Most original team I’ve played this wl

Most original team I’ve played this wl

That’s low budget meta, this is higher budget meta

Where is Jesus and Baka?

Let me guess. Started 4321, before kick off paused and change to 4231. I'm right?

Yep haha

I am Steve, the new EA Community manager.

I am Steve, the new EA Community manager.

Hi guys, I'm Steve, i just wanted to introduce myself as I'm the new community manager for EA Sports FIFA. I was working in foreclosure before, but seeing people literally have nothing anymore and losing everything broke my heart. Anyways, you guys should know, communication and satisfaction for our customers has highest priority for us. Recently there has been a lot of rumors, that the pack weight isn't fair, so we hired a handful of competent Indians to test our complex but fair pack algorithm that was designed to reward hard grinding people but also players that decide to invest a very little amount of real money in our digital currency. The outcome of our investigation proofed, that pack weight is completely fair. All the well payed Indians received a Gold Pack. Everyone packed at least an IF, Rashid even packed TOTY Neymar. I just wanted you to know, we frequently test our game, we are aware of our content, and customer satisfaction has highest priority for us. Furthermore, some people were complaining about delayed inputs and laggy gameplay. If you experience this, you may want to restart your computer, as this normally fixes the problem, most likely it was caused due to overheating of your sound card, because lets be honest, the FIFA 18 soundtrack is literally on fire. Anyways, if you want to communicate with us, just reply to this thread or message me at Steve@EArichkidsdotcom.

PS: Dont miss out on our new FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Promo video coming out on Monday after TOTY, introducing new features like properly working quick subs and dynamic corner flags.

quality shitpo...wait.

No it's not even a quality shitpost.

I'm filing a missing persons report for OP in advance, since he'll never be seen from or heard from again after this.

The best part is packing TOTY Neymar

This post is shitter than shit, amazing

When you realise you'll never afford prime 94 Dinho

When you realise you'll never afford prime 94 Dinho

When you spent 100k doing 81+ sbc and the best pull was Miranda

Personally, I'd do it because I love the guy so much. He'd slot right into CR7's position too

And he is worse ingame, a lot more expensive and untradeable. You must really love Ronaldinho for it to be worth it.

dude if i sell my packed cr7, plus my 1.7millions atm i can get him... in the other hand i can have a stacker super team, i dont know what to do.

Fair play to Ter Stegen for dislocating his elbow to make the save.

Fair play to Ter Stegen for dislocating his elbow to make the save.

If you've watched him this season, it's not entriely beyond the realm of belief. Lol

Thats some dedication right there!

That's actually the new "rubber" chem style

Saved 45 packs to open with my kid, 8 packs in and we got a guy with low balance.

Saved 45 packs to open with my kid, 8 packs in and we got a guy with low balance.

My girlfriend watched me open 80+ La Liga packs, and I got her to wipe my tears away when my best pack was fucking Iniesta.

I open packs with my daughter and she dances and gets so excited. Meanwhile I fake enthusiasm as I look upon yet another Iago Aspas.

Kid on the way. Hopefully one day I'll be able to do this. I'm jealous congrats man enjoy it.

I did the same thing with my 4 year old daughter - 26 packs. Best was 85 Glik. But she gets so excited when there are any boards at all, it might as well be TOTY Messi (even if it’s Carvalho)

Saw everyone else was getting lucky packing this guy, so I opened one 125K Ultimate Pack and couldn’t believe I actually got him too!!

Saw everyone else was getting lucky packing this guy, so I opened one 125K Ultimate Pack and coul...

Hahahaha I got lucky, iniesta and lukaku, not good, but sadly better than the other one I opened

I was lucky enough to get Tif Son from the SBC pack

I'm glad I'm not the only poor one. I have 15k now. Before TOTS I had 500k. Lightning rounds got me

I should have known better when my best pull from the Nominee SBC Mega Pack was Belhanda. Didn’t learn my lesson.

Damn posts on the front page skewing my perception of reality.

Corner kicks should be renamed “Counter-kicks”.

Corner kicks should be renamed “Counter-kicks”.

I wish they gave you a choice as to how much you wanted to risk on a corner. Like if im comfortably winning 2-0 in the 83rd minute i dont want to send all my best defenders up, but i have no choice. Once the clearance pops out to the Martial / Lozano combo (always somehow unmarked), we all know what happens next.

In real football no team would ever commit those players in that circumstance, or leave the opponents one speedy outlet with acres of space to turn and run at them.

Id love to see that as part of the corner options. a choice from 1 to 11 as to how many players you want to commit.

Edit: thanks to everyone who sent in tips and even those who told me that im a bad player :)

Im not the best player in the world by any stretch and if i was a better finisher this might not be a problem. Im also well aware of the methods out there to defend against it. The point is that the ratio of goals conceded in this fashion is way too high for me and a vast number of people who play, even when employing these defensive tactics. (On our own corners!)

Im not one of those “EA is out to get me” folks. I genuinely love the game and see an easy solution to a problem that many struggle with.

If they can give us stats on thousands of players to the point of knowing peoples cholesterol level they could let us decide how many to send into the box on a corner.

(For those saying to go UD, its not for me! With all of the TOTY / legends in fut champs i cant have my defenders sitting off, we’ll get roasted with long shots. Maybe im just not good enough, but changing the shape of your entire defense to defend your own offensive corner shouldnt be the answer. )

Do it when you're on the corner and switch player.

Ultra defensive counters this

PES let's you assign defenders to set pieces in the tactics screen. Also lets you choose to keep them back.

The PES tactics have always been better. Wish we could combine games!



Quality meme tbh.

Solid meme, great for SBC's, maybe even usable with a shadow

That's a solid meme!!! Let's go

Chuck a Deadeye on and he’s usable

600k fOr A hAT iSnT WoRTh iT

600k fOr A hAT iSnT WoRTh iT

Haha, I was like, to be fair he's blasted that, not sure what you expect from the keep... Oh...

HAHAHA. Laughed waaay too hard at this.

Sorry for potato quality. Also this was in DKT so I was actually impressed. Yashin scored two others lmao

Now we just need Edgar Davids to get some glasses, EA please! (Also he is jy all time fav player and one of the reasons I started to watch football)

Full TOTY in packs 6pm TOMORROW

Full TOTY in packs 6pm TOMORROW

Not in 5 minutes

I repeat

Not in 5 minutes.


Please stop posting every 2 minutes to ask if they´ll be in packs at 6pm.

So they're in packs in 5 mins?

What month is 18? /s

Wait. Why would you open today if tomorrow you can get same players+midfielders and attackers. Just be patient 22 hours and 27 minutes more😂😂

They are in packs on 1/18/1940 at 6 pm?

Try one of these subthreads