I've been an entrepreneur since birth, the best entrepreneur.

I've been an entrepreneur since birth, the best entrepreneur.

''I make the best kind of deals. Bigly deals. I'll tell you what, those deals I made? Those are big. Really big and the media is fake. Fake media.''

What's this about free cheese now?

They only charge for extra meat or guacamole. You can get extra anything else and not get charged. I always get extra black beans.

Edit: Leave it to free cheese to be the top comment. I love reddit.

Damn bro, he's just asking for cheese

America's team

America's team

This is Texas in a nutshell.

Bruh I live in west texas and this is the go to Sunday outfit for most Mexicans lol

it's also a DJ Khaled Lite starter pack

Sunday? Bro this is a Tuesday afternoon in Dallas.

More life, more yelling

More life, more yelling

That's the face literally every nigga makes when talking to Khaled

Yo these Asahd memes are hilarious as fuck, but shout out to DJ Khaled he really loves that kid so much.

This nigga really must be special in a good way

Rick Ross dissed the fuck outta Birdman all for DJ Khaled


Its ok,your free to touch my hair

Its ok,your free to touch my hair

When white girls come up to me and ask me if they can touch my hair I ask 'em if I can touch they titties. Half agreed so I say it's a win for me.

Yeah I love it when my sister runs her hands through my hair

I got one to kiss me last night after she touched my hair so it was lit









Too busy killing people with that old ebola.

He saves more than he rapes

Cuz they actually looked for the jersey

fucked up priorities

Affordable L Care

Affordable L Care

Seriously, fuck Paul Ryan though. He can choke on a dick.

Paul Ryan started out as a Trump opponent... What happened? Sad!

Ryan is an empty suit. He's supposed to be their big prodigy, their wonk, their last hope as Speaker and he's never really been impressive.

The_Dickhead subreddit are already spinning it as Trumps plan was to let the bill fail cos he's on some 71D chess.

Trump himself is heavily blaming Democrats saying they voted against the bill, no fucking shit god damn I'm in the UK and we're not in the beat position but seriously you lot always give us a laugh

Death ain't playin no more

Death ain't playin no more

Gotta multiply by 3

"There's about six other niggas she calls daddy, so we're gonna have to make some stops."

"I swear on my daughter's life that I'm sure she's telling the truth."

"Young lady, you and I are going to have a lot of talking to once we're down in the Underworld"

Lmao that was gonna be the caption for a sec

Trying to enjoy life but haters hating

Trying to enjoy life but haters hating

Dressed like a Bob's Burgers Character

Had to Google his shirt. Found this translation/explanation:

In Japanese, the letter H (ecchi) is used to represent anything sexual. People who are “H” have perverted minds and think about sex all the time. Here’s a wacky Japanese “rated H” T-shirt for anyone who likes sex just a little too much. The Japanese message says “This person is extremely perverted, so please be sure to exercise caution around them.”

Dude is squatting in a grocery store with two gallons of sweet tea while his bro takes an Instagram photo.

I'd probably give a "what the hell is this shit thats happening" look too

Honestly as a black dude I would give him the same look

Edit: I don't care if he was Korean. Race is irrelevant with weird behavior like this.

Fillabust a Nut

Fillabust a Nut

Title game tho

title had me like

See you all at BET's Title Game of the Year Awards 2017

You know he is rocking a burner these days.

B.O.T. (Booty Over Titties)

B.O.T. (Booty Over Titties)

go look at the front page of /sub/askmen right now

And that's how the civil war II started

Thanks ugly god

"Show me a gif that'll make me an ass man"

45 gifs of Lil white girl booties.

1 gif that made me go CHRIST ON A CRACKER

0 gifs of Cherokee d'Ass

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