Pro-pedophilia youtuber taking applications for new housing

Pro-pedophilia youtuber taking applications for new housing

Don't really need to censor this idiot's name, I think, because anyone can look up that controversial opinion he mentions and find out exactly who this assclown kiddy-diddler is. Plus, I'm sure his name will be dropped all over the comments.

Considering how many time this has been reposted though, I have to wonder if he's still looking for a place that isn't the prison cell he should have.

libertarian socialist/anarcho-communist

Man political stances are getting just as bad as music genres in terms of contradiction and ultra-specificity. I'm a meta-memetic, post-ironic, indo-anarchist, quasi-fascist, giga-centrist with paleo-communist leanings.

lol a place in California or New York for $0-400! HAH!

0-5 mins to stores... yeah see the problem is they usually put stores close to where ordinary people go often, like schools for instance. Funny how the benefits of a civilised society on seem to get supplied to people who maintain it's rules and norms...

Tbh i wouldn't want this guy staying with me even if he didn't have controversial opinion #85 (which i'm guessing is pedophillia)

Free Chinchillas but won't drive an extra 30 minutes

Free Chinchillas but won't drive an extra 30 minutes

I'm not sure if a text post is allowed. New to this sub. I don't have screenshots because this was a few weeks back and I've deleted the messages.


I put my two chinchillas online to rehome them because I had to move and couldn't take them with me (to simplify it). One girl responded and was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about them so I agreed to hold them for her. She lived about 2.5 hours away but already had plans to visit a city just 30 minutes from me so I told her my address and said she could come pick them up. I was very specific on where I lived and mentioned it was about 30 minutes past where she was going.

The day of she gets to the city and messages me that my house is just too far. She wants me to bring them to her. I had been awake at this point for 28 hours straight and couldn't even fit their cage in my car, let alone their cage and the 3 kids.

This is a $300 cage, ~$60 in supplies and two chinchillas ~$140 each from a pet store. She sent me a few long messages about how it shouldn't be hard for me to bring them to her only 30 minutes away and how she already drove 2 hours and I should be able to drive that far. Refusing to consider I was too tired to drive safely and didn't have the space to transport them. Oh, and it was like $650 value I was giving away.

She sent me a few very long winded messages about how she's been wanting these specific pets for a long time. Just not enough to drive that extra hour (round trip). So they're now with my sister for the time being.

Please don’t give them to her, I doubt that she’d be a very responsible pet owner.

Oh I didn't. My brother in law fell in love with them so I think they are staying there indefinitely.

Wow the audacity..."I already drove 2 hours" ok, for your own trip, nothing to do with me...some people

It bugs me most when people are jerks about something free. I've given things away on the sub for my city, always free and always offer to meet somewhere close to them (I don't drop off at houses), most people are great but there's been a few people that had to be a pain in the ass about it. Like this one guy says to show up to a place at 8 and doesn't specify am or pm or anything just the name of a building then gets annoyed I'm not standing there at 9pm.

I don't think the "blackies" are going to be disappointed they aren't eligible.

I don't think the "blackies" are going to be disappointed they aren't eligible.

I understand that this is a joke and all but that account is definitely a troll using some poor womans images to craft a persona and incite a reaction.

Good luck getting the butter past her mouth on your way to her toes.

I'm with you. This is pretty obviously fake and mean.

"I'd hit that"- Nobody



Are there sugar daddies younger than 30?

Sugar Daddy

Boyfriend who pays for everything cause I'm entitled.

Kinda. I mean, they inherited all their sugar. And they're really really fat.

Psst it's a he

As a followup, the NEXT! lady has been trying to help out her little sister, but the locals have lost their patience

As a followup, the NEXT! lady has been trying to help out her little sister, but the locals have lost their patience

Her sister should get a job driving a bus for the church. I hear they're in need of transport.

Subtle truck stop hooker joke there at the end.

She HAS to know that a considerable number of people on the internet throughout the world are laughing at her, right?

I like how she's really picky but doesn't give any description of what she's looking for.

Her sister is too good for retail because she has a college degree, but what is that degree in? That sort of information would be beneficial. Instead she just grumps at everyone who offers a suggestion.

If her sister really is a college graduate she should be going through the career center at her college. Almost all have them these days, because post-graduate job placement rates are really important for recruitment.

I want attention, not you

I want attention, not you

To be fair... she said "like you" not you.

I've seen this image before. Apparently the guy was featured in some Twitter account that is satirical, and the girl was being sarcastic. Also, he replied several months years later.

Its called a no Homer'S, club. We can have one

10 years later.

"Why didn't I take him up on that opportunity."

That tumblr woman with the very strict dating requirements explained what she would offer in a relationship

That tumblr woman with the very strict dating requirements explained what she would offer in a relationship

"I am someone that would okay around your family"

Gal, you'd have a stroke if you heard my father's opinion on immigration just after a glass of wine. Last Christmas he went ballistic.

'I know I refused to wear deodorant for a month, but that was part of my activism.'

Sounds like she's really fighting the good fight, right there. Make the world a better place, one stinky armpit at a time.

Muh feminism. Muh body. Sex. Muh feminism. Muh body. Sex. Muh feminism.


Shes not hot.

Well which one is iit?

Well which one is iit?

Dude isn't good looking enough so he's automatically creepy. No sense of shame. If you need to pay for rent, be an adult and go get a job. "No, I'm too pretty to work, people should pay me to look at me."

Out if work actress that has £1700 a month accommodation costs. Living out of your means and expecting other people to pick up the bill for your poor decisions. More entitled stupidity than being a choosy beggar.

What else does she have to offer?

cant have a sugar daddy without giving sugar

Vegan Realtors?

Vegan Realtors?

I wonder if they do that for everything. "I understand that you are going to give me a great deal on fixing my car, but do you eat meat?"

Proper vegan diets don't leave you malnourished. Also idk if mental disease is warranted here.

Sounds like your raggedy-ass car could us a turnip

I'm tripping that someone had an answer. This shit is foreal like a secret club. I kind of want to join but just never eat around them. How are you fin to tell me I'm not vegan if you don't see me eat that cheesesteak.

"I had some beans and cabbage water for breakfast. I told a guy at the bus stop he was being an asshole for eating his sausage biscuit. Looking to rent a new apt in downtown Atlanta for the cheap. Y'all got me?"

Every week or so....

Every week or so....

Wanted: Free Money please deliver, only new bills

No. Looking for a couch. NEXT!

It has to seat 20.


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