Futbin SBC Analyzer + Squad Import Down?

Futbin SBC Analyzer + Squad Import Down?

edit: thanks u/ninjaciego for finding Futbin's official tweet

With the recent ToS updates from EA it's unclear if a user can be banned from using an extension. We therefore see us forced to take the Club Import/Analyzer down until further clarification is at hand. For the record, there has been 0 bans so far and we want it to stay that way.

Well done EA, keep shitting on your customers. I hope one day it backfires.

Credits to Futbin, these were fantastic features very well developed.

When the "rule breaking" website has more morals, community requested development and works better than the game it's breaking rules on.

Also go fuck yourself FUThead.

They took it down because of EA ToS. Honestly, EA have been trying to force FP to be the main way to play FUT, majority of the promos now is just to open packs. They don't want people to have an amazing amount of coins through trading, they want people to open up packs with FP. Look at the majority of pro players, they spend over a grand on just FP so they can get their god squads. The game is turning into a F2P model where for you to get the top players you are going to have to buy FP.

It's certainly the smart and responsible thing to do in light of the ToS revelations which carry some ambiguity to them.

That said, i'm quite happy with how they've managed the situation in comparison to how the other sites have tried to milk it. Their fan service is much appreciated.

Just came up against Aubamayang...

Just came up against Aubamayang...

pretty sure he got himself suspended so he could play all 40 games of WL.

I was reading somewhere on here that his brother plays? How did you fare?

Guess he'll be fut champing since dortumund dropped him for "disciplinary reasons" - probably too much FIFA, not enough training

He got suspended for appearing 20 mins late to training. Guess he really had to finish the dkt.. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Futbin's statement for extension ban.

Futbin's statement for extension ban.

Expected, futhead is miles away from futbin

Futhead getting desperate out here

If true, that's a very scummy move from futhead. Couldn't take falling away from futbin

Futbin has been a great service, futhead seems to be losing it. And making totw predictions to make profit of their people):

KDB investors (including me)

KDB investors (including me)

Its only a joke I'm not really mad!

uhh thought it was obvious it was going to be Sane?

Sane had the stats for sure but KDB had been been playing unreal so I thought he could just edge it

I just bought a few cheap Genk players a few minutes before the announcement. Will be needed for Pro League SBC surely. All good.

Sane is POTM

Sane is POTM

They should've chosen a clip that wasnt a de Bruyne highlight lol

Made 6k profit, I'm fookin rich lads

a pass so good it gets the receiver POTM

A DeBruyne card would have required probably 54 IF‘s

My thoughts on Futbin extensión risking my account

My thoughts on Futbin extensión risking my account

Its EA :) how can we still expect anything better than the worst? Oh and 100% agree!

as long as you have two step authentication on, no one can hack your account with just your username/password (if coming from a new IP, they also need your phone)... at least in theory - who knows with EA, lol

futhead is not to blame, they are tweeting about it because they tweet always regarding any info from EA. its not some hit at Futbin from Futhead.

Futhead started it all and they maintain a good relation with other major fifa sites.

First of all we shpuld blame all the ppl who still buy fifa points...

PTG cards looks cheap in general

PTG cards looks cheap in general

I think these cards has gone under the radar for a lot of people.

Stindl (not my top pick), went from 20k to 40k for a single goal, the potential is huge for the cheap players. And they are out of packs today with there prices being the lowest we have seen. I would recommend to pick up the players you think will score some goals or that are near discard.

Sane, Jesus and Bakayoko are also great. They are not cheap but the demand for these IF versions will be insane, because they are cards a lot of people use. The crash we saw in OTW Lukaku was because his IF became so cheap so early, not many use him compared to the three I mentioned.

I would advice caution with bakayoko. Cdms don’t often get ifs

True but he should be getting a TOTGS card as he's top scorer in Europa League atm

Plus a winter upgrade, and a man of the match card I believe

Not PTG but similarly Tolisso is a bargain at the moment. I got him for 120k but he went as low as 110. He's gone up a bit but less than 150k for a French OTW CM nearing club 80, (plus playing well for a huge team!) is really cheap.

So if I use Futbin to find me some alternatives to price fixed players, it’s a bannable offense. EA is a joke.

So if I use Futbin to find me some alternatives to price fixed players, it’s a bannable offense. EA is a joke.

If I actually got banned because I used the FUTBin squad importer, I will charge back every purchase I made to EA this year.

Consumers can flex their muscle too. Fuck you EA

This just makes me laugh , what is their thought process here ?

Should we make our awful gameplay better ? Should we consider that the price of our in game currency is too high ?

No let’s ban users who are using an extension to trade and further their accounts in the hope they’ll buy more Fifa points.

Of course , Futhead is loving this. Hopes it may lead to the shutdown of a vastly superior platform.


Nowhere in ea Statement does it say they will ban your account, they say using these extensions puts your account at risk of being hacked. They DO NOT say they are going to ban you for risking your own account. Futhead really playing shady here.

lol of course Futhead is tweeting this out. They're getting their shit kicked in by their competitor and grasping at straws

IF Sons Real "hidden" stats!?!?

IF Sons Real "hidden" stats!?!?

Just was looking at my teams goals and games stats and noticed this. No attribute card or anything. At first thought maybe his chem style is showing but it's not that either. So wtf. I mean these stats would make sense considering how he performs...

No, it's a boost across every stat. Not only does it not match up with what Hunter gives on what is boosted, it's boosting his other stats as well

What's weird is if you take defending, he gets:






Doesn't make any sense to me. Play a game and see if it stays after?

I'm assuming it's the chem style showing? Weird either way!

New Futbin SBC Center is live

New Futbin SBC Center is live

Very helpful stuff like cheapest players per rating and sbc club analyzer.

Futbin is the true MVP. This website keeps impressing me!

EA is going to buy them and charge $0.99 per squad built

Feels like a paid service (don't tell them I said that).

Thanks for reporting, should be fixed now!

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