Was there really no other way to phrase this?

Was there really no other way to phrase this?

They knew what they were doing.

Step 1: make a controversial slogan

Step 2: be featured on media for said slogan

Step 3: profit?

Yeah, exactly.

They knew they were dong.

UBER is giving us a (great?) offer!

UBER is giving us a (great?) offer!


You must be the pride of (subject_hometown)

Umm... UBER?.. half the country is about to be covered in snow. Now is probably not the best time to promote motorcycle rides. or is it...

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Do you miss WW2? Advertisement for the new COD game

Do you miss WW2? Advertisement for the new COD game

No, Activision. I do not think any of us miss the 5 years we were under the control of Nazi-Germany.

Is that really the exact translation? I am sorry for questioning your language skills, just cannot believe someone can be dumb enough to create an ad like this.

It is (use Google Translate from Norwegian to English if you are still not convinced). I suspect that it could be a bad translation from Activision's side, ads like this tend to be very poorly translated from English.

It’s Norwegian, but you’re close.

Friend found this in a Dentist's office [X-Post r/CrappyDesign]

Friend found this in a Dentist's office [X-Post r/CrappyDesign]

I disagree, I think it is facepalm. I don't see race baiting I see a marketing team that could've worked on their phrasing a bit better.

"The power of a professional whitening" problem solved.

I think there's something here, even if it's subtle. It reminds me of the old Dove ads that talked about creaming or whitening your skin at a time when racial tension was high.

Nerve IRL

Nerve IRL

Shave my hair? That is too easy, I would definitely do it for a bit of money.

Hopefully it's not like Nerve where you lost it if you didn't do the rest of the dares. :P

Isn't this the app where towards the end they started daring kids to kill themselves?

The accompanying photo is Natalie Portman from V for Vendetta. In context, she has been captured by unknown scary persons and they are shaving her head to dehumanize, terrify and humiliate her, a la Nazis shaving Jews in concentration camps. It's not a happy scene. Probably not the angle their marketing dept is going for.

Interesting side note: for this scene they actually shaved her head, so they were only able to do one take. She nailed it.

Random person "Is there something more stupid than Instagram?"

Programmer: "hold my pizza"

This doctors office

This doctors office

What kind of a doctor pierces ears?

That second Spongebob in the bottom regrets his decision.

Some pediatricians in the US do ear piercings. I worked at an ear piercing place and parents would ask about the differences between them or us piercing kids ears.

I am of the opinion that circumcision should not be performed on children who are not old enough to consent to such a procedure, assuming no major medical reasons (no, "hygiene" is not a medical reason, I'm talking about "they could lose life, limb, penis, or eyesight if we don't circumcise")

If anyone is reading this and might have kids in the future, please do not circumcise your kids. It's pointless, painful, and a relic of a more primitive era.Their penis will work fine without it.

Equifax at it again!

Equifax at it again!

I wonder if Tim is going to get written up for this

Class action needs to be worth more than 500 bucks. I demand a loan taken out in their names to pay it.

I think Tim will be lucky to have a job after this.

I asked about this in PF post awhile ago. No, their terms say explicitly that this incident is exempted from their and TrustedID Premiers class action and arbitration clauses.

2). NO WAIVER OF RIGHTS FOR THIS CYBER SECURITY INCIDENT In response to consumer inquiries, we have made it clear that the arbitration clause and class action waiver included in the Equifax and TrustedID Premier terms of use does not apply to this cybersecurity incident.

See the comment and response

Purell making fun of sick kids.

Purell making fun of sick kids.

If Einstein was so smart, why did he die?

I assume Purell doesn't offer any paid sick time for their employees then.

"If you're so smart, why do you have HIV?"

Trojan Brand Condoms

Oh calm down

Complementary coffee and mini muffins.

Complementary coffee and mini muffins.

It's what they would have wanted.

If I don't eat one, the terrorists win.

It's a shame the logo also looks like two towers falling over

Never Forget . . . to browse and book hotel rooms that suit your needs and style and start your next adventure with Marriott.

Or maybe give your employees a liveable wage?

Or maybe give your employees a liveable wage?

If you're ever bored, check out Denny's tumblr page. It's refreshingly bizarre for a corporate blog, whoever runs it clearly gives zero fucks about company image.

a link for the weary

Wow.... You werent kidding.

It's corporate. Denny's pretty much was where Wendy's got their sassy twitter inspiration.

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