slap that tiger

They really don't care, do they? Haha

He's gonna remember that, kitty.. be careful

Tiger was trying to mark that shit as theirs. Kitty don’t give a fuck.

Why she slap?


A fight between cats

A fight between cats

aggressively whispers “say that shit again, I dare you...”

Says shit again

Cat 1: licks nose Cat 2: licks nose Cat 1: did you just.... I already told you NOT TO FREAKING COPY ME cat slaps begin

Look at me. Looook at me. Slap. Slap. Slapslapslap.

Laziest fight ever

They don't fight. They just pet one another.

Laziest yet the most adorable fight ever.

These kitties look so soft

Like two grandmas


Very beautiful and very sweet.

We're not the only species that lets our kiddos win.


Quit talking about yourself



Grey failed the ambush. Gave away its position at the last second.

Orange wins.

Best use of slow motion I've ever seen

Catlike reflexes.


Wait for it (x-post r/unexpected)

Wait for it (x-post r/unexpected)

Have seen this video dozens of times before but find it hilarious each time. Poor kitty never saw it coming. Lmao!

In my head, I always hear a comical punching sound effect when it hits him.

OMG!! I laughed so hard!😂

I just woke up. Haven't been on Reddit long this now wonderful morning. This made my day.

Unleash the fury!

The double windmill will fuck you up

Furry fury

Reminds me of waking my wife up in the morning...

Bang bang!

No Means No Slap

No Means No Slap

Source video ... trash panda was on a mission

I'm at work. What was the mission?

It's SFW ... he was on a mission to steal the cats' high ground ... Happy Cake Day!

It's my party and I'll slap if I want to...

Man, that's was a military precision paw strike.

I once worked for a vet. You wouldn't believe the carnage we'd see in a given year due to flame slapping.

she wished for the scary fucking fire to go away

Mission accomplished.

Tough Love

Is there a hotline to report things like this?

I really don't understand cats

Bathing another adult cat is a dominance display.

Chris Brown: How to Romance a Fine Feline

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