Upcoming Destiny HERO and Dragon Structure Deck

Upcoming Destiny HERO and Dragon Structure Deck

They also added character profile for Syrus Truesdale

I think you just said the same persons name twice

The destiny hero structure deck looks amazing, and kinda complicated with all the effects. However, I can definitely see some combos with all the ways of dumping the D hero cards, such as Malicious and Dasher, into the grave to make some plays.


Polymerization {{Destiny HERO - Dogma}} {{Cyclone Blade}} {{D - Fortune} {{Vision HERO Trinity}} {{Vision HERO Vyon}} {{Darklight}} {{Destiny HERO - Dangerous}} {{Destiny HERO - Drilldark}} {{Destiny HERO - Dark Angel}} {{Destiny HERO - Celestial}} {{D Cubed}} {{Destiny HERO - Dreamer}}

It's that time again...

It's that time again...

It would be fun to have an offline mode when this happens.

I barely have a handle on Synchros, I'm like the genwunner of Yu-Gi-Oh lol

I'd go on YgoPro but I still don't understand the TCG rn

Yeah all these kids with their newfangled links and pendulums. Bah!

[Fluff] I just burned a Weevil to death and honestly kinda feeling myself

[Fluff] I just burned a Weevil to death and honestly kinda feeling myself

Burn players Thinking

Choose one.

Sorry but what kind of idiot plays burning land knowing the enemy is going to draw a golden ladybug smhhh

Man watching that felt way too good.

What's this, a player that starts the video at the start of the actual duel?? Thank you.

Also, nice lol. You can see just when the desperation sets in.

[Fluff] [Meme] when you play burn

[Fluff] [Meme] when you play burn

great post burn users need to be publicly shamed

Nice one LOL

When you "play" burn.

4000% accurate

[Help] Cards not rendering properly

[Help] Cards not rendering properly

Did not work, I redownloaded my data and even uninstall and reinstalled it

I think there is a button on the loading screen with Initiate Link that is called something along the lines of Data Redownload. Just hit that and I believe it will work. If not just uninstall and reinstall .

DL players in a nutshell

DL players in a nutshell

I will never give up on my ojamas one day the meta will shift and I'll be KoG or at least that's what I tell myself when I'm crying myself to sleep

Have faith brother, someday we will CHAZZ IT UP

The Chazz will lead us to the golden age

Yeah..I play the decks I build myself and like playing..and thats also why ive never gotten anywhere close to Kog. Not to mention I have no idea how people even get all those cards...

The real reason we need Jinzo.

The real reason we need Jinzo.

It's either Traps or OTK Cyber Evangelion and OTK Hazy Fisting. Pick your poison.

Heck, Hazy Fisting already shuts down Traps.

At least Mirage Dragon somewhat understands him.

And Wildheart

God, i hate getting fisted

I wish everyone a good day except for burn players

I wish everyone a good day except for burn players

I sexually identify as a Burn Player. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of sticking my parasites into decks of my disgusting opponents. People say to me that a person playing burn is a cancer and I should die, but I don't care, I'm King of Games. I'm having architect change my house to make it look like Temple of the Mind's Eye, and I'm trying to adopt Lava Golem as my pet. From now I want you guys to call me "Skillful player" and respect my right to burn your ass to the ground whenever I'll meet you. If you can't accept me you're a burnphobe and need to check your local uninstall button. Thank you for being so understanding.

I can go a full day having fun playing some children's card games but the second I face up against Yami DD burn?


I hope you're having fun enough for the both of us because I'm not.

The destiny draw burn decks are worse imo.

Here I am running Great Moth, and I'm told to have a bad day :(

Konamu, I've come to bargain...

Konamu, I've come to bargain...

Just run 1 Deal dude.


Three is super bricky and not needed.

I still laughed

Nobody cares about your brick hand, if I posted every brick with my Phoenix deck I would post here 20 times a day. Enough with that low quality shitpost.

When you use Berserk dragon you dont need beatdown when you Run Goka you can run beatdown !!!!

[Meme] Deepest Lore

[Meme] Deepest Lore

And Master of Oz's secret?

100 Push-Ups. 100 Sit-Ups. 100 Squats. And 10KM Running. Every Single Day!!!

Dont forgot the divine dragon that can sink the entire world at it will, {{Divine Dragon Ragnarok}}

Wow, your comment just made me realize why Necross starts off with 1800 atk. All these years....

Well if you add up all the ATK of Exodia's pieces he goes to 1800 atk, which means even when sealed he's a decent beater :^ )

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