Whoever put this up deserves a medal

Whoever put this up deserves a medal

1.3 Million views. Didn’t realise so many people were into candlestick porn

how congressmen get off

C+ for effort.

I didn't see it. I'm at work. We have a porn filter. I'm now logged being blocked by the porn filter.

Luckily I'm also the security guy. I needed to test the pornfilter.

Bitcoin Doesn't Give a Fuck.

Bitcoin Doesn't Give a Fuck.

Why would financial institutions be afraid of a highly volatile financial curiosity? Even if it were to rise to $50k it wouldn't prove anything, except for giving further proof that it is unsuitable as a currency.

"it's like bitcoin is some kinda non-giving up kinda phenomenon"

Lol this is too good.

Damn I didn't expect to see someone making sense in this sub

Someone please help me ASAP 🆘!

Someone please help me ASAP 🆘!

Ok long story short, didn't have my laptop for well over a year which had my bitcoin core wallet on it. I let the green bar mostly fill up but never completely did, went back a week or so later and tried to send some btc to another wallet and i keep getting the "low disk space" error. I tried pruning and im currently in but now the screen is saying "no wallet has been loaded" what the hell did i do, how do i fix it and how tf do i send my coin. Sorry im a newb and need a complete walk thru

Reformatting the disk seems a bit extreme.

It sounds like you simply ran out of disk space.

You need to make sure the disk is big enough in the first place. The full blockchain needs about 165GB right now. You may be close to syncing or you may have a long way yet to go.

Check the size of the folder. If it's near 165GB, then you only need to free the difference to let it finish the job.

Some ways to free additional space (making the bold assumption that you're running Windows...) --

Good luck!

Stop Bitcoin Start Bitcoin with the -noconnect option This avoids downloading the Blockchain

Use the dumpwallet console command This saves a full list of private keys and their corresponding addresses into a text file

Install Electrum Read this:

Import all the keys from the dumpwallet file into Electrum

What did you do to "prune" ? You only need one file, the wallet.dat. As long as you didnt "prune" (ie, delete) that, you're fine. If you did delete it, you're in trouble, and you'll need to turn off that laptop, remove the hdd and run some recovery software on it.

assuming you still have the wallet file, you can start bitcoin core and export the private keys. Then import those in a some light wallet, like electrum. Instructions here:

Note that you probably did send the coins, even though your blockchain wasnt synchronized.

Bitcoin Usage Surges in Sacramento

Bitcoin Usage Surges in Sacramento

Bitcoin Core node is SOOOO much easier to sync than Ethereum node right now. Don't like Ethereum, except for it's small TX fees. Always choose coins you can run your own node for to keep your own ledger safe. imo.

Define "usage?"

Because you'd have to be a retard to convert fiat to bitcoin just to incur extra fees to pay for things you could have paid for in cash.

If you were so interested in supporting bitcoin, you could just buy amounts that you would have lost paying for stuff with bitcoin, and break even.

Why is running your own node considered more safe? (Crypto well wisher here!!!)

Lul transaction count is lower than a year ago. And not due to batching.

Germany's upcomming government will support blockchain technology

Germany's upcomming government will support blockchain technology

The conversations and negotiations about the upcoming topics in politics, economy and research in germany are stated in the final coalition contract draft. Blockchain technology will officially be an active part of supported research areas:

L1783 f.: "Additional research focuses are ... blockchain technology ..."

Official document can be found here.

German here. Nothing of this will actually happen. Germany is "digitally" and "technologically" so far behind, it will never recover from ignoring technological advancements of the past two decades.

This is the country that forces every single website owner to have an "Imprint" even on their personal blog and enforces the rage inducing stupidity that is the "cookie law".

Running businesses of any kind is a bureaucratic nightmare in Germany, taxation is insane, it is the country with pretty much the slowest internet speed in the whole of Europe, even behind countries like Ukraine or the Czeck Republic, and an abysmally low amount of tech entrepreneurs. Most of my "IT friends" form university time back in 2001 STILL don't know what github is and they all still use Windows.

If you find a tech entrepreneur in Germany, it's probably a Silicon Valley hipster who rented an abandoned loft house in Berlin because the rent and food is cheap in our bankrupt capital. In fact, if you uttered the word "entrepreneur" to a random middle class stranger on the street, he would look at you confused and tell you that he doesn't speak French.

I left the country for Singapore. After eight years in Singapore, whenever I go back to Germany, I'm hit by a reverse-culture shock.

The only thing that stands out in Germany is the hacker/cypherpunk culture in Berlin.

Looks good! Here is the full part:

"Auch eine kohärente Regulierung und Aufsicht sollen dazu beitragen, Deutschlands Rolle als einer der führenden Digitalisierungs- und FinTech-Standorte zu stärken. Wir werden unnötige bürokratische Hemmnisse beseitigen und dafür sorgen, dass Geschäfte mit gleichen Risiken auch gleich reguliert werden. Um das Potential der Blockchain-Technologie zu erschließen und Missbrauchsmöglichkeiten zu verhindern, wollen wir eine umfassende Blockchain-Strategie entwickeln und uns für einen angemessenen Rechtsrahmen für den Handel mit Kryptowährungen und Token auf europäischer und internationaler Ebene einsetzen. Die Möglichkeiten der bargeldlosen Zahlung sollen im digitalen Zeitalter erweitert werden. Anonymes Bezahlen mit Bargeld muss weiterhin möglich bleiben."

