Rant about peoples reactions to overdoses

Rant about peoples reactions to overdoses

So in Australia there was a few overdoses at a big festival that was on about a week ago. None of the people died but they're all in hospital fighting for their lives. It was posted on Facebook and the way that the general public react to these overdoses is absolutely disgusting. Some people are saying that they deserved to die, they are wasting ambulance workers time etc.

I know this is preaching to the choir but people saying things like this is just unbelievable. If someone dies of obesity from junk food nobody blames that person and they'll be respectful about the situation, it's the same if someone dies from alcohol, speeding when driving or any of the other risky things that people do everyday but just because these people used drugs the general public treats these people like they're not even human.

The sad thing is if these drugs were legal there would be a lot less overdoses and the dangers of these drugs would be substantially lower. But none of these people seem to realise this.

Facebook followers and users are not the general public.

Facebook is cancer and Fuckerberg needs to be liquidated.

I absolutely agree that it is a horrific way to think, but I often put myself through the discomfort of looking through those comments for one reason: to break out of the echo chamber. When you're surrounded by friends and websites that either take drugs themselves or are respectful about your choice to, it begins to make you think that drugs are viewed as socially acceptable by everyone. Reading comments like "y shuld we care? prick shuldnt' have takn drugs in the 1st place, wasting hostipal's time nd mony" makes you realise that other people out in the world will never accept drug use, ever. Yes it's awful, yes it's hypocritical considering how much they all probably drink and smoke, but that's beside the point. It reminds me to be extra cautious about who I can talk to about drug use and who I can't, because there's definitely a world out there that hates us.

People do blame the obese for killing themselves....stigma on "fat Americans", notice how it's seen as derogatory

A lot of those same people drink until they’re sick on the weekends

WHO calls for the decriminalization of drug use

WHO calls for the decriminalization of drug use
WHO calls for the decriminalization of drug use

I do

This is old news. As in July of last year.

Why would I want to go to a site that is misleading and making it sound like it just now happened?


Added another site to my browser blacklist though.

Does reposting on a spam blog make it more real?

I do too

(Help) Does antidepressants work?

(Help) Does antidepressants work?

I've come to a hard time in life and my school therapist recommended me to try to talk with a doctor about antidepressants. I've always thought that stuff like that was just placebo, but I've turned quite desperate recently. Thanks in advance for answers and tips, and sorry for spelling mistakes, English is not my natice language.

I have to take them myself. It took about 4 different ones until my psychiatrist and I found one that worked. It hasn't made everything complete again, but I also don't want to die anymore. I should probably go on a higher dose of what I'm taking, but I've been resilient as I also have my concerns with them. I would actually give a try, why not right? It's not a placebo, just some work for some people and not others. If you're that low it's better than suffering all the time. I promise.

Antidepressants work. I know from experience. It often takes more than one try to find the right medication. Therapy is essential for a speedy recovery also.

I wish you well. Hang in there.

Any time, dude. If you need to talk to someone feel free to PM me. Always willing to lend an ear or help out in any way I can.

Not 100 percent sure but I've heard that they can work quite well, look up "jorden Peterson on antidepressants" on YouTube. Stay strong man :)

Dealer got sold Viagra instead of ecstasy pills from plug

Dealer got sold Viagra instead of ecstasy pills from plug

Hey guys, so I was pretty excited to be getting a couple strong pingers for new years, but it turns out my guy got sold viagra instead of pills, he also popped one thinking it was an ecstasy pill, you probably already know how that went

welcome 2018

Viagra is worth a lot more money than your normal double-stack so the plug is the one really losing out here.

That's gonna be a hard week.

You might just be about that, but that would mean nothing to the dealer with a business built on pingers and other recreational drugs with no custom for boner tablets.

Also depending on the amount he's been stuck with now, and possibly unable to shift any, his whole business plan might be fucked now and he might not be able to reload or return the pills or anything.

