kitten - nuf said

Pretty sure I just squeaked involuntarily.

Thanks, jerk. Now I have diabetes. ;-)


This is the absolute cutest thing

Vet rescues a beautiful puppy

Recovery stories like this are the best

I love Vet Ranch. It's a wonderful YouTube channel.

Dr. Kari! Her and Dr. Matt make Vet Ranch a YouTube channel that's very easy to binge watch. Plus they show the whole recovery process, including any surgerie, in the hopes of inspiring more people to become veterinarians.

Beneath the mangy mutt lies a beautiful, loving dog. ☺

Service pitbull training to protect his owner's head when she has a seizure

Jokes on you, it's not actually a service dog. It's just a dog that wants pats.

All I can say is awwwwww

...and there are still TONS of idiots out there who blame the breed for the atrocities of being trained to fight by their owners...

Extra good boy

Desert Lynx Loving Scratches

This cat trusts the hell out of this human.

This human trusts the hell out of this cat :p

“Wait, are you filming?”

“I could kill you, but I won’t” - Lynx... probably

Hungry eyes

That pup has definitely learned how to milk the look, how can you turn that down?!

Ew, gross, a pug

Ah yes, the typical pug food response.

I look at you and I can't disguise...

I'm not a Polar Bear.

I'm not a Polar Bear.

I believe he is a polar bear

That's exactly what a polar bear WOULD say if he broke into my house to take a bath. suspicious

Give it a coke and see what happens

Awww, a baby polar bear dog from Legend of Korra

I think my cat is having an existential crisis 😬

I think my cat is having an existential crisis 😬

Born in a box, food comes in a box, shit in a box... it's all boxes, man!

"what if the red dot isn't real"

"what if the hoomins own me and not the other way around"

"I wonder what it would be like to still have my balls"

"what if it's all just a simulation"

And yet they feed me round pellets

Always follow the rules

Always follow the rules

"Hello class, today we'll be learning about hydrocarbons."

"Don't you mean hydrocarbones?"

"Very funny, Michael. Maybe if you spent less time cracking jokes and more time paying attention then maybe you'd have a chance of passing this year."

There will be no bleach in the eye's here. Move along please

Good Boy follows the rules!

He's wearing doggles!

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