Making corn with little resources

The resource is the corn. It's already been made via growing it like normal. This title is misleading, and this is just a cool corn cob removal press.

It bothers me to see so many kernels fly off, missing the bowl.

Agreed. That and the title

I mean, I feel the same. "Processing corn with little resources" is equitable to "Drinking water with limited body parts".

Rifle Inspector

/sub/totallynotrobots material.

Yes I believe that is a rifle.

This is the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington. I saw the ceremony last month. We were pretty impressed when one of the soldiers yelled at someone who was talking during the ceremony.

The graphics are top notch but the animations are horrendous.

Fastest pit stop of the season at 2.17 seconds

Pit crew for congress 2018

Pep Boys really is stepping up their game

That's funny, I'm sure the pit crew have more of a positive effect on fans and people around the world than you ever will

Faster grocery checkouts? Where else would this 'matter'

Spotting a scorpion with a UV light

Note to self to constantly shine UV light while walking barefoot.

Okay guys trust me. I’ve seen Enough videos about black lights in hotel rooms. I hate to inform OP but it appears as though that scorpion is covered in either semen or blood. Regardless I’d avoid.

from a quick google search:

All scorpions fluoresce under ultraviolet light, such as an electric black light or natural moonlight. The blue-green glow comes from a substance found in the hyaline layer, a very thin but super tough coating in a part of the scorpion's exoskeleton called the cuticle

or natural moonlight

"Venom, claws, stinger, invisibility...wait. Oh shit... That's a little too badass. Better give it a weakness." -God

That'll buff right out...

How to win any race: have no opponent

What the hell is the point of this?

It's lit? 🔥🔥🔥 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I hate when people destroy cars for no reason -_-

Digital comic

One step closer to Harry Potter pictures

It must be so cool being a kid with this stuff around.

It's just regular paper that's been enchanted to move, they're as valuable as our muggle papers.

Hi guys! This is the creator of this comic speaking :) You can actually get it for free in the AppStore, right here: http://appstore.com/protanopia And here's a full vimeo version of this promo video: https://vimeo.com/236536962 Aaand here's my website http://andrebergs.com/protanopia/

Mixing a face powder compact (1958)

As a tool geek, I'm lusting after that stainless steel powder pressing cylinder even though I'd never have any practical use for it.


Iam sure you have friends who smoke, would make a hell of a keef press.

Use it for compressing pixie dust or and type of powdered candy, replace actual makeup powder in a compact, and BAM! Delicious candy makeup. And bonus! With all these crazy colorful makeup colors today, you can now fool people into thinking you eat your makeup... or your wife's makeup.

Go-Pro Mounted One Eagle Flying Through Alps


link for anyone who wants more

Eagles have nice jobs.


Another interesting perspective.

Looks like the one battlefield 1 map

Sand Patterns Created by Fish

BBC Earth

This is from , and is worth a proper watch. It's a puffer fish creating an incredibly intricate and geometrically accurate design to attract a mate, and the amount of work it takes (considering it gets disrupted and must be redone constantly) is astounding.

You made my day lol

Actually, it's Dory's parents trying to show her the way home. Check your sources.

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