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Wake up! You HAVE to throw the ball!

My dog would do that and then pull the covers off of me and if I still won't get up he goes for the killer part: he bites my leg

Hiding his bone so no one will find it

Hiding his bone so no one will find it

Best part is when he puts the 'dirt' back to cover the bone.


Groom asks his bride's daughter if he could be her dad

Brought my phone in to read reddit while shitting. I'm now crying on the toilet

edit: very pleased with how this turned out please continue to write more poetry

Wobbling after their mommy

Triangle tails are the pinnacle of cat cuteness

When you're fresh out of walks for the day

oh my God this is too much. I need a puppy, STAT!

Same look

Same look

Ive seen this post so many times that I want to downvote this but ... I ... just ... can't

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