Just seems like a bad time for that dude. But you gotta ask yourself , did this guy not check the goods when he was buying them and if he did then just smdh!

but it turns out my guy got sold viagra instead of pills, he also popped one thinking it was an ecstasy pill, you probably already know how that went

Probably experienced nothing since Viagra doesn't just magically give you a boner, you have to be sexually turned on.

Plus how did your dealer not know the difference between viagra and x?

I just IV'ed crack thinking it was regular coke.

I just IV'ed crack thinking it was regular coke.

First off, feel free to call me an idiot because I deserve the criticism after doing this. I also realize that a lot of people on this sub-reddit are just your average drug user, so I completely understand if I get hate for being the full-blown drug addict that I am. With that being said:

So I just went to the city to pick up earlier tonight. My main dealer sells both heroin and coke. I seldomly get cocaine because I prefer opiates over anything else however the few times I have gotten it off him it's always been COKE, never crack. Where i'm from we usually just refer to heroin as boy and cocaine as girl. Prior to meeting up with him we had only used the phrase "girl" (like every other time) so I was under the impression that I was getting normal cocaine. I think you can see where this is going.

I pick up, I immediately empty the bag into a piece of paper and crush it up without really glancing at it much. (There were a few little rocks in the bag but I didn't think anything of it considering the coke I get from him was always pretty rocky. It looked basically identical. Just thought this was worth explaining.) I go to IV some before I drive home just to test it out first and I notice that it's extremely gunky and not much of it was dissolving into the water. I figured it was just cut with a bunch of insoluble bullshit. I honestly though i had gotten ripped off at first. I was still able to pull some up through the cotton and do a shot. I didn't feel shit, was pissed, drove home and then tried a few more shots. Not even slightly high. Luckily every time I tried it I scooped out all the excess gunk onto a piece of paper, as well as saved all the cottons. After 30 minutes of being pissed off and sober, my dumb ass FINALLY comes to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, this shit is crack. I scooped a little bit of the powder into my bong just to try and see. I instantly taste crack. Holy fuck. I've been trying to shoot crack with fucking water, and wasted a bunch of it while doing so. As a result of all this, I have a couple questions below. Thanks to anyone who actually got through this crack fueled essay.

TL;DR Two questions:

I accidentally shot up crack thinking it was coke, how dangerous is it to IV crack (or attempt to at least) using strictly water?

Will I still be able to smoke said crack by re-drying it, even after it's been fully immersed in water?

Once again, I am an idiot. I just want to establish that one more time.

Best part about this is how many actually serious and knowledgable drug researchers were like "Batman signal - someone needs my information on mainlining crack by accident - gotta let him know he's safe AND can still boof it, shoot it, snort it up, light it up, inhale - exhale."

So many threads start out with inane comments.


You won't extract much, if any at all, with water. Regular cocaine is in salt form, thus why it dissolves in water so easy. But crack is cocaine in base form, thus why it's so easy to smoke. In order to be readily dissolved in water you will need to turn it into it's salt form first. It could be most any salt, as long as you have the necessary precursor, I would suggest using ascorbic acid as you can most likely get this at your local needle exchange. Be safe man!

So now you have chunks of crack floating around your veins? If you just use water cant it re-rock up in your veins and instantly kill you?

Everyone keeps saying this lol. It's not that i want to shoot crack, i just wasn't aware that I was doing so.

I almost lost my little brother this morning because a drug dealer sold him MDMA that was actually Fentanyl...

I almost lost my little brother this morning because a drug dealer sold him MDMA that was actually Fentanyl...

Don't go doing something you're gonna regret. I understand you're very reasonably upset right now but killing him won't undo what happened. Better to let him rot in prison for the rest of his life to think about the pain he's caused.

“Oh no not that way!”

Smash him

I am okay with this. Be careful and good luck.

Norway is decriminalising drugs!

Norway is decriminalising drugs!

