All hail Dan

All hail Dan

Dan-O respects all Dokis equally, something we should live by.

Wow, I didn't really think people took it that far.

I feel bad for Dan.

Dan-O is the Man-O

Saw this tweet earlier. Glad to see him sticking up for what he's passionate about, and that what we already knew wasn't true.

Shocked Yuri

Shocked Yuri

I am shocked at how pretty she is.


Wonder what she is shocked about...

Anyways she looks absolutely beautiful in this.

Thanks for the share...I love you Yuri <3

What's that translation? Good shit though.

[Found Fanart] Do you love her?

[Found Fanart] Do you love her?


I'll never get tired of answering "yes"

Nah, she's more of a dearest friend to me

"You will always be my dearest friend."

Wholesome Happy Little Cloud, by BreakfastBooty

Wholesome Happy Little Cloud, by BreakfastBooty

omg, bottom right pic is the cutest damn face ever, must protecc at all costs

Oh my gosh, this is friggin' cute!

That third drawing really nailed my heart with happiness after the build up of the first two : )

awwwwh. We all need more happy Sayori in our lives :)

Best Doki is finished!

Best Doki is finished!

I love you for who you are and so much more <3

I love chibi Yuri so much, I've been trying to draw her and this gave me the confidence to actually post my work :)

ooh! I can't wait!

Sayori has changed a bit...

Good job anyways!

Natsuki's poem "Because You," is one of the sweetest things I've ever read.

Natsuki's poem "Because You," is one of the sweetest things I've ever read.

It reads out like a song, and it speaks to her character. The whole scene of you exchanging poems is so heartwarming! I've been trying my hand at writing music for a while, and I think I want to try to turn that poem into a song. I know it's probably already been done, but I'll make it my own.

She really is fav doki, she's cute, and the fact that she'd punch me real hard for calling her cute, makes her that much cuter!

It's kinda like texting , but in a more heartwarming and unique way of expressing yourself in poems... it was inevitably a heartwarming experience with fav doki Natsuki Also you should share that song for sure <3

Please make it into a song. We would love to hear it. ;)

Am I the only few who find the “because you” poems (by both yuri and natsuki) to be just “oh ok”?

Maybe I’m just a bit disensitized by it and see it mostly as “yay, a route flag”-kinda feeling—that was on my first play through too.

Don’t get me wrong, it is pretty sweet though

Monika getting coffee (art by Pin S)

Monika getting coffee (art by Pin S)

Monika looks beautiful.

I love that Monika is getting coffee.

Need a Monika coffee date mod

I want some Coffee now.

Sips Tea >.>

Natsuki Status: Nourished

Natsuki Status: Nourished

Thank god this wasn't another one of those inflated Fetish Pics.

Just a little bit of hnng..

She's cute though

Instead her waistline is thinner than Lara Croft's in the old playstation games.

Guess the art is true to the source material though, so there's that.


Time for the festival!

Time for the festival!

This is bittersweet

Why can't best girl have nice things

Wow that looks fantastic, especially Monika.

I like the fireworks.

Man I love me a kimono...especially on Yuri...


[Fun] I gen-

[Fun] I gen-

Before aspect ratio comments, I lost my adobe license for PS and I'm using paint on everything I do. Increases value ironically though

Oh wow a wholesome meme.

I like the twist.


You're just gimping yourself, heh.

Gimp is also free and much more powerful than paint. The best way to legally meme

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