Uhh..lemme get that

Uhh..lemme get that

I wonder how high your 'exposure' levels must go to get a free bmw car.

I think 5 million youtube subscribers and god knows how many instagram followers would be a good start. And even with that, you'd probably have to sign a contract saying you'll make a 10 minute video or 500 shots about it.

Considering that BMW's customer base is entirely global, I don't think the geographical distribution of the followers would matter much.

No free cars? Aw...

I’d imagine it has a lot to do with how you rep yourself too. The Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme chick actually got her “dream car” from her videos (it was a Cube if I’m remembering correctly).

I did this once just for the hell of it, no luck

I tried Mercedes Bmw Audi Porsche and Volkswagen

Floss company asked for free designs. The artists responded

Floss company asked for free designs. The artists responded

That is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen... its really something when people come together!

I can easily see “FUCK YOU, PAY ME” hanging on my wall. It’s a masterpiece.

The "died from exposure" is the best one.

It worked, too... they added a $500 prize for the winner!

Homeless man who is "just hungry"

Homeless man who is "just hungry"

I'm really sorry but reading your post and subsequent comments, you don't sound like a nice person at all.

It's not generous to give a homeless guy your half eaten dinner, then get angry he doesn't want to scrape some cheese off said half eaten dinner and have your soggy bread crust. It's demeaning. Seriously.

This whole post reeks of you trying to do something to make yourself feel good or to alleviate your "guilt" without actually doing anything.

You could offer a homeless person to buy something they choose, you could carry around a few $5 McDonalds gift cards, or a few small hygiene packs. All of those are examples of gestures that give dignity to the other person, not calling them a choosy beggar because they don't want to eat your leftover saucy bread. Gross.

Do you know, how you feel when you're Lactose Intolerant? Imagine, you're already Poor, dirty and smelly, the last thing you need right now is to be Sick or have insane Diarrhea.

I mean lactose intolerance doesn't really work by just "scraping it off" some people can eat it and just be a bit sick, some people can have extreme stomach pains and diarrhea, that's not a good thing for in home person but especially for a homeless person.

Scraping the cheese off still wouldn't do much about it. It's like telling someone who is allergic to onions to "take the onions" out of a meal after it has been cooked with onions.

I understand you wanted to do something good and I don't give money either, only food, but I also understand him.

Some people also believe they are lactose intolerant and are actually allergic or find it easier to say they are intolerant. My cousin is allergic to dairy (and like 50 other things) and for some reason she finds it easier to say lactose intolerant.

Become a master at PhotoShop or you know....

Become a master at PhotoShop or you know....

Just write "No Copyright Infringement Intended" in the description like all those YouTube videos.

Ah yes, the "Saying 'No offense' after saying something completely offensive" strategy.

I read the question as "does anyone know how to steal copyrighted material for my own use without letting everyone know I'm a lowlife tightwad thieving piece of shit?"

The process of Shutterstock and other stock image sites:

Google '[thing i want].png'

Dozens of cool stuff all layered with watermarks.

Go to Shutterstock (or whatever page has it).

You want to know the price? Fuck you. CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT. Which gives you nothing, so the free part is pointless, but we must mislead people!


Prices? No. Click DOWNLOAD.

Hey we want MONEY! Oh is it a good price of like 2-3 bucks per high quality image? No, no it's not. A pack of 5 images costs over $50!! It's roughly $10 per image for fuck sake.

But hey there is a subscription! You wanna get fucked in the ass every month for $130? We got ya fam.

Fuck buying stock images. They often fill google image searches even when you include free stock images because they have the

FREE account

part written on their page so Google finds it. I fuck around in Photoshop (now Affinity Photo) for fun. It's a hobby that I make no money from. In those rare occasions when I get paid for my work I buy all that I need but fuck this. Fuck those prices and fuck those sites.

No poverty please

No poverty please

Sounds like he may be wanting to conduct shady business at the potential residence, can't pinpoint what it is though

This dude is blowing glass, making bongs and pipes. Also addicted to meth, also claiming nothing on his taxes. Good luck renting to this one.

“...even give them their rent when it’s due” Uh. Yeah... that’s how it works bud. You’re not being an outstanding candidate because you will turn in your rent on time.

Literal Crystal Meth

Not my own, but thought you guys would enjoy

Not my own, but thought you guys would enjoy

Looks like the artist was prepared

When strangers say "hun" it sounds super condescending to me....maybe it's just me.

She's not even offering half the price. I don't know what kind of bargaining tactic that is

I like to imagine they have this picture in reserve for the inevitable "oh it's too expensive" customer and just relish the moments leading up to using it.

Three times their initial offer

Three times their initial offer

A used puppy. Damn. These people don’t deserve dogs

I fucking died at the end “the price for you is $1800” 😂

If they needed a companion for their daughter they can go to the pound and get a mutt. I don't understand why they need a purebred dog for that.

They were looking to breed it themselves to flip it for more cash money. Note that they opened with a demand for a specific (rare) coloration, the largest male, and no breeding contract.

three types of choosing beggars

three types of choosing beggars

What about the childcare/services one?

I have 8 kids, ages 9 mothnts to 12 yeahs. I need someone to look after them from 6am to 10pm every day. Ill be home too on the couch, so you won get paid as much. Current college students ONLY!! Pay is $100 a month. No negotiating.

also im 6"

This got me more than anything else.

Serious inquiries only please.

its for a C H U R C H


You drive a hard bargain

You drive a hard bargain

If money is so hard to come by then why spend it on a designer purse.

Give me bag. Bag me. Bag now. Me a bag needing a lot now.

Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

To sell it for $250!

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