She's in love with the new tiny human

How do dogs know what babies are? Do they know they are people?

"What is this thing, why does it smell like Mommy and Daddy, and why do I love it so much?"

I'd imagine an animal that could tell by sniffing poop if it was left by a male or female, what it ate, if it's sick, etc. could probably identify a newborn human. Them noses ain't just to look pretty.

"This. This little thing is going to be my most efficient provider of dropped food/table scraps! I love this little thing."


Perfect hole in one

I love how the puppy is so happy that he dropped the ball in the hole!

What was your favorite part?!

He's the real winner.

Awh he's so proud of himself +1

Need some perspective

These kind of puppies always have those hilarious angry eyebrows

Yeah, love how their body language says they’re happy but eyebrows make them look mildly infuriated.

Look at their little tails dangling ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )


Not all heroes wear capes

Nope, just a pleb in awe of your karma farming,first time I've seen a gallowboob post in it's infancy, I thought they were born onto the front page.

I am 99.9982% sure that Tlaughs is not a bot.

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No Tlaughs. Are you a bot?

He's too proud to be caught begging for food

That drop off drool is almost too perfect, this whole vid is hilarious

... Dribble..

I might be wrong but I think it has to do with body language, eye contact is generally confrontational in dogs, so it can be a way of saying "I want your food but not going to fight you for it"? My dog does this and we've never shouted at him.

Poor boy probably got yelled at for begging before. I hope he got some. And yes, I know training them is good, but I still hope he got some.

Some sour grapes

Please don't decide to try this with your dogs at home. Grapes are toxic to dogs and could kill your pet.

Yes, I know it's a red panda in the video. This is a general service announcement.

Is that a red panda?

Can confirm. Did I kill my dog? No. Google said so.

Yup, cutest animal

Nothing like sandwich naps!

Ahhhh the stretching! I'm dying from the soft cuddly cuteness!

I needed this after the front page being overly saturated with Ajit Pai's face.

The one on the left is dreaming! His or her mouth and forepaws twitch before the neighbour kitty stretches <3

The kitten twitching on the left is so adorable! It’s having the best dreams.

“Why are we only having this now?”

My cat thinks our tree is tasty too.

"What? I like what I'm doing."

pine trees are toxic to cats!

Hooman! I approves of this gift. Nom nom nom

Place seemed a little empty, until we adopted cloud

Place seemed a little empty, until we adopted cloud

I tried to recreate this with one of my goats. The other goat just stole and chewed up my glasses. Goats are dicks. I love goats.

Oh cool, so you got this goat in 2015 http://rebrn.com/re/psbattle-goat-wearing-sunglasses-243208/

or from this post https://www.reddit.com/sub/goats/comments/5q7ce1/cute_goat_with_glasses/

if youre gonna claim its yours try to use something less popular.

I mean... everything in moderation.

Goats are dicks. I love goats.

So you love dicks?

Rough housing with a little chimp

There's a sleeping guy in the couch :o

Aw, they're adorable before they're old enough to literally pull your face off with their bare hands

I was waiting for the chimp to tear the guy's face off.

That's just Guy on the Couch.

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