Expecto Patronum

Expecto Patronum

Un-ban the Avada Kedavra. Spells don't kill people, wizards kill people...

Shit bro. It’s like you predicted the future or something

If we ban that spell, we might as well ban ALL spells

Accio cops that actually protect you

A+ for creativity mom!

A+ for creativity mom!

It's your birthday the big 21. We are 99% sure that you will have an ABSOLUTEly good time. Tonight you're the CAPTAIN so call the shots. Wear your CROWN cuz you are the king. Remember today is your day so you shouldn't pay for JACK. You are 21, make sure you set the world on FIRE. You will not be bored tonight. No way JOSE. Tonight HENNYthing is possible.

Edit: HENNESSYthing to HENNYthing

While part of me finds it kinda corny, it’s the kind of corny that moms can get away with and that kid is damned lucky and fortunate to have an awesome mom who does this kind of stuff for him.

I think hennything was the last one but good work typing this out!

You knew she was hella creative when she spelt Kareem like that.

He Speaks

He Speaks

This nigga: "I'm just like Michael B Jordan"

MBJ: "No I'm like me and you just ugly, Believe it!"

MBJ has the ultra rinnegan instinct confirmed

fml - someone who is 5 ft 9

The 2nd Amendment isn't for 2nd class citizens

The 2nd Amendment isn't for 2nd class citizens

This is the real statement. Not much realer than this. All this bullshit about "2nd Amendment!!! Right to bear arms!!!" is for white people. End of story. And they aren't even coy about it. White person with gun = Patriot/"American" Culture. Black/Brown person with gun = Thug or Terrorist.

As a white liberal, this makes me so fucking angry. I would love it if every black man and woman and every Latino man and women bought a pistol, hunting rifle, and an AR-15. For "protection". Cause goddamn it, these days, you need it.

No its not for white people. The NRA was complete pussies when it came to the Castilo Case, Its for everyone.

Nope. Just a "lowly" school cafeteria worker beloved by students who selflessly imparted lessons in courtesy and honesty to needy kids.

His colleagues had this to say of him: “He was [as] much a teacher than any teacher in that building.”

I will defend everyone's right to bear arms no matter what color you are.

What does a "bad guy with a gun" look like?

What does a "bad guy with a gun" look like?

Officer Yanez, acquitted of all charges on June 16, 2017 and given $45,000 to leave.

Yeah no Trump obviously meant white teachers can have a gun.

God, the Castile case was so, so sad.

Shot the man in front of his family after telling the cop he has a gun in the car and a permit for it. Followed the offers directions and was still shot.

Officer was not punished and got paid to leave the force.

I think it's time for the Black Panthers (no relation) to come back and finish what they started by protecting schools. They tried to ban guns when they did it the first time, I'm sure they'd do it again.

Tell me something I don’t know....

Tell me something I don’t know....

they're the kind of people that dont look you in the eye, reciprocate pleasantries, then act surprised when you speak shortly with them

but then again most of their lives are so devoid of fulfillment can you really be surprised with how they act?

not to say there isn't sweet old white ladies our there for all you pedants

I can see those thin pursed lips shrouded in a fine hair moustache and wrinkles seething loathe and hate right now.


Pretty sure it's old people in general. When I worked customer service I got yelled at by every type of old person. Old white ladies, Old black ladies, Old white guys, and on a rare occasion old black guys.

Grandmas seem to be on the extreme. Either too sweet or too evil.

A Message From the President

A Message From the President

Hearing about that sunburnt skinned bastard everyday makes me really miss Barack :/

I didn't realize how goddamn cool he was until recently. I know JFK was considered hip and young too but come on Obama shouted out Kendrick and shit

Regardless of if you liked his policies or not, he just had class. He's a standup guy who really put the effort in.

It isn't fair :( BPT has Barack, WPT is stuck with Donald.

I’m guilty of being pleasantly surprised by them, too -

I’m guilty of being pleasantly surprised by them, too -

I think people project a vapid one dimensional aspect on youth because they themselves are vapid and one dimensional. Earlier today my lady was remarking how ironic it is that kids where the ones taking a stand and being articulate and being emotionally incensed rather than the adults but I don't think it's ironic at all.

The typical grown ass adult has bills to pay, student loans they're burdened with, a boss they can't piss off, a standard of living they're unwilling to put at risk and the like, so as much as most of us might not LIKE the system of things, we're in too deep to say anything or fight as hard as we should. And on the flip side many others just blatantly don't care...but it's like how do you care when you got shit on your own plate?

Not trying to undercut the kids but it's easy to take a stand when you've got nothing to lose. I remember being at the occupy wall st protests at like 18 while the whole economy is crashing and all the adults are still shuffling along to their jobs are huge corporations that didn't give a fuck about's crazy. Reminds me of that old saying how you end up conservative by the end of your life. It's like you spent so much time playing by the rules of this shit ass game you'll be damned if the next generation can have an easier go at it. It sucks

TL;dr the kids are alright, the adults are too we just got bills to pay so we can't protest like we should and capitalism is causing people to put more effort into getting money and security over the things they really care about

That's the most accurate depiction I've read in a long, long time. I'm proud of those kids, man. Give em hell, kids. Wish I could join, but this 65 hours a week shit is no joke.

Tbh, looking back as an adult, if adults took me and my peers more seriously when we were preteens/teens, I don't think we would have gotten into as much trouble trying to "prove" that we were "adult enough" to be taken seriously.

Oh shit, are we respecting young adults 2018?

Because that shit is overdue. They don't need to be taken care of, they need to be taught to take care of themselves. Treat them with respect and as YOUNG ADULTS and they'll surprise you. Treat them like kids and don't be fucking surprised when they act out like kids.

The hero we need, but not the hero we deserve.

The hero we need, but not the hero we deserve.

Yeah he lives with his parents... in a $2 million mansion that he owns and paid for

I know it's cliché to say but his parents live with him then.

Just be as good looking, charming, and successful as Michael B. Jordan and you can do it too!

I mean there's a big difference between living with your parents and having your parents live with you.

Gun metal statue would be cool tbh

Gun metal statue would be cool tbh
Gun metal statue would be cool tbh

Think how big that statue would be though... Would put lady liberty to shame

Make it an upside down Atlas so it looks like it's holding the world on its shoulders.

Heh man I’m all for common sense gun laws. However people got different interpretations on common sense. Our retard president thinks that just means banning bump stocks. The moron that wanted to be president wants a complete ban on assault weapons. Me? I wouldn’t mind tighter restrictions on fire arms such as longer background checks and higher age limit. As long as the price of owning. A firearm doesn’t increase due to regulation I’ll be happy. It’s not cause I want them to be easy to get, but it’s because if a nigga like me in west Garfield Park can’t get something to protect me and mines because it’s too expensive, then we have truly entered a time in America where the rich can literally do what ever the fuck they want, while the poor are left to suffer.

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