgrades. It would make them much more fleshed out and provide an actual use in the game. What do you all think?

I absolutely believe they ran out of time with fallout 4. The gunners for example, set up to be the main enemies of the minutemen, with several named locations and characters - but you can literally never talk with one? They are reskinned raiders that spawn with better equipment, and are always hostile immediately.

Same goes for the atom cats, the settlement in the glowing sea crater, the combat zone and bunker hill. All areas that seem fleshed out, but there's basically nothing to do there.

Totally agree. They seem to have ended up on the cutting room floor, just like with the Combat Zone and the underwater Vault.

Ah geez, don't even get me started on missed DLC opportunities. The memory den seems like a fantastic piece of tech, but is only used for a single story mission. It would be almost the perfect "flashback" DLC, like ancorage was.

I always thought the Chinese sub was a pretty good DLC candidate though. It would be cool to see how china fared in the war, and explore a different part of the world for once.

It pisses me off to no end that they were relegated to some misc. Quests. Like did Bethesda not want players to have too much stuff to do? It would've been awesome to see them expanded.

Theory of why the Courier "levels up" in New Vegas

Theory of why the Courier "levels up" in New Vegas

The Courier suffers from a near fatal head wound, being placed in a coma for several days, forgetting bits and pieces of memories (such as the NCR ruling most of the American-West).

My guess is when the Courier stops leveling up, is what the Courier's initial skills were like before the head wound.

The entire leveling up progression in the game is just the courier slowly being rehabilitated through helping people or doing simple tasks from muscle memory (such as lock picking or hacking a terminal.)

That doesn't really explain why every other protagonist levels up though. Besides, you could just attribute it to gaining life experience and becoming more proficient through increased familiarity E.G. the more often I sew clothing or maintain a car, the more comfortable, faster and better at it I will be.

That's why this is exclusively my Fallout: New Vegas theory. But you are right, a lot of the character's skill comes from training.

My issue with it being known but not learned. In Fallout: New vegas your skill doesn't increase with knowledge just leveling up.

Like I could be using melee weapons but my energy weapons skill is being leveled up despite not using them in the run prior.

You'd still have that muscle memory for some things, like firearms.

I just like to think you're stealing the souls of the people you killed and learning from that.


What would the lore behind that be?

Try one of these subthreads