Best and worst feeling all at once

Best and worst feeling all at once

Anyone from the bronx remember fearing the words 'OPEN NECK!' in middle school?

Man im from cali and we had one called open chest where youd get slapped like rick flair

Would you guys WOOOHH afterwards?

Abomination of a headline

Abomination of a headline

So what about literally every other former president?

Are they also living as one percenters?

Or is that just Obama?

Elitist 1%er?

He's a former president. Did they expect him to buy a house in the suburbs and mow his lawn on the weekends while the Secret Service sits in his driveway and watches??

There are significantly easier ways of becoming wealthier than becoming the most powerful person on the planet if you ask me.

Unlike George Bush who lives with his wife in a cardboard box in the woods

You scientists better get to work 😀😀😀

You scientists better get to work 😀😀😀

tf is this chicken shit? i want some zombonoprotro meat pronto!

I've heard my friend say this shit before, but these the same types of guys that only eat pepperoni pizza or don't like to try duck or snake at the buffet.

I want something that tastes and is as crispy as bacon but is as thick and filling as a steak.

He's got a point.


*claps back in spanish*

*claps back in spanish*

fuck that i aint learning a new language just to get my confidence shot down

Nah. You learn a new language so you can clap back.

Yeh, it's bad enough aunties in America be bold as hell and call you ugly in person

Your first mistake is giving a fuck about their opinion.

Doctors shouldn't give you diabetes...

Doctors shouldn't give you diabetes...

Root beer man

Give me a few of those $1.95 beers please

It's root beer nigga, smfh

I enjoy drinking Mr. pepper while blasting Mr. Dre in my car

Cumming* to your senses

Cumming* to your senses

Damn I need some pussy. To, why you in my house?

that moment of supreme clarity post-nut will always fuck me up..

it's poetic

Masturbation has saved me from many ex texts

"I really should've worn a condom"

Now wtf am I supposed to do

Now wtf am I supposed to do

Just apply anyways. If they say no, then fuck it. But they may look at your resume and think we want this person anyways. You never know. Also volunteer n shit

Man ain't nobody got time for unpaid internships people got rent to pay. I even applied to a paid internship and that needs 3-5 years experience too

After graduation I had to do volunteer work and jobs for $14 an hour for two years before landing my first real job because of shit like this. All while my student loans gathered 20sum thousand in interest. I still dont feel I am where I should've started my career but I am just happy to be at a somewhat well paying job.

Also student loans

Free my nigga he ain't do shit ☠️

Free my nigga he ain't do shit ☠️

Well they sure as shit ain't letting him in Weenie Hut Jr.

He is going to make Lucifer hella nervous

Bet he used a fork and knife, like a bitch.

my man is guilty of crimes that haven't even been committed yet, the bastard love child of jack the ripper, John Wayne Gasey and every car fart ever, he's like a super villain that got his powers in a meth lab explosion.

tfw your stomach is as empty as your heart πŸ˜”

tfw your stomach is as empty as your heart πŸ˜”

Bruh the build up to that store run takes forever.

Look at this "has friends" guy over here.

Nigga did you give yourself gold, it's only been like two minutes lmao

then you get there thinkin "do I want these hot cheetos, takis, or maybe one of those taquitos" like its the biggest decision of your life

This dude is scary

This dude is scary

why's he posing in a school parking lot

It was reduced to a 5 yard penalty

Whenever I see comments like this on Reddit I imagine a chubby neckbeard in an armchair scratching his chins with dorito crusted fingers

I know you're probably not like that, but I can't help it lol

bunch of pros train at high school facilities during the off season

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