Husky sits in the wrong spot.

Husky sits in the wrong spot.

I got extremely scared as if those fountains were the large ones at parks and thought this dog is about to get ass blasted

That is one HECK of a bamboozle

Some people pay for that ya know, this doggo coulda gotten it for free

I feel for that dog. I have made that same face when in the wrong spot at the wrong time in a hot tube.

Kitty seems a bit shocked

Where did you stick that finger OP?

Where did you stick that finger OP? Better not be where that cat does a plop In the "junk shop" where the food swaps to slop When you pulled it out, it was like Halebopp

An explosive charge, like a hundred h-bombs More potent than a thousand Vietnams Call up Johanne Brahms, read up some psalms Coz the smell is awful and coming from OPs palms

But it could be just that the cats just funky A chunky, plunky, skunky junkie But his style is floofy and makes me happy That that tubby tabby gets tummy tappys

This comment section will be good.

Your username says rap, but I read your comment like beat poetry.

Did we just become best friends?

The pig’s tail is wagging

The dog even gives him a friendly pat on the back like "EY YOURE ALRIGHT, KIDDO"

Fancy Squirrel Cat

This cat definitely knows Iron Tail.

Oh my gosh! I want to hug him, and squeese him, and kiss him, and use his tail as my pillow at night <3 ^_^

Floof caboose approaching maximum capacity

He's got a storm cloud for a tail.

best buddies

Where’s the guy that sells the pitchforks? Seems like he normally shows up for these kind of situations..

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Puppies and kids at the same time? Is your whole life just poop related incidents?

What is this? It falls from the sky!

Such a scared / cute kitty :)


Don't forget majestic / floofy too

Privately divided by a world so undecided, and there's nowhere to go...

When your best friend is kinda dumb, but you love them anyway

Everytime I see this gif I think about how much better it would be with like either a honk sound or the sound a squeaky duck makes

Shadow boop strikes again!

duck toys

I'm not so sure on the .

That moment when he full on boops his snoot into the wall just gets me every time. It's so honest and genuine and that doggo deserves all the scritches, and it's just so pure.

Meet Bear, my happy goofy GSD!

Meet Bear, my happy goofy GSD!

Fwoppy earz best earz

I see lots of long walks in your future.

Handsome fella

My GSD is also named Bear!

The best kind of co-op gaming

The best kind of co-op gaming

"u kidding me? u're so bad dude"

"Get in the game, Steve!"

shhhh! he thinks he's helping!

Earthbound is a one-player game only tho :/

Zhe Fwoof!

Zhe Fwoof!

He’s called puffie and unfortunately he’s been dead for a while https://www.instagram.com/p/BXzHQImAiul/?hl=en

Fwoof is she mascot of /sub/petatoes

Oh my doodness! The fwoof looks like a little mini chow chow <3

That's so sad :( I follow the Instagram but I must have missed it. He was such a sweetie.

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