Tony Wolf passed away last week.

Tony Wolf passed away last week.

Sad Noot Noot.

Gone but noot forgotten

Press Noot to pay respects.

Mate it's Noot Noot not Nook Nook.

Went to a "man club" on Monday. Not what you think.

Went to a "man club" on Monday. Not what you think.

So I bit the bullet on Monday and went to a support group for men.

It was not at all what I expected. 20 guys, some of them absolute units (semi pro rugby players and doormen), some earning 6 figures, others working the docks on minimum wage. All just talking about whats good and bad about the past week and given the option to talk if they want to.

I thought I'd share as issues with mental health effects so many of us, and wanted to let you know this resource is available. I can't wait for the next session.

I don't think I can post a link but its called Andys Man Club and has 16 clubs across the UK.

EDIT: Didn't expect this to get as much interest as it has. Someone asked what actually happens there so I've copied my answer from below.

I've only been to one so far so it might vary. Not going to give too much personal information as that's the first thing they say when it starts, whatever os said at the meeting is not repeated elsewhere (I don't feel I'm breaking that rule)

So starts of with tea/coffee/hobnobs (biscuits may vary) and people just generally chatting while people come in.

Then when everyone is there, you sit in chairs in a circle. One of the main guys will start it off with a general question like "why are you here?". He answered the question and passed a stress ball to the guy next to him who then answered...sounds daunting at first but most answer "to improve myself" or something to that effect. The stress ball is good because it gives you something to focus on when you answer instead of making eye contact with strangers, or it allows you to pass it on to the next person if you don't want to answer but equally don't want to explain yourself. The ball is just respected.

Other questions included "What's a positive from the past week", "What's a negative from the past week" and "What are you going to try and do before next meeting"...which could be reach out to a friend, take time to relax, put up the shelves that you've been meaning to do for the past year...whatever.

There was then a break and the second half was more about general chat on how to cope with stress.

Hope that gives you an idea of what its like. Its possible to go to a meeting and say nothing at all if you don't want to. The guys there know its hard to open up.

Any place that encourages men to just talk, openly, can only be a good thing.

I know I’m as guilty as the next bloke to be honest so hats off, sir.

Danny Dyer's Chocolate Homunculus is dead. You are witnessing the rebirth... of Man Feelings.

Walking through the door was pretty difficult, but soon after it just felt like I was down the pub with mates.

I've been to counselling before, but it can make you feel like it's your problem and no one else's. Going to the club makes you realise that you're not alone.

That’s great. Suicide is the bigger killer of men aged 18-45.

It needs to be more acceptable for men to talk about how they feel.

What the bloody hell did they just call Yorkshire puddings?

What the bloody hell did they just call Yorkshire puddings?

They look like camel’s bollocks

As a Yorkshireman, I am deeply offended by the name change of what is arguably the best export from Yorkshire.

After the Chuckle Brothers, obviously

Can confirm that yes, the Americans call them popovers (Brit living in the US). Gives me a twitchy eye every time someone calls my Yorkshires that!

Can someone write a petition to make this happen cos I dunno how

Can someone write a petition to make this happen cos I dunno how

10/10 would totally series link

This sounds more up Channel 4’s alley. They have a lot of people watching shows like Gogglebox

I feel like the only similar thing to this is don’t tell the bride but that’s a pile of shite

But we don't want shitty contrived drama. We just want to watch two normal people be treated with the same weird extravagance as the royal family.

Moment of silence please...

Moment of silence please...

"Created by food lovers exclusively for Boots"

They loved the food so much they ate most of it before making the sandwich

It does say "simply ham" I'm surprised they even used bread.

Well, it is a pound.

But not even any butter? Are you serious right now

“Have a, have a look, £1 shit”

Bit rude of them

Bit rude of them

For anybody curious, the bottom left picture is a character from the series/group "Don't hug me I'm scared". Well worth a watch on youtube.

When it comes to red thing

Henry > Harry



I had no idea that i would be laughing so histerically at the Royal Wedding...some of the faces in the crowd were priceless

Fire allows us to reddit

Poor Elton looked like he was having a stroke when the precher got to the 'fire fueling the aeroplane' bit

This is hilarious, possibly a global embarrassment for the US

North/South divide according to geordies

North/South divide according to geordies

It’s the truth

I'm from Edinburgh, people refer to anywhere in England as "down south". Having lived in the Midlands for 10 years, it's weird hearing people back home refer to places like Leeds, Manchester etc as "down south".

Anything south of the Tyne, is the south. That includes Gateshead.

Obviously, anything south of John O groats is the south

Got this today for my service at the Manchester Arena terror attack. #westandtogether

Got this today for my service at the Manchester Arena terror attack. #westandtogether

It's a nice sentiment and good work OP but who ever thought that choice of font is appropriate should be beaten.

You obviously can’t use Comic Sans for such a case, so Tragic Sans it is.

Congratulations and thank you for helping to save lives! I live close to the arena and that night was terrifying.

Thank you.

I was there that night.

No physical injuries but this past year has been hell. I've completed my counselling for ptsd. I'm on antidepressants. I've an amazing family around me. Yet I can't watch TV at the moment for fear of it coming on in some way. I'm hiding from it all.

I wasn't even in the centre of it all. Just a lucky bystander.

Thank you again.

Photo taken seconds before disaster.

Photo taken seconds before disaster.

"Excuse me, which way to the model village?"

No luck catching them swans then?

Knocked over a few chairs and gave an old lady a bit of a fright, the real disaster was that by the time the bugger was out my chips had gone cold.

What we all want to know is whether it broke a man's arm or not.

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