One is graceful, and the other. He special in his own way.

Tanks can't jump

The difference between a rogue and a barbarian.

He's a brick. House.

They are both good dogs.

This beautiful pug enjoying the eclipse

This beautiful pug enjoying the eclipse

Safe puppers

Big Al says dogs can't look up.

It would have been an eyebleach if he hadn't worn the sunglasses

Okay. But dogs CAN look up!

Giving his brother a hug to comfort him. He was nervous for the first day of kindergarten.

Giving his brother a hug to comfort him. He was nervous for the first day of kindergarten.

I would be nervous too.. That's one big bleached school he's got there! Not very welcoming

Looks more like a hospital or convention centre hallway.

That face says, "why do you keep doing this to us? Who will you leave here next?"

I would be nervous going into that. Kindergarten should be fun and inviting, mine had cute little coat hooks and play tables and a playground with the coolest slide in the world, and NO CORRIDORS.

Fly like a beagle to the sea


Fly like a beagle, let my ears just carry me!

D U M B O B O Y E =/= D U M B B O Y E

There is no D U M B B O Y

The hunter emerges from the woods carrying it's trophy.

Eye bleach indeed. It's funny that when you are at your lowest some stupid cat with a stuffed animal can genuinely make you smile.

Hobbes! Where's Hobbes?!

Maybe it's his favorite toy- Would be so cute if he carried it around a lot.

I know a few dogs each one will destroy any toy except for a special one. They carry it around and sleep with the toy, like a security blanket


This should cheer ya up

Finally, news worth watching

Finally, news worth watching

Missed an opportunity : "BARKING NEWS"

That's not part of the image template you can the person who made this bothered to change.

Edit: What I'm sayin' is that you can find these blank breaking news templates online and fill them in with whatever. It'd take extra time (and having thought of it) to change a part that already has text on it.

It's fake news: the caption only had "good dog" four times, but the picture clearly shows five good dogs.

Not with that attitude.

They can't sleep without touching each other

They can't sleep without touching each other

Holy crap my cat looks COMPLETELY identical to the grey one on the left, even the top of the head markings match up perfectly!

How old is yours? Could be each other's doppelgängers!! Juju is 2 years old, I adopted him and his brother (Winnie, next to him) from a shelter here in Tennessee. :)

Our cat, Luke, is about the same age. The shelter in Texas never gave a definite date of birth, so that's just our estimate. He's really skittish, but when he wants food or a clean litter box he really warms up to people :)

I want to love like this

This new Roomba model is kinda cute

I wish I could do that but with chocolates.

Ooh, a piece of candy! Ooh, a piece of candy!

Collects up all your household waste and compacts it into small easy to manage pellets which are dispensed from the rear of the unit.

I was expecting it to explode at the end, then saw the name of the sub.

Balloon Kitten

Balloon Kitten

Static Electrikitty


Catamari damacy?

Balloon... cat

His birthday is today :)

His birthday is today :)

What a handsome birthday boy!

Humans are so cute - no animal has any way of appreciating that they are another year older yet humans puff air into plastic sacks and tie decorative triangles all over the place whilst dancing and clapping. Lots of humans are awful, but it's humans like this that make me feel a little better about the world.

Dats a big blep for a big birthday boye!

"HIS birthday is today :)"

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