"May I still sign the attendance roster?"

Can't 😀 be 😀 late 😀 if 😀 you 😀 don't 😀 show 😀up 😀

Or you could do what I did. Make friends with people in class to have them sign you in. Then skip the class because it was a lecture read off of a PowerPoint and the PP was available online. Become the ultimate drunk and just don't even download the PP. Wind up failing the class because you've become the biggest piece of shit. 5/7 would recommend doing that.

Watching other states legalize weed like

Watching other states legalize weed like

And I'm just sitting over in Colorado not smoking weed and being annoyed every April 20th.

Fun fact: These people would be obnoxious douche bags with superiority complexes whether they smoked weed or not.

Douche bags come from all walks of life.

How is it any more annoying than the 7 drinking holidays we have a year

When they finally legalize it

9gaggers are evil

9gaggers are evil


How dare you insult us noble 9gag browsers. I'll have you know I probably get more girls in one day than you in your entire life time. 9gag is the source off all the interesting posts on reddit, what am I saying, the entire Internet. 9gag is the reason I decided not to end my miserable existence and it helps me deal with constant bullying by my classmates and crippling depression. Even now that I tried to escape my constant anxiety by browsing the internet and finding fellow browsers incapable of speaking in public and are also socally awkward, you have to ruin that too.. and for what? A few upvotes... These internetpoints wont make your parents love or your friends respect you more now does it. I hope you feel happy with the knowledge that you crushed my temporary happiness and made me feel like a worthless piece of shit. Gonna go now and swallow all of my moms Tylenol pills.

Death by overdose on pain killers is about 3 days of AGONIZING pain. Really not a good way to go.

I have long not heard someone making fun of 9gag on reddit or 4chan...


When Spongebob hits you with some unexpected feels

When Spongebob hits you with some unexpected feels

I thought a boys who cry reference was coming on Pearl's 16th birthday

Squidward can hug himself on his break

Picture 3 is from Interstellar at the very end. That's all I'll say without spoiling anything.

🎡 It's all about you Pearl 🎡

Real life Krabby Land

Real life Krabby Land

Looks like Chenoblyl


Cheeki Breeki.

Reminds me of that one mw3 map

Looks like the McDonalds play land for crack smokers.


















Don't forget the bonus track: Camp FIRE song.


/sub/the_donald flexes their Reddit muscle by going private for a night.

/r/the_donald flexes their Reddit muscle by going private for a night.

And create a metric fuckton of new pro-trump subs in protest of their own actions. ...

They're trying to make new subs and spread to anti-admin or right leaning subs, trying to populate them with users from T_D, and trying to tank those subs to force the users to Voat or some stupid shit.

Also doing it in politics now apparently too...

Source: check all, rising.

Edit: a word

I mean the admins aren't that stupid. They'll see through T_D's thinly veiled attempt at associating as many subs as possible, thinking the admins will blanket ban subs. T_D think they're playing 3d chess, but they're not even playing to a Connect Four level.

But you're still talking about them

Barnacle Boy πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Barnacle Boy πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

"It's lit fam" - Barnacle boi

The story of the ugly barnacle is now the story of the ugly fuck?

I thought the episode where they "swear" and it's the dolphin noises or whatever is actual curse words

Yup, barnacles isn't a curse word, it's the equivalent of shoot or darn

Seeing a political meme on BikiniBottomTwitter.

Seeing a political meme on BikiniBottomTwitter.

See, I like the political memes, but I also like the memes about the political memes.

A good meme is a good meme.

I'm probably exaggerating here, but having to escape through the perfume department was one of the best escapes written ever.

Honestly that episode is probably my all time favorite.

"I'll give you three wishes."

"Make it five!"


"Three. Take it or leave it!"

There's a reason the_donald was so popular. They had some good Ted Cruz memes

Finals week got me like

Finals week got me like

have you tried smoking crack


On the surface he looks calm and ready, but deep down, he's tired as spaghetti

The real LPT is always in the comments.

Try one of these subthreads