C9 Dota 2

C9 Dota 2

Scientist baffled at a man's elaborate plan to kick a teammate "Bone7" out of the squad.

I'm thrilled to be working with the boys again! All 5 players have been a part of C9 DOTA at some point and it feels like a long lost son has returned.

To celebrate the event we're having a 15% off sale for C9 merch using the Discount Code TI7. You can get your Cloud9 merch to support the team at our store

2nd at TI confirmed

Update: For those asking Cloud9 takes 0% of TI prize money. (No 10% here)

I'm looking to continue to work with FYM as they've been a good partner for the boys.


Secret Shop Update

Secret Shop Update
Secret Shop Update

WeLoveFine is an ass, and we wont be working with them again.

Thank you so much to whoever made this happen internally at Valve.

I'm not really able to buy anything regardless of prices in secret shop but it seemed to me that the decision was made and wasn't going to be changed and I was slightly disappointed even though it didn't affect me. This made me appreciate Valve even more. Maybe they don't do everything right at first but it's been more and more often that they try their best to fix their errors which is fairly uncommon for a company that big

Secret Shop items won't be marketable until TI8.

im always happy when we use our reddit powers for good, wp guys

Jimmy with the unbelievable ending of the game

Jimmy with the unbelievable ending of the game
Jimmy with the unbelievable ending of the game

Nice, it even has a narrator.

$100,000,000 prize pool stretch goal: Fuccboi announcer

Before rEEtard there was Classic Jimmy. Never forget.

casual 17k building damage


Have you lost your PC in Auckland?

Have you lost your PC in Auckland?

Hi DOTA players. I am the IT manager for a shopping centre in Auckland, New Zealand. I have been handed a PC that was found in the bushes at work here and even though the CPU and RAM are gone, the rest appears to be intact including a GTX 680 vid card, case, mobo, and 1TB hdd. We are assuming that it was stolen not abandoned.

I have gone though the fairly clean hdd and the only piece of identifying info on it was the steam account and the guy plays DOTA and has reddit as a favorite website so I am hoping to catch him here somehow.

I have sent a friend request to his private account and been denied so I am running out of options.

If you recently had your PC stolen and believe you are the guy that owns this hardware can you contact me please?

This is also posted in /sub/dota as I had no idea where to look.

Over a year and a half later,Ramzes keyboard has shown up halfway across the Pacific Ocean.

On a serious note,upvoted for visibility.

I grabbed his username from a config file, I dont actually have the account logged in.

Good luck on your quest kind person.

This guy IT's.

Valve, WeLoveFine is not fine, don't work with them for the next event

Valve, WeLoveFine is not fine, don't work with them for the next event

There are few but important reasons why Valve should never consider WeLoveFine again:

WeLoveFine customer service is awful. If you have any kind of problem, good luck dealing with them

Examples here:

This is a worldwide game so we need someone able to ship worldwide without paying a kidney for that

I did multiple tests of purchasing from different countries with different weights for a package. The shipping cost is extremely high. For example a small package with a t-shirt, if you are lucky it might be $14, but when you start to add anything that will add a bit of weight or volume, the package will start to be $30-60 even for the cheapest shipping (base usps shipping), i didn't even checked something heavy, too afraid to try. This is actually a joke.

I'm in EU but I purchased tons of things from different countries, usually US and China, most of my packages are heavy things and still i never had to pay $50+ except rare times where very heavy packages (3kg) arrived. As a EU guy, i'm not ok with that, there are tons of companies who could ship worldwide with an acceptable price, the first in mind is China, but this is not the only one.

Also, i'm talking about EU because i'm here, but this is also valid for all the other non-US countries. I checked Australia shipping as well, same story.

There are also Companies with a proxy in EU/other countries, so we could avoid to pay custom fees in some cases. For example a package instead of doing "China->Your country" will do "China->another country in EU (aka the proxy) ->Your country in EU").

Now combine the awful company with a shitty customer service and the high shipping price and you have a big NO for me. There have been enough complaints during the years reporting how WeLoveFine is shitty for customers and Valve is still working with them.

tl;dr Please Valve consider another company for the next TI, welovefine is not fine, they have a bad customer service and crazy worldwide shipping rates.

and as we learned from the last years, valve doesn't give a fuck that everyone hates welovefine. there's no way they didn't catch any of the overwhelmingly negative feedback given to them about welovefine in the past years, so the only conclusion here is that they don't give a flying fuck.

i wanted to order the pack of cards for 8$ but the shipping to germany is literally double the cost of the product i wanted to buy, go fuck yourself

I agree, shipping 10 golden mystery boxes to Poland costs from 2000$ to 3000$! Something needs to be done about this. At least there should be some distributor on other continents

Rofl. Probably if you fly to US with 2 suitcases, buy and return to Poland, the whole thing will be cheaper.