This is really huge in Norwegian drug policy, we have been leading really strict drug laws where drug users and abusers have been treated like basically rapists and murderers. This is such a big step in the right direction for humane drug laws!

I'll see you in Norway my friend :)

Hopefully Sweden does the same within the foreseeable future. Great news anyways!

Finally! Decriminalisation is one of the biggest steps that make a country modernize and improve in supporting recovering addicts, prevent damage and control quality / test substances.

Slowly, humans as a global population begins to realize that, while entirely possible for those who desire it, abstinence isn't the best protection.

The next best step to take is modernize education on drugs, mostly about their benefits, risks, effects, dangers and how to use safely. I understand I am repeating the obvious, but it's wonderful to see reform in a country with previously hyper-conservative drug laws.

Why is acid so awkward

Why is acid so awkward

Why are all my trips ruined because of this overwhelming awkwardness? Every interaction seems completely fake and forced and it feels like nobody knows what to say and every time someone doesn’t understand something you said it’s fucking painful you can actually feel it.

I never know what the fuck to say to people, not even my closest friends sometimes. And even if you try to go to sleep your consciousness is still connected to whoever in the room also tripped and all of it is so damn awkward. Please tell me this happens to other people.

You said it like I've never been able to put into words. I stopped tripping for a while and have only tripped two or three times this year due to it. I only assumed it's because I have incredibly bad anxiety and other mental illnesses because no one else seemed to get it and could just vibe. I'm super afraid of tripping at a festival for this reason. I'd be the weird tripping girl just standing there watching everything and not talking.

Relax. Just talk less.

I find that I’m able to talk and extremely chatty while tripping but I can’t catch on to sarcasm very well and can’t tell when people are being serious or not. If people are just joking around making fun of me I take that shit heart and it ruins my trip. It all just depends on who you’re tripping with really.

LSD breaks down your social defenses and your social autopilot. You will see your friends for who they really are, and they will see you as you really are. Maybe the awkwardness is a sign that you need some new friends.

I strongly disagree that someone sees who you really are on acid. On acid you are just you on acid. Also I don't see how the acid awkwardness could mean that he needs new friends, that seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

Agree with the rest!

When my friend took 25-100 hits of LSD

When my friend took 25-100 hits of LSD

Let me preface this by saying- no, I am not claiming acid permanently makes you crazy, nor am I saying that acid is dangerous to take in moderation. Now let me get to the story

This was the week before Halloween of 2016 (last year) and some fraternity was hosting a 70's/hippie themed party. Me and my friends decide to go, since we're hippies at heart, and dress up as our favorite influential people from that time. We get there, look around, and everyone is dressed either as a typical 70's band member, a stoner hippie, or something of the sort. It was pretty cool overall considering they were playing trippy psychedelic music instead of your typical top 25 pop/rap songs.

We're all just hanging out, having a good time smoking some weed, and one of the frat brothers we're good friends with brings us to a circle of chairs to introduce us to some people. We sit down and start conversing. A red solo cup is going around of liquid acid, and everyone is taking a turn dipping the tip of their finger in, and taking a finger hit (I know this is stupid and can easily be misdosed, but knowing this I did the smallest amount possible, especially since I wasn't sure if it was actual LSD). Well my buddy is distracted and didn't know there was LSD in the cup, so he takes a big swing thinking I'm handing him alcohol to try. He swallowed one decent sized gulp and everyone around him freaked the fuck out. Also, this is a big frat on campus, so their budget was huge and went mainly to acid and weed due to the theme. So there was a decent bit of acid in that cup. I say in the title 25-100 hits, but that's being generous. Honestly if I had to guess, based on how much the cup dropped in liquid, I'd say it was at least 100 hits.

