Go-Pro Mounted One Eagle Flying Through Alps


link for anyone who wants more

Eagles have nice jobs.


Another interesting perspective.

Looks like the one battlefield 1 map

Sand Patterns Created by Fish

BBC Earth

This is from , and is worth a proper watch. It's a puffer fish creating an incredibly intricate and geometrically accurate design to attract a mate, and the amount of work it takes (considering it gets disrupted and must be redone constantly) is astounding.

You made my day lol

Actually, it's Dory's parents trying to show her the way home. Check your sources.

This is how fast dogs can be.

Curious how you even train a dog for that. Like, I get put a treat at the end, then another back at the start, but how does he know to run like a bullet both ways?

Those are some serious zoomies!

What's this called?

Hot magma

Plate tectonics in miniature. Someone tell /sub/worldbuilding.

"Liquid hot magna"

-Dr. Evil

they will complain about the shape of the magma not meeting their standards, I posted a subway map I made of city (part of a 3d project) and they kept complaining about the yellow line being too short 'it should connect with the blue line!' but i was trying to point out the yellow line goes through a rich neighbourhood and those up town folks were against the subway from the start and heavily lobbied against it.

but they didnt listen.

Nice. I have yet to get my infernal cape. Just need to get a T-bow first.

Morning Wood.

This is actually really neat, I was kinda hoping to see this under DIY so I could see all the intricacies that went into building this

It's a grower, not a shower.

I've heard them called Pub Tables. This one is the coolest I've ever seen

Fuckin dumb as nails title

Australian Waterfalls Flowing Up

Makes perfect sense since Australia is upside down.

Viagara Falls.

On that note I will seacrest out.

Another proof to counter flat earth theorist!

For those freaking out it's the logical explanation and not exclusive to the down under. Severely high winds get caught in an updraft-current forcing the less pressurized water into the air creating a spectacle that Witcher doctors use to peddle anti-tiger rocks.

Sheep being herded filmed by a drone

Next time someone asks me what bottlenecking means on a pc, I'm gonna show them this video.

For a more serious answer, imagine that you're trying to watch 6 HD videos on your computer at the same time.

You have a giant processor, so that's not the issue. You have the RAM. You have the internet speeds. So everything should work.

The issue is that you somehow rigged up a CRT monitor using USB 1.0 to display it. That will hold up everything else.

So a bottleneck means that the slowest part of the machine will define how fast you can do things - the screen is the "bottleneck" which only allows a certain amount of stuff through, even though the other parts are feeding it down.

It's a good analogy for many things. If you have a restaurant with 20 cooks, 15 servers, 50 tables, 200 reservations, and a well-oiled system, but someone stole all but 20 of your plates, you can only feed 20 people at a time. It's the bottleneck in the system.

Very informative, thank ewe

Had to read the title twice, thought it said "sheep being herded by a drone"

GoPro shows what's going on in the pond.

You came to the wrong pond motherfucker...

edit: My lucky day, gilded!

They look grumpy.

I came knowing this would be the top comment but you gave it that little pond twist that gave me a tingle in my trousers. Edit: I came into the thread edit: the Reddit thread not my trousers

Random I-Beam.


Imagine the fence on that guy's backyard

E S C A P E B O Y E / S / S / C / C / A / A / P / P E S C A P E B O Y E E S B S B C O C O A Y A Y P E S C A P E B O Y E E / E / B / B / O / O / Y / Y / E S C A P E B O Y E


Man that dog prolly loves this shit.

Plant Transplanter

Plant planter planting plants

A transplant.

What type of plant is it?

All farm equipment is.

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