A little house in the woods of north-western Czech Republic

A little house in the woods of north-western Czech Republic

This is reposted so many times that I now know this is a guard house that's always flooded with tourists.

As a matter of fact it barely survived the great tourist flood of 2003.

Pretty sure I've seen the same image which said it was in Switzerland

Honestly this is bodering on becoming a meme...

Inviting bamboo home near a river in Bali

Inviting bamboo home near a river in Bali

I am not at one with the insect or arachnid worlds.

This home looks nice at first... but then it looks like a horrible nightmare.

Don’t forget the flooding every year.

I would love to get this place on rent for one month with my love! Look fantastic :)

That’s what I want to know. Hopefully OP knows :)

My cottage in Ubud, Bali

My cottage in Ubud, Bali

Not at all. You can rent them for less than $10 per day, just check or whatever booking engine you prefer. Airbnb is also a good reference.

To buy something like that, it's 50-75k depending on the location (in Kuta, Denpasar or Seminyak probably more, but you really don't want to live in tourist central. Ubud is overrun yet bearable still).

However you need to keep in mind that only Indonesian nationals are allowed to own land anywhere in the country; as a foreigner you can get a leasehold on a property for 75 years, but that's it. Afterwards it falls back to the land owner or government. That might not concern you personally, but when it comes to estate planning, you should consider it. Alternative is a joint venture company as owner with minimum 51% shares allocated to an Indonesian national.

Oh and there are no dual citizenships, in case you're wondering. Trust me, I checked ;-)

Do you have to be rich in order to afford something like this in Bali? [serious]

Oh man, I had so many colleagues that married an Indonesian or Thai woman (we have quite international work) and bought a house together, only to lose it all within a few years when she decided to get a divorce.

My favourite was a guy that married a bargirl from Batam and then invested in a bar for her to run and a house.

After a short time they had their first big fight and she told him to get out of "her" house, and never visit "her" bar again.

And he's still paying off the loan.

Another guy married one and they got an estate together, then after a few weeks he went to work again (away) and she pretty much immediately sold the estate and just disappeared.

I love SE asia.

I’m going to Bali tomorrow!! So excited.

Could lay here forever with m'perfect someone c:

Could lay here forever with m'perfect someone c:

Putting the fitted sheet on would be so annoying

Yesss. Just need to find that someone first. ;_;

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Am I the only one who thinks modern isn't cozy?

Also, I am skeptical that this is in Ann Arbor.

Why keep fire wood so close to water...?

Yeah, it's a busy college town, not a remote lake area.

University of Michigan is there, so it’s a town built around that. There’s a ton of amazing shopping, restaurants and things to do outside. They’re into American football and hippie shit as well lol

Cabin in the woods, Kashmir

Cabin in the woods, Kashmir

More like cabin outside the woods

I'd love to be kidnapped to there.

Home! Ugh this place is incredible

Love this subreddit 🙌

Our cozy side yard that my wife created. She’s pretty rad.

Our cozy side yard that my wife created. She’s pretty rad.

Amazing! Your wife is the shit!

Excuse another man's pleasures, but this looks like a perfect place for banging and smoking a joint.

Yes, she is. Thank you, ☺️

You all should see our couch she made, or the entertainment center (dresser she turned), or our dining room table she hand stained with Buddha’s head on it.

I got lucky af.

Check it out.

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