He's trying his best

He's trying his best

Bear with him


My Fur is black 🎹

My arms are long 🎹

My fur is woolly 🎹

My back is strong 🎹

Imagine If that bear just started playing flight of the bumblebee

Cub your enthusiasm

Run me that lecture this time ain’t free

Run me that lecture this time ain’t free

This used to piss me off and give me anxiety.

The hardest part was finding something to say about yourself that didn't make u come off as a show-off while also not making u seem like a loser

Who tf am i networking by telling Kyle from Manchester my favourite sport and an interesting talent i have

Y'all act like networking isn't a thing in 2017.

This man needs to be stopped 😀

This man needs to be stopped 😀

This reminds me of the time I went to my friend's bday party a year ago. I was setting up my hot dog with some ketchup and grabbed the mustard, shook it a bit and flipped it upside down. Nothing came out except the mustatd juice, which then my other friend grabbed the bottle and squirted all of it into his mouth and said," its good, trust." Still not sure if they were fucking w me or not but I just acted like it didn't happen

Edit: asked him wtf that was all about, he just started laughing with no answer

Stop hanging out with him

maaaaaaaaaaaan he coulda kept his greasy mouth shut and taken that shit to the grave, now he's at 50k rt and headed to the front page


Whose man is this?

Swallow that pride Kings 😀

Swallow that pride Kings 😀

Oh no she didn't...

He is pregnant with her lottery winning girl's baby.

The other day I was daydreaming about what my text message to my girl would be if I found out she won the lottery. Initially, my body was telling me to say something like "baby, now you know how I always loved you and was always there for you during those hard times, right?!" Based off of that thought, I'm now questioning whether my confidence in this relationship is strong to continue forward. 😞

It's not

Get out now

"Stop being so dramatic!" πŸ™„

"Stop being so dramatic!" πŸ™„

And you tell them how you really feel and they put it down to overt sensitivity and a spoiled upbringing....

Yeah and you wonder how toxic masculinity, mental health problems and body image issues happen? It sometimes starts right from the people who are your blood πŸ˜”

love you the most

Maybe yours do. 😳

This shit right here, I was raised in a Hispanic family and if you aren't roasting the members that aren't there then you aren't a part of the family.

And God help you if you decide you want to be in your room or are too quiet during these roast sessions.

Being Latino in a Latin family is literally nothing but a lifelong, never ending, nonstop roast. It never ends and no one ever chills. It can be like 3 in the morning and you're sleeping and your mom will appear by your bedside and be like, "nice pajamas mija I remember abuela gabriela was buried in something similar."

The struggle is real

The struggle is real

The worst thing is paying with your card, being halfway through packing your stuff in your bag, then you have to remove the card, fiddle it back in your wallet, and continue packing in your stuff while the cashier already scans the next guys stuff

Walking towards someone coming from the opposite way. Do I nod? Smile? Say hello?

Me: no let's just stare intensely at the floor and hope they don't say anything to you !

Next time fuck it stay there and take longer nothing will happen except for a little bit of awkwardness but fuck it you'll be in control of the situation. Leave when you're ready for it to end.

"The Fuck you gonna do lil rushing bitch? Nothing: now sit ya ass down" - Me mentally

He has a point...

He has a point...

July 22, 2009.

You know what im fucking pissed about? Im in fucking Minnesota waiting for this BULLSHIT eclipse to hit and it fucking RAINS. YES IT GETS CLOUDY AS HELL SO I CANT SEE WHAT IVE BEEN FUCKING WAITING FOR FOR THE PAST FUCKING 2 MONTHS. It is JUST like Minnesota to screw something so fucking rare like this. Thats exactly why I wasnt surprised when Blair Walsh missed that FUCKING field goal against seattle.

There were exactly 20 eclipses during his presidency.

I'm here too. My friend bought 650 eclipse sunglasses for $800. He frickin sold out of them this weekend and morning, $10 a piece. He made about $5,700.

When the clouds and rain came, I couldn't help but laugh at how he made so much money in a weekend by selling those things only to stare at clouds.

Better to know in advance I suppose

Better to know in advance I suppose

That's actually a cute ring.

I find large diamond rings tacky. And then there's the whole ethical side of that industry.

until she did some maturing and realized how terrible she'd been

Lol nah bruh she took one look at the OKC market for 30-40 y/o ppl and decided to bury that triflin' shit. She's still the same terrible person, she's just gonna get her way through other less obvious avenues. No one that shitty at their core just changes once they're already an adult, unless there's some traumatic accident or death.

My friend's cousin broke up with her now-husband after he proposed with a small ring. She wanted something that would take him months and months to pay off.

Luckily the whole family temporarily disowned her for being a horrible bitch until she did some maturing and realized how terrible she'd been. After that they got back together and I guess everything was pretty good after that.

Yeah fuck diamonds overall. Also fuck the girl complaining about the size

The Choice of a Neo-Generation

The Choice of a Neo-Generation


That's what I call a good ass title


Dude in the middle look like Kenneth from 30 Rock.

Good Eclipse Joke πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Good Eclipse Joke πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Also people try not to look directly at me

Terrible title πŸ‘ŽπŸΎ

Nobody is gonna search for this shit

You ever forget to save something to Reddit then can't find it later because the title was too ambiguous?

Try one of these subthreads