Kojima explains Death Stranding gameplay and lore

Kojima explains Death Stranding gameplay and lore

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When you die in Death Stranding, you’re transported to this purgatory, where you’re free to explore in first-person. Because of some mysterious “unique” abilities Sam possesses, you can wander outside of your body, recovering items among other things. At that point, you’re not dead or alive. It’s the equivalent of that screen that says ‘Continue?’ and a counter ticking down towards zero.

When you’re ready to return to the world of the living, you can get back into your body. However, unlike most games which set you back to a point before you died, Death Stranding acknowledges your defeat, and seems to even embrace it. You’re transported back to the world after your death -- like in Dark Souls or roguelikes -- where your actions maintain an aura of persistence. The mechanic of “dying” is ubiquitous in video games, but it sounds as though Kojima is implementing systems inspired by purgatory and reincarnation as well.

"So as you saw in the trailer, you saw the crater, and when you come back, it’s still there. Most games would’ve taken you back to before the crater was made. So depending on the player, you might have a lot of craters all over the place -- depends on each player. Death will never pull you out of the game"

The rain, which is not of this world, is called “Timefall,” and it is an integral part of Death Stranding’s story and lore. "Most people in the game are aware of the rain -- and well, Norman is quite unique in this regard."

The baby that washed upon a shore, transported into a tube, and appeared inside Sam’s esophagus was one and the same. The baby relates to game mechanics as well as the story as a whole.

The newest trailer, is the earliest thing we’ve seen from the game chronologically. It occurs shortly after the game’s prologue, which would explain why Sam doesn’t have the pronounced C-section scar that was in the initial reveal trailer.

"I definitely want to try something different for online.”

"You can find bits, clues and information, once every five seconds or so."

"Everything makes sense. Everything will come together." ;)

Kojima leaving the MGS franchise behind was a great thing. DS is gonna be his magnum opus

You're doing God's work summarizing for those of us who can't get to the video at work.

IMPORTANT INFO in this article holy shit So that guy was aging because of the rain? Not the entities?

The Crater is a Hand

The Crater is a Hand



I’m seeing it. It seems like the fingers are made of different features, tire tracks or something, river, craters... but it looks like a fucking hand.


This is actually really, really smart. Good find.

Contemplating the next year long wait for a trailer or any info at all

Contemplating the next year long wait for a trailer or any info at all

I think we'll only wait a couple of days this time :)

Nothing more than hope tbh, i just wanna see some more after a year of waiting, also Kojima has been teasing a female lead reveal for a while now and we've seen nothing of that, and there was no Low Roar song this time, and Del Toro said something about him seeing some gameplay but we haven't seen any gameplay either, nothing to rely on but just some stuff that can keep my hope up for a small time like 2 more days since it its not as long as months or anything, i always enjoy some hype fueled by hope but contained by reality.

This is the greatest reaction image of all time.

I’m so fucking grateful for Hideo Kojima, his team, and Death Stranding.

stands up on couch


What makes you think we'll get anything else at psx?

When you saw a new trailer.

When you saw a new trailer.

This gif was not only fast to upload but accurate

The whole trailer I was like okay this is interesting, I don’t know what the fuck is going on. Then this part happened and I just started laughing hysterically.

Kojima is a madman on the loose

Was Konami trying to warn us?

Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 Trailer

Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 Trailer

I learned nothing. And now I want it more than ever. OOHHH YEAHHH

Those giants remind me a lot of something Junji Ito would do.

It's going to take a team of historians a century to figure out what the game is even about

>a big ass meteor crater

(Komm Süsser Tod intensifies)

Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 Trailer

Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 Trailer

I didn't think Kojima could top the weirdness of his previous trailers. But man, was I mistaken. What the actual fuck haha?

I'm starting to suspect this game is an elaborate ruse to convert audiences to Kojima's vore and man pregnancy kinks.

All this trailer told me is I'm probably going to need someone to explain what in the blue fuck that was.

After watching this trailer I️ somehow know less about this game then before. I️ couldn’t be happier.



I came around on the DS = P.T. tinfoil hat theories. I love them now. Bring it on, the more ridiculous the better.

"We are either dead stranded, or left alive." -Big Boss

i tried using all the letters



TGS 2017 will not feature any new details about DS. Live Schedule

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