Dogs realize Grandma is in the house

Those dogs are HUGE!! omg

I love that failed first attempt to jump on the bed by that one dog.

yeah... they're quite husky

someone might stop overfeeding their dogs....

The purrfect spot

My snake does this. But she isn't a cat. Also she strangles me a little bit.

Hello? Are you still there?

I hate it when cats do things like this. You need to get up to do something but they're so comfortable and you don't want to disturb them so you end up not doing anything.

100% worth the inevitable neck pain.


That's risky, what if he liked your ex gf's new profile pic?

This is kinda making me realise that cats might figure out ipads before my mother.

"Haha that was my cat lol i swear"

that cat is enjoying Facebook more than I ever did. very cute.


"So tell me about it...I'm all ears"

"So tell me about it...I'm all ears"

By my calculations, thats 85% ears, 15% whiskers!

And 100% reason to remember the name.

Wise beyond his ears

He looks like an old and wise kitten.

Baby otter

I would probably get kicked out of a zoo for playing with these little sea puppers too much if I ever had a zoo job.

Kinda looks like a furry charmander

Now I'm sad.

No matter how I touched my touch screen, I couldn't skritch that belly and that fuzzy head.

Someone get on the technology for this RIGHT NOW!

When he look at camera holy shit

Lawn surfing tiger

I like the technique for jumping on..not that easy for an animal

Why is there a fucking tiger just walking around and surfing on some grass in a park?

If you look at the background it seems like there's walls all around. My guess is this is some rich Saudi Arabian dude's backyard.

That tiger made it look easy. I probably would've fallen on my face.

Peshawari Naan shop Guard Dog

Peshawari Naan shop Guard Dog

He looks like he definitely grants wishes.

I had to zoom in to make sure he wasn't wearing a naan hat. Good pupper!

He does. He grants naan bread related wishes.

The hat is called a Pakol

Shiba Inu pups ganging up on a cabbage

Shiba Inu pups ganging up on a cabbage

Uh, if anything, vegans love animals and hate vegetables.


My cabbages!

Personally, I LOVE vegetables. That's why my motto is "Save a cabbage, eat a cow".

My army is ready. We attack at nightfall.

My army is ready. We attack at nightfall.

This looks entirely like one cat sitting next to a bowl of stuffed cat toys.

That's because that's exactly what it is


Wasn't this just posted a few days ago?

Release the fluff!

Release the fluff!

Few things make me happy the way watching excited dogs does.

This gif always makes my day. It is one of the few things I like seeing reposted

Totally agree, this one too

Totally agree,

Honestly what makes it for me is how happy the woman in the background is seeing it. Pure joy on two accounts.

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