Sounds like the direction of USA from yesterday. Could be positiv for G20 in March

German here too. This is so true. But looking at you for example, there seem to be exceptions luckily. Also we german people like complaining a lot. Will be interesting at least.

"Neuland 2.0" ;-)

Virginia Senator Mark Warner is bullish on bitcoin

Virginia Senator Mark Warner is bullish on bitcoin

Well done that man.

Funny how everyone who fully understands Bitcoin says "This is world-transforming technology"

That's not bullish, that's realistic.

He knows very well we can't separate Blockchain from Bitcoin.

He also knows that for it to reach 20 trillion doesn't take much.

Lol!!!!!!! You accused him of a random number — then when he extrapolated a proper figure to show he knows maths, you said, oh where did you get that? Hahahaha

Because we're talking about the $20 trillion mentioned by Senator Warner?!

/u/Prelsidio says it doesn't take much to get there.

You say it actually does.

I'm simply stating what it would take to get there: a 50x increase of the current market cap.

Silicon Valley Legend Tim Draper: Bitcoin And Crypto Will Take Over The World

Silicon Valley Legend Tim Draper: Bitcoin And Crypto Will Take Over The World


Pretty impressive to re-buy an investment that had already gone 100x from when he originally bought it.

Tim Draper is a full Bitcoin Supporter. He also said that in five years from now, people will laugh at you if you use fiat currency. Big statement!!!

Buy when there is blood in the streets, even when it is your blood. :-) Sheep buy at the high, investors buy when it looks like it is the last day before bust.

Singapore Confirms It Will Not Ban Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin

Singapore Confirms It Will Not Ban Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin
Singapore Confirms It Will Not Ban Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin

When did Bitcoin ban cryptocurrencies?

I think you got confused here it should be the other way around:

"Here i made a cool website which shows the different regulations in different countries about bitcoin. here is my donation address: xxx"

and not: "plz do the work for me so I can check the website out and btw after you are done don't forget to give me some bitcoins"

Fixed. "Singapore realizes it can't block crypto currencies like Bitcoin, so making it illegal would be a useless stunt that would only accelerate adoption."

Is there a site that shows the legality of bitcoin in different countries?

Bitcoin Bounces Back

Bitcoin Bounces Back

The fundamental value of Bitcoin comes from the technology underpinning it. We shouldn’t focus on the price, rather focus on mass adoption.

Actually, the point of money is to temporarily store value and allow you to transport it to the point of your next transaction.

It's to save us having to move chickens, live stock and so on in order to trade.

Money wasn't invented to have value, it was invented to tokenise and represent value and to make value easier to move and divide.

Chickens: Hard to divide, transport and value directly proportional to the number of other people that rock up chickens therefore scarcity unlikely. Perishable. Decentralised.

Gold: Slightly easier, but still difficult to transport, scarce, but hard to divide. Non perishable. Difficult to counterfeit. Centralised.

Fiat: Relatively easy to transport compared to gold but bulky, easy to divide, not very scarce, can be produced ad infinitum. Non perishable. Can be counterfeited. Centralised.

Digital Fiat: All of the above fiat attributes above, except very easy to transport, but requires third party involvement to transact.

Bitcoin: Easy to transport, scarce, easy to divide. Impossible to counterfeit. Decentralised. No third parties.

Bitcoin. It's a good thing. All the benefits of previous generations and then some, none of the drawbacks.

"We shouldn't focus on the price" -- literally the only point of money is to trade one thing of value for another thing of value. The one, single, only, purpose. Therefore, the "value" is rather important considering that nearly everything else's value is currently measured as a relative value next to USD or another currency.

Yes, good. But it's only 9 years old. Fiat is thousands of years old.

Replacing a monetary system isn't like updating a website with the latest version of Wordpress.

Stability comes from widespread adoption. Widespread adoption comes from saturation. Saturation comes from high value.

All of these take time.

The higher the price, the wider Bitcoin can (and will be) distributed.

It's far easier to distribute a single Bitcoin worth $1million than it is to distribute a single Bitcoin that is worth $10,000.

The higher the price goes, the greater the number of people that can come along and buy it.

For arguments sake, lets say the circulation of Bitcoin is 100. So in our imaginary world. There are no more than 100 bitcoins.

At $1 a coin, its easy for fewer people to own the lot and thus very hard for millions of people to own a fraction.

If each coin is worth $1million, a small cohort would need $100million to own the lot. Thus, it becomes harder for fewer people to own swathes of Bitcoin but easier for millions of individuals to buy a smaller slice...saturation.

This is also why the recent drop is a good thing. People shorting Bitcoin are distributing it. It is changing hands and probably being broken down into smaller fractions as they sell off. A few alts here, couple of dollars there. One person distributing to several people...growth.

Once you have millions of people on board, they want to be able to use it or leverage it. Now the adoption the number of people holding Bitcoin grows, the motivation to accept it grows. Businesses aren't stupid. They will go where the customers are. Right now, Bitcoin is undervalued and thus not held by enough people, therefore it presents a relatively small market to a business.

Its a tricky, long, growth process, but we'll get there.

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