He looks at all of us wondering what the big deal is, and you can tell he's already nervous based on the look on everyone's face. Some people are laughing, some are genuinely scared for him, and one girl even was asking if we needed to call an ambulance. We told him that was acid in the cup and he looked like he was about to have a panic attack. He ran outside and tried throwing himself up but couldn't get himself to. Luckily we knew it was real acid at that point because they tested it several times and showed us the results, but we were all still super worried for him.

Now for the interesting part- the acid started kicking in for him after only 10-15 minutes and he was almost incoherent the second it kicked in. He kept asking where he was, who he was, and who we were. You could tell by the pure look of terror and confusion in his eyes that this was real. We got a ride back to our apartment and walked him inside to sit him on the couch. We were asking him questions like "what is your name?", "where are you?", and "do you know who we are?". He didn't know any of the answers, and this was worrying him, so we told him it'd be okay and all sat down next to him and put on some tv and calm music to try and keep him from losing his mind. We constantly talked to him to try and keep him grounded, but he was way too gone. He refused to go in the bedroom, and he also wasn't going to fall asleep anytime soon, so we just tried to keep him calm. At this point we were looking for anyone who had Xanax or any benzos to try and kill the trip somewhat, but we couldn't find anyone. Also his family doesn't have insurance and sending him to the hospital when we knew his life wasn't in danger would have angered him when he came to. (Edit: we ended up giving him a benzo on day 2 but it did nothing)

Well, he's off the shits for 3 days now, and we had to email all his professors for him saying he was sick. He's able to talk at his point but is still tripping hard and is saying he's losing his mind. Day 4 and we say that it's been enough. We force him to go to the hospital and they load him up with medicine. Helps somewhat apparently, but not a lot. He ends up telling his mom because he's convinced his mind will soon be gone and he'll never be able to talk again, and she, being religious, drives down to the college to pick him up. She brings him TO AN EXORCIST, because she thinks it's demons from the drugs. From what he tells us now, all he remembers is an exorcist screaming at him, splashing water on him trying to rid him of demons. This only freaked him out more, and made him feel more insane.

He stayed with his mom for the next 3 days and came back on day 7. He was pretty much sober by then but was still a bit fucked up in the head from The experience. He told us basically a weeks worth of tripping experiences, and it was crazy to say the least. He has always been a bit different since then, but he's mostly back to his old self.

This just goes to show, you need to be aware at parties or drug scenes. Obviously this scenario isn't likely, but it could be any drug. Never take a drink from someone without KNOWING what's in it. Also if you accidentally take a years worth of acid in one sitting, don't go to an exorcist.

If people are interested I may convince him to do an AMA on here.

I would kill for an AMA, this guy is an absolute soldier

If the consensus is large enough I'll talk him into it. He's a bit touchy on it considering it's actually a dark moment in his life that was full of fear, confusion, and emotions, but I'm sure for the sake of harm reduction and informing, I can get him too.

Also, yes he's definitely a soldier. I couldn't imagine what that must've been like.

Starring Seth Rogan and James Franco

God his mother is so unbelievably fucking stupid.... I hate these kind of people, seriously.

My husband is spun as fuck (meth relapse) and has to go to work at the hospital tomorrow. There is a good chance he is going to be tested. I know this is fucked up so please don't give me moral guidance. I need to know a safe way to smash a body part to give him an excuse to get me to the hospital.

My husband is spun as fuck (meth relapse) and has to go to work at the hospital tomorrow. There is a good chance he is going to be tested. I know this is fucked up so please don't give me moral guidance. I need to know a safe way to smash a body part to give him an excuse to get me to the hospital.

Seriously... I know this is super fucked up. I know. I've heard it all before. He got clean and then fucked up. I don't use drugs or anything myself so I can pass him my piss for that but there is a good chance they are going to step him aside.

I need to smash some body part or do something else (ideas please) so I can have an ER visit and he can claim that is why he is not going to work. I need to do something that will cause minimal damage to my body but be enough to warrant a visit.

