Surprise motherfucker

Surprise motherfucker

Then you gotta pay 40,000

Not if you set a bounty on them :)

Military homing missile launcher - $75000. 10 homing missiles - $7500. Somehow missing that damn hydra four times in a row - Priceless.

Heavy lmg? Heavy light machine gun?

Looking back at your history after busting a nut

Looking back at your history after busting a nut

Who the fuck still doesn't know about incognito mode?

The spoiled ass rich white boys who don't give a shit

There comes a time when you look into the abyss, and the abyss looks away in embarrassment.

When that day comes, you will not worry about incognito mode...

Nasty Anal Compilation #6

Don't you dare

Don't you dare

I didn't even know guys were afraid of this. I mean, it's your own dick.

Y'all are a bunch of squares. I think it's hot.

If I'm not willing to put it in my mouth because I don't want to why would I expect her to? It goes the other way too though.

Lol then no head for you

If you don't kiss your girl after she gives you head then you're a bum and don't deserve head in the first place.

HOWEVER, this is funny as hell.


y = mx + b

y = mx + b


The person who made this was 13.

and we all know 13 year olds aren't allowed to have fun

(-🅱️ +- ((🅱️2-4ac)1/2))/(2a)

Stop making them unskippable then.

Stop making them unskippable then.

Adblock permits tasteful, unobtrusive ads.

Maybe if websites started using tasteful, unobtrusive ads, we'd stop using AdBlock? Just my 2¢.

Sort of why I prefer Ublock origin. Adblock doesn't really agree with me on "unobtrusive" and ublock has a greater customization that allows me to give credit where it is due when it comes to websites I like.

Even if I could skip it, I would download adblocker. I'm sorry, that's just who I am. I have no problem with paying for a service but ads are a huge no for me.

This doesn't make sense though. With TV, you directly pay for those channels, so yeah that's crap. But you're not giving the money to the websites you visit, but the the ISP, which has nothing to do with those websites.

I do have adblock installed myself, but I use it as a blacklist, rather than a whitelist. Especially for those annoying vid hosting sites, like vshare, openload etc.

🅱️amboozle 🅱️ut

🅱️amboozle 🅱️ut

This is the thanks I get for working overtime..?


"Don't you have to go be stupid somewhere else?"

Hey bud, you just blow in from stupid town? sip

Today (July 14th) SpongeBob turns 31 years old

Today (July 14th) SpongeBob turns 31 years old

Idk where u r from, but its still the 13th here

The show started in may 1999. So that means he was 12 when the show began.

I'm traveling atm so my time zone is way ahead

Downvote the mans for being in a different country okay

You know it's serious when Nickelodeon has to step in

You know it's serious when Nickelodeon has to step in

Then what is it? Whale????????????

Where is Pearl's mother?

We really don't care about that here

We barely moderate this place to begin with, it was supposed to just be a one off April Fools joke lol

What's the point of blocking the name of a large, well known Instagram page??

Reddit Republicans and Democrats make temporary peace in order to stand for net neutrality

Reddit Republicans and Democrats make temporary peace in order to stand for net neutrality

Remember people support net neutrality

just look at him smiling

Aren't the Republicans the ones who don't want net neutrality?

Edit: Jesus Christ you fucking retards. It's a question. Why would you rather me be misinformed than want to know the truth? Turns out I was right anyway.

Edit 2: Went from -10 downvotes to +100

Only their paid off representatives in the government, it's very popular amongst citizens

Edit: sorry about the negative vote count, you were just asking a question

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day

All of this shit is fucking useless and I didn't need any of it.

But what would we do with these $20 sea unicorn hangers? How could we survive without some $35 heart lights? How can we go on without a sea fern on ever last table? It's hip! It's coral!

Caved and got me an Amazon Echo.

Bring it on, TSA!

Edit: meant NSA, my b

Do you anticipate tough times at the airport?

Try one of these subthreads