A manhole cover in Weisbaden, Germany.

A manhole cover in Weisbaden, Germany.

I'm not positive that doesn't lead to an old wizard's hollow.

Yup, that opens up into a Guillermo Del Toro movie. Nope nope nope.

This would make a great Image Prompt over at /sub/writingprompts.

"Sir! The containment for SCP #746485-e has been opened! What are your orders?"

"Which one is dash E again?"

"The one in Germany, sir."

"Oh Shit!"

I was going to say this looks like something out of Fantastic Beasts.

Don't fly too close to the sun

Sell it to Victoria’s Secret = Profit.

Something cracked in humanity once we realized just how large angel wings need to be to function.

Just don't crap on my car.

Hope you don’t lose the remote with those stretched out

Making some Akita candy.

Making some Akita candy.

For anyone who likes this kind of thing:

There's a YouTube channel called Lofty Pursuits and they have a bunch of videos of them hand making candy using this method.

Very cool! I was surprised to see the fox Akita face in the middle! I thought it would be a flower... How does this candy taste?!?

Edit: That's Akita candy and I am an idiot

It’s not a fox, it’s an Akita.

Making Some Akita Candy Reposts


Not mine but why is it just on mildly interesting?

Not mine but why is it just on mildly interesting?

I wanna take a tooth pick to it to fill those last two holes.

Yeah, not sure why an infuriatingly incomplete hexagon is there at all.

Do you mean how many glorious pieces of knitter-y and crotchet-y goodness do I receive via PM? Not many.

unrelated but how well does ur un work?

Spotting a scorpion with a UV light


Why does it do that?

Metal gear alert theme plays*

Note to self to constantly shine UV light while walking barefoot.

Girl lost both her hands as a baby. Here she is testing the precision and dexterity of her new 3D-printed bionics.

Must be a Skywalker

This is amazing. I have a bad left foot from an accident when i was 2. Progress in repairing has come far slower than bionics. Part of me wants to just cut my losses and go with something like this. Probably drastic but seeing the life changing here is amazing.

Jealous 😢. That's very precise

???? It's a crosspost using Reddits crosspost function. You can literally see the original post on the post.

Your username definitely checks out.

New CPR device

New CPR device

All i can hear is ribs cracking....

Edit. Hey thanks for my most upvoted comment!

But I can't sing 'Staying Alive' to this...

That's how you know you're doing it right

In Illinois at least medical professionals are protected as long as they are operating within their training.

I did CPR on a neighbor in rural MI. He had an out of the hospital full arrest which has a survival rate of <10%. Did CPR for nearly 35 minutes until the ambulance got there. He was in v-fib shocked him twice, intubated and got him to the hospital 45 minutes away. They cooled his body for 2 days then implanted a defibrillator. Doing good. I broke 5 ribs on him. He said that hurt more than implanting the defibrillator. His comment was “I would trade broken ribs for being dead” I don’t know how the hell he survived - everything was against him. I’m glad he did though....there is nothing else like that feels so good!

Making chocolate wrecking ball

I love how smooth those balls are

Wait... no Miley Cyrus???

I shaved the other bits too for you bb

Hollow chocolate is just unacceptable. I feel who ever eats this is going to be disappointed when they bite into it and find only air.

crazy when you think about it

crazy when you think about it

Yeah cause half the planet would be orbiting the other half in a slowly re-forming accretion disk.

jesus christ where do people come up with this shit

Wouldn't that be ten quintillion?

Also, all this would do is crash the prices of the materials in the asteroid. It wouldn't collapse the world economy. Just gold and nickel prices.

Distilling extraordinarily complex sciences from multiple disciplines down to a meaningless but cool sounding factoid.

If the plane wasn't cool enough...

If the plane wasn't cool enough...

Yeah. but now you're gonna turn into a homosexual amphibian...

The smoke looks animated at first


chemtrails ahhhh!

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