Elevated tram stop in the middle of suburbs

Elevated tram stop in the middle of suburbs

Oh nice! What's the asset of the tram stop?

'Elevated Tramstation' by Jerenable ;)

Probably it requires a 'tram anywhere' mod for a proper usability ;)

We're thrilled to announce Parklife, our next Expansion for Cities: Skylines coming on May 24th! Pre-order TODAY!

We're thrilled to announce Parklife, our next Expansion for Cities: Skylines coming on May 24th! ...

Zoneable parks!!! This is what we've been always wanting since the game game out holy shit. This is perfect.

Now imagine this for specialized buildings

We're pleased to announce that Cities: Skylines will be getting a playful new expansion, Parklife. Parklife is a lively new add-on for the PC version of Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order’s hit city-builder. The expansion will make your city more vibrant than ever with new amusement parks and zoos; nature reserves and city parks, giving new life to your empty land with custom green spaces.

Parklife adds new ways to play with everything from roller coasters and campsites to flower beds, fountains and flamingos. There’s also a new park area tool, five new maps, a ton of new assets and level-up features that increase your park’s property values in play.

More leisurely features:

• Parks and Recreation: Use the new park area tool to create park districts wherever there is empty land, and new city services like Park Maintenance, which boosts happiness and effectiveness, and helps level up parks.

• Brick by Brick: Customize your city with new buildings and assets, including a new sightseeing bus line, new service buildings, fresh attractions like amusement parks, nature reserves, city parks and zoos. There’s also a regal new monument, the Castle of Lord Chirpwick.

• Freeway Free for All: For the first time in Cities: Skylines, you can place buildings next to paths in the park districts (not just next to roads). Props can be placed anywhere inside park areas.

• Recesses Between Buildings: Transform those empty spaces between your buildings into vibrant parks and gardens.

• It’s a Walk in the Park: Customize routes and set ticket prices for new walking and sightseeing tours, among other tourism enhancements.

• Policies, Please: Take on three new city policies and eight new park policies to deal with recreational hazards like Fireworks and Animal Ethics.

More than that, Cities is adding a new radio station: Country Road Radio. The radio host is pure Dixieland Delight, spinning six instrumental tracks and ten songs with original vocals covering Appalachian Folk, Bluegrass/Honky Tonk, Nashville Modern Country and Unplugged country.

In addition to the paid expansion, Cities: Skylines will also get a free PC update, as usual, including a new tourism panel, trees that reduce noise pollution, a camera mode upgrade, new tourist models, and new modding features, including submeshmodding and an improved camera system so users can control the camera with scripts.

An area filler tool?! I've waited for this for years! Finally! Thank you!

Wow, you really DO listen to fans' feedback! Other companies should learn from you ❤️

Thought this was pretty accurate

Thought this was pretty accurate

But this chart is itself merely a sliver taking up about 0.7% of a much larger chart, the other 99.3% of which is a solid block of red labelled "Modding"

Anyone else ever fire up the game to just "visit" their city? Like no intention of building anything new or tweaking anything or solving any problems, just kind of "be" there.

Mine is like 50% POV on vehicles. I like to have a smoke while seeing how much my buses and trains are used, and seeing how long it takes cargo to go from the terminal, to industry, and back again

That's creepy *Edit....yes

When motorways meet

When motorways meet

It's missing the gridlock in all directions from all the cars trying to merge into 1 single lane.

You built the directions the wrong way around. Start over.

that's the joke

Wow 😍




Ooh, Cities: Skylines and TF2? I see you’re a person of refined tastes.

Ayy I'm even playing tf2 right now...not koth_viaduct though :P

Read my mind

Soviet: Skylines

Soviet: Skylines

To be honest, this is the most accurate depiction of soviet block I've seen for this game so far. The general ambiance needs to be kinda bleak or colder though. But great work.

One of the problems in this game is that things always need to be built on roads, which has its limits and is clearly a problem for making things like this.

And after little meltdown at near nuclear power station, It'll be S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Skylines.

Mods have pretty much become the base game at this point.

Lakefield International from above (featuring spaghetti-leaf interchange). Tips to improve are welcome

Lakefield International from above (featuring spaghetti-leaf interchange). Tips to improve are welcome

runway is parallel to highway... doing this in real life, you would get a plane on the highway

I drive a highway that parallels a runway at a major airport every day. No planes land on the highway.

Fluxtrance airport series

For a airport this size, just one runway, but this one needs to be way longer.

More space between the highways and the terminal, you could fit some Parking areas and a train station there.

Change the streets leading to the airport. There are way too sharp curves, especially at the intersection of the highways. I would also try to build streets as parallel and straight as you can. The intersection itself looks quite wonky.

Some mods like surface painter (lets you create concrete areas, there are some props which can do the same) and (don't know if this isn't already in the game) One-way Arrows (don't know the exact name, but they show you the direction of one-way streets, particularly useful for the taxiways)

Edit: I would also recommend YouTube. Some stuff is very advanced for C:S, but it's the best airport I have ever seen on this game.

Which mods/assets have you used to make that custom airport? My custom airport doesn't work

IKEA (Tempe, NSW)

IKEA (Tempe, NSW)

oo I've been there!

me too!

Show us the clock tower by the office part

I wish they fix that ugly sidewalk step texture.

A rapidly growing mountain city

A rapidly growing mountain city

Rapidly take a screenshot

F12 is a thing

Very nice one though, can you show us some close-up pics?

Are you running cities on a tapestry?

And [Shift+F12] hi-res screenshot.

Installed the new level crossing, boss

Installed the new level crossing, boss

I thought I was on /sub/notmyjob till I noticed the grass.

Dammit, Carl, you had one job....

Sorry man..


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