The Dokis With A Special Message For You

The Dokis With A Special Message For You

They wont believe how much we love them back

I love you too <3

And the rest of you too <3

we love you girls too <3

They all seem nervous and embarrassed lol



Oh my, I cant wait for either to be honest

Double-fangyori is just too precious

Mommy Sayori, please choke me with your thicc thighs

Yes please thicc mommy Sayori


top tier meme

top tier meme

Monika loves master hand confirmed

Damn, I feel betrayed, I thought Monika loved the player, not a giant hand

knew somebody was gonna be a smartass

I really think she would be better off with MC. He’s basically me, but less dense.



Natsukittens, we must deploy the Manga, baking equipment and ingredients, and most importantly, hugs and kisses.

Oh no, Natsuki is crying. I want to give her a big hug and some headpats and make her feel better.


Where is her dad!?? Imma beat the fuck outta him for making Suki sad!!

They told me to flair it with music

They told me to flair it with music
OssiPap is proud.

It's music for my eyes

Wow, this image of Natsuki is some pretty good music.

Natsuki is hotter than my mixtape.

Meta af

im dying

Doki Doki WW2 Club!

Doki Doki WW2 Club!

WARNING : I am not supporting National Socialist German Workers' Party, German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP). This is only for fun purpose only. This post is not political by any means.

Ein Volk, Ein Klub, Ein Monika !

Is this what Monika meant by being in the "debate" club?


[OC Fanart] ドキドキドキドキドキドキ

[OC Fanart] ドキドキドキドキドキドキ

I'm going to join the Literature club!


And now you’re going to say: “This club is full of incredibly cute girls!!”

It's actually


You uncultured swine.

Sorry, that was a strange line to predict.

Doki Doki main menu but it's just Sayori

Doki Doki main menu but it's just Sayori

Because the original used the font for Monika's handwriting. I wanted to use the font for Sayori's handwriting, but I couldn't find it when I made this.

now this is better

Something something u/OssiPap and u/NemesisAtlas something

I would totally be able to see her underwear if I were behind her

Sayori looks very happy!

I drew Monika

I drew Monika

I don’t like this, it’s smug aura mocks me.

I like this...

I like you~


I... I too..

This edit won't make sense in translation.

This edit won't make sense in translation.

I'm a simple man. I see a picture referencing to a pun that may not make sense in one language but is hysterical in another language, I proceed to click on the arrow that is pointing upwards.


Or splatoon-ika?


I haven't play Splatoon in forever.

Oh heck u rite

Try one of these subthreads