The clingy friend...

The clingy friend...


How do I set this as the screensaver for my brain? PS: is that a Frenchton??

"I'm thtuck"

I don't think liking faces is that strange.

Guardian of the fluff, keeper of the woof

Guardian of the fluff, keeper of the woof

Where are my testicles, Summer?

Kinda looks like an Ewok in the face a little.

Snuffles was my slave name. You must call me Snowball, because my fur is pretty and white.

I know this is a repost but I do not care. This picture should be on Reddit everyday

Cudly barn owl

That little scoot closer

People say that having owls is bad for them and they get stressed out.

It looks hard to believe.

If you think you can treat it like a cat or a dog you're going to stress it out. If you're ready to devote large portions of your time and money to making it happy and have the appropriate environment (not an urban apartment) and have a master falconer* advising you then you stand a much better chance of not making its life hell.

Alternately you can put up an owl box and enjoy year after year of pest control and baby owls being raised on your property.

*actual legal title

Licensed breeder



One day Simba, everything the light touches will be yours..

One day Simba, everything the light touches will be yours..

Simba : "What about that dark spot over there?" Dad: "That's 4chan son, we don't go there..."

Simba : "What about that dark spot over there?"

Dad : "The fuck did I just say?"

tiny aliens are trying to abduct this kitty

Simba: "What about that dark spot over there?"

Mufasa: "That's T_D son, we don't go there."

five poodles playing jump rope together.


Isn't this the same guy the other day who had that poodle dressed and walking like a human? And then someone in the comment section said he actually intimidates and beats the fuck out of the dogs.

This guy?

Someone else made a good point in that thread: usually the more amazing and more impossible an animal trick, the more abuse they had to endure to learn it

What a load of shit. I trained elephants for the circus over a 7 year period. Every elephant was taught to walk on it's hind legs and remove the trainers ball cap with his beak. We taught the elephants with a complex reward process called handjobs. Handjobs are very gratifying for elephants probably because they don't have hands but who's to say, really, I'm not a vegeterian.

Unpopular opinion, I know, but this really isn't accurate. Dogs don't learn very well out of fear, they learn through the process of reward. You can't train a dog very reliably by beating them when they do wrong, but by rewarding them when they do right. I'm not saying animal abuse doesn't exist, it CERTAINLY does, and these dogs may have been abused... Source: live in a family that rehabilitates and trains rescued dogs that are unable to cope in pounds, we've rehabilitated dozens of dogs. Also have a family dog of 7 years who can do more tricks than you haha :)

When you're mad but still want to hold hands

When you're mad but still want to hold hands

He's just disappointed

It's only a matter of time until he wants to sea otter people.

"We cool, brah?"

"Yeah, we're cool."

River doggo

Doggo getting that beach body ready

I mean, he's got better form than me.

"Me" is actually correct here.

I'm the guy in the purple shorts trying to get up.

(Edit: here is the original response for context. It has since been edited to be more gentle, so I wanted to provide the context necessary for understanding my response: "Technically, you are supposed to use a subject pronoun for this construction. Here is a good discussion of the topic...")

Technically, you're still wrong.

Ken Wilson, from The Columbia Guide to Standard American English:

"Than is both a subordinating conjunction, as in She is wiser than I am, and a preposition, as in She is wiser than me.... Since the following verb am is often dropped or “understood,” we regularly hear than I and than me. Some commentators believe that the conjunction is currently more frequent than the preposition, but both are unquestionably Standard."

Look, I understand that you want to make the world a better place. But patronizingly correcting an internet stranger's grammar out of nowhere is not the way to do that. I say this with all the love in the world; I'm in grad school for English, so I know you're just trying to fight the good fight. But there was seriously nothing wrong with the top-level comment, and finding unnecessary things to correct just makes you look like an asshole. I'm not saying you are one; I'm just saying that doing what you're doing makes you LOOK like one, and that's why you're getting downvoted.

Spooked Out

That dog looks weird.

Apex predator, can literally fuck up anything... Scared of a bubble

He's beautiful

But still a good boy

Kitten Sleeping in Woman's Arms

Kitten Sleeping in Woman's Arms

That is one long neck

or maybe she does't have a chin

Aww that's so adorable

I think she's just looking straight up at the ceiling. Must be something shiny up there.

A pile of kittens

The one with his face in the middle can't understand why all these other little fuckers can't just be still.

A pile of kittens is scientifically referred to as a meowntain

I wish I was a cat

Just casually stepping on his stomach.

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