These are a lot of boxes tho

Rofl. Probably if you fly to US with 2 suitcases, buy and return to Poland, the whole thing will be cheaper.

It's actually cheaper to do that in Australia to buy Adobe products. :/

Today is Warcraft III's 15th birthday. Let us appreciate the game that made Dota and the MOBA/ARTS genre possible

Today is Warcraft III's 15th birthday. Let us appreciate the game that made Dota and the MOBA/ARTS genre possible

Original system requirements: Win98/2000/Me/XP 400MHz Processor 128MB RAM 8MB Video Card 700MB HDD Space

Hearing this just makes me sad that it's been 15 years and no Warcraft 4

tbh I'm scared that if there ever is a wc4 it will just be a shitshow.

Warcraft 3 is imo one of the best games ever made, and I think almost everything will pale in comparison unless they manage to pull off a completel masterpiece.

starting music of the night elf

i started playing dota in 2010. and i know for a fact that i would have never gotten into dota without the drive i had from finishing the incredible story line of the war3 campaign.

the still gives me the chills.

With the way things are going, they'll probably put out a Warcraft 3: Remastered. Blizzard has been running on nostalgia fumes.

Valve if the immortals are not tradeable till sep 01 2018, let us keep the chat wheel sounds at least till that time

Valve if the immortals are not tradeable till sep 01 2018, let us keep the chat wheel sounds at least till that time

What the title says. We paid for the hats that we can't trade as we wish, at least let us keep the Chat wheel sounds till next TI or better forever. Thanks

Edit: First front page post. Volvo pls make it happen, seems a very reasonable request considering all the shitstorm that has been caused recently.

AH, I see. We're now at bargaining phase.

while i agree that chat wheel sounds are fuckin awesome and should stay for longer, they said that the immos would not be tradeable before any of us bought the battle pass. so it's not like they owe it to anybody to change it..

Day by Day, these threads are starting sound as if we're Valve's hostages.

People expect non-expiring cosmetics because they were never there at the beginning. That's why we are criticizing Valve. People need to stop dickriding Valve and rationalizing all their market restrictions. Like this guy thought DOTA 2's Treasure Escalating Odds were a fucking favor to all DOTA players from Valve rather than the optimum selling strategy. So fucking naive.

Immortal Treasure III

Immortal Treasure III
Immortal Treasure III

Well you did open 7...

Coordinator is the real immortal Kappa

RIP Wyk's karma LUL


We already have one Legion, SK and Spectre and already two Weaver Immortals. And why is this Sven sword ultra rare? This treasure is really a disappointment.

The True MMR distribution

The True MMR distribution

That means that the median MMR in DotA 2 has not changed since the 2013 blog was published (4 years ago)

5% 1100 10% 1500 25% 2000 50% 2250 75% 2731 90% 3200 95% 3900 99% 4100

Although the data looks partially skewed towards players that displayed their MMR on profile (evident by milestone MMR peaks and dips)?

steam web api to fetch all matches, filtered out only ranked all pick, relevant regions, no bot matches. ran all match ids through MatchDetails in dota 2 client, got all player steam ids (even private ones), got all profile card shared mmrs. for non shared, i took avg of shared mmrs in same match (or previous if none shared). the dota 2 client part was most challenging cause of IP limits on game coordinator.

Could be that people stop playing ranked after they hit a milestone. I know I stopped playing for a while when I hit 4k.


when someone asks what you did over the summer

when someone asks what you did over the summer

So close to ti7

"You know, played some basketball, owned the lanes. Then went swimming into the river. One time me and 4 of my friends visited this ancient tree, it's so radiant, nature is really amazing. Then we went to those sacred monuments with fountains and shrines. We got lost in the jungle once, we were so thirsty we thought we were dying. It was a very dire situation. Then we found this guy selling some drinks on a weird bottle. He's just there in the wilderness like some secret shop or something. I spent a weekend on my Uncle Mog's cabin, taught me how to use an axe and plant trees. Overall I had a good time. How about you?" edit: thank you for the bounty u/Tydy22. I'll show it to my aunt Akasha on monday in her secluded cabin, she said she have some toys for me to play with. So excited I'm actually in haste-mode stuffing my backpack right now.

This is some good shit

man, i hate when college starts then ppl ask me what i did int he summer, i cannot be like i grinded to 5k causei ll come out as a nerd so i have to start making up a fuckin story

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