Paris Hilton likes Revival

Paris Hilton likes Revival

I love how everyone is giving Eminem love it makes me happy that he will be confidential for his next album :)



Do you want your ass eaten? No? Okay you shudda you mudda mouth

I wouldn't be so confidential about that.

The Goat signing copies of Revival

The Goat signing copies of Revival

U should have asked him what time hes sucking it

Did you ask him if he will be there all weekend?

I wanna hug that hairy fuck :3

Best cure for a hangover here in Australia.

Best cure for a hangover here in Australia.

A few poppy ones but that was expected/known already... I'd say this is meeting and (I think after a few more listens through) exceeding my expectations. Guess who's back, cunts?


You look like the sort of lad I'd like to grab a pint with

It's a date.

Imagine an album next year again like Relapse and Recovery

Imagine an album next year again like Relapse and Recovery


Dear Jesus just em and dre alone in the studio for a year, it won't sound anything like revival lol

He definitely said 2 songs. Said that Dre came in and started making beats near the end of Em recording for the album and they had 2 tracks(maybe only beats) that he wants to revisit and use

I don't recall him saying about two songs, he said that he couldn't produce because he was busy with god knows what and he said "Okay don't produce but can you at least mix?"

And "wants to work with Dre again in the future" was IN THE FUTURE.

Like "I'm sure Dre and I will come together sometime in the future"

That's very different from "I'm working with Dre on something".

New Selfie with Fan!

New Selfie with Fan!

and paul in the back coming up with his next shitty merchandise idea.

he looks like he's about to fall asleep

Didn’t you see his stream on instagram? He has to sign like 10K people’s stuff.


Castle is so sooooo good.

Castle is so sooooo good.

the castle / arose combo is already a classic in my book. the storytelling reminds me of stan.

The way he drops on the floor at the end of the track always get me

It's so fucking loud. Keep shitting myself at that part. You can tell it was during his fat phase during Encore (I kid, I kid)

it already is, fuck anyone who disagrees.

best night ever

best night ever

U got the clean version

OP fucked up .

*OP f#cked up .

i panicked and just grabbed the first one i saw. its ok though, because spotify has the explicit versions.

Chloraseptic is 100% Eminem making fun of new style rappers

Chloraseptic is 100% Eminem making fun of new style rappers

First time I thought this is when he's rapping in that style he says

"And I'll take a hundred of you, hundred of you All at once like I had nothin' to lose, what can I do? My appetite for destruction is loose, destruction is loose And all at once just to have somethin' to chew Somethin' to chew, somethin' to chew"

He's saying there's 100's of these rappers, and he will take on all of them.

Then later in the song when he's rapping in a similar style, you hear an ad-lib saying "music please". He stops then starts rapping normally.

I feel like a lot of people think he just did this kind of song to show he could do it, but I def think he's taking shots at the new age of rappers.

Of course he is taking shots at them he hates people who dumb down the art he was raised up on

Reading this gave me an entirely new look on the song. I wasn’t a fan but once I went back with this look it made more sense.

I agree. Taking shots and proving he can do it. The most annoying form of ‘rap’.

The rock station I listened to called new rap "raps grunge era" i liked that analogy a lot. And I think a lot of it is it is hard to do what the people before you did better so they are trying a different sound but eventually it will phase out and a lot of these new rappers will be one hit wonders.

Everyone switched up with the official release..

Everyone switched up with the official release..

2 days ago everyone was calling the album trash on here and saying it was garbage...

but now with the official release everyone is saying oh its great, one of the best eminem albums.

Biggest switchup I have ever seen on a sub before.

Hence why I didn't comment anything about the album until official release. You never know what it's going to be like until it's out and you listen to it.

You know this sub is filled with dickriders when you say anything negative about the album and get downvoted.

It almost seems like i'm forced to like the album no matter what he does.

A solid amount of those people came over from the-Donald just to spread and upvote anything negative about Em

Of course not, I'm glad you enjoy the album, man!

Eminem, why you do this?

Eminem, why you do this?

He forgot about dre

Apparently from Wikipedia Rick Rubin only produced 4 songs out of 19. You can find the full list here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revival_(Eminem_album)

Sad that Dre literally only produced Remind Me (Intro). Would be amazing if Em pulled another album fully produced by Dre. That probs won't happen sadly.

Sad :(

How the fuck is he gonna but dre on the back of the cd as a producer and only have him do a 26 second intro?

Try one of these subthreads