Again... I know this is fucked up but if I don't do something we are at risk of losing our home, his income, our insurance and so many other things. He is spun as fuck right now jacking around in the bedroom and I have no fucking clue what to do.

What is the easiest part of my body I can fuck up - and recover from - in order to get him an excuse to take me to the ER. I'm open to all ideas.

Yes... meth... it's a hell of drug. The fact that I'm considering smashing a part of my body to try and save his job tells you a lot about what it does to families.


EDIT: Wow, I really didn't expect this many replies. I'm going to try and answer all the various questions people have asked out of respect for the time you took to write them.

As an update, I turned off Reddit shortly before I was making a last minute decision on what to do. I told him that I can't keep going on like this and I was going to leave him if he continued. He kind of scoffed at me and said "no you won't" and I said fuck it and slammed my laptop shut and left the room. I decided I wasn't going to smash my hand (or some other part of me) if he didn't give a flying fuck about the sacrifices I was willing to make for him.

He got cleaned up, dressed and I gave him a travel size bottle of Downy wrinkle release to spray on his clothes every hour or so he would smell fresh. Then just slept and slept and now I feel a lot more calm with him out of the house.

Some points of clarification because some of these are common questions in the thread:

The hospital I was planning to go to was not his lead hospital. It's part of their network but closer to our home so his supervisor would not have seen him there. I can see how that would be confusing by the way I wrote it.

No, I don't do drugs. A few of you have said that. I hate them. But whatever.

He doesn't work in patient care. He works in hospital administration. I should have been more clear on that. So he isn't running around actively taking care of patients. I'd have more of a moral dilemma in my head right now if he was but really he is just pushing paper and yelling at people.

Oh, we're gay. I hate even trotting that out like "hey, I'm here I'm queer get used to it!" but I kinda forget that sometimes so all the people calling me a chick... yeah you can change that dude.

A lot of my desperation comes from income and insurance. Because I'm disabled it fucks money up a lot. If he isn't working then we have a serious problem. It also doesn't help that we are both HIV positive. He is what they call a long-term nonprogressor which in the most simple form means HIV doesn't stick to him. He's definitely positive but it's like he is a silicone pan and it doesn't do shit to him. I, however, am not. I've had a few scary moments with how my body handles it. Because he works for a major hospital system we get the most amazing insurance you could think of. In terms of healthcare we are the 1%. Every single thing is paid for without a question asked and our max out of pocket is $650 a year for both of us. I need this insurance desperately.

A lot of people are making comments about how drastic this is. You are right. Now that I have him out of the house and I had some time to sleep I feel more centered and can understand a better path forward. I think the thing I didn't explain well is how badly I need this to work for selfish reasons. I do love him but I honestly don't know how I'm going to make it without him. There are serious practical realities I have to face. First, my family doesn't like me because I'm gay. They won't talk to me. So, I can't go stay with family if shit doesn't work out. I really need his insurance badly. I can't work after breaking my back in a fucked up accident this summer. I hobble around on a fucking cane. It sucks. I get a paltry disability check but trust me when I say paltry I mean it. It wouldn't pay for rent, utilities, and food for one person. It's disgusting to me how we can spend billions fighting wars in countries that most people can't even pronounce but we can't spend a little to help people who are living on the margins. To be fair I'm not living on the margins now but I would be without his help, money and insurance.

I don't really know what else but thank you all for your comments and questions. I really didn't expect this response. As I said earlier out of respect for the time you all have taken I will try and address many of your own questions back to me.

this is... I’m sorry you’re in this situation, but I still don’t completely understand why you need to harm yourself. Can you explain?

Go to the ER for a flaring of your back’s symptoms, don’t injure yourself further.

But it doesn’t sound like your husband is immediately fucked. If he showers and sobers up before going into work he sounds like he’s going to be fine.

Sobering up from meth will probably take a couple days, not an hour and a shower

take more drugs to look sober

Try one of these subthreads